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Listening to songs together, shopping together, watching dramas together, more and more reports are saying that the lonely economy and home economy of young people in today's era are the most valuable, but few people have thought about exploring the new value that loneliness + home can create. .

If you always stay at home, you cannot meet new friends or socialize with old friends. But if you go out to socialize frequently and meet three or four different friends every week, you will be exhausted if you go to the market frequently. Between staying at home and spending time with friends, online app products first make a balance-no need to go out, online allows you to socialize.

Netease Cloud and Kugou have launched the "Listen Together" function. You and I have had a lot of verbal battles between you and me; Taobao launched the "Walk Together" function, which allows you to select products while voice chatting. Station B was also updated last year. The "Look Together" function allows you to communicate with friends in the screening room.

▲ The function of listening to songs online has become very common. Picture from: Headphonesty

On platforms originally unrelated to social interaction, these "together X" functions provide new possibilities for the platform. You don't need to go out of the house, you can also meet friends who are "same hometown". Couples who have a long-distance relationship can be far away and heart in front of you on all apps.

When these different applications begin to provide a small social area for you, friends and strangers, what new possibilities are there for the new features of product applications?

Lu Beibei

Happy office worker Mr. Gu

Love Faner Editor Zhang Chengchen

Internet company executive Zhang Jimu

Food lovers already

1 Have you ever used the functions of listening together, shopping together, and watching together? Are there any interesting experiences/user behaviors to share?

Beater Lu Beibe:

I have ever listened to it with my long-distance boyfriend. It was because I saw NetEase Cloud that I could see how far apart two people are, so I listened to the song with my boyfriend who had a long-distance relationship. But because my boyfriend doesn't like listening to music very much, this function is not very useful. Most of it was before going to bed. I had a song I wanted him to listen to, so I listened to it together.

I unilaterally think this feature makes me quite happy, because the songs I listen to him are all what I want to tell him. I don’t know what my boyfriend said, and every time I listen to it, I go to sleep. But I saw him that Netease Cloud has a playlist that says "Bebe likes", and that is the song I listened to him.

I also used this function to take screenshots twice. Once when I was in a different place, and once when I was looking for my boyfriend, I specially posted the screenshots, and I was very happy to see the distance between the two people shortened.

▲ Listening together can be a tool for long-distance couples to record distance and share daily life

Happy office worker Mr. Gu:

Used "listen together".

When I was in college, I mainly used the web version of Xiami Music. After turning on the music, an independent page will be created. Friends can join to listen to songs through the link and chat in real time.

Later, I don’t know why this function was cancelled, and then Xiami Music was also shut down. Until the NetEase Cloud Music closed beta "Listen Together" in July 2020, I was very excited at the time because I have been looking for such products for a long time.

Classmates, colleagues, and family members are all my "listen together" objects. Of course, I also randomly match netizens. I use it more in the afternoon at work. This is also my main way of "selling songs" at present.

I have also used the "Listen Together" of QQ Music. If anyone who listens to songs simultaneously does not have a green diamond, many songs can only listen to the first few sentences, and the experience is not good.

Ai Faner editor Zhang Chengchen:

I have tried Forest’s "multi-person planting" function that focuses on the forest. If one person's tree dies, it will cause everyone's tree to die. This kind of "together" is to seek fetters, to use a sense of responsibility to a small group to overcome the difficulties of the process and one's own laziness.

▲ Forest's “multi-person planting together'' function

Food lovers already:

I watched "A String of Life" with strangers at three o'clock in the morning at station B. It was very touching. A group of people lined up and said they were hungry. In the middle, I talked about Cantonese crispy meat carp. For a long time, I thought that it could only be used for hot pot, and I was surprised to find that I could eat barbecue.

At that time, there were (at least) two Cantonese in the screening room. They recommended a bunch of shops to me, and even went to Dianping to help see which shops in my city had more authentic and delicious crispy meat. This is definitely a special memory. I really took a chance to eat it later. It was not that amazing, but it felt really good.

2 Do you want to meet new friends through such functions as listening together, shopping together, and watching together? Or do you use these functions to communicate with your friends?

Beater Lu Beibe:

Actually, I don’t want to meet new friends. I also tried it when NetEase Cloud came out. It felt like I was playing a test, and it ended all at once, and there would be no further connections. It may be used with friends, but my boyfriend uses it more.

But there are friends around me who have such expectations. I found a person on the app that has the same taste as him, and it fits well if he is willing to chat. But my friend doesn't listen to music at all, and it feels like a beautiful fantasy.

Internet company executive Zhang Jimu:

I don't want to meet new friends. For me, none of these (apps) are of social nature. I listen to more with friends and boyfriends. In fact, I have also listened to songs with strangers, but I didn't feel much, because the style and taste are quite different, and the fun is less. Music really needs to be shared with people who know it. Although it is not ruled out that strangers also have musical tastes that fit well, I haven't encountered it.

When you are with friends, it is purely for listening to songs and chatting.

▲ NetEase Cloud listens together

Ai Faner editor Zhang Chengchen:

The video may be. In fact, when I watched it on Zoom and Tencent conferences together, I feel the same, and I can still "talk to the microphone". However, the network freeze greatly affects the viewing experience, and I just want to solve this problem.

I want to find more ways to do something with my old friends, to achieve distant presence with each other, remove noise, and communicate information and emotions more purely; I don’t expect to meet new friends, because the randomness is too strong and the cost of maintaining interaction is too high .

Food lovers already:

I don’t want to meet new friends through this, because I feel vulnerable, dangerous, and uncertain…but I am very excited about the feeling of not being alone. It’s nice to have someone to accompany you.

Like the previous time I watched "A String of Life", although the exchanges were very pleasant, no one proposed to establish contact at the end. After watching it after three o'clock, a few strangers say good night to each other, I will not feel particularly lonely, and even feel like a gentleman’s friendship.

I usually don't watch it with friends or colleagues. If you are a friend, you will still make a phone call and chat, which is fine without the need for a movie. Strangers are a special time and a special choice for us to meet, just like the current video.

▲ Let's watch at station B

3 The major apps have tried social networking through the function of doing something together. Do you think other apps will add this kind of function in the future, or even use it to expand social functions that they didn't have?

Beater Lu Beibe:

I feel that this type of function is more limited. If it’s like watching a movie, watching a TV show, listening to a song or something, you can try it, but other types of feeling use scenes are relatively few. For example, I may not be very good at socializing with strangers. I do something with close people, and I don't use it very frequently.

In general, I think this function is not suitable for social fear.

Happy office worker Mr. Gu:

This can be.

Because of "Listen Together", the time I use NetEase Cloud Music has already overtaken players such as Apple Music and QQ Music. Being able to communicate your feelings about listening to songs in real time, and the sense of accomplishment when the other party’s red heart recommends the song, this is the happiness that you can’t get from listening to the playlist and daily push.

Maybe in the future you will be able to experience "swiping together" on Weibo, "talking together" on Douban, and "posting together" on Xiaohongshu.

▲ Gu always feels that the function of listening together is also great

Ai Faner editor Zhang Chengchen:

The "listen together" and "watch together" I have seen basically have two functions. One is to invite friends together, and the other is to randomly match people who are predestined online. In the process, if they find each other on the same frequency, then make friends. , Are essentially based on interest. Both will limit the number of people, and it seems that there are 8 projection rooms in station B.

The demand for "together" has always existed. Counting shopping in the live broadcast room, Taobao even shopping on wheat, and now "Together X" is more like an upgrade on the original basis, gathering places and people are more concentrated. The boundaries for outsiders are also clearer. The ideal situation is that people are more focused and engaged in what they are seeing and listening, and they also have a better emotional experience.

But I don't necessarily need a place where people gather in a live broadcast room, and occasionally listen to it as background sound.

Internet company executive Zhang Jimu:

Yes, because all apps are developing in the social part, only a social community can there be more new users in order to monetize. But I don't like to socialize everything. It would be okay to just do small functions like doing things together. However, many new social functions will "cross the boundary", making you "forced" to socialize without knowing it, like Pinxiaoquan, which exposes your privacy a bit.

Some apps were originally made as products and content, but I still want to keep the original flavor and make less bells and whistles.

▲ Fight small circle

Food lovers already:

I want to add everything, I want everything, and I don’t have to return to WeChat in the end.

I think this light sharing is very good now. It can be used for long-distance relationships, as well as for strangers, and everyone can get what they want. But if you want to make it a social function for strangers, I advise all major platforms to leave me with a good imagination of the world.

This is just right now, and I can't go any further.

Not too interesting, not too optimistic.

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