Jikrypton 001 FR officially released, competing with Bugatti, costing 769,000 yuan, making friends unable to laugh

Friendly companies will not be able to build such a car within 5 years!

JiKr CEO An Conghui said confidently, standing next to JiKr 001 FR.

0.02 seconds, 1,300 horsepower, 769,000 yuan, this is the source of An Conghui's confidence.

Tonight, Jikrypton 001 FR was officially released and delivered to the first owners by Kimi Raikkonen. Incredibly, compared to its debut more than a month ago, this car has undergone an "evolution" and has become faster and stronger.

The violent aesthetics of Ji Krypton 001 FR

Tonight's press conference, almost all the time, showed the "violence" of Ji Krypton 001 FR.

In order to let the users at the scene intuitively feel the zero-to-100 acceleration capability of Jikrypton 001 FR, Jikrypton brought the benchmark product of high-performance electric cars, Tesla Model S Plaid, to the table for data comparison.

In China, the fastest measured time from 0 to 100 mph for the Model S Plaid is 2.1 seconds. It is a three-motor model with a "one front and two rear" layout, with a maximum power of 1,020 horsepower.

The Jikrypton 001 FR, which is packed with four motors, has increased its horsepower from 1,265 horsepower more than a month ago to 1,300 horsepower, and the peak torque at the wheel end exceeds 10,000 Nm. Driven by such terrifying power, the zero-to-zero acceleration time of this "most powerful pure electric vehicle on the surface" has been increased from the original 2.07 seconds to 2.02 seconds.

In addition to the Tesla Model S Plaid, there are also several million-dollar supercars that were "humiliated" by Ji Krypton: Bugatti Veyron, Ferrari LaFerrari, Porsche 918 Spyder, and McLaren P1. What they compare is the acceleration time from 0-200km/h.

As can be seen from the picture, Ji Krypton 001 FR accelerates from standstill to 200km/h in just 6.29 seconds, which is more than half a second ahead of the other four tens of millions of supercars, and even 1 second faster than the Bugatti Veyron and Porsche 918 Spyder. many.

Although Jikrypton uses semi-thermal tires with stronger grip to achieve this result, don't forget the 100kWh Kirin battery inside it – while it can run fast, it can also run far.

It is worth mentioning that the Kirin battery used by Jikrypton 001 FR is the world's first mass-produced 800V battery, and it only takes 15 minutes to charge from 10% to 80%. At the same time, in order for the four motors to continuously produce high power output, this battery also supports megawatt-level discharge power, and has also achieved "the first mass production in the industry."

Inside the battery, JiKrypton uses the first double-surface liquid cooling technology for battery cells, which expands the heat exchange area by 4 times compared with traditional bottom liquid-cooled battery packs. Jikrypton said that with the support of this technology, Jikrypton 001 FR can accelerate from 0 to 100km/h 8 times without interruption, and the temperature inside the battery core will only increase by 3.6 degrees Celsius.

In terms of top speed, based on the upper speed limit of the domestic test field, the top speed of Ji Krypton 001 FR is calibrated to 280km/h. Interestingly, the Tesla Model S Plaid, which can reach a top speed of 322km/h, has a top speed of 280km/h in China. Should domestic test venues keep pace with the times?

In order to pack four high-performance SiC motors with a speed exceeding 20,000 rpm into Jikrypton 001 without sacrificing any interior space, Jikrypton placed the two front motors in parallel, using only the space for one motor. Two high-performance motors that can be controlled independently.

Of course, this is also thanks to the body structure of Jikrypton 001. I originally thought that Jikrypton 001 was 2 meters wide for the large battery in the middle, but I didn’t expect that Jikrypton also left space for the motor.

In addition to the size, Jikrypton also has a skill tree for lightweight motors. The front dual motors are only 120kg, and the rear dual motors are 141kg. Among them, the power density of the rear dual motors reaches 4.4kW/kg. For comparison, the weight of the Model S Plaid's rear dual motors is 169kg and the power density is 2.96kW/kg.

In order to reduce weight, Jikrypton also prepared the world's largest carbon fiber roof for Jikrypton 001 FR, which is 1.46 meters long, 1.16 meters wide and weighs only 6.5kg, successfully reducing the weight by 65%.

The highlights of Jikrypton 001 FR go beyond these, including the original standard aerodynamic kit, KW shock absorbers, AP Racing ten-piston calipers, Brembo carbon ceramic discs, etc. In short, after understanding all the configurations of JiKrypton 001 FR, I have no doubts about the statement that "Friends will not be able to produce it within 5 years."

It’s not that it really can’t be built, but even if it can be built, the price may not reach 769,000 yuan. This may only be possible for Geely with deep pockets.

The best driver on earth

Being the best driver on the planet, he envisions the most powerful pure electric high-performance car on the planet.

The slogan shouted by Ji Krypton in this press conference.

The most powerful pure electric high-performance car on the planet is undoubtedly the Krypton 001 FR, and the best driver on the planet is Kimi Raikkonen, known as the "King of Spa-Francorchamps" ( Kimi Räikkönen).

▲ Picture from: Goodwood

In a 20-year F1 career, Raikkonen participated in more than 300 grands prix. At the age of only 23, he won his first victory and in 2007, he won the world championship for Ferrari. champion.

This time, Raikkonen serves as Extreme Krypton 001  FR's chief performance consultant, participated in the development and tuning process of Jikrypton 001 FR.

At the press conference, An Conghui and Raikkonen released the world's first world championship model written into the car with intelligent algorithms – Raikkonen Mode. This mode integrates the F1 world champion's rich track experience and skillful skills into the intelligent drive system of the JK 001 FR. It also makes exclusive customized adjustments to 9 parameters of the vehicle.

However, this "Raikkonen mode" is not standard. The optional price is 60,000 yuan and will be launched through OTA in the first quarter of next year.

Interestingly, An Conghui also released the lap times of himself and Raikkonen at the Tianjin V1 International Circuit: An Conghui was 2 minutes 24 seconds 62, while Raikkonen was 2 minutes 06 seconds 74.

Tianjin V1 Circuit is currently the only FIA internationally certified Level 2 track in North China. It is also the longest track in North China. The layout used by JiKr has 5 spacious and straight straights, which can be used by JiKr 001 FR. Take full advantage of its acceleration performance. However, don't think it will slow down in corners.

At the press conference, An Conghui released the cornering speed comparison between Ji Krypton 001 FR and Bugatti Veyron——

In the same corner, the Bugatti Veyron's cornering speed is 80km/h, and the Ji Krypton 001 FR's cornering speed is also 80km/h. The difference is that the latter's result was achieved on a slippery road.

The hero behind this is the unique ZVC torque vector control system of JiKrypton 001 FR.

This system can monitor the speed of four motors in real time while the vehicle is driving. Through intelligent algorithms, it can independently, accurately and quickly control the torque output of each wheel. It only takes 10 milliseconds to complete the corresponding cycle from the motor to the wheel.

For an average driver, it usually takes 200 milliseconds to react to car body dynamics. Even the "best driver in the world" F1 world champion needs 80 milliseconds to react.

Maybe, you can also become "the best driver on earth" in Jikrypton 001 FR.

Why did "The Strongest on Earth" come here?

In 2016, the wild growth of online live broadcasts stopped and it was no longer a "lawless place". Each platform began to strictly limit the content of live broadcasts and required anchors to undergo real-name authentication. There is no longer absolute privacy and secrets on the Internet.

In this context, many well-known anchors who did not want to show their faces have come under the spotlight. Gradually, the audience's requirements for the quality of live broadcasts are getting higher and higher. They are no longer paying attention only to the live broadcast content itself, but also to More need to see the anchor's personal charm.

If you want the audience to remember you, you must create a unique personal label in front of the camera.

The same is true for Ji Krypton.

In the current new energy vehicle market, each company has its own label. Ideal is going further and further on the road of home use. NIO is constantly expanding its own power swap network, and Xiaopeng has strengthened its power in the past "1024" own technology label.

Looking back at Jikrypton, it has always been missing a key label that is easy to remember. ZEEKR 001, the leading actress, can only be described by the word "balanced" – her appearance has mixed reviews, and her intelligent driving ability is neither good nor bad. Previously, her car and machine were even criticized. Since the gradual launch of ZEEKR OS 5.0 , users changed their minds.

It’s not like Jikrypton has never tried to create a label for it. The two words it aims at are “performance”. I still remember that when Jikrypton 001 was launched, Jikrypton invited major media to go to the Zhejiang International Circuit to fully experience the powerful performance of Jikrypton 001.

It is true that Ji Krypton 001's zero-to-0-60 acceleration time of 3.8 seconds is really impressive, but the Zhejiang competition also exposed its problem – weight. The Ji Krypton 001, which is dragging a large 100kWh battery and has a curb weight of nearly 2.4 tons, struggles abnormally in some slow corners.

On the other hand, the maximum speed of Ji Krypton 001 is limited to 200km/h, which means that even on secondary tracks such as Zhejiang Race and Zhuhai Race, it cannot achieve amazing lap times, let alone the last race. First level track.

I would like to ask how to label a car that is both bulky and unable to achieve excellent lap times with a "performance" label? This may be something that is not easy to accept for Ji Krypton, which is backed by Geely and is from the same school as Lynk & Co.

The four-motor JiKr 001 FR not only made JiKr the first Chinese brand to rank among the top 20 in the Zhejiang competition lap time list, but also successfully branded it with the four characters "The Strongest on the Surface".

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