Just now, GPT-4 gave Microsoft Office its own “iPhone moment”

Just last night, the way most people work was completely upended by Microsoft.

At the Microsoft 365 Copilot conference just held by Microsoft, Microsoft officially installed OpenAI's GPT-4 model into the Office suite, and launched a new AI function Copliot (copilot).

Before this, we have seen the strength of the GPT-4 model, but if we want to throw PPT, Word, and Excel documents at work to it, can it really handle it?

To sum it up briefly: in the future, if "proficient in the Office suite" is still the most eye-catching skill on your resume, then you will most likely not be able to find a job.

At the beginning of the press conference, Jared Spataro, vice president of Microsoft, put down a cruel sentence:

A hundred years from now, we'll look back at this moment and say, "That was the beginning of the true digital age."

After seeing Microsoft's presentation, I feel that Microsoft is serious.

Copilot, please advise

I still remember the surprise and envy when I first saw Tony chatting with Jarvis in the movie theater to choose the color of the mech, and now we can finally have our own Jarvis, it is Copilot.

Understand Copilot in one sentence:

  • In Word, it can edit, summarize and create together with us;
  • In PowerPoint, it can turn a one-sentence idea into a presentation;
  • In Excel, it can analyze trends and realize data visualization;
  • In Outlook, it manages the inbox;
  • In the meeting, it can organize the meeting summary and determine the goal at any time;
  • In development, it can simplify the development process;
  • In business communication, it can summarize chats, compose emails, and even write plans.

Word: Make drafts, write proposals, all done with one command

Microsoft 365 Copilot is integrated in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint that we use every day. It will help you deal with all the trivial matters, and you only need to focus on the most important work.

Let's take Word as an example that everyone contacts every day.

In the past, you had to stay up all night to catch up on thesis assignments, planning proposals, and legal contracts. Now you only need to give Copilot an instruction and you can write them.

This is not to fool people with AI writing clichés, Copilot uses the file data you stored on OneDirve, and writes the appropriate content you need based on the information you provide.

For example, you can ask Copilot to draft a two-page proposal report based on prepared thesis materials and scientific research data, or use this quarter's sales data to make a quarterly summary.

If you are not satisfied with what Copilot has written, you can rewrite it in a more professional, passionate or leisurely tone, or make it longer or shorter.

These effects do not require you to copy and paste, modify the format, all you need to do is to enter commands into Copilot like a chat, and then, a document that used to be written with countless hairs in the past is so simply completed.

Excel: Farewell to functions, visualization only needs one sentence

If you often have to deal with Excel at work, and you can't remember functions or learn to visualize charts, Copilot can also help a lot.

Inserting tables, adjusting formatting, and importing functions are just the basics of Copilot.

If you can't see the connection between the data, let Copilot help you analyze three key trends in one sentence.

Quarterly sales have been falling but no reason can be found. Copilot can directly generate visual charts for you to help you analyze possible variable changes.

You can also let Copilot help you simulate the current table growth rate to see how it will affect your gross profit margin in the future.

All requests that the interns do not understand will be handed over to Copilot.

PowerPoint: Mature software can make PPT by itself

If your resume has always written "proficient in PowerPoint", but you always work overtime at work because of a PPT that needs to be submitted the next day, don't worry now, because Office has grown up and it has learned to do PPT by itself.

How long does it take to make a PPT? Enter the information you need to present, the style you want, click Generate, and a PPT with exquisite layout and rich animation is born.

Copilot can even annotate presentations. If you are not satisfied with the animation effect, you can also tell Copilot at any time to let it adjust the layout accordingly (such as aligning the picture to the left) and set the animation time.

One feature of Copilot that really moved me was converting a Word document into a presentation.

When your boss hands you a speech and asks you to complete a presentation within 2 hours for a meeting. Don't panic, just open up PowerPoint, send this Word document to Copilot, and tell it to "create 10 slides from the Word document, including pictures from the working folder".

Next, you will have a beautiful presentation, and an hour and a half of fishing time.

The only worry is that if the boss also knows about this feature, maybe you won't be needed.

Outlook: an exclusive secretary who can write and read

I believe that for many migrant workers, writing and replying to emails is a very boring task – cumbersome courteous sentences make the exchange of information extremely complicated and reduce the efficiency of communication.

Using Copilot to compose emails, you can throw these trivial matters to it and spend time on more important information communication.

For example, if you want to write an email to invite relatives and friends to a party, you can tell Copiot the requirements. It can not only help you write the invitation email, but also find the agreed place based on your historical emails, and added to the invitation.

In addition to writing emails, Copilot can also help you summarize emails you missed and help you mark all important items worth noting.

What, do you think the emails you write are long and boring?

Don't worry, it's also a matter of pressing the mouse. The tone of writing and the length of content can all be adjusted through Copilot.

Teams: Welcome new team members

In addition to personal work, Copilot also plays a very important role in team collaboration.

Maybe you also have the experience of having two meetings a day, one meeting for half a day, and you don’t even know how to write a daily newspaper after get off work. Teams with Copilot can help you and your colleagues improve meeting efficiency.

In a meeting, it is an excellent meeting assistant, organizing key discussion points, summarizing meeting conclusions, and guiding the meeting process at any time. Even after the meeting, based on today's meeting discussion content, help the team to formulate the agenda and participants of the next meeting.

If you are so busy and forget the key points of the upcoming meeting, you can also ask Copilot, let it tell you what key points were raised in the meeting, what differences occurred, and let it provide solutions and suggested steps.

Based on Copilot, Microsoft also announced a new feature: Business Chat (business chat). Integrate into Microsoft 365 and Windows calendar, email, documents, contacts and other software, you can let Business Chat assist the team to update meetings, emails, etc. working status.

Artificial intelligence will change everyone's work

After watching the whole press conference, my first feeling is: the moment of iPhone belonging to AI is finally coming.

Copilot is the super app the AI ​​industry has been waiting for, fundamentally changing the way people work, freeing people from repetitive drudgery and freeing up more time and energy for more advanced creative work .

More importantly, you no longer need to care about how smart the artificial intelligence behind it is or how big the language model is. You just need to open Office and tell it what you think—it’s as natural as sliding your finger on the touch screen.

A new era of digital production has arrived. With the blessing of Copilot, Word is more creative, Excel is more analytical, PowerPoint is more expressive, Outlook is more productive, and Teams is more collaborative.

And your inspiration becomes stronger because of it.

So, when can we use Copilot?

Microsoft is currently testing Microsoft 365 Copilot with 20 companies including 8 Fortune 500 companies, and will continue to share information about Copilot, including feature details and pricing, in the coming months.

What is certain is that Copilot will change the way people and AI interact with each other, so that people can focus on the work they are better at, or quickly master new skills, and find the meaning and joy of work.

Until then, please don't get left behind.

A wise man does not fall in love, and build a beautiful China.

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