I’ve changed color, but it’s actually “I miss you.”

In the depths of the lotus root flowers, there are field leaves, and the leaves are newly born with double stalks. Compared with the "one-branched" flower scene, the lotus leaf and the shining lotus are a kind of repetitive and large-scale beauty, even if there are aliens such as the double lotus.

At the moment the two twin sisters appear in front of you in the picture below, the color of the clothes may become a memory symbol to distinguish the two.

▲ Picture from: medium

In the era of full screens, the front design of mobile phones tends to be the same, and everyone's difference is nothing more than the location of the camera hole. Ever since, the design on the back of the phone is crucial. The CMF (material, material and craftsmanship) of the back shell has gradually become the most memorable and distinguishable part of a mobile phone.

After all, this is the best place to make a "outstanding" and stand out from the vast sea of ​​opportunities.

Since the emergence of smart phones, the CMF of the back shell of mobile phones has been constantly changing. The craftsmanship surrounding the three major materials of plastic, metal and glass is always improving. Plain leather and AG matte effects are the trend of the past two years.

▲ The plain leather material has an excellent feel and texture

In the battle of mobile phone CMF, domestic mobile phone manufacturers came from behind, from imitating at the beginning to now leading the way. Among them, OPPO has contributed a lot of good works in 2020. For example, the "Cure" Find X2 Pro bamboo green pigment skin, and the "Dream" Reno4 and Reno5 series of crystal diamond craftsmanship are all impressive.

But the most surprising thing is the first mobile phone equipped with electrochromic technology-Reno5 Pro+ Artist Limited Edition.

The secret of the industry debut

Although the Reno5 Pro+ Artist Limited Edition is the first mass-produced mobile phone equipped with electrochromic technology, this magical technology has been used in buildings, car rearview mirrors, and Boeing 787 portholes.

▲Pictures of aircraft portholes using electrochromic technology from: pinterest

The principle of electrochromic seems very simple, that is, the optical properties of electrochromic materials can cause electrochemical oxidation-reduction reactions under the action of an external electric field, resulting in stable and reversible color changes. Reversible changes are mainly manifested in the appearance of color and transparency.

The core of this technology is color-changing materials. The reason why it has not been applied to mobile phones is that traditional electrochromic devices are relatively large. If rigid devices are transformed into flexible devices, the service life will face great challenges.

▲Traditional electrochromic materials

OPPO told Aifaner that they have begun researching new electrochromic devices since 2017. After more than 3 years of hard work and accumulating more than 100 patents, we finally brought stable and reliable flexible electrochromic devices.

The Reno product line has always been synonymous with OPPO's "light and thin". The prerequisite for the realization of electrochromic on this product line is that it cannot affect the thinness of the mobile phone.

Aifaner learned that the flexible electrochromic membrane used by OPPO this time is composed of a gel-like organic small molecule material, with a thickness of only 0.15mm and a weight of only about 1.5g. Compared with the previous generation of color-changing materials, which are often several centimeters thick and several kilograms, it has unparalleled advantages.

▲The third-generation soft material used by OPPO

Therefore, the thickness of the Reno5 Pro+ Artist Limited Edition is controlled within 8mm, and the weight is only about 184g, and the feel has not compromised with technology.

In addition to volume and weight, its stability is also the focus.

The first is the stability of discoloration. According to OPPO, the flexible electrochromic membrane used in it uses a brand-new semi-solid material, the color change process is stable, and the color change can be memorized for 24 hours.

▲The discoloration process of electrochromic film

Through program control, the color of the rear case can be "regularly charged" to maintain the color unchanged. In this process, it only needs to consume very low power to achieve it, and it will not have a perceptible impact on the battery life of the mobile phone.

The second is the stability of life. OPPO laboratory results show that under standard laboratory conditions (25 degrees Celsius, 50% humidity, single cycle time 1 minute), the life of its electrochromic film exceeds 30,000 times. In other words, in daily use, the color changes 20-30 times a day, and it can be used for more than 3 years.

The life span depends not only on the material itself, but also on the manufacturing process. Since the basic principle of electrochromism is oxidation-reduction reaction, it is very important to isolate water and oxygen. The Reno5 Pro+ Artist Limited Edition uses an LCD-like packaging process. Although the cost is extremely high, the water vapor transmission rate can be strictly controlled to delay the service life.

In addition, since the new color changing device uses a semi-solid gel material, even if the rear case is broken, the color changing material will not flow out like a liquid. In addition, the organic electrolyte material is also safe and non-toxic, and the exposure of the diaphragm will not affect the skin or clothing, thereby eliminating safety hazards.

Technology can be a little more romantic

The process of technology research and development is boring, but the results of technology can be warm. Reno5 Pro+ Artist Limited Edition is such a product with temperature.

In fact, since Reno4, OPPO has launched a special series of "Artist Limited Edition".

The artist Reno4 collaborates with is James Jeans, a surreal romantic style. For the latest Reno5, I found Joshua Vides, the "Master of Two Dimensions".

The comic-style pattern and the freely-switchable back shell make the Reno5 Pro+ Artist Limited Edition a portable tool to show your personality and express yourself.

Users can click on their favorite color in "Personalized Settings". Then the phone will complete the color switching within a few seconds, and the process looks like magic.

In the settings page, OPPO also specifically reminds that the speed of color change is related to the ambient temperature. At a room temperature of about 16 degrees, the discoloration process only takes 4-5 seconds, the higher the temperature, the faster the discoloration.

▲The animation is accelerated

Electrochromism brings not only a novel visual experience, but also points out a new direction for mobile phone interaction. Along with the Reno5 Pro+ Artist Limited Edition, there is also a romantic "dongdong teaser" function.

In the system settings, users can bind two Reno5 Pro+ artist limited editions as family phones. You can change the color of the opponent's phone by tapping the back twice. This is especially suitable for couples, even if they are in a different place, they can still feel the other side's "electricity induction".

It is the first time in the history of mobile phone development to convey emotions through the color of the back cover of the mobile phone. This kind of emotional expression is implicit and euphemistic, and it is especially suitable for users with introverted emotional expression. Just like WeChat’s "Take a Shoot" function, there is no cumbersome ritual, so the other party can feel your heart.

Mobile phones need to be beautiful and more humane

As the first launch in the mobile phone industry, Reno5 Pro+ Artist Limited Edition electrochromic is quite experimental.

For example, only two colors, silver and blue, can be changed. At present, only "Dong Dong Qing Qing" has an interactive meaning. It seems that the function is relatively simple, and the application scenarios are limited.

However, the significance of its appearance is still worthy of recognition. In particular, the human-computer interaction brought about by "Dong Dong Qing Qing" allows people to see the mood like "the moonlight is so beautiful tonight", giving people who are in love with each other a way to express their thoughts.

Let fresh technology be more romantic and more accessible and accepted by users. This is the innovation of Reno5 Pro+ Artist Limited Edition, and it is also an intuitive embodiment of OPPO's "Technology for Good".

Design master Kenya Hara believes that the origin of design is not products, but people. The designer must create something handy, create a good living environment, and thus make people feel the joy of life.

▲Design master Kenya Hara. Picture from: Atlas design

For technology companies, the charm of technology should not only be hard-core parameters, but should also include some humanistic thinking to help users feel life and perceive joy. From this perspective, Reno5 Pro+ Artist Limited Edition is undoubtedly a successful product.

OPPO told Aifaner that they have more ideas on the path of electrochromism. For example, new colors, different changing processes, opening the interface to the market, etc., will be implemented step by step in subsequent products.

Looking back on OPPO's products in recent years, it can be seen that it has a lot of experience in exploring the appearance of CMF.

Starting from the earliest A103 smiley phone, to the starry sky purple on R15, the foggy gradient on R17pro, the phylloxin skin on Find X2, to the crystal diamond craft on Reno4 and Reno5, OPPO has had a lot of CMF craftsmanship. Excellent work.

▲The first generation OPPO Reno fog sea green

In this process, OPPO also explored a set of its own aesthetic expression system, that is, a collection of three concepts of space, time, and color.

Space and color are easier to understand, which refers to the pattern and color of the back cover. And time means that the back cover is no longer static, but can be moved to communicate with users.

Before Reno4, the OPPO back cover design concept was mainly the expression of space and color. In the Reno4 Pro Artist Limited Edition, the light-sensitive phantom body will gradually appear under light. This allows the concept of "time" to enter the aesthetic system.

▲Reno4 Pro Artist Limited Edition

For Reno5 Pro+ Artist Limited Edition, electrochromic is the coupling of color and time. Joshua Vides' two-dimensional painting also brings together the three concepts of space, time, and color on the back of the phone.

Joshua Vides especially likes the polka dot design on the back. He hopes that these waves will allow everyone to imagine the feeling of "changes in light and shadow" at the first sight of a mobile phone.

Time and space, art and technology are thus integrated into the genes of mobile phones. The combination of software and hardware also makes mobile phones more humane.

OPPO told Aifaner that the application of electrochromic technology this time is just their preliminary exploration of the concept of "time". How to explore more creative expressions and explore more interactive possibilities in the future is what OPPO needs to think about.

Not only OPPO, mobile phone manufacturers still have a long way to go in terms of human-computer interaction. As consumers, we hope to see more interesting and easy-to-use interaction methods and interaction logic. We hope that the mobile phone is not only a machine for manufacturers to "show their muscles", but a product with temperature.

Just as Sori Yanagi, the first person in Japanese industrial design, said, "feel it with your hands, and you will have the answer in your hand." A good product does not speak, but it is better than a thousand words.

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