Jikrypton says “Don’t be a boring car”, will it be the benchmark for future travel?

With the mission of pure electric travel, JiKr Intelligent Technology was established.

Both the endorsement of the group's manufacturing capabilities and the unconstrained imagination of the start-up brand give it the confidence to speak its ambition of "not being a boring car."

Strictly speaking, Jikrypton is a young brand, but its thinking in the field of new energy is not superficial, and An Conghui personally leads the team as the CEO of Jikrypton Intelligent Technology, which is meaningful.

The high starting point and the far-reaching intention of Jikrypton are destined to be the first model to lose its momentum. Therefore, Jikrypton 001 was born as a "luxury safari coupe". This is the positioning of a model rarely set foot in by Chinese brands. Clear: march towards luxury smart electric vehicles.

Use extremely krypton 001 to make a sample of pure electric counterparts

Before realizing the goal of creating a "luxury smart electric car," we must first disassemble this term into three parts: luxury, smart and electric, which correspond to the technology configuration on KK001, ZEEKR AD autonomous driving and power respectively. The three aspects of battery life, just like when we split equations when doing math problems, step by step.

The first is "luxury", which is different from the so-called luxury of competitive products. The luxury in the concept of Krypton001 must reflect its technological advantages, and the most easily perceived high-tech by users is the longest time between the driver and the car. Place, cockpit.

Extremely Krypton regards the user as the center, so it injects a more sense of science and technology into the space of the cockpit.

Jikrypton 001 is the only model in its class equipped with all-car sensory automatic doors, which creates a sense of luxury before getting on the car. Entering the cockpit, YAMAHA surround stereo sound, intelligent massage seat, intelligent fragrance system, dynamic surround atmosphere lights, can give drivers and passengers a comfortable experience wherever they can look.

The technological cockpit brings not only a better driving experience, but also truly turns the vision of "the car is a second home" into a reality within reach. Making the cockpit so comfortable is actually complete for the future. Foreshadowing the enjoyment of unmanned driving.

On the other hand, the sense of technology is "hidden" in the extremely krypton 001 full-car intelligent driving experience.

When it comes to driving intelligence, this is the innate skill point of Jikr 001, because the intelligent elements have been integrated into it from the beginning of the research and development framework.极氪001 is equipped with ZEEKR AD full-scene highly automated driving system, which realizes the imagination of future travel.

Two Mobileye EyeQ5H high computing power autonomous driving chips are the world's first 7nm process technology SOC on-board chips; together with the Eagle Eye Vision Fusion Perception System, they jointly empower autonomous driving.

The vehicle has 15 high-definition cameras with a maximum of 8 million pixels to complete the collection of 360-degree visual image information; a 250m ultra-long line-of-sight millimeter wave radar and 12 short-range ultrasonic radars complement each other to sense the surrounding environment and obstacles.

Coupled with a centimeter-level high-precision map to realize lane perception and perform global-level optimal path planning. This naturally requires highly compatible algorithms as assistance. Jikr 001 is equipped with bone recognition and full-scene recognition pre-judgment algorithms. The former completes the positioning of human body feature points and recognizes the behavior and intentions of passers-by; the latter helps vehicles clarify the road surface Complicated information such as pedestrians, vehicles, signal lights, etc., make corresponding judgments in advance to improve the safety of autonomous driving.

From the perspective of the number of sensors, under the current algorithm, Ultra Krypton has left enough hardware redundancy. In short, it leaves room for future OTA algorithms to be upgraded, and for the future stronger unmanned driving. The road has been paved, and people’s doubts that “tramcars will become fast-moving consumer goods like mobile phones in the future” have been eliminated. For a long time in the future, the hardware capabilities of Krypton 001 will be advanced.

Even if Jikr 001 is a "driver's car," it also incorporates Jikr's self-insight into future travel, because future travel must be more dependent on the participation of artificial intelligence.

Start now to make the pre-hardware planning for the future transportation reform, and then use FOTA to let the vehicle have the ability to continue to evolve. The car that was originally a mechanical construction seems to have come alive and has a longer life cycle.

So much has been discussed above. No matter in terms of power or technology, Jikrypton 001 has achieved the best level in the same level. As a part of the pure electric vehicle, how about the electrification of Jikrypton 001?

Very Krypton 001 is equipped with two permanent magnet synchronous motors, and all indicators have reached the top level of the same level.

The chassis is equipped with the only intelligent electronically controlled air suspension in its class, with 5 adjustable heights, and equipped with a CCD electromagnetic damping system, which enables the Krypton 001 to be freely switched between the states of "quiet like a virgin and moving like a rabbit". How to verify?

The chassis of Krypton 001 was tuned by Lotus and underwent nearly 800 hours of track testing.

The measured maximum lateral G value is 0.91; the elk test score is 82 km/h. This test is used internationally to test the ability of vehicles to avoid obstacles in an emergency. The higher the speed of the vehicle when passing the elk test, the more freely in the face of accidents. response.

The chassis adopts and integrated electrical architecture, which combines air suspension, CCD electromagnetic shock absorber, steering system and electric drive system into one, fully realizes digital centralized control, and can be upgraded through OTA in the future to achieve more variety and safety Driving experience.

In terms of batteries, the pole core battery pack uses Ningde era CTP ternary lithium battery cells with a maximum capacity of 100kWh. Under NEDC operating conditions, it can achieve an ultra-long endurance performance of up to 712 kilometers.

The safety issues that users are most concerned about are also focused on. The company and Ningde Times have jointly developed the "no heat spreading no fire" technology, which can flash in milliseconds, puncture without open flames, and high temperature does not spread, ensuring battery safety from the inside.

There is also a faster charging efficiency. The self-developed 360kW pole charging pile, which is the fastest charging pile at present, achieves a breakthrough in the industry limit of 5 minutes of charging and a battery life of 120 kilometers.

Just like the fast charging technology that has advanced by leaps and bounds in the field of mobile phones in recent years, if the battery can be resurrected from zero to full in half an hour, whether the battery life is long is not so important.

This is true for mobile phones, and so are electric vehicles.

A variety of charging schemes can support your travel needs from home to far away. In the extremely krypton plan, it is estimated that by 2023, 2,200 charging stations will be built nationwide, with a total of 20,000 charging piles.

From visible to invisible aspects, Jikr 001 supports our imagination of an ideal pure electric car. In it, I saw the possibility of pure electric cars being accepted by more people.

When pure electrification became an irreversible trend, Jikrypton had its plans for a long time. In 2016, it launched the research and development work of SEA vast pure electric architecture, and the development work of Jikrypton 001 was also carried out simultaneously.

That's why Jikr 001 made a blockbuster at the Shanghai Auto Show, which effectively responded to the outside world's doubts about the transformation of Geely Group's pure electricity. How much effort will it take to say the slogan "Don't be a boring car" will soon be experienced by future car owners.

However, in the future planning of Extreme Krypton, Extreme Krypton 001 is still only a point, which diverges from it, carrying more imagination of Extreme Krypton for future travel methods.

Regarding future travel, we can be bolder

In the coming era of smart electrical appliances, self-driving may only become a small part of people's travel. In more scenarios, people can choose to subscribe to vehicles, share travel, or even unmanned travel. Layout of requirements for some of the above scenarios.

Under the Jikrypton subscription model, consumers spend money to buy the right to use Jikrypton’s vehicles. Chen Xiaofei, vice president of Jikrypton Intelligent Technology, used his daily life to give a vivid example in the night of Extreme Krypton Evolution on April 15.

People who know me know that my home is in Shanghai, but I usually work in Hangzhou. Apart from having a private car in Shanghai, I don't actually need to own a car in Hangzhou, just use it when I need it. Aiming at the dual-city life like this, including many business travelers traveling in different places, they can also drive their familiar cars in another city. Through an ID, I can synchronize my driving habits and synchronize all my favorite things to this place in another city. On the trolley.

Regardless of whether it is for people living in twin cities or people who travel frequently, the subscription model of Extreme Krypton is extremely attractive. As long as you need it, you can use the car with your own Extreme Krypton ID. During the period, you don’t need to think about maintenance. , Insurance and other matters, this may change the long-term car use mode.

In addition to the subscription model, in the future, a full-scenario replenishment system including online communities, krypton centers, and OTA malls will be launched to build a new brand direct management system, use Internet thinking to operate the car club community, and provide a more comprehensive user experience. Improve stickiness.

Relying on the technology of the ZEEKR AD full-scenario highly automated driving system, the ZEEKR Robot is also in its rudimentary form. It is expected to officially enter the market and put into commercial use in 2024. By then, the express train that will pick you up from get off work may not have a driver.

In human imagination, autonomous driving originally belonged to the distant future, but after nearly a decade of efforts from all parties, there have been explosive improvements in multiple dimensions such as computing power, sensors, and algorithm performance. The autonomous driving scenario may become a reality 20 years in advance.

Perhaps, the human imagination can be bolder.

Geely Group intends to use the Ultra Krypton brand to create a "third track" under the attack of the traditional car companies and the new car manufacturers. This is a unique track that relies on Geely's global industrial resource advantages and empowers innovative brands. It has both upstream and downstream strength and the momentum of a newborn calf, forming a double helix structure in the DNA of the Jikrypton brand.

Jikr 001 is a starting point, and the divergence is the follow-up of Jikr Group's larger layout in the field of smart travel.

From the moment they go out, users don’t have to worry about travel problems. Self-driving or taking a car can also provide a full set of travel solutions for users around the world. It is the insight and insight of Geely Group from Geely Group’s decades of experience in smart travel. Reply.

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