Just now, PANTONE announced the representative color of 2024 to heal the entire 2023

The annual PANTONE Color of the Year has finally been announced.

In 2024, we have the Soft Peach (13-1023 Peach Fuzz).

It's a velvety peach color, somewhere between pink and orange.

The Korean drama "Goblin" said: "Today you are lucky to meet such a soft-hearted God."

The sweet soft peach also wants to give us a warm embrace in winter.

Why does the peach color that you want people to touch represent the year 2024?

Since 2000, PANTONE, the global color authority, has selected a color every year to represent the current spirit of the times and promote it to sweep across all walks of life and become popular around the world.

War, celebrity death, artificial intelligence, 2023 is a year full of uncertainty. We are tense and care more about ourselves.

Color has become a mirror of emotions. Dopamine is popular in spring and summer, and Maillard is popular in autumn and winter. The 2024 color of the year has also been given a similar mission by PANTONE:

I'm angry, what can calm me down?

The final selection of "Soft Peach" is a gentle peach color, as light as a dandelion.

When you see it, you might think of peaches, feathers, satin, blankets, blush, or even the color of the sky at sunrise or sunset.

"Soft Peach" reminds us to listen to ourselves and enjoy the quiet time alone.

At the same time, "Gentle Peach" also calls for love at the center of the universe, implementing the "people you see in your dream, wake up to see them" in "New Bridge Lovers".

You want to reach out and touch this color, which is a very important part of our message.

As PANTONE said, the soft peach and furry texture makes people instinctively reach out and touch it, reminding us to escape from the two-dimensional screen and gather face to face with others in reality.

Peach is stereotypically a female color, but it is now being incorporated into men's wardrobes, as evidenced by Dwayne Johnson's tuxedo jacket at the 2023 Oscars.

Therefore, in this Internet era, which is always noisy, Roudu Tao also hopes to arouse tolerance and empathy between people and move towards a more love & peace future.

When making choices for 2024, we note that the prerequisite for a fulfilling life is health, patience, and strength in a world that emphasizes productivity and achievement.

Of course, the annual representative color is not willing to stop at the concept, it is a business for the public.

As usual, PANTONE has launched limited edition peripherals such as cups and keychains for the 2024 color of the year, as well as a series of cooperation products with other brands.

Old friend Motorola is here again. Last year it was a magenta phone, and this year it’s a soft peach phone. It’s made of soft vegan leather and claims to be very silky to the touch.

However, this phone seems to be difficult to control. It is not about skin color, but personality. Even PANTONE said: "It is suitable for people with strong style and extroverted personality." As an i person, I can only go out right. Not sent.

Polaroid also made a surprise addition this time, launching a limited edition i-Type instant film set, allowing photography enthusiasts to record the warm moments spent with others.

In addition, there are wallpapers from Spoonflower, carpets from Ruggable, cosmetics from Shades by Shan… The theme is a plan that you and I can hear: surround everything in life.

In order to use color to evoke more senses, PANTONE invited several artists this time to let the soft peach color also circulate in the clothes prints of fashion designers, the ambient music of music sommeliers, and the emoticons of artists.

PANTONE also suggests that everyone can participate in "soft peach" activities, such as watching the sunset, taking art classes, joining a book club, chatting with friends while walking…

PANTONE sets an example for how colors tell stories and are realized. In fact, in recent years, it has continued to engage in "color crossover" creativity, such as making apps, publishing magazines, opening hotels, coffee shops, etc., to play with young people.

It’s hard to say whether PANTONE is predicting popularity or creating it.

Use color as language and influence the world

For PANTONE, the 2024 color of the year has a different meaning. The announcement of Soft Peach marks the 25th anniversary of this series.

▲ The color of the year from 2000 to 2023.

Every year, they send a team of 10 people to spend a whole year traveling around the world to observe, looking for color inspiration from different cultural perspectives such as food, cars, clothing, household items, etc.

Using a certain color to capture the spirit of the times, and even hoping to use it to influence product design and consumer aesthetics, is not a small ambition, and it will certainly not make everyone pay.

But PANTONE has persisted in this matter for more than 20 years, capturing some kind of subtle collective emotions in an atmosphere of chaos and anxiety, which can be said to be its comfort zone.

The bright “coral orange” in 2019 represents concern and vigilance about climate change, and also makes people feel warm, secure and intimate during the changes, just like coral reefs nurture marine life.

The refreshing “greenery” of 2017 echoes the green plants in daily life, bringing hope to people in a turbulent social and political environment.

In addition to the just-announced 2024 representative color, PANTONE also released the 2024 spring and summer fashion color trend report in September this year, focusing on the popular colors at New York Fashion Week and London Fashion Week.

It has to be said that PANTONE is a bit talented in naming: national treasure tea red, tangerine orange, watercress green, desert flower pink, chambray blue, lilac pink purple, marlin blue, lemon candy yellow, mint green, card Bree blue…

Although there are more choices, the core remains the same: "The desire for personal self-expression becomes the core of fashion."

In 1965, the first PANTONE color matching system designed for art materials was released. Later, PANTONE added color matching systems for pigments, plastics, powder coatings, screen technology, and textiles, establishing the most universal color language.

Color circulates among human designers in the form of unified color numbers, but in nature, it is heard by the ears as sounds and seen by the eyes as colors. Color itself is a communication tool that transcends gender, generations and regions.

The color agency represented by PANTONE has given more and more concepts to color, elevating it to the height of spiritual needs, but for most people, sometimes it is just the first impression.

PANTONE's first color of the year was Cerulean Blue in 2000. The color of the sky on a crystal-clear day echoes the hopes of millennials for the future.

In an era when technology is truly booming, aesthetics are regressing towards retro. If 2000 is about embracing the unknown, 2024 is about quietly caring inwardly. Our emotions need something gentle to support them. This may be the meaning of soft peach.

It is as sharp as autumn frost and can ward off evil disasters. Work email: [email protected]

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