K song, host, B station UP host… How does this “silver-haired clan” start Second Life

How to live a person's old age? In this open proposition, fishing, climbing, square dancing, taking grandchildren, and college for the elderly are traditional answers. Of course, this is not so much a traditional answer as it is a stereotyped cognition.

Karaoke, being a host, cutting videos, and becoming an UP host are also ways of answering.

As Dylan Thomas said: Don't walk gently into that good night, old age should burn and roar at sunset, ranting, and blaming the passing of light. This time the elderly are more and more able to "toss".

The digital divide exists objectively, but technology is also lowering the threshold for the use of some basic applications. The elderly can get more time and space on the Internet to start their second life. In the future, surfing the Internet with the elderly will become more and more common.

The sound is powerful

In the National K song, there is such a group of people:

Most of them use selfies as their avatars, because their high interaction rate is at the forefront of the old song rankings. They kindly reply "thank you" to every commenter, and the dynamics are full of emoticons of "roses", "hugs" and "love". Click on the homepage of their works, there are SSS ratings, S ratings, A ratings and C ratings. Regardless of whether they sing well or not, they are very willing to share all of them and never cover it up. They are the middle-aged and elderly people who love singing.

Wang Jinxiang is 65 years old this year. Everyone calls her "Grandma Jinxiang." She has 361,000 fans and more than 2,000 works in K-Songs. After becoming popular, she also participated in CCTV's "Opening the Door". The host Nigmai asked her what her wish was. She first smiled and asked if her clothes look good. After getting a positive nod, she replied, "I just like to buy the clothes I like." Grandma Jinxiang’s hottest work "I really miss you" reached 720,000 plays. There was a lot of encouragement and praise in the comment area, "The singing is beautiful, the words are clear, and I sing my heart."

Tencent "Guiquan" interviewed 74-year-old Xia Lihua. He has published more than 2,300 works on the National K Songs, including Pingtan, Peking Opera, and Yue Opera. Sometimes he can sing 10 paragraphs a day and has more than 30,000 fans. Meeting friends with songs has not only increased his cardiorespiratory activity, but also made him feel that he is being watched and accompanied.

The same is true for the listening software "Himalaya". On March 4 this year, Himalaya announced a set of big data: more than 50,000 seniors over 60 years old are anchors on the platform, of which 44.28% are males and 55.72% are females. The oldest is 100 years old, and the album has the largest number of broadcasts. The number of fans exceeds 500 million, the highest annual income can reach more than 3 million yuan, and the most fans have more than 2.5 million.

Wen Xinran is 71 years old this year. She is an experienced backpacker and globetrotter. Starting from the age of 61, she spent ten years traveling around the world. Her account name in Himalaya is "Love Traveling After Sixty" and has more than 1,300 fans. In the album "Sixty-year-old free travel in 86 countries, 1010 days", she shared her travel experiences in Egypt, India, Britain, Germany, Vietnam and other countries, and popularized the history, culture and landmarks of these countries, and the number of views reached 84,000.

Jiang Jianfang is 63 years old and is a retired high school Chinese teacher in Shanghai. In 2016, after retiring, Jiang Jianfang registered the account "Kapok Tree in the Wind" on Himalayas and became an anchor. He labelled himself as a "artist youth", and opened a program "Shanghai Nursery Rhymes", which uses Shanghai dialect to interpret nursery rhymes. , The playback volume reached 532,000. Later, she released a recitation album of works by famous artists such as Xu Zhimo, Xi Murong, Li Qingzhao, Cangyang Gyatso. She currently has 20,000 fans and 14 albums in the Himalayas.

Many elderly people have poor eyesight and inconvenient writing. The ease and convenience of karaoke software and audio production lowers the threshold for the elderly to "voice" on the Internet. Some elderly people realize their young dreams here; some elderly people continue to shine after retirement and share their experiences in their fields of expertise; there are also many elderly people who learn to buy microphones, stands, and even deliberately in order to achieve better results. Enroll in classes to learn new technologies.

Their enthusiasm has never faded with age, they just found the right platform to express their thoughts.

Douyin Kuaishou snatches the elderly

Short video platforms such as Douyin and Kuaishou are also indispensable for the active participation of the elderly.

"Uncle Benliang" was originally known as Xie Benliang, a music enthusiast with more than 17 million fans in Kuaishou. He used to be a poor local household, and later saw young people rap on his mobile phone, so he started singing live with a guitar and a voice. Although Uncle Benliang's playing and singing skills are not necessarily the best, his simple and attentive performance seems to have grown naturally from the ground, which impressed many netizens, "This old man is too rock".

The 70-year-old "Aunt Luo" has more than 6.4 million fans on Douyin. She focuses on emotions and funny fields. She has a strong sense of internet and a girlish heart. She masters practical mahjong formulas and uses humor to discuss gender issues. Kind of novels, TV dramas, and even fancy scumbag men. She overturned people's stereotypes about a 70-year-old grandma and brought a lot of happiness to thousands of netizens.

Behind Aunt Luo is a creative team mainly born in the 1990s, but Aunt Luo's own temperament and charm are also rare. She is not only an authentic Sichuan Qionglai farmer, but also a lovely and cheerful grandma.

▲ Screenshot from: Douyin "Aunt Luo"

On the short video platform, not only is the number of elderly creators increasing, but also more and more content about the elderly. Getting into the kitchen in a hurry, bringing a baby, raising a cat and dog, the fun of a hundred-year-old grandma… According to statistics, users over the age of 50 on Douyin account for about 8% of the total. Short video is not only a social tool for young people, but also an important way for the elderly to integrate into the new social circle.

Unlike young people who are almost all Internet users, middle-aged and elderly people are still a huge increase in the Internet. The short video platform keenly grasped this trend and actively deployed the ecology of the middle-aged and elderly market.

On March 24 this year, Douyin announced the launch of the "Old Friends Program" to enhance the product experience of elderly Internet users. One of the measures is to recruit 10 representatives of elderly users to participate in the upgrade of Douyin as a product think tank. I hope they can fully participate in TikTok's aging optimization and improve the experience of elderly users. On the other hand, I also hope that they can teach more of their peers and embrace the digital life together, so that their peers may be the best teachers.

At the beginning of 2020, Kuaishou named the Spring Festival Gala, and gained a group of middle-aged and elderly users through sharing and grabbing red envelopes. Kuaishou has also held several square dance competitions to attract middle-aged and elderly people to participate. The data shows that the cumulative exposure of Kuaishou square dance videos reached 80 billion+ in one year, and the total number of fans of Kuaishou square dance creators reached 350 million+.

The reason why the elderly like short videos as a form of entertainment is also obvious. Fragmented knowledge is easier to absorb, and videos are more likely to stimulate the senses. The social attributes of the short video platform are also very strong, with frequent likes, interactive messages, and friends exchanges. Moreover, short videos are easy to make, and for the elderly, it is not that difficult to become a creator.

I heard that young people are playing station B

"I am full of joy, and I can do anything."

This is what the male protagonist said in the 11th Anniversary Special Screening "Happy Reunion" at Station B. He is an old man at station B, but he knows that the way to stay young is to learn. At station B he can swim in the ocean of knowledge, walk into science, embrace culture, dance with art, and walk with the trend. Died on the beach."

In this film, Station B seems to subvert the previous public impression, but it actually extends its positioning. It not only emphasizes the core characteristics of the content creators of Station B, but also hopes to break the circle of the middle-aged and elderly market to seek growth.

Station B has 202 million monthly active users. Over 86% of the monthly active users of Station B are under the age of 35. This is the core group of Station B. Two-dimensional, non-mainstream, Z generation, ghost animals, these are their key words. At the same time, Station B wants to show its tolerance for diversity. Young is not the only answer. It is the soul that can stay young and live to learn.

▲ Screenshot from: Station B "Min Ci is Not Old"

Elderly users like Jiang Minci are pouring into station B. Her ID is "Minci is not old", a name praised by her family as soon as she mentions it. The first video "Can I come to station B to be the UP host when I am 90 years old?" "With more than 5 million views, netizens don’t forget to play stubbornly while encouraging grandma. "The harm is all born in the 90s, regardless of you and me." "Others are the UP master, and you are the grandma."

In a video after Jiang Minci received the certificate of "100 thousand fans UP master", it was mentioned that grandson did not support her to be UP master at the beginning, "How can old people play this". But what she thought in her heart was "You can care if he is old or not, I can do it", "Teach me and I will do it." So, for the question "I'm 90 years old, can I come to station B to be the UP host?" She had already settled on the question. Jiang Minci used to study VideoStudio at the University for the Elderly, and now also uses PR to edit videos.

The carpenter "Lu Zhengyi's Carving Time" is 72 years old. He likes to wear a gray racer vest and blue plastic slippers. He is a kind of unremarkable personality from outside the world. He is good at making all kinds of wood carvings out of mahogany. Only by constantly innovating for everyone to see can we pass on traditional Chinese craftsmanship. Therefore, with the help of apprentices, Lu Zhengyi joined Station B and released various ACG (animation, comics, game abbreviations) sculpture videos, including Iron Man, Attack The giants of Japan, Jotaro Sorajo, etc., have received a high degree of attention. The most popular video "Woodcarving Cannon Sister Misaka Mikoto" has more than 8 million views.

Lu Zhengyi used superb craftsmanship and interesting soul to enter the same world as the two-dimensional people. There are more than 1.91 million fans at station B. His profile is "I am Lu Zhengyi, I am 20 and 7 years old, a young carpenter", and the comment section is also very playful, calling him "Xiao Lu" affectionately, "As long as you insist on cultivating immortals like me, Before long, he will be as young as Xiao Lu."

▲ Screenshot from: Station B "Lu Zhengyi's Sculpture Time"

The main gourmet "Nongxiang Daye Sauce" has 528,000 fans. Using the earthen stove to make braised pork, pineapple fried chicken, beef with egg, and tomato noodles in sour soup. It is an authentic, simple and homely rustic flavor, and I also got it. 100,000 followers UP Master" certificate. As a gourmet UP master, "Stuttering Daddy" is relatively hard-core. Lobster, jellyfish, abalone, coconut snails, and king crab are all eaten and broadcast. The down-to-earth, non-pretentious style also makes people look happy.

Behind the success of these videos are the active learning, optimistic and enlightened spirit of the elderly, as well as the support and help of young people in content, equipment and materials, including grandchildren, sons, apprentices, etc. Of course, there is no shortage of B station young people. User support and support. In a sense, this can be regarded as a kind of "yellow hair hanging down, and being happy." But station B is not a peach blossom garden after all, and the ecology of station B needs to be healthier and friendly to support more silver-haired people to settle in.

How to avoid traps

Qu Toutiao and The Paper jointly released the "2020 Elderly Internet Life Report" . As of June 2020, China has 940 million netizens, of which 10.3% are elderly netizens over 60 years old, which means that China’s mobile Internet is active There are about 96 million silver-haired tribes.

Among the 1 million elderly users, 1,900 have been active online for more than 10 hours on a single APP of "Qutoutiao", 4,000 have been online for more than 8 hours, and the average daily active time for more than 6 hours exceeds 1.2. Ten thousand people.

It can be said that more middle-aged and elderly people are involved in the Internet pan-entertainment field, and many elderly people already have Internet dependence. When their familiar world operation mode is divided and connected by pieces of screens, there may also be some pitfalls that are difficult to distinguish.

For example, the national K song not only gives old people the opportunity to express themselves, but also makes many elderly people addicted to the Internet. Zhihu has many questions like "How to cleverly let mothers quit the national K song?". A netizen’s father “opens a small shop at home, and doesn’t do business every day, the shop does not open, and he does not do work”; the health of a netizen’s mother is affected. “Now his eyes are blurred, his neck hurts, and he says dizzy. They refuse to play." Some people even doubt, "To tell the truth, Mandarin is not standard. How can every song be 3 S, and there are more than 100 people listening to her song. Is there any trust in this nationwide K song?"

▲ Picture from: Visual China

There are also some middle-aged and elderly people who are eager to find a catharsis on the Internet, but they fall into even more destructive scams.

In October 2020, the news that a 61-year-old woman in Jiangxi ran away from home because of her infatuation with Douyin "Fake Jin Dong" attracted widespread attention and also involved several other women who were also deceived. They are all disadvantaged groups who cannot get love and understanding in reality, so they are looking for sustenance on the Internet. They are waiting for others to express their concern for themselves, and at the same time they give a negative evaluation of self-worth. For us, this may be a scam that is not worth mentioning, but the lack of needs of the elderly in all aspects does exist.

The many predicaments faced by the elderly in the face of reality and the Internet are caused by the huge digital divide and intergenerational gap in society. Young people should provide more support and understanding, and the elderly will have the opportunity to access more ways to enrich their spiritual world and have a healthier mind.

But if we all believe that the reason for the elderly to go online is simply to resolve loneliness, then we may just be limited to our own cognitive framework, some condescending, some arrogant.

The elderly in the Internet age are faced with many pain points and many opportunities. On the one hand, the Internet has compressed their material and cultural life space to a certain extent, and the past methods of maintaining emotions are no longer strong; on the other hand, the technical threshold of the Internet is also getting lower and lower, opening up a new world to the elderly. As long as you are willing to express and communicate, you can be heard and seen no matter what your age. The need for social interaction, the need for self-realization, the desire to be concerned, and the love for life have nothing to do with age.

▲ Aunt Su Min. Picture from: Douban@50岁Aunt Self Driving Tour

Aunt Su Min, 57 years old this year, has experienced a long and loveless marriage, fulfilled all her maternal duties in the social sense, and went to kindergarten for her grandson. She finally decided to live for herself once and started driving by herself in September 2020. Across China. She felt that "the hardest time was over", so she didn't wait any longer. The difficulties and dangers of the journey are not enough for outsiders. "Escape" is not her theme. Her greatest feeling is "freedom."

Aunt Su Min’s family relationship is very common in China. The middle-aged and elderly women who were deceived by the "fake Jin Dong" and their poorly expressive and reticent husbands, why not this is the case.

This generation of silver-haired people, especially women, have grown up following economic and social transformations, often experiencing similar dilemmas—the lack of intimacy, the suppression of emotional needs, and the prominent instrumental value. They can be anyone, but Not myself. It’s not very good, it’s not very bad.

When the traditionally defined social responsibilities and family responsibilities are fulfilled, they finally have more time and energy to pay attention to themselves, and the Internet has also given them more information. They have come into contact with a different world and are aware of the lack of the past and the present. Being lonely, but also seeing the possibility of realizing self-worth, and having a brand new yearning for the future.

Aunt Su Min once said that going from a native family to marriage is "from one tunnel to another." In a sense, old age may be one of the freest and most open stages in life, and more and more old people are ready.

▲ The title picture comes from: Station B "Lu Zhengyi's Sculpture Time"

Grapes are not the only fruit.

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