Kanye cross-border to engage in McDonald’s! Also called the MUJI designer

McDonald's is getting new packaging? And he designed it?

Not long ago, Ye (Kanye West, Kanye West) posted a photo on his Instagram and wrote that he would be collaborating with designer Naoto Fukasawa (Fukasawa Naoto, Muji designer) , reimagining McDonald's packaging.

▲ Picture from: Instagram

In another Instagram Stories (a limited-time feed that automatically disappears after 24 hours), in addition to the burger wrap, it also mentions "next week it's the fries". Coincidentally, this sentence also appeared in the lyrics of "Gold Digger" by "Grandpa".

The cooperation between "Kan Ye" and McDonald's is a bit confusing at first glance, but it is actually expected.

"McDonald's Man" favorite McDonald's

The fate of Ye and McDonald's is not just this cooperation. In a McDonald's commercial during the Super Bowl a few months ago, he's been in his eye-catching Sherp ATV off-road vehicle, in front of the McDonald's drive-thru window, looking at the menu hesitantly .

▲ Picture from: Instagram

Earlier, Kanye West, who had not changed his name to Ye, had directly expressed his love for McDonald's. For example, in 2018, he tweeted: "McDonald's is my favorite restaurant."

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In 2016, in the limited edition magazine "Boys Don't Cry" launched by Frank Ocean, Kanye West also wrote a poem "affectionately" – "The McDonald's Man"

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Not only is the name of the poem quite straightforward, but the content of the poem is also McDonald's food: French fries, cheeseburgers, milkshakes, Diet Coke, apple pie…

▲ Picture from: cnBeta

Cross-border "Octopus"

In addition to having a strong relationship with McDonald's, the cooperation with the food industry is not uncommon for Kanye West, a "cross-border madman". After all, he was emerging as a rapper at the beginning. Now he has left himself in many fields Mark of.

Different from the common "gangsta rap", whether it is the content of the lyrics or the structure of the melody, Kanye West's own style of music is unique in the European and American HipHop music industry.

▲ Picture from: uDiscoverMusic

"Kan Ye", who has won more than two dozen Grammy trophies, is a black singer that must be mentioned in the industry. He was also a music producer for many big-name stars such as Jay-Z and Madonna.

Despite his musical achievements, many people may not have heard his songs. It doesn't matter if you haven't heard the song, but it's unlikely that you haven't seen his designs.

▲ Picture from: Kanyi Daily News

Kanye West's personal trend brand YEEZY has the famous "coconut shoes", which has been popular all over the world in a few years (it seems that Yeezy Boost 350 can be seen everywhere in those years);

▲ Picture from: Pinterest

There are also all kinds of costumes that are "deconstructed" by Dahang (when Kim Kardashian and Kim Kardashian were not divorced, the scene of "bringing goods" in the Kardashian family every time a new product is released is still fresh in my memory).

▲ Picture from: GQ

Not only does it have its own unique design brand, but Kanye West's influence in the fashion industry is even wider. Virgil Abloh, who used to be the artistic director of LV menswear and the head of the brand Off-White, is a friend of "Grandpa" and the creative director of Kanye's creative team Donda.

▲ Kanye West and Virgil Abloh, picture from: NSS MAGAZINE

Jerry Lorenzo, the director of high-end fashion brand Fear of God, also worked as a designer in the Donda team of "Grandpa" (Kanye also often wears various Fear of God costumes).

▲ Kanye West and Jerry Lorenzo, picture from: Pinterest

Kanye West, who is obsessed with design, has a very unique idea of ​​interior design in addition to his "big show" in the fashion industry. The mansion that once lived with Kim Kardashian in Calabasas, invited the well-known Belgian designer Axel Vervoordt.

▲ Picture from: VOGUE

The renovated "mansion" has a distinctive "absolute poverty" style. It looks like a family with four walls, but it is actually a well-designed space, using black, white and gray in a large area, practicing minimalist style, and also integrating Japanese style" Wabi-sabi" (the peaceful atmosphere makes it feel like a monastery).

▲ Picture from: VOGUE

In 2018, Kanye West also announced on Twitter that he would build "Yeezy Home" as a homeless residence.

The 'Accidental Molecule' in Pop Culture

The legend of the rap world, the maker of the fashion world, the uniqueness of the residence … music, footwear, clothing, interior design … "Kan Ye" has an extremely rich life.

▲ Picture from: Billboard

Especially in the past few years, his ideas have become more "crazy" and unique: he wants to run for president of the United States; his new album "Donda 2", the audition will "burn the house" in public, and the album will not be on any streaming media platform. , but limited to its own $200 Stem Player.

▲ Picture from: Instagram

Perhaps some behaviors are controversial, and the results are not so satisfactory. But it is undeniable that Kanye West, who is constantly crossing borders and trying, has used his own strength and ideas to smear a heavy brushstroke in contemporary popular culture.

Without systematic study or music, he has repeatedly broadened the boundaries of hip-hop, integrating electronic music, jazz and even symphony. Breaking away from the common expressive themes of underground music, he began to discuss society, fame and fortune, family affection and even religion.

▲ Picture from: GQ

Although some too avant-garde expressions have attracted criticism, this unique style has allowed underground music to blend and collide with mainstream music, and has also made the style of hip-hop more diverse.

Kanye, who aimed at the design, took Yeezy out of his own "deconstruction" in the fashion week show. Simple design and color matching are a breakthrough in the fashion industry, and he also leads a new trend with this special.

▲ Picture from: YEEZY MAFIA

Some people say that Kanye is getting more and more "crazy", but perhaps it is this kind of extreme pursuit of pioneering and breakthrough that makes him wave after wave in popular culture.

Perhaps there is another "surprise" in the upcoming cooperation with Muji designer Naoto Fukasawa (Fukasawa Naoto) and McDonald's.

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