“King of Rolls” BYD launched the “King of Bombs” at the beginning of the year, the 79,800 Qin PLUS and Destroyer 05 are coming

The models of new forces are better when they are stronger, but their sales volume does not account for a large share of the market. If they really want to launch a joint venture brand, they have to go to BYD.

Last year's Qin PLUS Champion Edition, which was sold starting at 99,800 yuan, made the "same price for gasoline and electricity" deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and to a certain extent, it also affected the sales of joint venture brand models such as Nissan Sylphy, Volkswagen Sagitar, Volkswagen Lavida and other compact cars.

Then, today, the "Volume King" BYD launched new cars with "explosive" prices in the first week after the holiday: the Qin PLUS Honor Edition, which starts at 79,800 yuan, and the Destroyer 05 Honor Edition.

▲ BYD Qin PLUS Honor Edition

Specifically, BYD Qin PLUS Honor Edition has 2 categories and 10 model configurations are on the market, including 5 models of DM-i hybrid version. The price range is 79,800-125,800 yuan, providing 55KM (8.3-degree battery) and 120KM ( 18.3-kWh battery) with two battery cruising ranges (NEDC operating conditions), the pure electric version also has 5 configurations, with a price range of 109,800-139,800 yuan, and two pure electric cruising range (CLTC operating conditions) versions of 420KM and 510KM.

As for the BYD Destroyer 05 Honor Edition, it only has a hybrid version, but the model configuration will be richer. The DM-i hybrid version is available in 6 models, with a price range of 79,800-128,800 yuan, and is also available in 55KM and 120KM. Battery range (NEDC operating conditions).

Basically, it can be said that BYD Qin PLUS Honor Edition and Destroyer 05 Honor Edition, which have the same starting price, are the same car with different appearances. Their wheelbase, engine, motor, battery, mailbox and tire configuration are exactly the same. The few differences are appearance, interior and sales channels.

In appearance, the BYD Qin PLUS Honor Edition is more stable and moderate, targeting families and ToB purposes. The body length, width and height are 4765×1837×1495mm. The length, width and height of the Destroyer 05 Honor Edition are 4780×1837×1495mm, which is better than the Qin PLUS Honor Edition. The version is slightly longer, and the appearance design style is younger and more jumping.

▲ Qin PLUS Honor Edition interior

The interior styles are also similar. The Qin PLUS Honor Edition is simple and unpretentious, while the Destroyer 05 Honor Edition is sporty and lively.

▲ Destroyer 05 Honor Edition interior

Of course, in terms of channels, BYD Dynasty Series and BYD Ocean Series are two systems. This time, BYD has made both models equally exposed, probably to take care of the interests of the channel, so that both systems can deliver models that are bound to be popular. .

After the slogan "Gas and electricity are the same price", this time BYD shouted the slogan "Electricity is lower than oil, glory strikes". Its goal is of course to end the protracted war between domestically produced and joint venture compact cars. Qin PLUS Honor Edition and Destroyer 05 Honor Edition, after the price is less than 80,000 yuan, joint venture fuel models such as Sylphy, Sagitar and Lavida are facing greater pressure.

Since then, BYD's hybrid models have achieved cost reductions in many aspects compared to joint venture fuel models: the bare car price is lower, the purchase tax is lower, the license plate is exempted from being photographed, and the fuel consumption is also significantly less (3.8L per 100 kilometers). ), achieving a double reduction in car purchase costs and car usage costs.

For BYD, after winning the domestic car sales crown, the pressure will naturally increase sharply. Not only does it need sub-brands such as Denza, Fangbao and Zhangwang to break through and occupy the high ground, it also needs lower-priced models to stabilize its basic market and increase its stock. market to seize market share from the fuel vehicle market.

In the plastic greenhouse of fate, every cabbage that has been sprayed with too many pesticides once had a dream of becoming a pollution-free organic vegetable.

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