JBL BAR9.1 experience: 5.1.4 surround sound blessing, super comprehensive home audio and video experience

For users who are not familiar with Hi-Fi, it is not easy to set up a "home theater".

At this time, what you have to consider is not only the complicated wiring between the TV, player, power amplifier and speakers, but also the subdivision of each link of the home theater, and the entanglement of how to match it. Here, it is a big effort for beginners.

As home audio and video systems become more and more wireless, manufacturers have introduced more and more complete home theater products. As the playback performance becomes stronger, the threshold for use of equipment is also falling.

In the past, it took several large pieces to achieve the effect, but now only a Soundbar with a subwoofer and a few small satellite boxes can be achieved. The energy efficiency of the body design can be maximized.

Speaking of this, I have to mention JBL.

As early as when JBL BAR5.1 was launched, JBL had adopted a detachable wireless speaker design on the Soundbar, allowing the satellite box that originally required additional wiring and charging to return to the main body of the Soundbar to meet the charging needs and at the same time It can further improve the playback performance of the Soundbar body, which is an efficient design that kills two birds with one stone.

Now, JBL has launched the JBL BAR9.1 true wireless panoramic acoustic echo wall with better performance experience. Compared with the old model, JBL BAR9.1 can achieve stronger 5.1.4 surround sound. The updated sky channel speaker can provide more powerful 3D surround sound, and the sense of listening and viewing immersion have been greatly improved.

It also supports Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos and DTS:X multiple technologies and specifications. It can be connected to the Internet to become a streaming media speaker, and it can also be connected to mobile phones and players via Bluetooth. It is a Soundbar with full functions and performance. The product is also one of the most worth updating products in the near future.

Removable design in the same line

From BAR2.1 to BAR9.1, we are able to continue the design of JBL.

With a variety of texture processing and integrated dark body, the tough main lines will also be matched with rounded corner processing. When you first get started with JBL BAR9.1, you can feel a very solid texture, and there will be a source High-end sense of flagship product.

JBL BAR9.1, which is based on dark black, also has a strong home integration ability. Whether it is a simple design or a more traditional home style, there will be no obvious sense of violation when JBL BAR9.1 is put into it.

JBL BAR9.1's body processing is also cleaner and more concise than before. The four buttons of JBL logo and switch, volume control and input control are retained on the top of the body. The buttons have changed from independent physical buttons of JBL BAR5.1 to a single entity. The buttons reduce the openings and differences caused by the buttons, and enhance the visual integration of the surface of the whole machine.

A simple display is also attached to the front of the Soundbar to display the current connection status. If you want to quickly switch between connected devices, viewing the display on the Soundbar is also a very intuitive way.

Speaking of the design focus on JBL BAR9.1, it is naturally this detachable speaker structure.

The logic of the structure is similar to the magnetic quick-release design seen in daily life. The user can easily remove the speaker with a little effort and easily switch between the two forms. Moreover, the magnetic attraction reduces the loss caused by plugging and unplugging, and the machine becomes more durable than the hard plug structure.

At the same time, JBL also comes with side covers for dust protection. After separating the wireless speaker, the user can install the side cover on the speaker and the soundbar body to further protect the device.

The wireless speaker of JBL BAR9.1 is not too big either. The size of 17.3cm X 12cm X 6cm and the stable design make it convenient for users to place it in the room, on the floor or on the desktop.

In addition, JBL has also added a highly versatile microUSB interface to the speaker, which is convenient for users to charge the speaker instantly. Even if the Soundbar has not been connected back for a long time, the user does not need to worry about the speaker without electricity during use.

This is like a Joy-Con with a charging handle. You can either connect it back to the Switch body to charge, or you can charge it yourself, which greatly increases flexibility.

Returning to the fuselage, the main body height of JBL BAR9.1 is 6cm, and the slim fuselage will not take up too much space even if it is fixed on the wall.

Even if the TV is placed directly on the desktop, and JBL BAR9.1 is placed in front of it, it will not form too obvious obstruction and will not affect the viewing and control experience of the TV. '

The subwoofer unit retains the original design. JBL also turned the speaker toward the bottom this time, and the fuselage was made of solid metal material to ensure the stability of the fuselage.

There is no need for a wired connection between the subwoofer and the Soundbar, it only needs to hide the power cable. The square and compact body makes it easy to find a place in the living room.

Full function, full coverage

To mention feature coverage, it should be the second core selling point of JBL BAR9.1.

As the core of home audio and video experience, it actually covers most of the needs of home audio and video. If you need to connect to a TV to watch high-definition movies and games, or connect to mobile phones, players, and Internet services to play music, JBL BAR9.1 can meet them.

In terms of interfaces, JBL BAR9.1 is quite comprehensive.

The Soundbar body comes with a set of HDMI output and input interfaces. This set of interfaces supports HDMI2.0eARC, but while realizing 4K video playback, it also supports eARC enhanced audio return channel technology. In the face of platforms that support this technology, such as Netflix, JBL BAR9.1, which supports eARC, can present more comprehensive sound effects.

In addition to the conventional HDMI interface, JBL BAR9.1 is also equipped with common USB interface, optical fiber interface, network cable interface, and power interface. The power interface uses the most common double-hole eight-character interface, which is very versatile. If users want to match the power supply line by themselves, there are many options for JBL BAR9.1.

In addition to the physical interface, JBL BAR9.1 also supports AirPlay 2, Qplay and other technologies required for wireless connection.

The addition of Qplay also allows JBL BAR9.1 to use the built-in network push function of QQ Music. Users can get music directly through QQ Music, making JBL BAR9.1 a network player.

Users who have not purchased QQ Music membership can also transfer music to JBL BAR9.1 for playback through AirPlay 2, which can meet the needs of home listening to music.

But if you are using a non-smart device that does not support these technologies, then JBL BAR9.1 also provides the most basic Bluetooth, so that you can use JBL BAR9.1 to listen to music with previous generations of players.

After talking about the interface and connection technology, let's take a look at the sound technology and specifications supported by JBL BAR9.1.

JBL BAR9.1 supports Dolby Vision. If you use the corresponding playback device to connect JBL BAR9.1 to the TV, the playback quality will not be significantly lost.

In terms of surround sound, JBL BAR9.1 is also compatible with Dolby Atmos and DTS:X surround sound effects. If there is a corresponding support for high-quality film sources, the highest 5.1.4 surround sound effect can be achieved with JBL BAR9.1 .

In terms of connection specifications and support, JBL BAR9.1 has already done a very complete coverage.

A set of HDMI interfaces that support HDMI2.0eARC can be compatible with most common home audio-visual equipment. USB can be used to connect Chromecast products, while optical fiber and network cable interfaces meet the needs of other physical connections.

In terms of wireless, JBL BAR9.1 also has two options, AirPlay 2 and QPlay, whether it is localization or service compatibility. Moreover, facing those playback devices that only support Bluetooth, JBL BAR9.1 also has a way to be compatible. With Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos and DTS:X support for playing content, JBL BAR9.1 can also be regarded as a product that has been fully compatible recently.

High-quality, comprehensive home audio-visual experience

Sound is the core of the actual experience of JBL BAR9.1. In order to realize the "Sky Channel Dolby Atmos", JBL also put a lot of effort into the design.

In terms of configuration, the JBL BAR9.1 body is equipped with a combination of "left and right channels + center channel + rear left and right surround channels", and then there are two sky channel speakers at the rear, which can be achieved through the reflection of the ceiling at home Higher quality 3D surround sound effects.

The subwoofer of JBL BAR9.1 is equipped with a 10-inch low-frequency unit with a power of 820W, which can output a more powerful low-frequency effect.

In addition, the addition of wireless speakers also allows JBL BAR9.1 to have a higher surround effect and degree of freedom.

After setting up the wireless speaker, the user can adjust the sound performance through the automatic calibration function of the body. In this case, the placement of wireless speakers does not need to be too particular, and novice users who are not familiar with the location need not worry too much.

To test the sense of hearing, we start with the sound performance when the TV is connected.

In the first test, we used Dolby Atmos' test clip "Amaze". The test found that JBL BAR9.1 can show extremely high-quality surround sound effects. In the part where the raindrops fall, JBL BAR9.1 can show the effect of raindrops on the ground, and the cry of the bird when flying will also move along the position. JBL BAR9.1 can present a smooth sound movement effect, and the sound will not be disconnected during the movement.

The restoration of the call is also not bad, the details are still exquisite while prominent, there will be no obvious and blunt sense of abruptness, and it will not sound jerky.

In the second part of the test, we use movies and TV shows to do the test.

With the blessing of surround sound technology, JBL BAR9.1 can indeed present very good surround sound effects, which directly enhances the immersion of watching movies. The subwoofer equipped with a 10-inch 820W low-frequency unit has a very prominent effect when restoring explosions and impacts. If you are the kind of person who habitually turns up the volume, you will really be shocked by the low frequency of JBL BAR9.1.

Moreover, the low frequency of playing songs can also show sufficient flexibility, the rebound of drums and the low frequency atmosphere of the whole environment are also handled well, there will be no embarrassment of being stuffed together, and the low frequency quality is still quite high.

If you encounter movies that do not support Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, or platforms that do not support eARC, the performance of JBL BAR9.1 is actually not too rude.

This combination can show a good degree of separation and resolution, and there will be no confusion when watching high-definition online videos. If you don't have high-standard video playback equipment in your home, and you only watch TV series occasionally, then JBL BAR9.1 can actually bring a significant improvement.

In the third test, use JBL BAR9.1 to play music directly.

By selecting the highest specifications of sound through Qplay, JBL BAR9.1 can also present very good sound quality. When it's popular music, JBL BAR9.1 restores clear and prominent vocals, the details are in place, and there is no awkwardness and dryness.

Used to listen to the live version, JBL BAR9.1 can actually restore a larger sound field. If you are a user who often uses TV to watch concerts and concerts, the sound performance of JBL BAR9.1 can also satisfy you.

For users at this stage, Soundbar is no longer a simple TV accessory, and its sound performance can't just serve for TV and game content.

After all, the current audio experience of users is very fragmented and complicated, occasionally watching movies and occasionally listening to music. In this case, the sound style of the Soundbar must also strike a balance between the two in order to be comprehensive enough to meet users' needs for sound.

In this case, the performance and balance of JBL BAR9.1 are well done. It has outstanding sound performance when watching TV, which increases the user's immersion; when listening to music, it can show its excellent sound quality and balanced performance. For users with complex needs, this is undoubtedly the right product.

Super comprehensive home audio and video experience

In general, JBL BAR9.1 is a comprehensive home audio-visual equipment.

From the perspective of sound performance, JBL BAR9.1 supports the most commonly used technologies and specifications on the market and can satisfy most content playback. Whether it's playing a drama or watching a movie, it can also use the ten successful power to restore a highly immersive and explosive sound, so that users have the feeling of being in the environment.

In addition, while JBL BAR9.1 supports Dolby Vision, it also comes with an HDMI2.0eARC interface, which can be used to connect to a TV for high-quality video playback. In this case, there is no need to worry about the quality of sound and video.

In terms of design and control experience, JBL BAR9.1 also showed sufficient ease of use and affinity.

In addition to the daily experience of connecting to the TV, JBL BAR9.1 is also very good to connect to mobile phones and players for audio playback, and it is easy to switch between the two modes. For users who often switch playback between multiple devices, this functional design is also very good.

In addition, the external speakers of JBL BAR9.1 also come with a microUSB charging port. Even if you run out of daily use, you don’t need to worry about forgetting to connect it back to the main body, which will cause the embarrassment of running out of power. It is indeed more considerate.

If you are a loyal user of a home theater system that is addicted to movies, and also a multi-platform music lover, you often need to switch on the playback device, and you have recently updated your home audio-visual equipment, then JBL BAR9.1 is indeed the most suitable in the near future select.

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