Jay Chou’s new album is online ahead of schedule! We’ve compiled 100 interesting positive and negative reviews

"Ace Pigeon" Jay Chou, who has been complained about for several years, actually released all the new songs of the new album ahead of schedule. Although this is a mistake of the operation team, it is undoubtedly an early New Year for many fans.

While only five songs are new, you've probably played them on loop a few times by now. Some netizens have highly summarized this new album:

I'm still wandering, and in my memory, you look like frost, waiting for you to be by your side every day after class. I'm so convinced we're going to see Pink Ocean together, Mojito's tippy with pink reflection, listening to the greatest works in headphones. Well, if you don't love me then pull it down. After all, it is the fireworks that I missed, I said I would not cry, let me go.

How about Jay Chou's new song? We have carefully selected 100 song reviews from tens of thousands of netizens' comments. Whether you have listened to this album or not, you can also meet a new Jay Chou.

At the same time, please look forward to our detailed interpretation of this album tomorrow. You are also welcome to continue to add more easter eggs and details in the comment area. Your message may be organized into a tweet to meet the millions of readers of Aifaner.

The following content is recommended to experience with the new album.

"Red as Frost"

1. The best of all majors! ! ! ! Stunning! ! ! ! Although it is said to be Chinese style, at that time this song really heard a breakthrough! @effy

2. I was most looking forward to this song and I was a little disappointed because the song didn't match the lyrics. @

3. The red face is like frost and the hair is like snow, and the fireworks are easily broken by the cold east wind. @ pour out three lives to meet

4. The orgasm can be perfectly connected to the hair like snow. @Lu Xiaoyi

5. A new feeling of Chinese style with R&B and Peking Opera singing! Jay Chou's Chinese style series adds another classic that must be passed on! The lyrics were written by Fang Wenshan, with the theme of the famous Liyuan drama "Feng Qiuhuang" as the theme, and this song "Beautiful Face is Like Frost" was written. The two people who are separated from each other and miss each other, can't meet and can only send their feelings back and forth through letters, but they only receive one sentence. "It's very safe, don't read", the thoughts seem to be covered with frost, no one cares, and the fish and geese are no longer going back and forth, and they are lonely and desolate. @with the wind

6. As an old fan who has followed all the way from cute women, after listening to it for the first time, to be honest, this Chinese style is not as stunning as Chrysanthemum Terrace, Hair Ruxue, Dongfeng Broken, Fireworks Easy to Cold, and it is not even at its peak. Houxian and Xu Song are written with feeling. @free

7. I understand, a story about a long-distance relationship. @Rica

8. Brother, I'm still wandering in a convertible, looking back at that rosy face. @-

9. This song is really diao. The beginning of the song is too outrageous. The beginning is more than nine points. @Drag0dddd

10. After singing the lyrics "Feng Qiuhuang", there should be a piece of music that is even more amazing. @feather

11. I bet this MV doesn't have a heroine. @super jay

12. "Don't read a single sentence, you say it's too difficult to write" reminds me of "What is the meaning of love, how to write is wrong" @ gradually drifting away

13. This song is very different from Jay's previous Chinese style. The previous Chinese style has some sadness and melancholy in the future, but this song is a very light and free Chinese style. Sure enough, it was the married Jaylen. @SouthernSouth

14. At the age of 36, I was still wandering and I didn't know why the tears came down, which instantly brought me back to my junior high school, high school, and university. It turned out to be not a song, but my youth…………@piano hell

15. Such a gentle song, such a gentle voice, I can really cry. @aaq

16. It’s a little less amazing, and it adds a little calmness. Just like life, when I was young, I longed to go to the world, but after the deserted and lively, I just want to accompany the beauty, weave the mountains, and chat for the rest of my life… @jack's compass

17. The only loop in the whole school at present, I don’t know what will happen to the others if they listen to it a few more times @ 濯

18. Familiar taste, I can't understand without the desktop lyrics @111

19. Fang Wenshan: If you want to tamper with my lyrics, you can come by yourself @wwwwww

20. The more you listen, the more charming it is, and the aftertaste is endless, just like the return of an old friend @王和伊特

"Missed Fireworks"

1. The song that loops countless times in the prelude @ first sight

2. The last time I listened to this prelude was last summer's "Pigeon" video @ Fourth Happiness

3. This song is more flamboyant, the prelude and climax feel like opening the hood and blowing the wind in the prairie desert and feeling free @H

4. The intro to this song is super catchy right from the start. But the beginning of the title song is very similar to the melody and motive of saying good or not to cry… @squeaky

5. The unique voice of the chorus, like @Concept

6. Missed fireworks, the rest of the summer, handwritten once upon a time @LR

7. No, full head of "Grandpa's Convertible" @S1mon

8. I'm etched in my DNA for driving a convertible @Anni

9. It's too good to listen to this song  , I heard that there is a feeling of driving a convertible on a beautiful highway @Coaxing the warm cub to sleep

10. Feels like this song is going to be used as background music during TikTok World Cup @Dr.murshroom

11. The climax of this song should be good for the TikTok background music @Truth

12. If you go back to before 2007, this song should have a high note at the end I'm still [email protected]

13. I like such a hot, strong and direct expression! @All the way north

14. Listening to my favorite song so far, the voice has changed a lot, and it is slightly hoarse and sinking, but it matches the lyrics of this melody, and it feels like an adult. @cabo

15. Six new songs are the best, the husky voice is suitable for this mood @Yolanda

16. The most beautiful thing about fireworks is the eternal beauty that is frozen at the moment of the explosion, and you are the most beautiful artwork in the world under the light of fireworks @LushangXiaoxin

17. I have imagined what kind of melody it will be when the prelude goes down a few times, with brisk rap and a free and easy connection. Jay Chou's album has brought me excellent music enjoyment! Tonight's Music Spring Festival Gala, thank Jay Chou for the music big red envelope! @Mason Lin

18. Jay's awesomeness is that single dogs will feel like they are talking about a vigorous love after listening to his songs @aaa

19. Already missed the fireworks bro don't want to miss you if bro's convertible you still want to ride then you wait for bro's pass @lisianthus

20. After listening to this, I remembered a lot of people and things. I've lost a lot along the way, and I don't even know what I've chosen, right? But there is no end to this road, and I will continue to walk. Greatest work: "Missed Fireworks". @Dr.Shawn

"Pink Sea"

1. On the day Jay Chou released his new album, the sunset in many cities was as beautiful as a pink ocean. @666666

2. Pink ocean, isn't it Jay Chou's strongest concert "Little Gongju" waving pink light sticks together! @Jay

3. Jay's cheering color is pink, so he wrote this song for us! It's good, it's good, it's grown up and sensible. @Brother you look at her

4. On the evening of May 14, 2017, I once experienced the unparalleled pink ocean at the Chongqing Olympic Sports Center. More than five years later, I miss the chorus of 10,000 people that night, miss Jay, and miss everything at that time. @goodnight idle beam

5. Is the child's voice at the beginning Xiao Zhou Zhou, Jay's son! @aaa

6. The feeling of the sunshine otaku taking the princess sick princess to play in the pink ocean. @phantom pop star

7. Jay Chou's sweet song has never been dropped. @ dream in fan flower

8. The original spotless feeling is back. @WWW

9. The title of the song is for fans and friends, but the more I listen to it, the more like a love song to my sister-in-law. @yanzhenzhan

10. Fang Wenshan, you have changed, why have you become pink. @ Jinghong

11. This MV must be all pink. @121212

12. The excitement of the ukulele and the electric guitar, the fragrance of coconut and the sea breeze made my face ah ah ah. @idiot

13. It feels a little like Yiliyou yogurt. @This wake up, a little cute

14. The cheerful movement seems to be back to "Ukulele" and "Goddess of Super Running" 10 years ago. Fang Wenshan's lyrics did not disappoint, as if "Flower Sea" and Eleven were 12 years ago. The AI ​​ending of Chopin's "Coral Sea", this time with ANG! @Can't Escape at Jay

15. So sweet, so sweet, so sweet, so sweet, so sweet, I dreamed of "Princess Disease", "Maltoose", "Sweet", "Garden Party", "Cowboys Are Busy", "Sunshine Otaku"…@ahi

16. There are shadows of the previous songs, but beyond the previous ones. @rain

17. Although Jay's sweet songs are very nice, I haven't heard Jay Chou's sad love songs for a long time. @same tone

18. There have been countless times in my head that Jay Chou said "hi chick want to get into brother's car?" @123

19. "Black Sweater", "White Windmill", "Blue Storm" and "Pink Ocean", there are not many colors left for my brother. @roll to the sun

20. Next track: Green Hat. @West Palace whistle


1. Match the cover. @survivor

2. This song is full of Zhou's love songs. @ cross what good

3. Look up at the "City of the Sky" in France, and think of us who have gone farther and farther. @Good View.

4. As soon as the prelude came out, the feeling of "Love in BC" came. @Hu Jialin

5. The prelude "The Last Battle" has a little bit of "minemine" at the beginning, and it's a bit like "Stop the War". @ Ye Hui. Beauty @ get string

6. "Mermaid 2.0" @DHH

7. Too many feelings are returning to the old Jay Chou. @fantasy

8. Every song is written in capital Patty Hou. Can this be said? @jessie baby

9. Without you, I started to write novels. I have a lot of pictures and inspiration. I will give you all the royalties. Oh sorry, I went to the wrong set. @Ryan

10. Brother, your reflection can't fit in the whole lake. @jay chou

11. I guessed blindly before that if it was written by Fang Wenshan, there would definitely be the word "mottled" in the lyrics, and it really does! @goodnight idle beam

12. Sing so much and draw, how much Jay Chou likes to draw now. @ a song forget worry

13. What is that contradictory tail music instrument, I thought I had pneumonia and the bronchi was wheezing. @see

14. Why do I feel that the overall style of several songs is so close. @Homework was raised by me for nothing

15. No matter when he gives me, he will always be moved. This song "Reflection" really has the taste of the past, but his voice also makes me sad. @ Riding a Tibetan Mastiff

16. Jay Chou's voice seems to limit his composition. I think this song is the best, and the rest are hard to describe. @heron and dove

17. There were times when I felt like "Broken String" didn't happen when it should suddenly rise. @Oreo

18. This song will definitely go up in the past, I hope Jaylen's voice can be fully restored. @The fool

19. He can't even sing an A4. @Good night.

20. This picture reminds me of: 85-year-old Jay Chou was resting in bed, Liu Genghong said to Jay Chou by the bed: Jay Chou is not good! Hallyu and European and American songs are too arrogant! Jay Chou: Help me up, contact Fang Wenshan…[email protected]

"Still Wandering"

1. The electronic version of Shanghai 1943. @eee

2. The beginning of the electronic music, the finishing touch. But Jielun has actually started to use it in his albums in the past few years. @in the world? @yexianglun

3. This song is indeed very similar to "Shanghai 1943". Visually, the chords are similar in direction. Someone must have mixed these two songs after a while. @Jored

4. This song is very simple, as simple as "Confession Balloon", but nice. @,

5. The chorus has a strong "I'm not worthy" shadow. @little monster who loves fish

6. Why is my mind full of "Heart Circle" @lionran

7. As soon as the chorus came out, it was really too Jay Chou, no one else could write such a taste. @Foam

8. The deep emotion of memory. @a little interesting lay

9. At present, this is the only song I feel, because the melody is very catchy. @lone patient

10. Jay has a song in triple time! @ Guan Xianxin will be your little sun duck

11. Jay: Brother drives a sports car, drinks milk tea, and is still wandering. @waiting for the wind

12. From the first time I heard Niangzi to this song, I am all moved. @Hahaha take

13. The WOW~ sound effect of the interlude makes people cry (if you know it too). @Jaylen's Mojito

14. Jay Chou's new song "Still Wandering" and "Code" not only correspond in lyrics, but even the sound effects of "WOW~" are the same. In the lyrics, "Code" is "going to see the sea, wandering around the world", "Still wandering" is "When you receive the letter, I am still wandering", and then followed by the sound effect of "WOW~", it really is Password! @Young Grand View

15. It feels like this song goes back to when Jay was young. @Juice divides you half

16. A song that goes back to the past, but Jay Chou's voice is not so clear. @. Sunrisey

17. It's time to call Jaylen to charge. @GAN Er Xiaoyu

18. As if I had returned to the feeling of listening to the first album, the familiar taste came back. @Super want to gain weight ah ah ah ah

19. After listening to the new album, this is the best song. @yuwen

20. Cherish it, maybe this is Jay's last official album. @Dosth.4U

Note: This article was jointly completed by Li Chaofan and Wu Zhiqi

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