Is the “Vlog artifact” that mobile phone manufacturers call a gimmick or a fact?

In recent years, more and more manufacturers like to use "Vlog artifacts" to advertise their products, especially mobile phone manufacturers, who have marked large Vlog artifacts on their product leaflets. Before we talk about whether mobile phones are worthy of being called Vlog artifacts, we Need to understand what Vlog is?

What is Vlog?

It can be seen from the name that this is actually a compound word, Video + Log, which translates to the meaning of video log. The reason why it is called Vlog is derived from Blog, so Vlog can be understood as a video blog.

Since the ancient blog is free of opinion and personal, Vlog should not be limited to the form of taking a selfie with a camera.

According to this definition, I recalled that when I was a kid, I watched an American variety show called "America's Funniest Home Videos" (the Hong Kong translation is called Laughing Little Movie). All funny home videos were contributed by viewers. The most interesting part of the family video is intercepted. For each episode, the host will release nearly 10 videos. The family that contributes the most funny video will receive a cash prize.

The home video clips played in this program are my earliest impressions of Vlog: life-oriented, interesting, and personal appearance.

However, according to the records in Wikipedia, the earliest recognized Vlog was published by an American netizen named Adam Kontras on his blog on January 2, 2000. This entry is called "Entry #1 The video and subsequent releases recorded the life of this old man in Los Angeles to pursue his dream in the entertainment industry.

Adam recorded his life on the Internet, but inadvertently started a video format.

In 2000, in New York City on the east coast of the United States, a young man named Casey Neistat also tried to use a DV camera to record his struggles in the big city. At this time, it was five years before YouTube was born.

A few years later, the year before YouTube was born, 2004, was called the "Vlog First Year". However, we all know later that it was just the beginning. With the continuous rise of video platforms, the video format changed from Big screens have entered small screens like mobile phones, and now people spend far more time watching videos on mobile phones than they spend on TV in the cinema or living room.

After Vlog was born, it went through a long period of growth until Casey Neistat sold a documentary co-produced with his brothers to HBO. The video format of Vlog finally came to the public eye. In current terms, it is "out of the circle." Up.

When a large number of excellent Vlog creators have emerged from abroad, some people in China are eager to try.

▲ Time comparison of vlog search popularity at home and abroad

Vloggers such as flypig, Jing Yue, and Wang Xiaoguang followed in the footsteps of Casey and tried this new form of content creation. They are like preachers, telling stories in their lives with wonderful lens language and interesting pictures. Vlog culture has taken root in China.

Under their interpretation, the audience was either amused by the stalks in the video, or was touched by someone, something, and emotion that appeared in the video. This is the difference between Vlog and ordinary videos. It is more grounded and easier to make. People empathize.

After watching Vlogs for a while, I found that good Vlog content has three major elements: creativity , copywriting and technical skills .

I first paid attention to a B-site UP host named "Polar Notes" because I wanted to learn how to shoot Vlog. The beginning of each episode of his video was very attentive, and his self-made props were used as storyboards to bring out this issue. The theme of the story to be told is also well-known "Student He".

Another long-term UP master "Kang Ami_" is good at telling stories. Every time I watch his videos, I am amazed at his textual appeal, or it is more appropriate to describe it as "full score composition" which is often said by barrage.

There are also many UPs that feature cool transitions. I watched their videos and found that they all have one thing in common. Whether it’s the title, copywriting, or transitions, these ideas serve the story. , And the process of packaging the story takes time.

If you don't want to spend too much energy on packaging the story, the story itself must be very exciting, and the story material must be available every day.

This type of Vlog puts extremely high demands on the daily life of creators. After all, not everyone leads a Kardashian life, which is enough to persuade them to leave. Flypig’s "North Korea 95 Hours" series Vlog is an excellent example of this type of video.

We like to watch Vlog, don't we just want to see a different world, but it's quite another matter if we shoot ourselves.

Let go and shoot, don't set limits on yourself

Although there is still no standard definition of what is Vlog, everyone should have a preliminary impression of it: personal, life-oriented, and story-oriented documentary videos.

Then according to these characteristics, if you want to learn to shoot Vlog, you need to prepare a few things: learn the creative ideas of Vlog and the ability to tell stories (language expression ability), learn how to keep yourself in front of the camera (camera sense), and A filming equipment.

The first two can be obtained at almost zero cost, as long as you watch and practice more, and the equipment is rich and frugal.

Local tyrants can choose BMPCC 6K, Dafa A7R4 and other SLR/micro-single devices; if you don’t want to burn too much money, you can choose DJI Pocket, Insta360 or GoPro action cameras, and you can start shooting after you pick them up. Also, you can use your mobile phone now. Can shoot.

More and more mobile phone manufacturers are telling the story of making blockbuster movies on mobile phones. The most famous one is Apple, "Three Minutes" by Chen Kexin (2018), "A Barrel" by Jia Zhangke (2019), Theodore May "Daughter" (2020) taken by Elfi.

▲ Behind the scenes of "Three Minutes"

Even some movies on the big screen, such as the 85th Oscar's Best Documentary "Looking for the Sugar Man", some of the shots were shot with the iPhone.

Of course, some people will refute me and say, "iPhone is the cheapest shooting tool in the whole film. The lens, pan/tilt, and lighting are not more expensive than mobile phones. Without the aid of those tools, shooting movies with iPhone is a fantasy. ".

I will not refute, because you are right.

However, it is judged based on the standard of making a short film. Naturally, it requires a variety of props and multiple people to execute it in order to get the audio-visual effect that the director wants most.

In the face of a Vlog, high image quality is a bonus, but the story is still the most important of the major elements carried by the Vlog.

Therefore, if you want to get started with Vlog, the first consideration should be to learn the creative ideas and storytelling ability of Vlog, so that you will not show your timidity in front of the camera.

After you learn how to tell a story, you no longer need to stick to the device. Mobile phones, drones, cameras, and even laptop cameras can all be used for you.

Mobile phone is the most convenient creative tool

So, is the phone worthy of the title of Vlog artifact? Although Vlog artifacts are just a new selling point of major manufacturers driven by the needs of an emerging user, in the final analysis they are still optimizing the shooting experience of mobile phones. From increasing the pixels, increasing the number of cameras, to AI photography and turning into a Vlog artifact, mobile phones are behind the innovations made by manufacturers in response to user needs.

With the addition of HDR, automatic beauty, super wide-angle, super anti-shake and other functions, mobile phones are indeed getting closer and closer to the title of Vlog artifact. Compared with the camera, although the degree of professionalism is not so high, but its advantages are light weight, low cost, easy to use, and less time in the later stage, which meets the needs of most ordinary users.

▲ Simultaneous shooting before and after

Cooperate with various mobile editing apps: Yixian, Bicut, Videoleap, LumaFusion, Cut Ying, etc. Fast film production is its advantage.

I used the iPhone SE + OSMO mobile phone gimbal to shoot nearly an hour of footage in West Lake, and then I still edited the film on the iPhone SE with a flash. It took 1 day from shooting to release. Finally, uploading the video to station B is the only time I use the computer.

This video, uploaded in 2018, will still usher in a wave of broadcast "peaks" around the holidays.

After two years, the camera performance of the mobile phone has become stronger, and the playability of the later software is also richer. It is no longer a problem to use the mobile phone to complete the Vlog creation.

So if you really want to learn how to shoot Vlog, don't worry about what kind of equipment, just pick up your phone and go out to create.

Source of title image: Unsplash

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