Is the strongest true wireless series coming? Bose new product launch conference summary

After a long wait, Bose's new wireless noise canceling earplugs are finally here.

Tonight, Bose held a new audio product launch conference, and listed all the new products of Bose 2020, including the high-profile Bose noise canceling earplugs & wireless earplugs, Bose smart audio glasses sports & cat eye models, Bose's first noise canceling gaming headset, Bose's new generation of sleep earplugs, and Bose car audio.

▲ Bose new product launch site

Among them, Bose noise canceling earplugs have 11 controllable noise canceling levels, excellent sound quality across the entire range, new shark fin comfortable earmuffs, IPX4 waterproof rating, 18-hour battery life, priced at 2,299 yuan, and the new generation of Bose wireless earplugs are priced at 1,399 yuan Both will be pre-sold on September 23, and will go on sale on October 15.

▲ Introduction of Bose noise canceling earplugs

▲ Bose noise cancelling earplugs

▲ Bose wireless earplugs

Bose smart audio glasses sports and cat eyes are priced at 1999 yuan, and will go on sale on October 27th.

▲ Bose Smart Audio Glasses Sports & Cat Eye

The Bose noise canceling gaming headset is priced at 2,299 yuan, and the Bose noise-canceling sleep earplugs II is priced at 1,999 yuan. They are expected to be pre-sold in October and November respectively.

▲ Bose's first noise cancelling gaming headset

▲ Bose new generation sleep earplugs

▲Bose car audio in Porsche's first electric sports car

▲ Bose car audio

Ai Fanjun also experienced the Bose noise canceling earplugs on the spot.

The earplug design is simple and elegant, and the body shape is exquisite. The new earplugs are more comfortable and stable to wear than previous generations; the noise reduction level switching is convenient and natural, and the noise reduction effect is obvious. The highest noise reduction level can eliminate most of the surrounding noise; the low frequency performance of the hearing Very good, the drums are full and full of impact.

▲Live shots of Bose noise canceling earplugs

▲Live shots of Bose noise canceling earplugs

▲Live shots of Bose noise canceling earplugs

▲Live shots of Bose noise canceling earplugs

For the specific performance of the new product, we leave it to the follow-up evaluation to make in-depth answers.

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