It looks like a speaker and instead it is a rollable smartphone from Xiaomi!

xiaomi rollable smartphone

Recently a Xiaomi patent was spotted which – in its own way – tries to upset things in terms of the camera under the display . A complex mechanism, but it is nothing compared to the new document unearthed at the offices of the Chinese body CNIPA. The umpteenth patent was presented in March 2020 and approved only on May 11, 2021 and shows a Xiaomi smartphone with a rollable display and a look … unique!

Xiaomi patents a rollable smartphone that looks like a speaker

xiaomi rollable smartphone

After having gone through a long period characterized by always identical smartphones, it seems that lately the various brands have switched to more original models, albeit with some characteristics in common – such as the ubiquitous punch hole. However, in terms of originality, the new model patented by Xiaomi certainly exceeds all expectations. If you have been fascinated by the folding / rollable combination of TCL Fold n Roll – merger between OPPO X 2021 and Mi MIX Fold – then this time you will be amazed.

The new document highlights Xiaomi’s interest in creating a rollable smartphone , but the patent shows an atypical design. The device resembles a smart speaker , with a cylindrical shape and a movable section that acts as a handle to “extract” the rollable display. The upper part has a button, perhaps for switching on and off, while the photographic compartment is located along the body. Below there is a speaker and there doesn’t seem to be a charging port (maybe it only works wirelessly?).

Although “fascinating”, this concept of Xiaomi rollable smartphone is certainly not practical. The use on the move seems impossible and perhaps it could represent an alternative for a tablet or in any case an accessory for the home (a smart display?). What do you think of this device? Do you appreciate the effort to find a new “shape” for smartphones? However, remember that at present it is only a patent and therefore it is not certain that this device actually translates into a real model.