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Who can translate the translation, what is the metaverse?
Who can translate and translate, what is NFT, blockchain, metaverse, quantum computing, brain-computer interface, digital twin, virtual reality, mixed reality, extended reality?
New technological concepts, like a storm. What the future will look like is increasingly unclear.
In the beginning, there were a thousand "metaverses" in the eyes of a thousand people. It was not until these new technological concepts merged into everyone's life that the truth of technology was settled.
We want to make a "Tomorrow Life Serial" for you.
It will be an encyclopedia of tomorrow's life, with Aifaner's editors working together to track future solutions.
We will regularly update the following series of articles every week, and will continue to add new series. The serialization will be sorted according to time, and the evolution of cutting-edge technology will be clear at a glance.
We take you to see how those confusing technological statues become reality step by step.

NFT (Non-Fungible Token): Non-fungible tokens, each token can represent a unique digital data, as an electronic certification or certificate of ownership of virtual goods. (Concept from: Wikipedia)

No.22 " Jay Chou Enters NFT?

  • When: January 1st
  • Event protagonist: Jay Chou
  • Event location: Digital entertainment platform Ezek

A few days ago, Jay Chou was on the hot search again.

But not because of the new song, but because of the Phanta Bear (phantom bear) NFT he held.

Jay Chou's fashion brand PHANTACi cooperated with digital entertainment platform Ezek to release a limited number of 10,000 Phantom Bear NFTs.

The unit price of these NFTs is 0.26 ether (about 6,200 yuan), with a total price of over 62 million yuan.

Jay Chou's popularity is still not to be underestimated. As soon as the Phantom Bear goes on sale, the website explodes. 3,000 units were sold in 5 minutes and sold out in about 40 minutes.

These NFTs have more than NFT value.

The platform said that they can also double as Ezek Club membership cards. Buyers can give priority to buying star accessories, discounts on things in the store, and can also be used as tickets for star virtual concerts.

However, Jay Chou’s company stated that this behavior has nothing to do with Jay Chou himself. Jay Chou only received a gift from the Phantom Bear and did not participate in any business activities.

But it can be seen that the connection between celebrities and these virtual arts is indeed increasing recently.

From the debut of NFT music works by many singers, the replacement of NFT avatars, the collection of NFT works by Xu Jinglei and Shawn Yue, to the purchase of land by Lin Junjie on the virtual platform, its popularity can be seen.

Jay Chou has actually dabbled in NFT artworks, such as this "Fang Wenshan X Jay Chou joint limited edition "Punk Cat Sting" (blue and white porcelain) doll".

When the craze of NFT hits, the stars are also rushing to the air.

No.23 " American Internet celebrity sells NFT canned farts "

  • When: January 5th
  • Event protagonist: Internet celebrity Stephanie Matto
  • Event location: personal website fartjarsnft

This is a "tasteful" NFT.

Stephanie Matto, an American reality TV celebrity, once made money online by "selling farts", but now she has turned to selling "NFT farts".

The story goes like this – Stephanie Matto has been "selling farts" since November last year. She used to fart every day for more than 2 months, and then put her farts into bottles for sale.

These farts aren't cheap at $1,000 a bottle. But she sold 97 bottles in 2 days and made almost $200,000.

In order to keep the flatulence and fart more intense, she ate a lot of high-fiber and high-protein foods such as beans and eggs, which resulted in stomach complications and had to stop this seemingly outrageous business.

However, the popularity of NFT has given her a new turning point in her career – from selling farts in reality to selling farts in virtual reality.

Stephanie Matto turns canned farts into NFT images on personal platform fartjarsnft for 0.05  The price of ether, selling 5,000 NFT farts, converted at the current exchange rate, about one fart is 1030 yuan.

She is known as a "fart entrepreneur", and she has also received a large number of Internet violence and even death threats.

But Stephanie Matto said she never responded to those people, saying:

In this day and age, we shouldn't belittle others for their different choices, especially when their choices don't hurt anyone.

Stephanie Matto donated part of the income from selling farts to charity, and part of it was used to invest in her own business.

In the more and more diverse forms of NFT, you are probably the only one who can't think of it, and it can't be done without NFT.

No.24 " More and more NFT frames "

  • When: January 5th
  • Event protagonist: Jay Chou
  • Event location: Digital entertainment platform Ezek

The hottest event in the technology circle these days is CES 2022, and NFT has also created a new trend at the exhibition.

The most representative of them is Samsung's "NFT TV" .

Before, Samsung created the category of picture frame TVs, such as The Frame and The Serif series. Samsung used matte coating, low-reflection panel and other technologies to make TV screens look as natural as paper.

▲ Picture from: Architecturaldigest

This time around, Samsung announced that you'll be able to display NFT artwork on these TVs.

Through the "NFT Platform" platform, you can present, browse, and purchase NFT artworks on Samsung TVs.

Samsung is not the only one making NFT picture frames.

Web giant Netgear has upgraded the Meural, a connected smart photo frame.

They integrated this photo display device with the MetaMask cryptocurrency wallet, and then you can transfer NFTs to Meural, and then display NFT artwork.

▲ Picture from: Pocket-lint

However, the resolution of these photo frames does not exceed 1080P, which is still worse than Samsung's frame TV.

The phenomenon of more and more NFT picture frames is actually easy to understand. If you buy such an expensive NFT, you can't show it off.

On the other hand, this also shows that NFTs are finding ways to penetrate into every aspect of our lives.

No.25 "The first NFT at station B goes online "

  • When: January 6th
  • Event protagonist: Dove
  • Event location: bilibili

The first NFT for young people is coming?

Yes, I'm talking about the first set of digital collections recently released by Station B.

The first digital art avatar of Station B, "Pigeon", has officially opened for registration, with a limited number of 2,333 pieces on the entire network.

However, these NFTs cannot be bought and can only be selected by registration. The registration conditions are that they are over 14 years old, the user level of station B has reached level 6, and users who will be on station B every day in 2021.

Looking at this condition, it is estimated that most people have been brushed down, and the location is only reserved for loyal users of station B.

But it seems that loyal users are still hard to buy…

▲ The picture comes from Weibo users

It is worth mentioning that these are called "digital collections" in China, that is, they do not have the currency attributes of NFTs.

The difference is that Station B mentioned that users "have the right to make, sell and promote physical peripherals based on this collection during the period of holding this digital art avatar", indicating that they still have some commercial functions.

These digital collections also have two special functions, one is "derivative production", and the other is "online secondary creation".

Station B also stated that the transfer function will be announced in the near future.

In addition, Station B has also built its "High Energy Chain" as a support for blockchain technology.

When large domestic companies continue to step into the NFT field, it can be seen that the development of NFT will be faster and faster.

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Metaverse: A persistent and decentralized online 3D virtual environment in the future. (Concept from: Wikipedia)

No.19 "Meta Concert No One Cares About"

  • When: January 5th
  • Event protagonist: Meta
  • Event location: VR platform Horizon Venue

Meta got off to a good start, but the momentum seemed a little underwhelming.

At the end of 2021, Meta held three large-scale concerts of the Metaverse on its VR platform Horizon Venues, but…it was not very popular.

The guests of these three concerts are actually not unpopular, they are:

  • Rapper Young Thug on December 26
  • DJ David Gutta at noon on December 31st
  • The Chainsmokers on the evening of December 31st

And, as long as you're an Oculus headset user, you can experience it for free.

But the results were not ideal: Oculus official website information shows that the most followed game was only 18,000 people, and there was no discussion on the Internet.

The problem is mainly due to the poor experience of these Metaverse concerts. Meta has not made any technical upgrades for this, nor has it created any new experience.

▲ Young Thug. Image from: Facebook

For example, Young Thug and The Chainsmokers showed a concert with a 180° virtual background, and David Guetta directly broadcast his 2D live video of the Louvre in Abu Dhabi.

What's more, not many people are willing to wear a heavy VR headset to the New Year's Eve on New Year's Eve.

▲ Internal beta experience. Animated graphic from: YouTube@Graphics Monkey

Whether at home or abroad, the current metaverse platform is still a bit rough.

The Metaverse still needs more capital investment, technology investment, and time to develop.

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No.19 "Samsung set up a metaverse exhibition hall"

  • When: January 5th
  • Event protagonist: Samsung
  • Event Location: Metaverse My House

Because of the epidemic, this year's CES was held online and offline simultaneously, and Samsung created a "metaverse exhibition hall" online.

They teamed up with Zepeto developer Naver z to create a metaverse called "My House".

Through the Zepeto application, you can enter this customized virtual home.

The room is not a simple exhibition hall, but a home environment, including living room, kitchen, study, bedroom, bathroom, washing powder and so on.

Samsung's 18 new products are displayed in this home, such as new mobile phones, TVs, monitors, projectors, washing machines, vacuum cleaners…

You can walk around freely, interact with other people, enter other homes, listen to music, pick up clean clothes, watch TV, and play games.

Of course, you can't change things in this space and you can't create anything. To put it bluntly, this is still a display space.

However, people also felt the first experience of looking at the exhibits from the Metaverse.

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Human enhancement: Those attempts to overcome the current limitations of the human body, either temporarily or permanently, by natural or artificial means. (Concept from: Wikipedia)

No.13 " Arm Patches That Can Lose Weight "

  • When: January 5th
  • Event protagonist: Biosensor Abbott Lingo
  • Event Location: Abbott

Because of the Covid-19 self-test kit, Abbott has also become a better-known brand during the epidemic.

They have recently launched a series of wearable devices that allow people to understand their bodies more deeply. One of them is a very special biosensor device called "Abbott Lingo ".

At first glance, the biosensor device looks like an arm patch.

But it actually contains a 5mm needle sensor attached to your arm that measures your blood glucose, ketone and lactate levels.

The patch needs to be replaced every two weeks, and the data will be sent to the app on your phone.

It can monitor various physical needs, such as improving sleep; improving physical energy to help you think clearly; improving your diet through data to help burn fat and lose weight, etc.

Abbott said it will also be used to track the alcohol level in your body in the future.

Following FDA approval, Abbott plans to launch the product in Europe and the U.S. first this year.

This is one example of how technology has made healthcare digitized, decentralized, and democratized.

In the future, we will also obtain more personalized and accurate body data on a daily basis, so that we can control our health in our own hands.

No.14 " Use your thoughts to make the headphones play songs "

  • When: January 5th
  • Event protagonist: mind-controlled earplugs
  • Event location: French company Wisear

Turn up the volume, play the next song, turn on noise reduction…

Wouldn't it sound like science fiction if the headphones could operate automatically as long as these thoughts popped up in your brain?

In fact, this is no longer far away. French startup Wisear has developed a neural interface technology that allows you to send "mind control commands" to your phone through headphones.

Then, the headset can "move", and you don't have to do it in the process.

▲ Picture from: Wisear

The technology in this is mainly by placing tiny electrodes on the earphones. These sensors can monitor the activity of the head (brain waves) and the face through a technology called EarEEG, and then the built-in AI technology of the earphones processes these signal, and then you can execute the command you want.

The company is looking for headphone partners to miniaturize the technology and integrate it into headphones as well as wireless earphones.

In the future VR market, this technology will surely have more room for development.

Currently, they have teamed up with France's National Institute for Information and Automation (INRIA) and Denmark's Aarhus University (a pioneer in the field of brain activity monitoring), saying large-scale deployments will soon be possible.

This is an innovative technology, but it is still unknown when the related products will land, experience and accuracy.

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AR (Augmented Reality), augmented reality, allows the interaction between the virtual world on the screen and the real world scene.

VR (virtual reality), virtual reality, uses computer simulation to generate a virtual world of three-dimensional space.

MR (Mixed Reality), mixed reality, virtual reality (VR) plus augmented reality (AR) composite.

XR (Extended reality), extended reality, includes AR, VR, MR and future virtual reality technologies. (Concept from: Wikipedia)

No.14 "New VR Devices at CES"

  • When: January 5th
  • Event protagonists: Panasonic, Sony, TCL, HTC 
  • Event location: CES show

CES has always been a showcase of cutting-edge technologies, and various new VR products will naturally not be absent.

We also took stock of some new VR products that have attracted much attention.

Panasonic released 3 VR devices, namely the wearable hot and cold somatosensory device "Pebble Feel", the Pancake optical PC VR glasses "MeganeX", and the Bluetooth microphone "mutalk".

Among them, Pebble Feel allows people to feel the real temperature in the virtual world, from 9 ℃ to 42 ℃; MeganeX is a 6DoF VR headset equipped with Lightning micro OLED display and Pancake lens, only 250 grams; mutalk is a The Bluetooth microphone that can prevent sound leakage, can make hands-free calls.

After five years, Sony released the PS VR2 headset.

It uses an OLED screen, supports 4K HDR, and has a resolution of 2000*4000, as well as the latest eye tracking technology and 3D sound effects. At the same time, Sony also released a matching new handle Sense Controller.

TCL launched a new generation of wearable display glasses – NxtWear Air.

It's only 75 grams, with two tiny 1080p OLEDs, and wearing it equals a 140-inch screen from about 13 feet away.

HTC has released an innovative VR tool called the Vive Wrist Tracker that lets you manipulate virtual spaces with just your wrist instead of holding the device in your hand.

The good news is that they are not concept products at all, but will be available in the spring.

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Quantum computation: A new computing mode that follows the laws of quantum mechanics and regulates quantum information units for computation. (Concept from: Wikipedia)

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We are always amazed by the crazy evolution of technology and confused by the complex and multifaceted aspects of technology, until it goes hand in hand with every moment and every move of our life, we sigh – ah, so it is.

At a time when the world is constantly evolving, questions and answers, curiosity and exploration are the driving force behind us.

Don't worry, if the future is a book that never ends, then a good book is suitable for reading slowly.

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