Jifei released three drones, one unmanned vehicle, all for farming

Jifei, a drone company headquartered in Guangzhou, can be regarded as a relatively low-key company. Compared with DJI, which is frequently on the news, its peers rarely appear on the media page. Even if they do, they are mostly on the agricultural channel.

Out of the C-end market, Jifei, which specializes in the agricultural drone market, did not lose the attention of capital because of its low-key: On November 16, Jifei announced the completion of a new round of RMB 1.2 billion in financing. Baidu Capital And SoftBank Vision Fund Phase II led the investment, followed by Innovation Works, Yuexiu Industrial Fund and Guangzhou Xinxing Fund.

Jifei, which has plenty of ammunition, held the Jifei Technology Annual Conference yesterday and released four new products, namely an unmanned vehicle and three drones, all used in the field of agricultural automation.

▲ Jifei P40 2021 agricultural drone spray version

In order to adapt to the regional differences in agricultural production and meet the needs of different operating scenarios, Jifei P-series agricultural drones have launched two models, P40 and P80. When equipped with Jifei Rui spray-the fourth generation of intelligent centrifugal atomization spray system, combined with a 20-liter smart medicine box, the P40 agricultural drone can achieve precise, uniform and controllable spraying effects, and the plant protection efficiency can reach 220 acres per hour . After replacing the Ruiping module with the Ruiping module and the 25-liter seed box, it can spread 2.4 tons of fertilizer or 1.6 tons of rice seeds per hour.

▲ Jifei P80 2021 agricultural drone spray version

Under the trend of accelerating land circulation in China, in response to the problem of intensive production of concentrated contiguous arable land, Jifei is also constantly seeking an innovative solution that combines refined management and efficient operations. The Jifei P80 agricultural drone was born for this purpose. It adopts a new beam symmetrical fuselage structure and a dual battery power design to increase the load capacity to 40 kg to solve the efficiency pain points of Datianfei plant protection. With a flexible combination of a 35-liter smart medicine box and a 60-liter seed box, the P80 can achieve a spraying efficiency of up to 300 acres per hour or a spreading efficiency of 2.4 tons, further improving the level of farmland automation.

In addition to spraying pesticides and sowing seeds, Jifei's drones also have mapping functions. The user only needs a Jifei P-series agricultural drone, and can use a mobile phone or a smart remote control to complete the full-process unmanned management of farmland high-definition map shooting, planting, spreading, and pesticide application. With the empowerment of the Ruitu surveying and mapping module, Jifei Ruiping and Ruibo systems also fully support AI prescription map operations, which can effectively reduce the use of pesticides and fertilizers through precise variable control.

▲ Jifei R150 2020 agricultural unmanned vehicle mowing version

In addition to the P-series agricultural drones, Jifei continues to tap the potential of the R150 agricultural unmanned vehicle, adding two new execution modules to make up for the lack of intelligent equipment for large-scale spreading and precise mowing operations.

Due to the complex topography and landform of our country, and the variety of crops, all links of cultivation, management and harvesting require highly adaptable and flexible small and medium-sized ground intelligent agricultural machinery. The Jifei R150 agricultural unmanned vehicle platform has previously launched a spray version, a transportation version and an extended version, covering agricultural scenarios such as precision plant protection, agricultural material transportation, intelligent field inspection, and epidemic prevention.

The newly released R150 agricultural unmanned vehicle spreading version is to solve the problems of traditional artificial fertilization and seeding, which is time-consuming, laborious and uneven, and one vehicle can meet the needs of large-scale spreading operations. It can be equipped with the Jifei Rui seeding system, equipped with a 220-liter super large-capacity smart bin. In addition to realizing the efficient sowing of solid particles such as seeds, chemical fertilizers, and grass seeds, it can also complete the precise placement of organic fertilizers and other viscous fertilizers, with maximum operating efficiency. Up to 50 acres per hour. In terms of farmland weed control, another Jifei R150 mowing version can perform all-terrain autonomous mowing tasks, cutting 2.7 mu of farmland per hour, and the operating efficiency can reach 5 times that of manual mowing.

▲ Jifei V40 2021 agricultural drone spray version

At the end of the conference, Jifei released the new V40 2021 agricultural drone.

Different from traditional multi-rotor UAVs, Jifei V series agricultural UAV adopts a tilting double-rotor structure. Through multiple aerodynamic optimizations, the V40 makes the wind field under the dual rotors more concentrated, and through 100% wind field utilization, the penetration power of pesticide application is increased to more than twice that of traditional plant protection drones. As Jifei's first agricultural drone with a folding design, the V40's handling volume can be reduced to one-third, helping users effectively save space and reduce operating costs in the operation process.

In the same line as the Jifei agricultural drone product line, V40 can quickly replace the three mission systems of Ruipen, Ruibo and Ruitu, switch between farmland mapping, precision spraying and broadcast functions, and realize intelligent and fully autonomous farmland management operations. Take the prevention and control of diseases, pests and weeds as an example. With a payload of 20 kilograms and a powerful double-rotor wind field, its spray width can reach up to 10 meters, and it can complete plant protection operations on 240 acres of land in one hour.

In addition to these four hardware products, Jifei also released the "AI prescription map technology." Relevant data show that China feeds 22% of the world's population with 8% of the world's arable land, while it accounts for 47% of the world's pesticide consumption. The "AI prescription map technology" realized through drone surveying can realize the breakthrough of drones from "uniform spraying" to "precise spraying", improve the efficiency of pesticide use, and promote the reduction and efficiency of pesticides.

Many data show that the proportion of my country’s agricultural population is declining. Cultivated land security and food security are eternal topics. Of course, the process of urbanization will have a huge impact on agriculture. Technology has become an important means to solve this contradiction. The meaning of man-machine, unmanned vehicle, and AI prescription map technology. Although consumers are unlikely to directly see Jifei's drone flying overhead, indirectly, the clothes we wear and the rice we eat in the future will more or less be in contact with it.

In the plastic greenhouse of destiny, every cabbage that has been sprayed with too much pesticide has a dream of becoming a pollution-free organic vegetable.

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