Kanye scolded adidas for plagiarizing YEEZY, they were all slippers, where did they copy?

On June 15, Kanye West/Ye publicly called adidas CEO on Instagram, accusing Adi's new slippers Adilette 22 of plagiarizing his YEEZY Slide.

"Adilette 22 represents the disrespect of the top of adidas for talent. This is a fake YEEZY they made by themselves." – Kanye.

Adilette 22 is "Where the Wicked"

Let's put aside Kanye's dissatisfaction first and look at Adilette 22 objectively.

This pair of slippers, which is expected to be officially released on June 23, received an enthusiastic response from adidas fans when it was first released publicly.

The exterior design of Adilette 22 is inspired by geometric textures.

On the side, there are wavy layers like terraced fields, which reminds people of the "contour topographic map" of middle school geography.

The vertical pit strip groove texture on the front has a wonderful visual effect of blurred pixels.

It can be said that the design of Adilette 22 is both trendy and fun, as well as a comfortable sense of healing.

The design of the whole pair of shoes pays more attention to the overall visual effect. If you don't look closely, you can't see the brand information, which weakens the existence of the classic logo.

Pretty bold.

The color palette of the Adilette 22 slippers is very low-key, only black, white, gray, nude, green, plus two slightly more colorful versions of marble and sand.

There is no exaggerated color matching, but I can think of every occasion that I need to match it. It is a pair of shoes that will be used very high in summer.

All colors of the Adilette 22 are made from natural and renewable materials, underscoring adidas' commitment to environmental protection.

More importantly, the price is only 55 US dollars (equivalent to less than 400 yuan), which is a single product that can be bought without much consideration.

So, what is Kanye angry about?

The cooperation between Kanye and adidas began in 2013. It can be said that he has created countless topics for the German brand, and even fundamentally changed people's perception of adidas.

For nearly 10 years, they've collaborated to create the Yeezy Boost 350 and Yeezy Boost 700, the sneaker superheroes that have created a sales spectacle.

Kanye should be the big baby that adidas will not and least want to offend.

But if you happen to buy a YEEZY Slide, you will probably understand Kanye's anger.

In December 2019, the first slippers YEEZY Slide collaborated with Adidas was released, and it immediately became the representative of the trendiest slippers.

As the cheapest shoe in the coconut family, and also the shoe with the simplest design, the YEEZY Slide is in the limelight.

People say it's a "you can't go back" shoe.

And the summer of many modern youth starts with YEEZY Slide.

YEEZY Slide perfectly inherits Kanye's simple and advanced aesthetic.

Through a large area of ​​single color, it shows pure texture and highlights the avant-garde shoe design. With the rounded and plump body lines and the serrated grooves of the sole, it leads the trend at birth.

YEEZY Slide subverts people's established impression of rubber mops in the past, with a bold appearance that challenges all kinds of dressing styles.

Until now, countless big stars, bloggers, and internet celebrities are all wearing coconut slippers.

Coupled with the blessing of Kanye, who has a very outstanding personal style, this dazzling wind has been blowing for three years.

These are probably the hotbed for the birth of Adilette 22.

When YEEZY Slide was launched, there were only three calm and restrained earth colors – earth brown, fossil white and desert green.

In terms of color matching, it would be a bit blind to say that Adilette 22 did not "learn from".

The surface of the shoe body of YEEZY Slide is quite smooth and made of EVA foam material, which reduces weight and increases durability.

Because of the heightened visual effect, it is also loved by many women's shoe fans.

In terms of design, the Adilette 22 is indeed better than that. But the simple and thick shoe design can still see the shadow of YEEZY Slide.

The thing is, the Adilette 22 is $15 cheaper than the YEEZY Slide (nearly $100).

It will not be sold out or out of stock, and the price will not be raised. Even the fans themselves cheer that Adilette 22 is the replacement of YEEZY Slide.

One thing to say, if this is a new product from a competitor, it may not be so angry.

Now, after Kanye called the adidas CEO, the denunciation seems to be far from over, and it is also a mystery whether the Adilette 22 will be released as scheduled.
However, who knows if this is yet another topical hype?

For more ordinary consumers, the last concern may be the two pairs of shoes themselves.

Choose Adilette 22 or YEEZY Slide?

This question depends on whether you love Kanye or not, as well as the YEEZY joint line he created with adidas.

The concept that Kanye wants to convey through YEEZY is versatile, comfortable and timeless.

He wants everyone to wear YEEZY, and no matter how many years have passed, if you look up the YEEZY you bought before, you will not feel dirty.

The production of YEEZY is inseparable from the low-saturation tones, the simple version and the subversive shape design. It is fashionable but not ostentatious. Many items are indeed worthy of collection.

I bought two pairs of early YEEZY shoes, really good and durable.

If you agree with his design concept (not involving character and speech), agree with his views and grasp of the trend, and love the avant-garde style brought by this music trend culture, you will definitely choose YEEZY Slide.

But in the end, we may still care: YEEZY Slide has a higher premium for the same quality.

Then I buy Adilette 22 with the same excellent craftsmanship and comfortable foot feel, isn't it fragrant?

Also fragrant.

YEEZY represents the highest technology of adidas, and the best fabrics, the best craftsmanship, and the most fashionable designs.

Coupled with the blessing of Kanye, who has its own super traffic, YEEZY itself was born with a golden key and is a high-end line of the adidas brand.

Then the products from the YEEZY line have relatively high prices, which is understandable.

As for the part of the circulation premium, to put it bluntly, it is the market supply and demand that determines the product price.

For some of YEEZY’s popular shoes, the purchase demand far exceeds the sales volume, and even some colorful and material series are basically limited sales, as long as Kanye brings the goods a little (and even his topic ex-wife card) Daishan), stealing the goods is to be expected.

The YEEZY 350 generation has been sold to five figures in some colors and sizes because of the "old antiques" and the scarcity of sales.

The second generation of YEEZY 350, which was released later, improved the technology. Although the selling price was higher than that of the first generation, due to the increase in the number of sales, the price was also quite reasonable compared to the first generation.

The price is not YEEZY Slide's fault.

In fact, if everyone is rushing to grab Adilette 22, there is also a risk of raising it up.

If there is such a day, Kanye may be even more angry.

To put it bluntly, there are two kinds of people who love sneakers (including trendy slippers).

A collector who truly understands and loves sneaker culture.

Players who want to look good and stylish.

Both of these people are well-liked by brands.

Hence the YEEZY Slide and Adilette 22.

One pair for collectors and one pair for players.

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