JiKrypton’s best-selling car is coming soon

Let me talk about something that is a bit counter-intuitive. Currently, Jikrypton, one of the top new pure electric forces in China, has only produced one "normal car", which is Jikrypton 007, a mid-sized sedan.

The remaining JiKr 001 is a hunting vehicle, JiKr 009 is a 7-seater large MPV, and JiKr X is a small SUV. Although it is classified as a compact SUV, its size is obviously smaller. The JiKr MIX has been exposed but has not yet been launched. It is a 6-seater MPV. It can be said that the car is built with great effort, just like a game. Looking at the sales volume, it seems that it is very serious, and looking at the car model, it seems like it is playing.

Of course, from the perspective of consumers, the more choices, the better. Hunting vehicles are handsome, but they are usually more expensive than sedans of the same series. However, the pricing of Jikrypton 001, especially the new model, is quite generous; although Jikrypton X The sales are average, but it is still an interesting car; the Ji Krypton MIX is even more ingenious, and it is one of the few models on the market that can play a mahjong table in the car.

In addition, there are the Ji Krypton 001 FR, which is designed for high-performance sports car experience, and the Ji Krypton 009 Glorious, which is designed for high-end business scenarios, but they are not popular models.

However, if you want to increase sales and performance, there is one area that you have to cover: medium-sized SUVs.

Jikrypton 7X first revealed: mid-sized SUV, the golden mean

Just the day before yesterday, Jikrypton’s vice president Lin Jinwen exposed the camouflage shape of Jikrypton’s new car, code-named CX1e. The topic on Weibo was “ #京氪’s first home SUV exposed #” and said that the official name is written on the body.

Five pictures, one sentence, but the amount of information can still be pondered.

The first is the model positioning: family SUV. This is in line with the ideal, and of course, it is also in line with NIO’s second brand Ledao.

The ideal L6789, plus Mega, is mainly for home use. On the Jikrypton side, Jikrypton 001, 007 and Jikrypton More like a second car in the family than a first.

The second is the styling. From the shape of the light group and the front face, it can be seen that it is the same style as the Jikrypton 007. It is not as sporty as the Jikrypton 001. It belongs to the new Jikrypton style and is very different from Lynk & Co. No longer afraid that Ji Krypton will not be able to tell the difference.

▲ Ledao L6

Different from the fastback shape of Zhiji LS6 and Ledo L6, Jikrypton's new car does not pursue sportiness and low wind resistance. Instead, it has a very normal family SUV shape. This also means that its space performance may be better. After all, no matter how slippery it is, as long as it slides back, it will affect the rear space and trunk space.

Regarding this point, Jikrypton Vice President Zhu Ling also discussed this on Weibo:

The topic of wind resistance is also being discussed more and more with the popularity of electric vehicles. Compared with fuel vehicles, the main factor that electric vehicles care more about wind resistance is not only energy consumption, but also cost. The cost of wind resistance of fuel vehicles is borne more by the user (gas cost); while the cost of wind resistance of electric vehicles is directly borne by the manufacturer (battery). Therefore, wind resistance is very critical in the design of electric vehicles.

But a car is a daily necessities, and the performance in all aspects is always a balancing process. Too much is not enough, and unilateral extremes must come at the expense of other aspects of performance. For family SUVs, space and practicality are very important. On the premise of ensuring that the cruising range is competitive, we would rather bear more costs ourselves and leave space to users.

The implication is that space is given priority over wind resistance.

The third point is the selling point. "Safety is the first criterion for testing luxury" is printed on the rear window, which means that Ji Krypton will continue to defend the name of "Highway Tough Krypton" on this car, not to mention that it is still positioned as a family car. , the importance of safety is brought forward even more.

The bulge above the windshield is undoubtedly a lidar, which means that it will support many high-end intelligent driving systems in terms of hardware. It is estimated to be similar to the solution of Jikrypton 007, using Nvidia Orin smart driving chip instead of Jikrypton. 001 That Mobileye smart driving solution with worrying computing power.

Although the camouflaged car will hide many details, the clam-type front hatch, frameless electric exterior mirrors, hidden door handles, and hidden water cuts on the Jikrypton 007 should all come to this Jikrypton SUV. In addition, the complex concave and convex printing on the tail of Jikrypton 007 does not seem to have been inherited.

Just now, Ji Krypton announced the official name and body size of this car: Ji Krypton 7X, with a length, width and height of 4825mm x 1930mm x 1656mm, and a wheelbase of 2925mm (Ji Krypton 007 has a wheelbase of 2928mm, which is almost the same), which also explains This new car can be regarded as the SUV version of Ji Krypton 007, so a lot of information can be guessed along the way:

Sharing the powertrain with Jikrypton 007, it is built based on 800V architecture and is available in single motor and dual motor versions. Jikrypton 007 is already very powerful. The single-motor model has a maximum power of 310kW and a peak torque of 440N·m; the dual-motor model has a maximum power of 475kW and a peak torque of 710N·m.

For reference, the CLTC range of the Jikrypton 007 single-motor rear-wheel-drive version with a 75-degree lithium iron phosphate battery is 680 kilometers, but the range of general SUVs will be somewhat discounted compared to cars.

The official price of the Jikrypton 007 is 209,900 to 299,900 yuan. As an SUV on the same platform, the Jikrypton 7X may cost an additional ten thousand to twenty thousand yuan, and the starting price is likely to be 219,900 or 229,900.

Coincidentally, it is slightly cheaper than the Tesla Model Y and the Lideal L6, which can be regarded as a rival. It is also likely to be in the same price range as the Ledo L6 before adopting the BaaS electricity rental solution.

Off topic: Why are everyone so optimistic about the mid-size SUV market?

For car companies pursuing scale and profits, the mid-size SUV market is a battleground. It is the only market that can sell both volume and price.

Taking June 2024 as an example, the sales leader in the Chinese automobile market is Tesla Model Y, with a total of 41,110 units sold, with a price range of 249,900 to 345,900.

The following are basically just-in-demand sedans such as BYD Seagull, Nissan Sylphy, and Volkswagen Lavida, which sell for less than 100,000 yuan, followed by just-in-demand SUVs such as BYD Yuan Plus, which sell for a little more than 100,000 yuan.

▲ Ideal L6

Then there is the Ideal L6, which sold 23,864 units, with a price range of 249,800 to 279,800 yuan.

Among the top ten sales in China's auto market in June, sedans and SUVs each accounted for 5 models, but only the medium-sized SUV category can sell models with a monthly sales of more than 20,000 yuan and a starting price of more than 200,000 yuan.

Broadening the time dimension a little further, the Wenjie M7 was once one of the models with a monthly sales of 20,000 yuan and a starting price of over 200,000 yuan. Now the monthly sales volume has stabilized at more than 15,000 units.

Thinking back to NIO's desire to increase sales with the help of the Ledo L6, and the fact that the NIO ES6 itself is the main model and the life-extending model, it can almost be said that standing at the crossroads of high-end and sales, the only intersection is mid-sized or A medium to large SUV.

China's automobile market has matured, and each market segment has highly competitive products. Among the general trends of electrification and intelligence, there is a small trend, that is, there are huge capacity car replacement users who happen to be in the age of family car demand. A sedan that costs more than RMB 100,000 is replaced by a medium-sized SUV that costs more than RMB 200,000. Not to mention that family users will give priority to SUVs when purchasing for the first time.

This is also the reason why Ledo L6 and Jikrypton 7X are targeting this track and directly competing with Ideal L6 and Model Y.

At present, among all Jikrypton models, Jikrypton 001 is definitely the best. Of the 20,106 new cars delivered by Jikrypton in June, Jikrypton 001 sold nearly 15,000 units, Jikrypton 007 sold more than 4,000 units, and then there is Jikrypton Both X and Ji Krypton 009 only had triple-digit sales.

Therefore, Jikrypton’s current sales are not walking on two legs, but jumping on one leg. This requires Jikrypton to launch another thigh.

As mentioned above, mid-sized SUV is everyone’s consensus and is undoubtedly the only choice. Just like Weilai’s sales forecast for Ledo L6 is 20,000 per month, Jikrypton must have similar expectations, Jikrypton 7X monthly sales Sales of 20,000 is the target, and exceeding 001 is normal operation.

In the plastic greenhouse of fate, every cabbage that has been sprayed with too many pesticides once had a dream of becoming a pollution-free organic vegetable.

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