K30S Extreme Edition experience: the final piece of “Price Butcher”

Yes, there is a new machine for the K30 series. Since the launch of the K20 last year, it has been very popular in the market. It is only natural that Redmi will do its best in the K30 series to start the K series flagship. But to my surprise, the new K30 machine can accompany us all year. However, according to Lu Weibing on Weibo, the K30S Extreme Edition will be the last model of the K30 series if nothing happens.

From the earliest Redmi K30 to the K30S commemorative edition, the K30 series has launched a total of 8 models, covering the huge price range of 1500-3000 yuan.

As we all know, the K30S Extreme Edition is actually the "Homecoming" version of the Mi 10T released overseas a month ago. Therefore, the K30S Extreme Edition is actually closer to the Mi 10 series in terms of appearance design.

Although the mobile phone box has the same 10th anniversary logo as the K30 Extreme Edition, I still have difficulty finding similar design elements of the K30 series on the K30S Extreme Edition. The most obvious difference is in the design of the camera. The lifting front camera of K30P and K30U is replaced with a single-hole camera, and the three-camera module on the back has changed from a circular symmetrical arrangement to a "big four small" in the upper left corner. Five-tube design.

In terms of body color, the K30S Extreme Edition does not have the youthful colors like purple and green in the K30 series, only black and silver are available. This time I started with the silver called "Moonlight Silver". The AG glass back cover is used. It will turn blue under the refraction of light. The look and feel is quite advanced.

But this beauty is not easy to keep. The smooth back shell is still a fingerprint collector. It is recommended to wear a protective shell.

The first thing I hold in my hand feels a little drop. The weight of 216g is indeed a lot of pressure on the wrist. Coupled with the 9.33 mm thick body, the K30S Extreme Edition feels like a "super cup" in the hand. "a feeling of.

The screen of the K30S Extreme Edition has been replaced with a 6.67-inch LCD screen with a resolution of 1080P, which is rare among many Snapdragon 865 flagship machines. Lu Weibing's explanation for this screen at the press conference is that there are still many fans who hope that Redmi will launch a flagship phone equipped with an LCD screen, so this top LCD screen, which is the benchmark iPhone 11, came into being.

From the parameter point of view, the K30S Extreme Edition screen color is Delta E≈0.63, the highest brightness is 650nit, and it supports HDR 10 and high refresh rate of 144Hz, which is not inferior to the LCD screen of iPhone 11. The opening of the front camera is 3.8 mm, which is also the smallest opening size of the LCD screen. It can be seen that Redmi did a lot of effort on the screen for LCD fans this time.

The actual experience of this LCD screen also left me a very good impression. Compared with the OLED screen, the orientation of the K30S Extreme Edition is more "light" in terms of color saturation. In terms of color accuracy, the K30S Extreme Edition performs better than ordinary OLED screens.

LCD screens and OLED screens have always had two groups of firm supporters, and the debate about which material is better has always been a topic that will never stop on mobile phone screens. Judging from the configuration of the flagship phones launched in the past two years, OLED seems to be overwhelming the LCD side. Does this mean that OLED will replace LCD? In my opinion, it is not necessarily true.

In actual experience, this LCD screen will not have obvious whitening under high contrast, and it supports ultra-low brightness display, the lowest brightness can reach 1nit, because it will not flicker at low brightness, it can be used in the dark. The experience is even better than the "pure black" of OLED.

In terms of screen-to-body ratio, the performance of the K30S Extreme Edition is quite satisfactory. The frame of the chin will be slightly thicker for better antenna performance. The width of about 4.2 mm is still within an acceptable range, while the straight screen design is still used on both sides.

After removing the lifting camera, the upper frame is replaced by a familiar infrared transmitter.

From the full screen realized by the lifting camera to the digging screen, Redmi should also be based on the consideration of internal space, body weight and user preferences. In the K30 Pro experience, Ai Faner also discussed the realization of a full screen by lifting the camera Necessity, according to the performance of the mobile phone market in the past six months, consumers who are obsessed with a perfect full screen may still be few.

In terms of lenses, the five-tube shape actually has only three cameras, which are a 64-megapixel main camera, a 13-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens, and a 5-megapixel macro lens. Unfortunately, there is no more practical telephoto lens. Lens; on the front is a 20-megapixel single-hole camera.

The appearance of the camera module is indeed quite bluff, but according to actual experience, the prominent large camera module is more like a compromise for the internal space of the fuselage, rather than an improvement in image quality.

▲ Main camera shooting, HDR is turned on, 6400 mode is not turned on

▲ Left: Default mode Right: Turn on 64 million pixel mode

I believe everyone is very familiar with the main camera using IMX682. It is also equipped on the predecessor K30U. The overall performance is similar to that of K30U. If you want a more delicate imaging effect, it is necessary to choose 64 million pixel mode when taking pictures.

▲ Shoot with an ultra-wide-angle lens with sufficient light

▲ Shoot with ultra-wide-angle lens, low light environment

As for the ultra-wide-angle lens, the performance is quite good under good light conditions, and the surrounding distortion control is also satisfactory, but the performance is a bit bad in low light conditions, such as large noise, strong smearing, and basic loss of details. When you can find it in the proofs, it is strongly recommended that you only use ultra-wide-angle shooting when there is sufficient light.

▲ Shoot with a macro lens

▲ Shoot with a macro lens

As for the macro camera, the look and feel from the proofs is quite good, but in fact, in order to take the proofs with clear focus, dozens of photos were taken on the back.

There is no other reason. The stability of shooting macro photos with the mobile phone in both hands is still not enough. When you find a good shooting angle and press the shutter, the very slight shaking click action may also blur the photo, and when the phone and the subject are too close together In the near future, the shadows produced will interfere, and the overall experience is not high.

Although there is indeed another wonderful scene hidden under the macro, in terms of practical experience, the creative value of the macro camera is greater than the value of use. If I choose, I will vote for the more practical telephoto lens .

The K30S Extreme Edition is equipped with a large 5000 mAh battery and is still equipped with a 33W wired fast charge. In the measured charging experience, a rapid blood return of 0% to 30% can be completed in 12 minutes, 65% can be charged in 30 minutes, and it takes exactly 1 hour to fully charge.

Compared with the amazing 120W fast charge of the family eldest brother Xiaomi 10 Extreme Edition, the charging performance of the K30S Extreme Edition is indeed not outstanding, but it is completely sufficient for daily use.

After removing the mechanical structure of the lifting camera, the weight of the K30S Extreme Edition is heavier than the K30U. The reason may be this large battery. In terms of battery life, the large battery does give a full sense of security.

When connected to Wi-Fi and the screen brightness is 75%, I used the K30S Extreme Edition for 2 hours of online video (1080P), 2 hours of Peace Elite (Ultra HD quality, extreme frequency), a total of 4 hours of high intensity Test, the remaining power is still 63%.

In terms of hardware configuration, the K30S Extreme Edition uses the Snapdragon 865 and LDDR5 and UFS 3.1's 2020 Android flagship standard. In Lu Weibing's words, this time the K30S Extreme Edition has "no regrets" on the hardware.

High-performance CPU, high-speed storage standard, with a 144Hz high refresh rate screen, and the "three highs" hardware configuration allows the K30S Extreme Edition to experience smoothness at the level of the 2020 Android flagship machine, whether it is for daily use or gaming and entertainment. If you have to pick a problem, you can only say that the K30S Extreme Edition came too late.

However, the hardware upgrade that impressed me the most about the K30S Extreme Edition was not Qualcomm's flagship CPU, but the X-axis vibration motor. In the past, the X-axis vibration motor has always been a victim of Redmi's subtraction for cost-effectiveness. This time the K30S Extreme Edition finally made up for this regret.

When it vibrates, you can clearly feel the past soft shock, and it becomes more "sonky and powerful" when typing, and the perception of improvement in daily use experience is very obvious.

As for the 7-speed variable-speed refresh rate function promoted on the basis of the high refresh rate, the visual effect of video playback is not obvious. For the control of power consumption, if you have not been watching low frame rate videos on your mobile phone, Otherwise, it can be hard to perceive.

Overall, the K30S Extreme Edition looks like a foreign relative of the K30 series, but the K30S Extreme Edition still inherits the family's "price butcher" title in terms of cost performance.

In terms of price:

  • 8+128G price: 2599 yuan
  • 8+256G Price: 2799 yuan

During the Double Eleven period, Xiaomi still has a 300 yuan purchase subsidy. It can only be said that Redmi has launched its efforts to even its own (K30P, K30U) in terms of cost performance. Judging from the hot sales after the press conference, there is no need to worry about whether the K30S Extreme Edition is worth buying. The only thing to worry about is where to buy it?

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