KFC is the gaming console that keeps chicken warm

If you have always wanted a console that not only allows you to play and keeps you warm, KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) has done it for you. In fact, KFC has created with the collaboration of Coolermaster a PC with amazing characteristics that allows you to keep its main flagship product warm, precisely the fried chicken wings.

The idea seems to have been born almost for fun from the numerous memes that were seen on the net and that it has become reality thanks to the collaboration of Coolermaster. Months have passed and what started out only as a simple goliardic idea has become reality.

Here the official presentation video.

Official presentation video of the KFConsole

Features KFC gaming and chicken chamber to reheat chicken

The console created in collaboration between KFC and Coolermaster has nothing to envy to the latest PS5 . The console is equipped with an Intel Core i9-9980HK processor, a high-end Asus RTX video card, 32 GB of RAM and two 1 Terabyte Seagate BarraCuda SSDs. It also allows you to also support Ray Tracing and play with 240 fps in 4k. But that's not all, the console also supports augmented reality. So far there is nothing very different from a simple console. What makes the KFC console so great is the chicken chamber that allows you to reheat the chicken. Between one game and another it will therefore be possible to indulge in a delicious snack.

Heating is made possible using the heat systems naturally produced by the console and the airflow system. A method that also knows about energy saving and the use of renewable sources. Even the design has something familiar, reminiscent of the cardboard container in which the tasty chicken wings are contained.

Marketing strategy or a new gaming frontier?

We don't know a selling price, as this seems to have been more of a marketing experiment than a real launch of a console. Despite this, however, the reception of the public on social networks could one day transform this fantastic idea into a product to be distributed.

KFC is no stranger to these marketing experiments. In fact, in recent months it had already tried its hand at creating a gamepad for Xbox Series X. The gamepad in question, however, was not very successful enough to be defined as horrible. In that case the product was up for grabs in England during a prize competition.

The KFC controller manufactured for the Xbox Series X, plus the console to keep the chicken warm
The KFC controller manufactured for Xbox Series X

This KFC experiment is also reminiscent of Microsoft's who designed a refrigerator in the shape of the Xbox Series X. Even in that case, in fact, numerous memes on the social networks had followed one another on the somewhat square and voluminous shape very similar to that of a fridge. But as a good marketer knows, these types of comments can be taken on the fly to make projects that are talked about. The American giant has thus decided to deliver to some celebrities not only the console but also a real fridge in the shape of Xbox Series X.

The Xbox Series X shaped fridge delivered to Snoop Dogg
The Xbox Series X shaped fridge delivered to Snoop Dogg

Who knows that these experiments may one day become real consumer products.

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