“ITALY. Land of Wonders ”: the videogame on Italian wonders arrives

From 19 July “ITALY. Land of Wonders " . It is a videogame developed, at the moment, for iOS , but which will soon also arrive on Android. The objective of this project, however, as well as on a purely playful level, is to promote Italy in the world through its wonders.

The Italian cultural heritage is institutionally recognized all over the world and the possibility of directly coming into contact with the wonders present in the Bel Paese can represent a strong possibility of advertising, also considering the condition of the holiday destinations in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The aesthetics of the videogame

The main target is younger users and it was released for free in 11 languages. The aesthetics, but also the game mechanics, are very reminiscent of Monument Valley, which was a little precursor to the aesthetics of mobile video games, and is fortunately very far from Rebel Youth, the video game developed on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of Unification of Italy in collaboration with the Presidency of the Council of Ministers.

After downloading and starting the application, you are immediately greeted by a beautiful splash screen and an animation that introduces us to the actual video game. Despite being an "institutional" game, developed for "propaganda" reasons, " ITALY. Land of Wonders ”is a videogame with a rather refined, modern, suggestive and captivating aesthetic that makes you want to play with it. The development work was carried out by Forge Reply, a Reply group company specialized in the design and implementation of applications and experiences based on Virtual Reality.

The soundtrack , on the other hand, is imbued with "vibes" from Italian nights , with original compositions inspired by Baroque melodrama and "famous soundtracks".

What videogame is “ITALY. Land of Wonders "?

From a storytelling point of view, the protagonist of the video game is an elderly lighthouse keeper , Elio, who , nomen omen , lights up the sun that illuminates the Italian peninsula every morning . To do this, however, during the night, he must collect 20 sparks from the 20 reasons of Italy.

The player will have to contribute to this mission by solving more than 100 puzzle game-style levels set in the most significant places in Italy. Each of the various settings is also accompanied by one of the 600 texts full of news, stories, curiosities and images to deepen their history.

On his journey, the player will then come into contact with five Guardians who will guide him to discover Nature, Gastronomy, Art, Entertainment and Design , those who are the five fundamental sectors of our cultural heritage.

The goal of "Land of Wonders"

From the words of Ambassador Lorenzo Angeloni, Director General for the Promotion of the Country System, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, it is possible to understand the ultimate goal of the project:

The mobile gaming market has now become one of the channels with the greatest dissemination of content, even the highest and most cultural ones. In the post-pandemic world, it is our duty to seize every opportunity, use every means to promote our country and its excellence in the world.

Lorenzo Angeloni, Director General for the Promotion of the Country System

We do it therefore also with this modality – highly innovative for our Ministry and for the Italian public administration in general: a modality of communication in which we believe very much.

We cater to young and very young people: with 'Italy. Land of wonders' our goal is to make children from all over the world passionate about our country and its beauties, to build a sense of familiarity that can guide them, one day, to the real discovery of our territories and our products. "Italy. Land of Wonders ”is not just a fun game for mobile phones – it is a real Made in Italy product, which skilfully combines culture and high technology. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of our country: it is an adventure for everyone to discover the beauty, creativity and taste of Italy.

Lorenzo Angeloni, Director General for the Promotion of the Country System

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