Is today’s digital technology as perfect as they say?

When we talk about technology we often consider the positive aspects, however, neglecting the defects or details that do not go into an operating system, software or hardware, thinking that if you place too much importance on this type of aspects, you risk damaging in terms of opinion a product we particularly care about. This attitude derives from years and years of excessive criticism, which the generation of Millennials know well, due to the specialized blogs, forums and all those platforms where each user expresses their opinion and point of view on the topics of their interest.

An attitude that today we can easily see after logging in to platforms such as Telegram, broadcasts such as Youtube or emerging realities, but already very sectoral such as, the live streaming platform owned by Amazon that has already established itself precisely by virtue of the high-level content, in the field of videos, streaming platforms and specifically with regard to events, competitions eSports, gaming and latest generation videogames.

You thrive on hype for every upcoming best seller

Over the past few months, the hype surrounding an already cult game like Cyberpunk 2077 has created a certain following, among insiders, geeks, enthusiasts and bloggers of all sorts. Precisely as regards the attitude of highlighting the qualities for what could become the reference game at the generational level of these years, the technical problems that every game can have at its first publication are evaded and omitted.

Cyberpunk 2077

Especially when we talk about a game that is in fact an all-round narrative universe. Now, however, it is also important to express what are the perplexities about a game, albeit with attention to detail and made to perfection like this.

The technical problems related to a complex game and perhaps released in a bit of a hurry

Cyberpunk 2077 is a technically flawed game with several bugs, many of which can break the game. While games that have bugs at launch aren't uncommon, few games have been shipped in such a disastrous state in recent memory, with the only examples I can think of are Fallout 76 and the PC version of Batman Arkham Knight. Bugs in Cyberpunk 2077 can generally be classified as puzzle or non-puzzle.

One of the cyberpunk bugs

Bugs that don't break the game are definitely the most common type in the game. Characters often T-pose randomly in front of you, stand on top of their chairs instead of sitting on them, randomly switch between sitting and standing during conversations, spawn in the same spot as other characters, or they sit, stand or walk in the air.

Items held by characters randomly float in the air, entire vehicles randomly spawn in front of you, or fall from the sky. Your character will casually sit in the seat of your car or bike while driving, often upside down for some reason. Enemies will walk through solid doors and walls or get stuck in them.

Some bug issues found so far

Perhaps the most common bug in Cyberpunk 2077 is when you have to talk to someone important and the game simply doesn't present you with on-screen conversation options. Without the options, you can't really do anything, so again, you need to reload an old save file.

While they aren't as common as non-game-breaking bugs, game-breaking bugs are still plentiful in Cyberpunk 2077 and make it really hard to enjoy the game at times. These are just the things I've come across, and others may have had other problems.

I'm far from completing all the side missions and gigs in the game and there's a whole world of bugs out there waiting for me if I should try. What is most disturbing about the state of the game is how it turned out despite delays and refining promises.

Conclusions on the theme of the game

If it had been launched this way in April, it would have been bad anyway, but after three delays, all of which were incurred to improve the game, the state of the game at launch is still much better. All this leads us to make a useful example regarding the digital technology behind which the gaming realities we know best move. Each of us will have played at a latest generation online casino at least once in our life.

Taking the case study of live casinos Italy we can have in our hands a rather agile and exhaustive example of how we have worked to improve the level of gameplay over the years. Casino games today work at their best and have very few bugs, which is fundamental in this type of context. As everyone knows, in fact, online casinos have an optimal level of computer security, given that they are played with real money and that users must trust whoever manages them.

The security guaranteed by online casino systems is unprecedented

Of course, behind the concept of cyber security today there is the constant work of many people who deal with the technical part, the playability and the cyber security that is behind every aspect that concerns legal online gambling, which in Italy is managed through the prohibition of the customs agency of ADM.

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