Jikrypton 007 threw its strongest punch and hit the face of Xiaomi SU7

In November and December 2023, two months destined to be recorded in automobile history, domestic new energy vehicles came in an overwhelming number. Each one was extremely popular, and each one was full of product power and competitiveness.

From the Zhijie S7 and Avita 12, two high-end pure electric cars, to the outpost, to the four consecutive launches of Weilai ET9, Wenjie M9, Jikrypton 007 and Xiaomi SU7, one wave after another, among which the most tit-for-tat , or Jikrypton 007 and Xiaomi SU7. From the perspective of product strength and selling price (price expectation), they will have a fierce battle in the pure electric sedan range of 200,000-300,000 yuan.

▲Jikrypton 001 FR, accelerates from 0 to 100 mph in 2.02 seconds, priced from 769,000 yuan

Ji Krypton, who "doesn't do his job properly", finally got serious

Jikrypton 007 is Jikrypton’s most attractive car so far: a well-behaved, pure electric B-class car that is by no means niche. Before it, several of Jikrypton's cars were a bit "not doing their job properly." Its first model, Jikrypton 001, is a hunting car positioned as a sports coupe, and its second model, Jikrypton 009, is a luxury pure electric MPV. Priced at over RMB 500,000, the third model is the compact SUV Jikrypton X, which focuses on sophistication and luxury. Including the later Ji Krypton 001 FR, which focuses on extreme performance, has a high price, and is even more niche.

But it happened that these three cars, which are not so easy to sell in the conventional sense, still sold good sales: 13,104 vehicles were delivered in November, and the monthly delivery in the second half of this year has stabilized at more than 10,000. It is more reasonable to have more models. Xpeng NIO is an order of magnitude bigger.

As the vanguard of Geely Group's pursuit of high-end products, in the absence of B-class or B+-class sedans, medium-sized and medium-large SUVs, Ji Krypton's previous actions can be considered to be that it has not made significant efforts and is testing the depth of the water. .

At the same time, at the launch conference of Jikrypton 007, Jikrypton also announced that in 2023, Jikrypton 001 will be the best-selling pure electric model with more than 300,000 yuan, and Jikrypton 009 will be the best-selling luxury MPV with more than 500,000 yuan. Although there are many qualifiers, it shows that in the market segment, Jikrypton products are still competitive.

When it comes to Jikrypton 007, from the product balance, price, and design level, it is very obvious that Jikrypton has started a "serious punch" mode, and it is bound to be a pure electric B-class in the range of 200,000-300,000 yuan. It has had a huge impact on the car field.

In the 200,000 to 300,000 yuan range, Jikrypton 007 provides the following core selling points:

  • The length, width and height of the car are 4865mm, 1900mm, 1450mm, and the wheelbase is 2928mm.
  • All series come standard with a full-stack 800V high-voltage system, including power batteries, motors, charging interfaces, and air-conditioning compressors.
  • All series come standard with silicon carbide rear electric drive: motor peak power 310kW
  • The four-wheel drive performance version accelerates from 0-100km/h in 2.84 seconds and has the shortest braking distance from 100 kilometers to 34.4m.
  • Optional 100kWh Kirin battery, CLTC comprehensive operating range of up to 870km
  • The entire series supports V2V external DC power supply, with a maximum output power of 60kW, enabling cross-brand external power supply.
  • Independently developed "fiber crystal" aluminum alloy material, one-piece die-cast rear-end aluminum body, exceeding industry-level safety standards
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 8295 Smart Cockpit Computing Platform
  • Dual NVIDIA DRIVE Orin solution, paired with lidar, supports high-speed autonomous pilot assistance and smart parking, and will later support urban commuting mode

Of course, product strength and price are of course strongly bound. In terms of pricing, Ji Krypton 007 is also very skillful:

  • Rear-wheel drive version starts from 209,900 yuan
  • Rear-wheel drive smart driving version starts from 229,900 yuan
  • Four-wheel drive version starts from 229,900 yuan
  • Four-wheel drive smart driving version starts from 259,900 yuan
  • Four-wheel drive performance version starts from 299,900 yuan

Among them, the non-smart driving version can enjoy a 1-year free trial of high-speed autonomous pilot assistance, and the smart driving version enjoys fully intelligent assisted driving free of charge for life. When consumers choose, they can choose according to whether they value performance or smart driving, or both. .

Prices start at just over RMB 200,000 for the beggar’s version and less than RMB 230,000 for the smart driving version. They are matched with reliable performance and driving experience, safety that has been proven many times, a significantly improved cockpit experience, and a smart driving worth looking forward to. The experience is currently basically at the "Volume King" level.

In terms of design, Ji Krypton 007 also clearly belongs to the new generation of Ji Krypton design, which is clearly distinguished from the design of the first three models: Ji Krypton’s first three models are full of personality, with sharp lines, and have obvious inheritance from the design of Lynk & Co next door. relation.

In fact, Geely's Lynk & Co and Jikry have always had the problem of overly similar designs. After Jikry 007, this problem will gradually disappear. Obviously, the design of Ji Krypton 007 is less individual, but more in line with public aesthetics and futurism.

If you want to improve your brand's reputation, then launch some interesting models to gain some popularity, such as the Jikrypton 001 FR, a model with extreme performance that can go on the track, but not everyone can afford more than 700,000 yuan. Not everyone can handle such strong acceleration performance.

But if you want to be serious about selling a car, what you need to do is make a car that has few flaws, is hard for people to find fault with, does not require so much personality, and is worth the price.

Obviously, Jikrypton 007 is a car defined in this way, using the most timely technologies nowadays: global 800V, Snapdragon 8295 cockpit chip, lidar + Orin solution… There are also keywords that everyone is paying attention to nowadays: self-research, Smart, large model, one-piece die-casting…

So the final result is also obvious: within 40 days of booking, orders for Ji Krypton 007 exceeded 50,000 units.

Xiaomi SU7, a textbook pre-release, leaving room for expectation management

Most consumer electronics manufacturers hold press conferences in the afternoon. This is because the release rhythm of consumer electronics products is one hit. They are only officially released once to maximize popularity, while leaving time for media content production and dissemination in the evening and evening. Prime time is once again bombarded with information.

Automobile manufacturers often hold launch conferences at night because the pace of car launches is longer. Before the launch conference, the appearance, interior and even product outlines have been circulated. The focus of conferences held at night is price and rights, which is approximately equal to Direct-to-consumer.

Xiaomi Auto's technology conference and the pre-launch of Xiaomi's first car, SU7, were the last of the entire car press conference this year and also the peak of popularity. Lei Jun, who had experienced many battles, gave a non-stop speech for 3 hours as a model worker. With the three-act structure of technology – product – emotion, we guide everyone in the cycling circle on how to popularize technology, launch products, and empathize with the masses.

Lei Jun's irregular Mandarin and slow speaking speed make people feel more sincere.

I believe that if Xiaomi Motors can announce the price immediately this time and provide a QR code for car reservation, there will definitely be a massive order-busting event like the new M7, or even more popular.

However, many people working in the automotive industry and traditional automotive media have somewhat the same feelings after reading this: the automotive industry has been in the industry for more than a hundred years, and it is the crown jewel of the industry. It is not a novice who crossed over from the consumer electronics industry. After 3 years If they can easily surpass them, Xiaomi and Lei Jun still need to be more respectful and less "first in the industry, leading the industry."

A more pertinent view is: when it comes to cars, Lei Jun speaks a bit presumptuously; when it comes to intelligence, Lei Jun is too restrained.

Unlike other electric car launches that like to anchor the Tesla Model 3 and Model S, Xiaomi SU7 is anchored by the more high-end Porsche Taycan, from appearance to performance.

This anchoring relationship is everywhere from pre-heating to release to subsequent dissemination. After all, you can say that a Porsche is expensive, but you cannot say that a Porsche is ugly. When you cannot say that a Porsche is ugly, then Xiaomi SU7 is naturally good-looking.

This is also true. The threshold for technical understanding is a bit high, but anyone can express their opinions on the appearance. The result is that everyone has received quite a lot of praise for the appearance design and color selection of Xiaomi SU7.

Lei Jun didn't say that Xiaomi SU7 is the best car under 5 million, but the subtext is that the appearance of this car is million-level. The quality of speaking is just like the difference between saying "I want to wake up with you" and "I want to sleep with you" to others.

At the same time, another major task of this two-in-one conference is expectation management.

According to Lei Jun's statement, Xiaomi SU7 is positioned as a C-class car. It is expected that its opponents will be the BMW 5 Series and the Mercedes-Benz E-Class. This is of course the misplaced nomenclature commonly used by domestic brands, and the method of searching for enemies in the void. Use 5 to beat BMW 3, and use 7 to beat BMW 3. BMW 5, and then there's 9 to beat the BMW 7.

In addition, when discussing the price at the press conference, Lei Jun said that as long as the three keywords are Ningde era + ternary lithium + 100-degree battery, the car will definitely have to sell for more than 400,000 yuan. 149,000 yuan is definitely impossible, and 99,000 yuan will be impossible. It's a joke.

Including Lei Jun's constant repetition of "This car is definitely not cheap, it is expensive for a reason", which means that Xiaomi SU7 will not be as shocking as the 1999 yuan of the first generation Xiaomi mobile phone.

The brand Xiaomi has suffered enough from the "cost-effectiveness" problem. Lei Jun definitely does not want to make the same mistake again. Including Lei Jun's old friend, Xpeng Motors, where He Xiaopeng works, is also similar. Starting from a low starting point with the G3, Xiaopeng Motors has been trapped in A proposition to enhance brand value.

As evidence, in fact, before and after the release of Xiaomi cars, many people would question or make suggestions: How about changing the name? "Xiaomi" sounds like it can't be sold at a high price.

Here I can speculate on Lei Jun’s thoughts: You can say that my products are not good here, but you can’t say that the Xiaomi brand is not high-end. If you still say it, then I will prove to you that Xiaomi can become a high-end brand.

Of course, Lei Jun also gave evidence: the Xiaomi Mi 14 series, which starts at 3,999 yuan, sold about 1.45 million units in the first ten days after its release, and the sales in the first month may be around 2.5 million.

"Rice rushes higher" may have been a joke in the digital circle before, but now it seems that it is a reality that is being realized.

Whether it's the silver MI logo on the front or the huge XIAOMI pinyin on the back, it all illustrates Lei Jun's determination. Xiaomi's side mission in building cars is to further enhance the brand of Xiaomi, which can not only provide high-quality and low-priced consumer electronics products, It can also provide a flagship experience, and it can even be a high-end car brand.

Products that are not conducive to the development of the Xiaomi brand can be taken over by Redmi and Mijia.

What can be seen is Lei Jun's flexibility in product definition and product release, but what cannot be seen is Lei Jun's painstaking efforts in maintaining brand value.

Therefore, between the price link that needs to create surprises and the brand value that needs to be enhanced, there is room for expectation management.

But no matter what, the manufacturing industry still pays attention to respecting reality and returning to common sense. Software can be free to make money through advertising, you can also pay to buy it out, and you can also subscribe in installments, but every piece of aluminum alloy and every battery in the hardware is real. The cost requires consumers to replace it with real gold and silver.

Therefore, it is widely rumored that Xiaomi SU7 will have a 400V, 75-kWh lithium iron phosphate battery version priced at 199,000 yuan, and the global 800V top version may exceed 300,000 yuan, which has certain credibility.

Overall, the main price range of Xiaomi SU7 is reasonably estimated to be between 200,000 and 300,000 yuan.

The battle of double "7", the promised battle between Jikrypton and Xiaomi

Xiaomi named its first car SU7. It should be based on the overall layout. In the future, there will be a lower-end 5 and a higher-end 9, and the dislocation competition of 7 against 5.

The 7 in Ji Krypton 007 has basically nothing to do with positioning. It may just be that it is easy to pronounce and easy to remember.

But judging from the product strength and selling price (expected selling price) currently displayed, the battle between the double "7" is inevitable.

Interestingly, Xpeng is the brand that was mentioned the most after the Jikrypton and Xiaomi press conferences: After the release of Jikrypton 007, many people said that Xpeng was finished; after the pre-release of Xiaomi SU7, many people said that Xiaopeng is even more popular. It's over.

The reason is probably that in everyone's mind, Xpeng's most famous cars are still the "Xpeng P7" and the subsequent facelift "Xpeng P7i". Because of its leading technical architecture, the paper products of Jikrypton 007 and Xiaomi SU7 The power is slightly higher than the earlier released Xpeng P7 and P7i, so the double "7" is in a melee, and the old "7" suffers.

But from the perspective of Xpeng, firstly, the main models shipped by it are already the G6 and G9, followed by the P7 series. In addition, the P7 series has adopted price reduction and promotion measures to avoid competition to a certain extent. Then the X9 was launched, aiming to be the number one MPV in the country.

Therefore, the impact on Xiaopeng is not as big as some people imagined.

On the contrary, Jikrypton and Xiaomi are in a real tit-for-tat confrontation, with Jikrypton being the one to make the first move.

During the warm-up period for Xiaomi's press conference, Xiaomi bought advertising spaces for light shows in multiple buildings in popular locations, and used giant advertisements to pay tribute to China's new energy vehicle pioneers, namely BYD, NIO, Xpeng, Ideal and Huawei.

In addition to Huawei, these companies also interacted with Lei Jun on Weibo, creating a peaceful atmosphere.

Yang Xueliang, senior vice president of Geely Holding, also forwarded Xiaomi Auto’s Weibo post and said:

Come on, although you are not paid tribute, you are still open to welcome new players, Good luck and have fun!

Then he went on to say:

If a person always thinks about being paid tribute to, that's the end of the world, but if a person always thinks about paying tribute to others, there is no future.

Around December 28, Yang Xueliang even forwarded more than a dozen Weibo posts about Xiaomi cars, saying that Xiaomi's tribute operation "has passed, and the tribute is a bit annoying."

Earlier, Zhao Chunlin, vice president of Jikrypton Intelligent Technology, teased Xiaomi Motors on Weibo that has not yet been released:

Intelligent driving navigates to a highway intersection and plays an advertisement for 15 seconds before exiting the intersection. During driving, the driving mode is switched and the advertisement is watched for another 90 seconds. Or, scan the QR code to pay? Indeed, Mi Ecology is quite unique!

After Xiaomi SU7 was pre-released and the appearance was officially revealed, Shen Ziyu, chairman and CEO of Xingji Meizu Group, a subsidiary of Geely Family, also posted on WeChat Moments to ask:

Are the aesthetics of these two cars (Jikrypton 007 and Xiaomi SU7) on the same level?

It is unprecedented for Geely executives to go out collectively to deny their rival's products and ecology.

The reasonable explanation is indeed that there is a strong competitive relationship between Xiaomi and Geely's Jikrypton. The direct confrontation of this competition in 2024 will be Jikrypton 007 versus Xiaomi SU7, otherwise so many executives would not end up in a verbal battle in person.

All the data announced at the Xiaomi SU7 pre-launch conference seems to be intentionally or unintentionally trying to overwhelm Ji Krypton 007: the fastest acceleration from zero to 100 seconds is 2.78 seconds (Ji Krypton 007 is 2.84 seconds) and the shortest braking distance is 33.3m (Ji Krypton is 34.4 seconds). m). Xiaomi also positions the SU7 as a C-class car (length, width and height are 4997mm, 1963mm, 1440mm, wheelbase 3000mm), which is slightly larger than the JiKr 007.

According to the founders of many new forces, starting from 2024, it will be the knockout stage of Chinese automobiles. This stage will last for several years. After going through the stage of eliminating fakes and retaining the real, the pattern of Chinese automobiles will enter a new stable period.

Before that, every company had reasons why they couldn't lose. Xiaomi's car-making is the last dance in Lei Jun's entrepreneurial history, and it will definitely put everything on the line. JiKrypton is responsible for the Geely Group's new energy transformation and high-end impact, as well as the task of independent listing. It is the decisive son.

Therefore, Ji Krypton 007 spared no effort in products and prices, and the executives were unceremonious, all turned into the strongest punch with grievances and swung at Xiaomi Motors' face.

As for Xiaomi, which has not yet responded positively, it appears to be both calm and urgent in the face of the roaring fist. The calmness means that it still has a long time to adjust its price and marketing strategy, but the urgency is that Ji Krypton 007 has the first-mover advantage and sells One more than one.

In the plastic greenhouse of fate, every cabbage that has been sprayed with too many pesticides once had a dream of becoming a pollution-free organic vegetable.

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