Kardashian’s underwear brand is not just a rival to CK, but also wants to be the next Nike

"When I grow up and become famous, you will remember me as a beautiful girl." Kim Kardashian said as a teenager.

In the internet celebrity business, one is not afraid of controversy, but is afraid of being unknown. Kardashian understood what Gao Qiqiang in "The Blast" said, "The bigger the storm, the more expensive the fish." She did not hesitate to use herself as a commodity, and told the later Internet celebrities what it means to "be famous for the sake of being famous."

Assistant to the famous socialite Hilton, repeated sex scandals, the reality show of the famous sisters, unforgettable huge buttocks and plump lips, lawyer father and rapper ex-husband… No matter where the traffic comes from, it all pave the way for this top American Internet celebrity. flower path.

Currently, Kardashian's net worth is US$1.2 billion. Her two major money-making tools are the underwear brand Skims and the skin care brand SKKN. Skims, in particular, has a valuation of US$4 billion after four years of establishment. It recently launched men's clothing and received an olive branch from the NBA. .

Entertainment tabloids turned into business headlines, crossing over to the NBA

On October 30, Skims officially announced that it has become the official underwear partner of the NBA and WNBA. As soon as the news came out, it seemed like the climax of a Hollywood inspirational movie.

In the past, the Kardashian family and the NBA often appeared in the entertainment sector and were ridiculed as "star harvesters." Kardashian and Humphries had a brief marriage. Sister Khloe was married to Odom, dated Harden, and was on and off with Thompson. Another sister, Kendall, also had several relationships to support the paparazzi. Love history.

▲Reality show "Keeping Up with the Kardashians".

Today, Kardashian takes Skims "into the house", enters the court in the form of commercial headlines, and sets a record – the first official underwear sponsor of the NBA.

In addition to providing clothing for players, Skims also plans to appear in "unexpected ways" at important occasions, including the NBA All-Star Game and in-season championships, but no further details have been disclosed yet.

It seems that it has crossed the border to the Pacific Ocean, but in fact the foreshadowing has already been laid.

The cooperation with the NBA is not Skims' first involvement in professional sports. It is a cooperative brand of the US team for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, providing official underwear, home wear and pajamas for female athletes.

▲ WNBA star A'ja Wilson serves as the model for this series.

In addition, on October 26, Skims officially launched the men's clothing line. The first batch includes three series: cotton, stretch and sports. The NBA, which was officially announced a few days later, is more like a super spokesperson, so that Skims' name will be as popular as Nike. All eyes are on you.

Skims' first batch of men's clothing is basically daily necessities such as underwear, socks, T-shirts, and vests. It comes in sizes XS to 5X and sells for US$16 to US$54. It is suitable for testing the hundreds of billions of dollars in the American men's clothing market.

Every Body is Wearing Skims.

As the menswear line launches, Skims has tapped some heavyweight models. Brazilian football star Neymar, NBA player SGA, and NFL player Nick Bosa all had to wear underwear and vests and shout slogans.

▲ Several men seemed a little shy.

Showing off celebrity figures is just a stop-gap measure. In order to get you to buy them, Skims wants to embroider "comfort" on the label, blowing a consumer upgrade in the men's underwear market. The basic style is light, soft and close to the body, and the sports style can also Add buff.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver is also a user and fan of Skims. He not only wears its underwear, but also personally endorses it. "When players feel more comfortable, they will play better, so it will have a direct impact on the game."

Kardashian herself said she likes to sleep in Skims men's boxer briefs. Kardashian’s business partner and Skims co-founder Grede even made a bold statement:

Most men's basics prioritize quantity over quality, not to mention charm… Once you've tried Skims Men's, it's hard to go back to Costco multi-packs.

Why does Kardashian focus her business on men? Because Skims already has many male users, the mass base is there. Kardashian even told GQ, "We've never had a bigger request than launching menswear."

Skims has been involved in the genderless field since the launch of the "Boyfriend" series in 2020. Some male customers will buy T-shirts, pajamas and other items. Before the launch of the men's clothing series, 10% of the brand's customers were men.

In the near future, Skims will also launch male body-shaping clothes. Maybe with Kardashian’s connections, we can invite more “male bodhisattvas” to roll up.

Reinvent the underwear business and create the next Nike

Before trying to get men to part with their money, Kardashian's Skims gained a foothold by reading women's minds.

It started by simply finding shapewear that matched my skin tone.

This year, Skims was named to Time's 100 Most Influential Companies. In an interview, Kardashian told reporters the beginning of her entrepreneurial story.

In the past, there were not many choices of body-shaping clothes to satisfy the Kardashians attending big events such as Cannes. She had to make her own alterations, either using tea bags and coffee in the bathtub to color it more closely to her skin tone, or cutting off a pant leg to create a more interesting slit.

Founded in 2019, Skims super-doubled a Kardashian problem into a need for everyone: creating the next generation of lingerie, loungewear and shapewear with options for everyone of every shape, color and age.

Although Kardashian herself has a catchy style, she is still very particular about doing business. She cuts into the gaps in the market and declares that "every consumer product is worth making again." Domestic new consumer brands should regard her as a confidant.

"Fits Everybody", which sets the flag right from the name, is one of Skims' best-selling series. It claims that the material is as soft as butter and can be stretched to twice its original size, fitting the body like a second layer of skin. curve.

The most intuitive thing is that it covers sizes from XXS to 4XL, as well as earth tones of different shades from sand to onyx, and the price is not expensive, 3 pairs of Get Kardashian underwear of the same style are US$36.

Domestic netizens were even moved by wearing size S, "I have been stuck with domestic sizes for so long that I almost forgot that I am an Asian with petite bones."

As for other items, Kardashian also hopes to make some new ideas, using "technology and hard work" to solve the problem again, constantly trying new fabrics and styles, and even launching unheard-of innovative styles such as single-leg and low-back styles. Buyers don't need to DIY as hard as Kardashian, they can directly match it with high slits or backless skirts.

Skims has also been recognized by professionals and won the 2022 Innovation Award from the Council of Fashion Designers of America.

Having said that, the starting point of Skims shapewear is actually a very tricky track. From function to appearance, it gives people a tight and uncomfortable feeling. It can only be used to support dates and parties. People also know that body-shaping clothes cannot bring about a perfect figure once and for all. Only by keeping your mouth shut and moving your legs can you help others and yourself.

Kardashian doesn’t believe this evil, saying that her shapewear uses innovative fabrics to provide more refined support and is suitable for wearing every day, at home, and during FaceTime with her sisters. She wants people to believe that shapewear is also casual wear and loungewear.

To put it bluntly, I just want to promote body shaping clothing to more scenes. Kardashian doesn’t want to just hold on to one third of an acre, she hopes to build Skims into the next big fashion brand.

The absence of high prices does not mean the absence of noble style. Recently, Skims and Swarovski officially announced a joint brand, which is scheduled to be released on November 7. The material "Jelly Sheer" (jelly transparent) is very special. With body chains on the neck, belly and chest, you will be the brightest among the crowd. lady.

Skims believes that these clothes are suitable for various occasions such as dates and cocktail parties, and can help others translate what is so elegant.

Once you cover these things in crystals, casual wear really turns into evening wear.

Similarly, Skims collaborated with the luxury brand Fendi in 2021, selling $1 million in one minute of sales. The joint underwear with classic prints sold out quickly. Skims also used this to touch the edge of "high fashion" and achieve the goal. A milestone for Dai Shan in the fashion industry.

It is worth mentioning that in the third quarter of this year, SKims ranked 17th in the "most popular brands" index of the authoritative fashion platform Lyst, sandwiched between LV and Fendi. Things are changing, and I don’t know who has taken over whom.

But more often than not, gorgeousness and high-end are not closely related to Skims. It also makes many basic items and daily necessities, and continues to expand its product line and user base.

After making underwear, we now make swimsuits, focusing on both luxury co-branding and casual sports styles, including gender-neutral and family styles, and launching special series for pregnant women, people with disabilities and other groups. We will definitely not hang ourselves from a tree.

▲ Faux leather swimsuit.

▲ Barrier-free series.

Skims’ largest clothing category is actually loungewear. On November 9, Skims launched a holiday series with a strong holiday atmosphere, including pet clothing, children's clothing, men's home clothes, Christmas gifts, etc.

▲ Genderless knitted hoodie.

▲ Wool home clothes.

Judging from the current results, people are happy to pay for Kardashian. Skims is like a dark horse. It has only been established for four years. A round of financing in July 2023 brought its valuation to US$4 billion, but it still needs to wait for the time to go public.

Skims' current plan is to open flagship stores in Los Angeles and New York in 2024. The Los Angeles store is located on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood, near Supreme.

Skims co-founder Grede revealed in an interview with Bloomberg that this is just the beginning, and in the future they will open physical stores in the most important cities in the world.

Where you can see Apple and Nike in the future, you can also see Skims.

Treat yourself as a commodity and sell more commodities

There may be doubts about celebrity brands, and there may be opinions about Kardashian herself. Many fashion media have criticized Skims.

Harper's Bazaar once said, "I reluctantly tried Skims and became a loyal fan." The Cut, a fashion website owned by New York magazine, was also willing to slap the face, saying bluntly, "I hate my love for Skims."

Although celebrities have a higher starting point than ordinary people to build their own brands, it is actually not easy. Success still requires strength and even metaphysics. You must also have a clear aesthetic that is different from other people and grasp the pulse of popular culture. But such There weren't many people.

Kardashian's figure and outfit are her weapons. Plump breasts, thick lips, waist and hips, brown skin, nude makeup, and solid-color tight outfits have formed Kardashian's Internet style symbol. Her face and figure have been adopted by many European and American women. People are flocking to them, and their exaggerated waist-to-hip ratio has become synonymous with sexiness.

For Kardashian, her ex-husband Kanye, who runs the fashion brand Yeezy, is one of her business luminaries. Back then, Kardashian also had an "earthy" look, with a chaotic mix of sequins, fur, and metallic colors, while Kanye brought nude colors and minimalism to his muse.

Kardashian has 360 million followers on Instagram and countless people want to be like her, and Skims provides a low-cost, feasible way. Kardashian spends several hours a week trying on Skims, and estimates she has tried on more than 7,000 pieces, and the pictures circulate on social media, selling fairy tale dreams.

In addition to serving as a model, Kardashian is also the brand's creative director, responsible for selecting fabrics, tailoring, event concepts and other matters. Almost all Skims commercials are conceived and created by Kardashian herself.

"Bump Bra" is a new product launched by Skims on October 31st. It is deliberately designed with fake nipples to achieve a "revealing point" effect. Kardashian herself starred in the 38-second commercial, half-jokingly saying that even if the world changes, Warm glaciers melt and you always look cold and stay upright.

This bra has been welcomed by some breast cancer patients and caters to the "Nipple Free" gender equality trend. Some people think that "it's okay but not necessary." The clothing industry is one of the killers of global warming, and Kardashian's joking attitude downplays the real climate crisis.

In any case, the popularity of this advertisement remains high. The women of the Kardashian family have always been good at attracting attention through controversy.

In May of this year, a woman claimed on TikTok that she was shot four times but survived because of Skims, because the shapewear was very tight and had the effect of stopping bleeding. She was grateful to Kardashian for saving her life, and Skims became Her "feminine armor". Naturally, Kardashian happily accepted this wave of traffic that fell from the sky.

In 2019, the Victoria's Secret Show was suspended due to continued decline in ratings. To a certain extent, Skims has ushered in the post-Victoria's Secret era of "when one whale falls, everything rises", and has stepped on many Internet issues, such as size tolerance, underwear outerwear, and sexy shame, together with Rihanna's Savage x Fenty Change Victoria's Secret's life, but Kardashian herself is not so "right".

The first season of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" aired in 2007, and a 2018 study by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons found a 256% increase in buttock surgeries since 2000, and a significant increase in lip augmentation procedures. "Vogue" reports that 30% of women who visit Beverly Hills plastic surgery hospitals aim to become Kim Kardashian.

This goes against the Skims brand spirit of "promoting body freedom," but Kardashian's heavily invested body is an excellent billboard for the brand. Whether good or bad, Kardashian's influence on "beauty" exists objectively.

Sometimes, Skims are also accused of reinforcing consumers’ unrealistic pursuit of beauty. For example, Yi Mengling’s Skims dress, which has become popular on Xiaohongshu, is more fashionable than BM if she wants to wear it without any fat. harsh. The brand that calls for body diversity has instead become a magic mirror for the queen to confirm herself.

However, "correctness" has never been Kardashian's way of doing things. What's more important is that she didn't waste her efforts and acquired body. Being a reality star is selling yourself, selling the definition of fashion, and then selling more merchandise. Wrinkles and fat won't be fixed by Skims, but Kardashian once told the media that she feels most comfortable when wearing shapewear.

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