It’s assembled! No. 9 Che You Sugar Club

At the fingertips, Aifaner Sugar Club has come to the sixth phase. We decided to play something different. During this period of time, the Internet car-making powers are enjoying themselves, so let's have a discussion on the way of travel.

Travel, as the last link in "clothing, food, housing, and transportation", is also a link that runs through all activities, and its importance is self-evident. People can use the power of the "big bird" to shuttle through the clouds during long-distance travel, or they can ride freely on the "e donkey" in the narrow streets.

The way is different, but the fun is not diminished.

The protagonist of the Sugar Club today is the fun-filled "little eDonkey". They are the new members of the No. 9 Electric. They are the No. 9 | LINE FRIENDS collaboration model and the No. 9 Li Ning anti- Wu limited edition.

▲ No. 9 Li Ning Anti-Wu Limited Edition

Today's series of activities will focus on these new cars and their "Dad" No. 9 company.

The Future Society on Thursday was supposed to be a quiet corner of Guangzhou, but today it is so lively.

After the guests and fans signed in, the big lazy cat band played a piece of music. The cheers and laughter of the small friends present heated up the atmosphere. After the two songs, all the friends in this room became acquainted, and we came to the next link, the function sharing of the new product by the company on the 9th.

Segway-Ninebot has focused on short-term transportation and robotics from beginning to end, and is also the first domestic innovative company to enter the balance car market. It took two days for the two founders to make the prototype of the first balance car, but it was a lot of trouble. The release of the first mass-produced product was two years later.

The journey of No.9 Company started in the field of short-term travel. After launching a variety of products designed to solve the "last mile" travel problem, they began to focus on further goals.

They launched the No. 9 electric series products in 2019, in order to solve the consumer group's dilemma for long-distance travel.

Some people may ask, why do you buy your own car because shared travel is so developed nowadays?

Shared travel only satisfies the most basic pain point of "moving up", and plays a role in alleviating urgent needs. However, the itchy point functions such as long battery life, sensor unlocking, comfortable sitting feeling, large storage space, etc., are the No. 9 electric Want to solve.

Besides, wouldn’t it be nice to own an electric bike of your own, to travel on the streets in your free time, and to drive for you when you commute?

Wang Cheng, the person in charge of No.9 digital marketing who came to the scene today, agreed. He joined No.9 Company because of similar ideas.

After working in the mobile phone industry for many years, he discovered after joining No.9 that everyone is actually doing the same thing, except that No.9 is closer to the goal and the pace is more stable.

We accepted a round of investment from Sequoia Capital in 2015. At that time, we acquired the world’s largest company that is the originator of balance bikes, called Segway. Segway’s first round of financing was Jobs and the founders of Amazon invested. On April 1st, 2015, when the acquisition was announced on the 9th, everyone did not believe it, but at that moment, the 9th truly changed from a Chinese company to a global one. the company.

Then, on the 9th, it expanded its categories from the initial balance scooter to scooters, karts, all-four-wheel off-road vehicles, and the recently deployed electric vehicle product line. The outlook for the year became clearer and clearer.

The achievement of today's achievements has a lot to do with the brand's genes. The founders of No.9 Company, Gao Lufeng and Wang Ye, were fascinated by mechanical engineering when they were studying at Beihang University, and they flowed in their blood because of their obsession with technology.

So until now, No.9 is a company that attaches great importance to technology research and development. On the one hand, it is intelligent technology with temperature, and on the other hand, it is the ultimate concern for user value. It forms the DNA double helix structure of No.9.

This is reflected in the newly released A40, N90 and N70C.

The travel industry needs to address the needs of different users in different scenarios, so our product lines will be very large.

But engineers need to set a complete set of underlying logic for the product to meet the basic needs of most users for travel. This is the role of the RideyGo! intelligent riding system.

There are many sensors in the No. 9 electric. They are like superheroes in the "Avengers." ! Plays this role.

When the No. 9 electric vehicle is running on the road, many real-time data will be generated during the period. RideyGo! collects and cross-analyzes to ensure that users get a safe, intelligent and comfortable riding experience.

Zhang Shengqiao, the person in charge of No. 9 product, shared a situation:

Our most common accident in the field of electric vehicles is when we accidentally hit the accelerator when we were not ready to ride, and then the car flew out.

I also see similar news reports from time to time on the Internet. Not to mention, my aunt once had the experience of accidentally twisting the handlebars when testing a car in an electric car shop, which was less than 5 seconds. The frightening moment made her dare not ride an electric bicycle.

We launched RideyGo in the past! One year ago, we pulled some data in the background and saw that the user twisted the accelerator when using the vehicle with the number 9 vehicle and twisted the throttle for thousands of times. If you didn’t sit in our car, Fortunately, turn on the accelerator, the car will not go, so we are equivalent to preventing the possibility of thousands of accidents.

This feature is just the tip of the iceberg in the RileyGo! system. In the RileyGo! 2.0 version launched in March, a family account function was also added. One car can correspond to multiple owners, allowing the No. 9 electric to adapt to the use of different members. habit. For example, female car owners have less precise control of the accelerator, and can preset permissions to achieve different driving styles.

As an audience in the audience, what I heard most was the AirLock function that comes standard with the No. 9 electric. The set-up mobile phone can be unlocked by approaching the vehicle, eliminating the tedious process of "take out the mobile phone-open the app-click to unlock". The real keyless startup, but this is the case.

Many of the functions mentioned above are the result of the joint efforts of No. 9 electric engineers and users. After users purchase and use No. 9 electric vehicles, they express their own experience and opinions on the community and other platforms. The customer feedback that comes up is fully accepted, pondering the pain points and itching points of users, and continuously improving the products.

Therefore, after each OTA or hardware iteration, the user's product knowledge of the No. 9 electric car can be refreshed.

It is worth mentioning that the two models were displayed on site. In addition to the standard models, there are also co-branded models launched in cooperation with the two major IPs, namely the No. 9 | LINE FRIENDS cooperation model, and the No. 9 Li Ning anti-Wu limited edition customized model.

Cute LINE FRIENDS cartoon elements appear in the corners of the A40 body, making young female riders less resistant to electric bicycles. They can ride the No. 9 electric bike more boldly on the streets, passers-by see the brown bear on the body With Kenny Rabbit, even road rage will be softened.

As a pioneer of sports trends, Li Ning's BADFIVE custom-made models for the N90 also demonstrate the youth's yearning for street culture everywhere.

At the scene, it can also be seen that the car fans are full of love for the No. 9 electric. There is no blame, only peaceful questions, each caring about the functions they want and when they can be used.

"Users of No.9 Electric love this brand deeply." We have heard about this for a long time. Therefore, we initiated recruitment in advance and invited many new and old car users to the scene to be responsible for the car friends and No.9 Electric. People provide a platform for one-to-one on-site communication.

Someone asked:

For the old C-series and B-series models, are there any upgrades to these models, or are there subsequent hydrogen energy products for such models?

Zhang Shengqiao’s answer to this is:

A B65H was placed in the cabin on site, and that car is our engineering vehicle. It is powered by hydrogen energy. Although the riding experience is the same as that of the B series, it contains two hydrogen tanks. It is not as simple as removing the original power supply system and then plugging in the hydrogen energy reactor. The hydrogen reactor involved is no different from rebuilding a power system, so it is difficult to directly transform on the basis of the old model, but We can look forward to our subsequent introduction of hydrogen-powered replacement models.

There are also car friends who are very interested in the product line differentiation of the 9th electric, so they asked:

What is the difference between N series and E series? How to confirm their positioning?

Product manager Lin Zisong first took the microphone and said:

The E series is still our flagship product, and the N series is more oriented towards ordinary consumers. In fact, the takeaway boy can also afford this car, and can deliver takeaways in a decent way. It is very simple to get in the car and leave.

At this time, Zhang Shengqiao looked at Lin Zisong thoughtfully, took the microphone and added.

If you take a car analogy, our E series is like Volkswagen CC, and N series may be like Passat. It (the latter) may be more practical, but the playability is slightly weaker because of the longer wheelbase, with There will be some losses in various aspects of the coming round sensitivity, and there will be some differences in positioning.

The questions from riders are endless, and the product manager must answer all questions, so that the originally scheduled 30-minute session took nearly 20 minutes longer. After the 10-minute tea break, everyone moved to Another area.

A row of white No. 9 helmets are neatly arranged. In fact, this is a graffiti challenge session. The riders want to brainstorm on the helmets. After the work is completed, the judges will give them points. In the end, the highest score is a young lady's car. Crayon Shin-chan under the brush of your friend, it is really not easy for her to draw such a naughty egg Shin-chan with such a high degree of reduction on a sleek helmet.

Of course, this young lady was not the only one who received the prize. We also carefully prepared backpacks, Li-Ning T-shirts and a No. 9 electric A40 to give back to the guests and riders.

Come with expectation, come back with laughter. Everyone took a gift and rode on several new No. 9 cars that we prepared in advance to experience the test drive in an orderly manner. If the venue is not limited, I would like to ride the No. 9 electric directly home.

With the clicking sound of the camera when the photographer took a group photo for the friends, this period of Tanggu came to a perfect conclusion.

In the final test drive session, the performance of the new model verified the various advantages shared by the guests on site.

The blessing of NFC card unlocking, AirLock, OTA commonly used Changxin, Knock Knock turning on lights, etc., gives the No. 9 electric a little more confidence in competing with competing products, adding more intelligent elements on the basis of long battery life and long performance. Let the knights "sweet travel", doesn't it also coincide with Ai Faner's concept of "good products are like a candy"?

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