“King of Glory” also hosts symphony concerts. How many of these classic game concerts have you heard?

What do you think of when it comes to game music?

Is it the classic melody of Contra or Kung Fu in the FC period?

Or is it a prelude to the undead that represents the memory of an era?

Or a lighthearted theme song for Plants vs. Zombies?

Just like movie soundtracks, game music is gradually becoming one of the mainstream music genres. On Douban Music, you will be surprised to find that the album scores in the "Game Music" label are basically stable at 8.5 points, and there are many works with more than 9.5 points. .

Excellent game music works enrich the artistry of the game. Just like the classic song "Butterfly Love" in "The Legend of Sword and Fairy", every time players hear its sad tune, they will think of Caiyi's tearful love story.

Nowadays, game manufacturers are working hard to reproduce these classic game music, so that the melodies in the player’s memory are refreshed with new vitality. The game and the symphony concert are two cross-border alliances that seem to be separated by thousands of miles. The chemical reaction conquered players all over the world.

Game music played by orchestra

As a music genre born in the 18th century, symphony has always had its place in the music world with its magnificent musical qualities. It's just that in today's dazzling variety of music, it seems to be a recognized fact that symphony is no longer so popular with young people.

But unexpectedly, gamers are becoming new fans of symphony. The development of symphony is restricted because of its lack of lines and long-term music characteristics no longer suitable for young people's listening orientation. But for gamers, these "shortcomings" are nothing.

The game music originally has few lines, and the beautiful melody that has been circulating in the game background also allows game players to adapt to the long-term music enjoyment. In this way, gamers are almost ideal listeners for symphony. The only thing missing is a reason to attract them.

▲ Picture from: Sonyhall

Playing the classic game music that game players love with symphony seems to be a renegade to classical music, but it is actually a flexible change made by symphony to adapt to the times. In fact, this kind of game concert has received a warm welcome from the players, and the players eagerly hope that their favorite treasure game will be adapted to the music of the transaction.

Adventure Island Symphony Concert

"I don't do anything while watching the sunset in the abandoned city."

When I saw this comment under MapleStory’s music album, the relaxed and slightly decadent electronic jazz of the abandoned city rang in my mind.

▲ Picture from: orangemushroom

Abandoned cities, magic jungles, warrior tribes and shooter villages, I believe that every player who recites a name Adventure Island can think of a unique melody.

▲ Picture from: orangemushroom

MapleStory, as a popular 2D horizontal version of the adventure online game of "Ancient", is still in operation today. The evaluation of MapleStory’s gameplay is often mixed, but the music of MapleStory has always been praised by players.

For players on MapleStory, this 2003 online game represents a beautiful fantasy of the purest world, and its music is a spaceship leading to this pure world.

To commemorate the 5000-day operation of "Adventure Island", South Korea's NEXON Company held a game symphony concert in Budapest, Hungary, performed by the Budapest Symphony Orchestra.

The first song in the opening is the BGM "When the morning comes" of the Magic Jungle. The moment the cello is played, it seems to have opened the thick cloth in the memory, and it is the fond memories of childhood.

"I was attacked by a bat demon on the boat to the Sky City", "In order to learn skills early, I chose to go to the magic jungle to visit teacher Hans", "In the spring afternoon, I landed on the adventure island on the computer, and my mother was washing clothes beside." Under NetEase Cloud, players share their memories with MapleStory. These memories are often trivial things, but with the contagious symphony, people’s eyes are always sour.

Maybe the player has forgotten his account role and the story that happened during the adventure island journey. When "Start the adventure" sounds, you will not forget the maple leaf blowing in the wind on the login interface.

The old-fashioned waltz feel meets the solemn symphony performance, which reinvents the classic game soundtrack. The original BGM of MapleStory is as relaxed and enjoyable as the cute cartoon style of the game. After the re-arrangement of the symphony, the simple melody becomes more shocking. When the players grew up, they had a higher aesthetic demand for music, so the melody "grew up".

Reversal referee symphony concert

You may forget who the murderous murderers in the reversal referee are, forget the names of the opponents of the prosecutors, or even remember whether the protagonist is Chengbutang Ryuichi, Kudo Shinichi or Kindaichi, but as "Sunghodō Ryuichi ~ 聲會あり" When it sounds suddenly, you will not forget the hedgehog-head lawyer, smiling smugly with his waist in his waist, while reversing the judgment that is about to settle.

The reversal referee series is a court battle text adventure game made by Capcom. In the game, the player acts as a defense lawyer, collects evidence through investigation, and then challenges the testimony of prosecutors and witnesses in court to obtain a verdict of "not guilty" for the suspect The purpose of victory.

As a word game, Reversal Referee is more dependent on the expressive power of music than other games due to the lack of gorgeous graphics to enhance the immersion of the game.

The music of the word game not only plays the role of rendering the atmosphere of the story and eliminating boring emotions, but also can fully reflect the emotions of the characters so that players can empathize with the story.

As long as the relatively thin expressive text is wrapped with a rich soundtrack, the storytelling power of the word game is not inferior to the beautiful 3A masterpieces.

The reversal referee is a perfect example of a perfect blend of words and music. The weakness of the stupid lawyer when he is frustrated, the tenseness of the case’s life hanging by a thread, the pride when analyzing the case and the reversal, the sorrow that can not go away after the case is solved, the changeable music style of the reversal referee can always hold the emotion of each scene. Then use music to accurately and undoubtedly deliver to the player.

Players and Capcom didn’t want these rich and delicate emotions to be just simple electronic melody on GBA, so Chengbu Tang Longyi took off his lawyer’s badge and put on a tuxedo, and it was logical that he held a reversal referee concert. .

The reversal referee held three important concerts, namely the orchestral version and jazz version of the reversal referee 1-3 soundtracks, and the 15th anniversary concert of the reversal referee.

One of the most distinctive features is the jazz concert in which all the soundtrack is re-arranged into jazz. The brisk jazz makes the mood of the original song very subtle changes, just like a cup of black coffee with a slightly sour taste, which always makes people think Recall that special charm.

King of Glory Symphony Concert

Domestic games have begun to pay attention to the creation of game music in recent years, and more and more excellent game music sounded in the former serious concert hall. In 2019, the symphony concert held by the "Glory of the King" and the China Symphony Orchestra was a carnival that broke the dimension wall.

What's interesting is that when I proposed to write about the match between game and symphony, several of my colleagues came up with a name: Hans Zimmer. The famous composer who composed for blockbusters such as "Inception" and "Pirates of the Caribbean" also created a series of episodes for the glory of the king.

When you open the game, in addition to hearing the loud "TIMI", the epic and majestic picture brought by the BGM of the login interface will let you immerse yourself in the bloody battle of another world in one second. This serious and strong sense of immersion It was from Hans Zimmer.

Combining the excellent music of King Glory with symphony, and bursting out stronger drama tension, is the King Glory team and the China Symphony Orchestra prepared for players and fans of the music festival from the King's World.

The King's Glory Symphony Concert divides the concert into four movements according to the traditional symphony, including iconic theme music, Yang Yuhuan’s "Neon Clothes" and other heroes' debut music, classic melody composed of different scenes and geographical themes in the game, etc. .

"Goosebumps are up" is the simplest and most direct evaluation of the audience for this concert, because these familiar melodies are understandable and empathetic to the players. The solemn orchestral music does not block the connection between the players and the story, but makes Players have a deeper understanding of the historical weight of the glory of the king.

"If there is another concert, I will come again." For the music of a domestic game, a simple promise from the live audience is the biggest compliment to it.

Video Game Live Video Game Concert

Video Game Live (VGL) should be the most well-known game concert. Unlike traditional concerts held in concert halls, VGL is more like a carnival party for players.

▲ Picture from: Soundtrackfast

When the orchestra is playing, the screen on the stage will play the game fragments, and each soundtrack will also have special video game videos, synthetic lighting, and various interactive performances with the audience.

VGL has been welcomed by players all over the world since its first performance in 2005. It breaks the barrier between serious symphony and game players. Sitting in a tight-knitted manner to enjoy music is not what this group of passionate players need, and shouting with familiar rhythm is the new generation. The needs of the audience, and VGL is born to provide such a stage.

Every player's heart is second, and this naive blood is often only hidden behind various screens when playing alone. You will be angry at the betrayal of the Liquid Snake in Metal Gear Solid, at the lie of Joel in the last survivor, and moved by the reunion of the Turalyon father and son in World of Warcraft, but you will not shout "For Azeroth!" The emotion of S2 can only be buried in my heart.

VGL is a concert that belongs to the second stage. On VGL, players can freely release this depressed love of the second stage.

When the theme song of Overwatch was sounded, the heroes releasing the most magnificent tactics appeared one after another on the screen, and the last low voice said "This world needs more heroes". At this moment, all players seemed to be You have become a kid who is fighting against your fancied enemy, and the troubles of adults have no contact with you.

VGL is more like a dream scene, blurring the boundary between virtual and reality, bringing the past touch back to the present.

In addition to the concerts mentioned above, there are many excellent game music concerts, such as Zelda Concert, Capcom Concert, Final Fantasy Concert, Dragon Quest Concert or Wizard Series Concerts and so on.

If you are fond of a certain treasure game, you might as well go to Baidu to search after the concert. There may be unexpected surprises.

Make up for regrets with symphony

The game music was born not to be an art for players to appreciate, or even to please players’ ears. Its purpose is simple, to relieve players’ fatigue and pressure, so that players can devote more time to the game.

▲ The size of this animation is equivalent to 50 game bodies

In the early days of making game music, due to the limitations of the game's storage mechanism, it was impossible to fill in game music with multiple timbres. The composer could only dance in shackles called "limited storage" to write melody for the game.

For example, the size of the popular "Super Mario" game is only 64 KB. After removing the screen and program, it can be said that the composer is using bytes to piece together the music.

In the storage space of the "KB" inch of gold, it seems a matter of course that the game music bows to the game content itself. But even with such difficult creative conditions, there are still a group of excellent game composers who have created many classic melodies, such as BGM for games such as Kung Fu, Circus, and Squirrel War.

The emergence of more advanced storage media such as CDs has allowed composers to release their long-trapped creative power, and game music is finally no longer a repeating fast-paced single melody. More creative space makes game music become There are levels and connotations.

▲ Red Dead Redemption: Redemption 2 won the best soundtrack of the 2018 TGA

The release of storage space does not mean that game music can be created freely. Super Mario Bros’ game composer Koji Kondo once said that the creation of game music is always limited by the cost of game production and the cooperation with the main content of the game. Sometimes Make trade-offs on some timbres.

After all, not all games have a production budget of 5.6 billion yuan like "Red Dead Redemption 2". More than 110 musicians can be invited to participate in music production.

Putting the game on a symphony can allow manufacturers to make up for the regrets caused by concessions due to storage or production costs. Excellent game music works have regained a certain independence and become a way of game communication, and the communication form of concerts also extends the connotation of game music.

Players today are different from the arty gentlemen of 100 years ago. The game concerts are only based on what the music should have in the beginning-based on the popularity of preferences.

Higher and higher

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