Is the Tokyo Olympics really that bad? This time we want to talk something different with you

What? Why is the Olympic Games not over yet?

Someone made such a sigh at the topic selection meeting of Aifaner's editorial department.

If it weren't for a piece of material dubbed the "Opening Ceremony of the Underworld," the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics would hardly even grab too much attention from hot searches such as the Henan torrential rain and the Wu Yifan incident.

What's interesting is that the most widely circulated video did not actually come from the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics, but not many people found it, and it seems to indicate from the side that there are really fewer people watching the Olympics.

Olympic events are more of a joke, and emojis are spread on social media platforms. Chinese audiences no longer care about gold medals so much, and athletes have more opportunities to show their personalities.

The 58-year-old Aunt Ni Xialian is completely enjoying the joy of the game. Table tennis is no longer her first choice in life. "If you lose, you can still go on a motorboat."

▲ The 58-year-old Ni Xialian defeated the 17-year-old South Korean player in the first round.

When our athletes can capture a large number of overseas netizens through the Internet like Li Ziqi, this may be a cultural output that is difficult to achieve with as many gold medals as possible.

▲ Lv Xiaojun is called “Military God'' by foreign netizens.

Today’s Tokyo Olympics is about to close. Everyone in the editorial department of Aifaner would like to chat with you. This Olympic Games will bring us the deepest memory besides winning or losing.

The Olympic Games put forward an immeasurable slogan

He Zongcheng

Faster, Higher, Stronger. Just three days before the opening of the Tokyo Olympics, the International Olympic Committee added a sentence after the 101-year slogan-Together.

This is the first time in a century that people have proposed a new dimension outside of competition-speed can be calculated in "seconds", height is calculated in "meters", strength is evaluated in "kg", and the strength of unity, Immeasurable.

It is not only a hope for the world under the de-globalization situation, but also a hope for people in the dark moments when the new crown is raging.

The legendary Olympique originated from people's yearning for peace under war. The three kings of ancient Greece signed the Olympic sacred truce and promised to stop all military operations in the three months before and after the Olympic Games. This "sacred truce" guaranteed the holding of the 293 Ancient Olympic Games and objectively preserved more of the flames of ancient Greek civilization.

Of course, there is a natural contradiction between competition and unity. The open and secret battles of the gold medal list, the standards and controversy of the field judgment, make this field more or less nationalistic.

▲ After the men's high jump final, Qatar's gold medalist Mutaz Bashim (left) and Italy's Gianmarco Tambori celebrated on the track. Image courtesy of the Associated Press

But when Balhim of Qatar and Tempe of Italy joined hands on the top podium, we knew that Together was not just a slogan.

What transcends gender, country and race, in addition to the rhythms and movements that uproar the beat, there is also the unrestrained power and power flowing in the blood of human nature.

After 00 of this Olympics, awesome

Liu Xuewen

Before the opening of the Olympics, there was almost no sense of existence. After all, the opening ceremony of the Olympics was all "cold knowledge", and the grotesque opening ceremony also ushered in a lot of complaints.

The result is still not able to escape the law of Zhenxiang. This Olympics is very beautiful, especially after 00: Yang Qian, who shot down the Olympic gold, and her little yellow duck hairpin, and gestures; Sun Yingsha, who defeated Mima Ito twice , And a face-squeezing emoticon package;

Yang Shuyu, the main player in the women's three-person basketball event, won the bronze medal. Before the bronze medal, she was out of the circle because of her beauty;

The most moving is the young diving player Quan Hongchan, who was born at the age of 14 and won the Olympic record with five jumps and three full marks. This little girl who has never been to amusement parks and zoos has her biggest wish to make money for her mother. She is sick, and at the same time she is worried that the King Glory anti-addiction system only gives her 1 hour of game time a day….

▲ Picture from: Xinhua News Agency

Compared with the previous Olympic Games, our athletes are more like the living people around us, rather than models for admiration and emotions. This kind of natural innocence, handsomeness, friendliness and sense of responsibility are no less important than gold medals.

What I want to do most during the Olympics is to uninstall Weibo

Go free fried rice

Today, when "Lord of the Rings" will get a star because of "too long and boring", how many people will still watch a game in front of the screen?

Like the popular "Hot Search Chase" in the past two years, many people watched the Olympics on Weibo Hot Search and various short video platforms this year.

However, under these Olympic-related microblogs, you may see two extremely separate and opposing emotions, and athletes may be repeatedly pulled at the poles of heaven and hell.

On the one hand, netizens congratulated Su Bingtian on winning sixth in the 100 meters and began to line up to apologize to Liu Xiang. More and more athletes who won silver and bronze medals or even no medals also received the same encouragement. Netizens even took the initiative to "back the pot" for the national table tennis mixed doubles defeat.

At the same time, after 00, who shot China's first gold, Yang Qian turned into a "kneeling girl" because of her collection of Nike shoes, as if she had returned to the day when the "patriotic youth" used U-shaped locks to smash Japanese car owners.

Japanese female table tennis player Mima Ito was also sprayed out of the network because of a fake social media screenshot, so that when she saw a happy video of her delivering sushi to a Chinese player, netizens didn't know what to do for a while.

This is the Internet we live on today. There is more understanding and tolerance, and more misunderstanding and anger. Creating oppositional emotions is the traffic code of this era.

Hot searches and short videos have supported a “low drive high walk'' Olympics

Huang Zhijian

In my eyes as a sports blind, the 2020 Tokyo Olympics is a failed and exciting Olympics.

Compared to Beijing, London and Rio, this Olympic Games has basically nothing to do with Tokyo, the host city.

Except for the strange cultural awards that people can't understand at the opening ceremony, it is difficult for the audience to leave some unique impressions about Tokyo (environmental paper bed?), it seems to cover the "Tokyo" logo, the competition can be in the world Go to any corner.

The Olympics are not doing well, but the Olympic games are still as exciting as ever.

I asked my friends about their impressions of the Olympic Games, and the answers were varied: high-level sports are exciting, many treasure players have been unearthed, the game commentary is very professional, and Migu sports is very useful…

Different from watching games on TV in the past, more friends learn about the Olympics from hot searches and short videos.

Watch the moment when Su Bingtian breaks through the limits of Asia in the short video, and then go to Weibo Hot Search to participate in the topic discussion of "Su Bingtian goes to bed at 10 o'clock every night". This is the basic "trip" for this Olympic audience to watch the Olympics.

This wonderful sense of participation in the interweaving of virtual and reality is probably what impresses the audience the most in this Olympics.

Success, this year’s Olympics successfully "invaded" my life


I seem to be the only person in my family who doesn't like to watch sports games.

The Olympics, the World Cup, and the NBA weekend games that pop up at any time always dominate the TV screen at home.

When I grow up and work, I naturally don’t have to be forced to watch various sports games in front of TV, let alone no cable TV at home. The last two Olympics have almost no memory of me.

But this year's Olympics still successfully "invaded" my life, with emoticons and animated pictures.

From the opening "Wu Jing series", the "ancestral dance steps" of the table tennis team, to the small to almost unclear diving animations, I still follow these pictures to get a sense of the discussion topics of netizens.

This Olympics is finally over, let me see if the next Olympics will attract my attention.

I watched "Lifestyles" in the Olympics


I pay very little attention to the competition, but I am keen to watch the stories of various athletes, and often tears into my eyes inexplicably.

For example, Zheng Ninali, a Chinese-German mixed race, her grandmother and grandfather are all Chinese athletes. Born in Canada, she chose to submit an application on the day of her 20th birthday to become a Chinese national to represent China. This resulted in her being unable to participate in international competitions for three years, so her points were cleared to zero. . After "lifting the ban," Nina Cheng scored enough points in less than two months to get a ticket to the Tokyo Olympics, becoming China's first naturalized track and field athlete.

For example, Qatar player Mutaz Balhim and Italian player Gianmarco Tamboli are each other's "best friends". They happened to score the same score in the men's high jump final. The referee asked whether the two sides would win the extra game. At the time of the loss, Balhim asked, "Can we have two gold medals?" After receiving a positive reply, the two embraced and shared the championship.

▲ Turnberry happily jumped onto Balhim. I smiled and enjoyed this clip five or six times.

For example, in the badminton men’s singles final, Danish player Ansailong and Chinese player Chen Long exchanged jerseys after the match; Austria’s PhD in mathematics Anna went to Tokyo alone, "smoothly" won a bicycle road race gold medal, and then waved her sleeves to continue. Going back to China for research…

I like these easter eggs, if they are still in high school, they will all become my argumentative materials.

This is the most equal Olympic Games in history, right?

Wu Zhiqi

This is the most equal Olympic Games in history.

The greatest equality may be that the global audience cannot go to Tokyo, but can only cheer for the Olympic athletes in front of the screen.

Of course, all female athletes accounted for close to 49%, which is the largest proportion of all previous Olympics; the admission ceremony of the opening ceremony also arranged for the first time the male and female double standard bearers; 46-year-old Chusovitina competed in the Olympics for the eighth time. The young post-05 also rushed to the arena; researcher Kissenhof and nurse Frougi are both non-professional athletes, but they both won gold medals…

However, I also recalled that before the opening of the Olympic Games, there was a public opinion crisis due to internal gender discrimination. Among the executive members of the International Olympic Committee, women accounted for only 33%. The design of the double standard bearer in the opening ceremony actually seemed a bit Embarrassment and awkwardness; for the first time in the history of the Olympic Games, the public transgender Laurel Hubbard took part in the transgender competition, which even aroused the controversy about "equality".

Some of the equality issues behind the Olympics come from physical differences, some from history, and some are just formalism.

Of course, change is a good thing. Who can imagine that in ancient Greece, women who participated in the Olympic Games without permission would be subject to capital punishment.

But is there real equality?

Before we pursue equality, we still have to figure out what kind of equality we need.

Thanks to the Olympics, we see more than one beauty of girls

Green onions

If you have to find a word to describe the female athletes of this Olympics, I will tell you: fierce.

This is a word that I like very much. You may immediately think of lively seafood (no, hurry up!), but to me, "fighting" actually means a kind of beauty full of vitality. It is the pearl manicure of Yang Qian's little sister, Li Wenwen's heavyweight comparison, Zhang Yufei's infectious smile, and the "Nezha ball head" of Chinese girls in the 4×100 relay.

For a long time in the past, female athletes seemed to have short hair, dark, uniform uniforms. And this Olympics, you see, girls can be sweet and cute, or they can be aggressive and brave. They each have their own beauty, and they are confidently shining in the arena.

The beauty of these Olympic girls is not given by the plastic surgeon, nor is it relied on expensive skin care products, nor is it repaired by the filter P picture. It's just a long time of exercise, concentration and ambition, plus a vivid and true self.

"Be a strong, appetite, and powerful woman!" A friend of mine sighed after watching the Olympics.

Who said a girl can only be white and thin and beautiful out of a mold? The diverse and healthy social aesthetics are presented here incisively and vividly.

In the discussion about the Olympics in the editorial department, we found that everyone’s memory of the Olympics is different. For you, what impressions this Olympics left on you, please continue to chat with us in the comment area.

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