Jikrypton 009 test drive: Except for the appearance, it does not look like an “MPV” at all

In the media interview after the Jikr 009 press conference, Jikr CEO An Conghui revealed the reason for making an MPV:

Ten years ago, Geely planned to launch an MPV, but it was eventually canceled because the car did not solve the pain points of Chinese MPV consumption.

In addition, Jikrypton also believes that the luxury MPV market may not be large. Alphard’s inventory in China is 180,000 and its monthly sales are relatively small. However, Jikrypton 009 is not a niche model. The market demand for seats, luxury, and large space, the space of an MPV, the passability and safety of an SUV, and good handling, all of these come together.

To put it simply, although Jikrypton 009 is an MPV in terms of model structure, it is not just an MPV in terms of functions and product definitions. It understands the needs of Chinese consumers, and it wants to give You have many selling points.

Coincidentally, before I wrote the test drive experience of Jikrypton 009, I just tested potential competing products such as Tengshi D9, Lantu Dreamer, and Ideal L9. Combined with my experience of these models, let me talk about my test drive experience of Jikrypton 009.

The appearance is controversial, and the black version is more acceptable

At the press conference of Jikrypton 009, An Conghui, CEO of Jikrypton, teased when introducing the appearance of the new car:

Why do MPVs have an "Alpha" face?

When the official picture of Jikrypton 009 was released, we found that most readers could not accept its large chrome-plated front face in the messages in the backstage of Dong Chehui’s WeChat official account. Many media even ridiculed that if Rolls-Royce makes an MPV, it will have the appearance style of Jikrypton 009.

However, after the new car was officially launched and everyone saw the real car and real pictures, there were fewer voices on the Internet about the appearance of Jikrypton 009. I also felt similar when I saw the black version of the real car.

The appearance of the black Krypton 009 is not so ostentatious and bright chrome effect, but it is still very recognizable. Jikrypton 009 is the world's first MPV equipped with a smart front grille. The front face is equipped with a light language interactive function. There are 154 LED light sources in the headlight group. But I'm not very interested in the light language function, and I still want to keep a low profile when driving.

Jikrypton 009 In addition to the controversial appearance itself, this square design also brings some concerns. Before the official launch of the new car, the well-known auto blogger @韩路 said on Weibo:

Jikrypton 009, this face still surprised me. This air resistance and energy consumption should not be easy to deal with.

According to the official information of Jikrypton, Jikrypton 009 adopts a hidden double A-pillar curved glass design, and the largest aircraft aerodynamic silent windshield (including double-sided triangular windows) in its class to reduce wind resistance and wind noise. The aerodynamics of 20+ places in the whole car are optimized, and the cruising range of CLTC comprehensive working conditions is increased by 57.6km. Based on the above optimization, the drag coefficient reaches 0.27.

In the actual experience, you will feel that the double A-pillar curved glass design brings a good view to Jikrypton 009, and Tengshi D9 and Lantu Dreamer also have a small triangular window design to enhance the view.

The body size of Jikrypton 009 is 5209mm in length, 2024mm in width, 1848/1856mm in height, and the wheelbase is 3205mm. The width data is wider than Tengshi D9, Ideal L9, Lantu Dreamer, so you should pay attention when driving.

The LED taillight at the rear has a length of 1.76m and has 402 LED light sources, which support rhythmic effects and improve recognition.

In addition, the suspended roof is more common among SUVs, and this time it is also applied to Jikrypton 009, with double A-pillars and black hidden B, C, and D-pillars. It can be seen that Jikrypton 009 adopts so many designs that are rarely seen in MPVs. Starting from the product definition itself, it wants to become an eye-catching new car.

Appearance evaluation is subjective for everyone. If you think Jikrypton 009 is not good-looking, you must be right. But it is undeniable that it is an MPV with a topical appearance and a high degree of recognition. If you ask me if I like it or not, what I want to say is that the black version looks good, and the versions of other colors are not acceptable to me personally.

In addition to comfort, MPV can also have a sense of technology

In terms of interior, compared with the stability of Tengshi D9 and the modesty of Lantu Dreamer, Jikrypton 009 has a more prominent sense of technology. Young people in the To C market will like this design, but the To B market may prefer to stabilize the style.

The car engine adopts Qualcomm 8155 processor, and the 6 YAMAHA headrest speakers equipped with the main driver and the second row of seats are linked with the other 14 YAMAHA speakers in the whole car.

In the second row, it is equipped with the largest 15.6-inch central ceiling screen in its class, with 5-speed angle adjustment, supports digital TV ecology through on-board 5G and Wifi, and even has a 1080P camera to support video conferencing.

The comfort of the second row is the most important aspect of Jikrypton 009. Jikrypton emphasizes that 009 is equipped with Sofaro first-class air seats, which use Soft NAPPA full-grain top layer leather instead of NAPPA leather of traditional luxury cars. Compared with NAPPA genuine leather, Soft NAPPA is more skin-friendly, stain-resistant and easy to manage.

How was the actual experience? I think it's really comfortable to sit up, but I don't feel such an exaggerated increase in data.

Jikrypton 009 canceled the middle aisle, and this design is also extremely controversial. Some netizens think that canceling the central aisle may make it inconvenient for children to enter and exit, and the seat needs to be adjusted every time. But the advantage is also obvious, and the space is given to the second-row passengers.

The second row of seats is equipped with independent seat armrests, with a width of 0.7m and a seat thickness of 12cm. The interior of the seat is equipped with the only 7-layer cushion structure in its class, and the first 25mm high-density vibration-absorbing layer in its class, made of luxurious materials.

In addition, the seat supports 5 massage modes and 3 levels of intensity selection. There is a leg rest under the seat, which supports electric adjustment, allowing you to lie flat at any time. The hidden small table is also not absent, with an area of ​​585 square centimeters.

What I personally like is that the armrest has profiling switches developed according to different parts of the seat, and the physical buttons are convenient for "blind operation".

Compared with SUVs, the third row of MPVs is truly usable. The space from the seat cushion to the roof of the third row of Jikrypton 009 is 1016mm, and the legroom is 845mm. Before the seats are down, the trunk volume is 590L, which can hold several 24-inch suitcases.

During the World Cup, there was a video on the Internet of Li Shufu, Chairman of Geely Group, and Ding Lei, CEO of Netease, watching the ball on Jikrypton 009. Li Shufu revealed some details about the safety design of Jikrypton 009:

This car came into this world with safety genes. Generally speaking, MPVs have some safety hazards, because they are different from cars, so it is difficult to design this MPV to be very safe. It is because of Volvo . Its technical background takes security technology as its core competence.

Therefore, Jikrypton 009 adopts the world's largest mass-produced one-piece die-casting rear-end aluminum body, which reduces deformation and improves bending stiffness when encountering impact. Many users are worried about high maintenance costs in the event of an accident, so Jikrypton 009 is equipped with a two-stage detachable buffer structure to reduce the maintenance cost after a collision.

The side is equipped with 70L front and rear through-type air curtains, which can maintain 100% pressure within 6 seconds after an emergency occurs. Since it is supported by Volvo technology, the rigidity of the body is naturally appropriate.

The roof can bear a maximum load of 13 tons, and has a torsional rigidity of 36450N m/deg. The rigidity of the whole vehicle is more than three times that of traditional MPVs. Jikr confidently calls it the most rigid MPV in history.

I strongly advise you not to drive it as an ordinary MPV

The front suspension of Jikrypton 009 adopts double-wishbone virtual double-ball joint independent suspension, and the rear suspension adopts integrated multi-link all-aluminum independent suspension, equipped with air suspension system + CCD electromagnetic shock absorption system, and supports 45mm body height adjustment , according to the different weights in the front, rear, left, and right sides of the passenger compartment, real-time intelligent trimming.

In the actual experience, the adjustment of the suspension will focus on comfort , which is similar to the air suspension of the ideal L9. Vibration filtered well.

The new car is the world's premiere of CATL's CTP 3.0 Kirin battery. The WE version is equipped with a 116 kWh battery, and the CLTC has a battery life of 702km, while the ME version is equipped with a 140 kWh battery, and the CLTC has a battery life of 822km. The test drive section is 110 kilometers back and forth, and there are urban roads and expressways along the way. The average energy consumption fluctuates around 17 kWh after comprehensive experience.

According to the data released by the Automobile Dealers Association, the MPV sales champion in the domestic market in November was Buick GL8, with sales of 6,912 units. At present, all GL8 series are equipped with a 2.0T engine as standard, with a peak power of 174kW, a peak torque of 350 Nm, and an official acceleration of 0 to 100 kilometers in 9.5-9.8s (slightly different depending on the configuration). Such power data is also most people's impression of domestic MPVs.

In contrast, the Jikrypton 009 is equipped with front and rear dual motors as standard, with a peak power of 400kW and a peak torque of 686 Nm. The acceleration time from 0-100km/h is only 4.5s. / The two drives support 0.4s time switching.

When I first tested Jikrypton 009, I drove it as an ordinary MPV and ignored the power data behind it, but the continuous power behind the switch told me that it was a high-performance car with 540 horsepower. Let me carefully control my right foot.

It is an MPV, but I strongly advise you not to drive it as a traditional MPV.

In terms of assisted driving, Jikrypton 009 uses two Mobileye EyeQ5H chips, and the sensing hardware is equipped with seven 8-megapixel high-definition cameras, with a detection distance of up to 600 meters. Four 2-megapixel surround-view cameras, one driver fatigue monitoring camera, one 250m ultra-long-range millimeter-wave radar, and 12 short-range ultrasonic radars. The hardware configuration is not as good as the ideal L9, but it is at the forefront of MPV.

Jikrypton claims that 009 is the only mass-produced MPV in the world that can realize NZP autonomous piloting and assisted driving. It supports automatic on-ramp and on-ramp based on navigation paths, cruise, lane changes, and intercommunication switching in high-speed and urban expressway scenarios.

In the actual experience, the delivery has already supported adaptive cruise and lane centering, while high-level driving assistance functions such as turning on lights and changing lanes and autonomous pilot assisted driving need to wait for OTA upgrades.

Who will buy Jikrypton 009?

According to the data disclosed by the well-known auto blogger @孙少军09 , the early consumers of Jikr 009 are mainly male, C-end market, and Jikr old users. Customers who buy Jikr 009 compare not only MPVs with competing products, but also large SUVs such as Ideal L9.

I think Jikrypton 009 is targeting the To C market, and it understands the needs, needs, and needs of young people in this era. They like the individual appearance, not satisfied with the seating space of a large SUV, but also pursue a certain driving pleasure and intelligent experience.

If you consider pure electric vehicles, before the delivery of Ideal W01 (code name) and Xiaopeng H93 (code name), Jikrypton 009 is one of the few choices for this type of people. Are you going to wait?

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