It’s more profitable than selling milk tea and coffee, Hi Tea Starbucks wants to use it to make you addicted

Rice bucket is a derogatory term used to describe someone who only eats but does not do anything. It sounds insulting.

The word "bucket" is much friendlier. Ai Faner's office, which has recently been striving to be a "bucket", unanimously believes that the bucket is very useful, because the bucket can remind you to drink water all the time, so that your daily water intake can meet the expectations. For this reason, people in an office have picked up the "ton ton pot" that has been on fire recently. It has a capacity of 1.5L or more. If you have something to drink, you can drink two sips, and the intake of drinking water in a day is up to the standard.

▲ Large-capacity ton-ton pot

However, a ton-ton pot obviously cannot meet the needs of users for cups.

I don't know if I don't write it, but I found that the editorial department of Aifaner has 3 cups per person.

More cups, not necessarily more water

What are the benefits of working at Aifaner? The answer is that the cup is enough, and the thermos is enough.

There is a thermos cup in every three people's cups. This cup is mostly used to drink hot water. It is very practical in winter, so now I see a lot of dust accumulation.

These are not ordinary thermos cups. Some cups have bilibili small TVs printed on them, which are cups from station B; some cups have different colors and belong to the cool design of Razer; some cups have intelligent temperature control and need to be charged. The evaluation cup used.

▲ Temperature-controlled cups that require charging and are more expensive

And these different designs fall on the cup and become a daily necessities.

Compared with glass cups, thermos cups are resistant to falling, strong and have a long service life, so they have become the first choice for brands to make derivatives, and it is very common to give them to customers in gift boxes. But its cost is also higher than that of glass cups, so it is rare for brands to directly sell thermos cups. Brands directly sell more glass cups and ceramic cups with low manufacturing prices and inexpensive prices.

Even the cups have been turned into a commodity or a giveaway to entice users to buy. A colleague in the office used Tai'er's glass. This is the glass that Tai'er started when he launched the cat food charity event. It was mainly to participate in public welfare, and the glass was a side gift. Another colleague used a Wenchuang glass from Yongpu Coffee, and if he buys a certain amount of coffee, he will get one for free.

▲ Taier's Cultural and Creative Cup

The most "bumped cups" in the office are McDonald's Coca-Cola cups. McDonald's + Coca-Cola, the combination of the two words makes people feel full of happiness, so many Coke lovers buy cups out of their own pockets, and there are three people in Aifaner's office who have this cup. It's also my colleague Pikachu's favorite, and his main drinking glass.

These are brand attributes, and my colleague Zhiqi pays for the brand and pays only for the design.

He bought a reminder drinking cup full of design sense – a transparent bottle with two large black characters of "drinking water" printed on it, simply and rudely reminding you to drink water. He also has a thermos cup for cold weather and a "ton ton pot" with a capacity of 1900ML, but just three cups can't change the fact that he still doesn't like drinking water.

He basically only used a cup to drink water, and he was numb when he saw the "drink water" prompt on the cup, and he would not drink a little more water because of this cup.

▲ Design a glass for a convenience store

But even so, he has more cups at home. Although drinking less water does not prevent you from buying more cups, after all, cups are inexpensive and fun.

They make cups and they are very successful

Printing pictures and words on the mug makes it more interesting and memorable. My parents have experienced it in their generation. Prizes for unit competitions, gifts for New Years and festivals, and an enamel cup with a pattern printed on it are not uncommon. It's just that the cups at that time were more of a commemoration. If the parents were to pay for it, they would most likely not be able to help but quietly complain about the unit behind their backs.

Now it is different. Brands can put their own mascots and brand names on the cups, and after some design packaging, users can pay for them.

It's just that everyone has to look at a cat for the first time to face the "cup economy".

▲ The hot Starbucks cat's paw cup

Three years ago, Starbucks released a cat's paw mug that stuck into the mug like a cat's paw, leaving a paw print, and the mug also had the Starbucks brand name printed on it. It is such a cup that easily detonated the girls' hearts of cat slaves all over the Internet. Even if the price of one is not low in 199, it can't prevent the cup from being quickly sold out, which has attracted scalpers to raise prices wildly.

This makes people see the appeal of cups. Starbucks, the “cup selling company”, has become an industry benchmark to some extent, and more and more brands have joined the ranks of selling cups.

Tea Yanyuese has launched a variety of enamel cups, but the price is much more friendly than Starbucks. When doing activities, you can buy a cat's claw cup for 1/8 of the price. It's just that in addition to the cups, there are also many other derivatives of tea Yanyue. Although there are many cups, they are not all of the brand derivatives.

▲ Tea-colored cups

HEYTEA is much more serious as a cup, and it is currently the most Starbucks-like brand. At least, the price of the 148 straw cup is very close to the price of Starbucks 199 and 159, and the price is very similar. But even if the price is not low, HEYTEA’s cups are selling well, and the sold-out variety means that users have accepted the premiums brought by these brands and are happy to pay for it.

▲ Hi Tea straw cups priced at 148

HEYTEA also understands the charm of limited editions, and the city limited cup (Zhongshan) launched before is also a tribute to Starbucks’ urban limited edition. The difference is that Starbucks has many city-limited cups, while HEYTEA has very few city-limited cups.

Standing on the shoulders of giants, HEYTEA has also succeeded in innovating, and their recently launched limited-edition co-branded cups have been very successful. HEYTEA and Hiroshi Fujiwara's tea residue inspired accompanying cup set is limited to 3,000 pieces and is priced at 399. Even if it is not cheap, it will be available in seconds on the first day of its launch. Currently, it may cost 700+ on second-hand platforms to buy this limited edition. cup.

▲ The leftmost is the co-branded cup priced at 399

For companies such as Coca-Cola, Starbucks, and Heytea, which are related to "drinking", it is more suitable to push cups, and it is not impossible to sell cups as a business.

Food brands such as Taier and cosmetic brands such as 3CE often use cups as gifts, buying a certain amount of money and giving them to users, so as to connect their brands with users’ daily life.

▲ Coca-Cola Cup

There are many ways to play the cups authorized by IP. The most impressive is the cup of Duck – you can drink Duck's saliva.

There are just so many derivatives, why do you have to choose a cup?

▲ The Duck Cup that sells for nearly 700 RMB

There are so many derivatives, why choose a cup

Derivatives of Japanese anime will call it "valley", and fans of anime works will travel across the ocean to buy small souvenirs with their love for these works. In comparison, these souvenirs have little use value – brooches like brooches, standing cards made of acrylic, colored paper and posters made of paper products… These "millet" costs are low, but the price is not low.

Fans can buy it, but derivatives with little practical value are difficult for most people to take out their wallets generously. A friend who retreated from the valley circle and covered her wallet told me that in her opinion, derivatives can be at a premium due to the existence of IP, but they have to be useful and look good. In this way, at least one day if you don't love it and lose the halo, you can continue to use it, instead of completely losing value.

She took out all the millet when she retreated, and if it had some practical value, she might still be able to keep it for later use.

▲ Anime related valleys such as Ba Ha, Ka, etc. Picture from: @神田州

There are many products that are practical and suitable for carrying IP, such as masks, canvas bags, clothing, daily necessities… There are many reasons why cups can become a commodity for sale.

A practitioner of derivatives told Aifaner that the reason why so many brands make cups is because it does not have the trouble of having multiple SKUs like clothing, and at the same time, the profit is also high.

A big problem with clothes is that there are sizes. Different sizes will put a lot of pressure on inventory, and the competition in the clothing market is also fierce.

Of course, the cups actually have inventory problems, but at least one cup does not have five sizes, and the inventory pressure is much less. Moreover, the profit of cups is also very high. The cost of special-shaped cups like Starbucks cat claw cups may be around 20-30 yuan. Starbucks can sell 199 yuan, and ordinary brands can sell 80 or 90 yuan, which is not a loss for the brand.

The low cost of purchasing the cup and the low competitive pressure are also important reasons for it to stand out.

▲ The cultural and creative cup of the Forbidden City is also an important part of its derivatives

Even for Starbucks cups, there are still a few that sell for more than 200 yuan. It is not very economical to spend more than 100 yuan to buy a cup, but it is definitely not a luxury. What's more, there are a lot of cute cups within 100 in addition to the more than 100 cups. The price of the existing brand is well-designed, and the price is similar to a new cup of tea, and the decision-making cost is very low.

The price of HEYTEA's Zhizhiguo tea glass is 38, which is readily accepted by such brand premium users.

At the same time, the market competition for cups is not so cruel, and users are still willing to buy cups. Even if they already have four or five cups at home, they don't mind bringing another one. In contrast, the clothing market has basically become a red sea. Old brands continue to lose money, new brands struggle to survive, and derivatives are harder than expected.

▲ Starbucks 2022 Valentine's Day limited cup, richness beyond imagination

It's better to make a cup, you can make money if you look good.

Although it is not 100% profitable, at least the probability of loss is much smaller, and there are a lot of people willing to pay for you.

Not too interesting, not too optimistic.

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