Kindle is seriously out of stock, Amazon responds to “delisting” speculation

The Kindle, which has been ridiculed as "half instant noodles, half dried fish", is an e-book reader owned by Amazon. It has been synonymous with this field since its launch. Whether it's for mental recharge or alleviating the symptoms of "buying books like a mountain falling down, reading like a thread", Kindle is a good medicine.

Recently, some netizens pointed out that Kindle has been out of stock on a large scale, the official Kindle Taobao store is closed, and only one youth version of the Kindle Jingdong flagship store is available for 658 yuan.

Is this a signal for Amazon's e-book business to withdraw from the country? Users are also worried about this, if Kindle withdraws from the Chinese market, will e-book stores, cloud favorites and software services have any impact?

The customer service of Kindle Jingdong's self-operated flagship store said that the shortage was due to the lack of chips from the manufacturer and had not received a notice to withdraw from the Chinese market.

On the evening of January 3, @Kindle China continued to update the activity of forwarding the donated books on Weibo.

At noon on January 4, Amazon officially responded to Sina Technology:

We are committed to serving Chinese consumers. Consumers can purchase Kindle devices through third-party online and offline retailers. Some models are currently sold out in the Chinese market. The high-quality customer service and warranty service provided by Amazon will not change.

In fact, Kindle's official Taobao store has been closed for some time, and Amazon's official website in China has long no longer sold Kindles, and only sells e-books. Online hardware sales are now only a channel of

However, Kindle does not rely solely on hardware to make money, but obtains stable profits from long-term digital content sales (including direct purchases and monthly subscription services, etc.).

Many Kindle users fancy Amazon's book resources. Of course, you can also use email, USB, app, etc. to manually transfer the book.

This hot search controversy shows that although Kindle is often ridiculed as an instant noodle artifact, it cannot escape the fate of dust accumulation, but it is close to the ink screen of paper book texture, immersive reading, durable quality, and easy to carry. The size is indeed preferred by many loyal users.

At the same time, Kindle is becoming more and more like an edge product.

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There are already many apps on mobile phones and tablets that meet our fragmented, socialized, or audio-visual reading needs, but at the same time, there are other functions that interfere with the effort to invest in the book. The richer, the more troubled.

Kindle has focused on reading for a long time for "ten years as a day", but it can only be used to "book" and cannot write and draw like a tablet. With warm and subtle iterations, a kindle is enough to fight for another N years.

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This old-fashioned way of not forgetting the original intention has both advantages and disadvantages. It will not be out of date for a long time, but it may also make it a tasteless taste.

Looking at the domestic market, kindle has many competitors. Aragonite, Palm Read, Xiaomi, Dangdang, etc. all have their own e-readers. The first batch of e-readers for WeChat Reading has also been on sale. Some are backed by their own library, and some are open systems.

The concept of "putting the bookstore in your pocket" still applies, and the digital bookstore is not necessarily the one. When the space for hardware upgrades is getting smaller and smaller, what e-reader users are actually looking at is the content ecology.

A large number of web articles, WeChat long articles, or large books can be equipped with various readers, and reading and learning are no longer limited to the form of "reading". But the kindle, which first made e-readers popular among the people, seems to always have its fans.

Grapes are not the only fruit.

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