Just place an order to eliminate carbon dioxide, which may be the most sustainable gift in the world

As Christmas approaches, Swiss company Climeworks has launched three kinds of "CO2 elimination coupons" with different denominations as gifts.

When you buy one of them for your friend, your friend will receive an e-card, and Climeworks will eliminate the required amount of carbon dioxide in the name of this friend.

▲ Greeting card preview. Picture from: Climeworks

The denominations of the elimination coupons are US$30, US$54, and US$102, respectively, to eliminate 25kg, 45kg, and 85kg of carbon dioxide. This is a one-time sale and there is no automatic renewal.

▲ Three denominations. Picture from: Climeworks

Climeworks eliminates carbon dioxide by storing it permanently. They have Orca, the world's largest direct air capture and storage plant in Hullishedi, Iceland. Orca means energy in Icelandic. It was launched on September 8 this year and is completely powered by renewable energy sources and can capture 4,000 tons of carbon dioxide each year.

Orca uses "direct air capture" technology to selectively capture carbon dioxide in two steps.

▲ Orca. Picture from: Climeworks

First, a fan is used to draw air into the collector, and the carbon dioxide is collected on the surface of the highly selective filter material.

▲ Principle. Picture from: Climeworks

Secondly, after the filter material is filled with carbon dioxide, the collector is closed and the temperature is increased to 80 to 100 °C. The high-purity, high-concentration carbon dioxide is released, and then buried deep underground, safely and permanently mineralized, and no longer causes global warming.

Why capture carbon dioxide as a gift? The most direct and simple reason, of course, is to protect the environment, not only to make factories more sustainable, to remove more carbon dioxide, but also to encourage more people to participate in climate action.

▲ Picture from: Climeworks

Scientific research shows that in order to limit global warming to 1.5°C, by the middle of this century, 10 billion tons of carbon dioxide need to be removed from the air every year, and direct air capture is a solution. But this number is not easy to reach, it is only possible from now on.

According to statistics, an average of 650 kilograms of carbon emissions per person will increase during the Christmas holidays each year, not only from Christmas trees, turkeys and gift packaging.

A household’s central heating for 36 hours will produce 30 kg of carbon dioxide, a light bulb will produce 50 kg of carbon dioxide if it is continuously lit for 7 weeks, and a 400 km car mileage will produce 100 kg of carbon dioxide.

▲ Picture from: Climeworks

The same is true for physical gifts such as sneakers, jeans, and leather bags. Take the leather bag as an example, the element with the highest carbon content is its leather material. In fact, anything that involves raising cattle accounts for a large part of greenhouse gas emissions, which is why a small handbag emits up to 32 kilograms of carbon dioxide.

Our daily lives are also full of carbon footprints. The footprint of a disposable coffee cup is 16 grams of carbon dioxide, and the coffee in it is about 50 grams. On the clevercarbon website, there are more examples that are close to life .

▲ Picture from: clevercarbon

And Climeworks pointed out that if you pay $45 to it, it is equivalent to eliminating the average carbon dioxide emissions per day for citizens of the United States or Canada, or the entire carbon footprint of two cups of coffee per day for a whole year.

In a sense, this CO2 elimination coupon is like a personal carbon tax to achieve personal "carbon neutrality."

The gift-giving method is also more sustainable, after all, the other party will only receive a digital greeting card. However, this may be a very suitable gift for those who are environmentally conscious.

▲ Greeting card design. Picture from: Climeworks

You can choose to send it at the last minute of the holiday, after all, it does not require mailing time. The format of the greeting card is basically the same. There are only 3 designs to choose from. The personalization is that you can write a personal message (limited to 500 words).

In addition to giving it to friends, there are also company subscription plans to remove carbon dioxide in the name of employees. Companies such as Microsoft, Shopify, and Stripe have all bought it.

▲ Company version. Picture from: Climeworks

Giving a sustainable holiday gift to a friend or colleague is a good start, but Climeworks doesn't want to stop there.

Because it is not only a gift for friends or employees, but also for the earth.

This gift does not need to be restricted to a certain season.

▲ Subscription system. Picture from: Climeworks

With the popularity of Christmas gifts, the company has promoted subscription-based CO2 elimination coupons. There are three options to choose from. They are $18/month, $30/month, and $60/month. Climeworks believes that this project is "for The earth gives a gift every month."

Grapes are not the only fruit.

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