Is the Internet still your ideal industry in 2021?

Each year, the number of applicants for the National Examination will always hit a record high, and the popular positions will be “one in ten thousand”; there are more and more graduates every year, and the number of applicants for the postgraduate entrance examination this year has reached 3.77 million; at the same time, the Internet is still the most popular. The popular job search target for fresh graduates, the "2021 Fresh Graduate Employment Trend Report" issued by BOSS directly shows that 26.7% of fresh graduates are looking forward to entering the Internet industry.

Civil servants, postgraduate entrance examinations, and the Internet seem to be the three most important choices for young people today. Civil servants are stable, postgraduate entrance examinations can continue their studies and careers, and there are high salaries on the Internet. When the news that Tencent's per capita monthly salary is 80,600 and that employees become multimillionaires with options are widely spread, the Internet, which has nothing to do with stability, seems to have become the closest "tool for wealth creation" to ordinary people.

But things seem to have changed more and more. The "996, ICU" incident was impressive. Employees of large factories did not have "toilet freedom." The sudden death of employees was widely spread, and the gap between the rich and the poor within the company became wider. In this situation, more and more people not only show the offer of Dachang, but also start to show their happy life on the last day of leaving the Dachang.

▲ Xiaohongshu shared many resignations from major factories

Internet companies are in the market early in the morning, and employees who enter later seem to be unable to share the happiness of wealth and freedom, but can only share the exhaustion of working overtime.

With the Internet becoming more and more solidified today, do young people still want to enter the big factory?

Wen Jun, PR Manager:

I graduated in 2015, and both my classmates and I had a vision for the Internet industry. I didn't mean that I had to enter, or I felt that Internet companies were a challenging industry at the time, and I wanted to try it out to see where I could go.

For Internet companies, whether it was before or now, I think it is a very challenging industry. On the one hand, the pace is extremely fast, which means that your work intensity and reaction must always be tense, and you will be at the forefront of various industries. On the other hand, Internet companies have to contact a lot more than ordinary industries, and the environment is very hone for people to come into contact with all kinds of things, which is a good opportunity for newcomers to learn things.

Now, I personally still want to enter a big Internet company, because being able to touch a lot of front-end things makes me feel good, and I also prefer fast-paced ways of doing things, too slow I will become lazy.

HR who worked for one year:

After graduating in 19 years, my impression of the Internet is that there is a lot of money, a lot of things, a lot of people, involuntary, and a lot of powerful people.

Our major is okay, not many want to go to the Internet. But out of our profession, most people really wanted to go to major Internet companies at that time.

Now that I have been working for a year, I may also consider it comprehensively, and only after looking at the salary of the specific job and the balance of life will I decide.

▲ Balance between 996 and life is a big problem

Yellow Diamond in the first year of study:

Graduated from undergraduate in 2021, and currently a graduate student.

I just graduated and I wanted to go to a big factory for an internship, but my major is not the right one, so I am looking for opportunities to learn. Now I still want to go to a big factory to see, I will go if I get the chance.

I have been looking for a job for a long time after graduation:

For graduating students in 2021, I think that after working on the Internet for a long time, the salary may be higher than that of other work units. If the position is right, I feel that I can learn a lot, but I think it will be very hard to work after becoming a full-time employee.

But I still want to get in. I don't think it's tired. This is also related to my personal interests. If you are interested in the job corresponding to the position, you should not feel tired.

Zixia, a former worker at the Universe Factory:

Graduated from undergraduate in 18 years and graduated in 20 years. When I first graduated, I still wanted to enter the Internet. After all, I am studying advertising, and I feel that I can only be worthy of my major if I enter a major Internet company. And entering a big factory sounds like a lot of face, mainly because it sounds rich. At that time, I felt that the only way to get a good job was to get an offer from a big company.

Now the feeling is that if the big factory is working overtime seriously, then forget it. I just want to be a free fish. The price-performance ratio of big factories is not high.

Do everything in the big factory, the active-duty hitman:

I graduated in 2018. I actually had an internship at an Internet company one year before graduation, but I was still an intern at that time, and the work involved was not particularly complicated and complicated. So when I just graduated, I still yearned for the Internet company. of.

I have been working in an Internet company for nearly 4 years now. I feel that I am a screw in a big factory. Relatively speaking, I may not have enough sense of accomplishment at work. Instead, I want to try some other small and medium-sized enterprises outside, which can be more autonomous. Planning/management/coordination of project matters.

But in fact, I also hesitate because I am used to being in a large factory and transferring to other small and medium-sized enterprises is also afraid that it will affect my career prospects. Now it is more common for my colleagues to jump from a large factory to a large factory, but if a large factory jumps to an SME, It may be more difficult to jump to a big factory.

▲ Job-hopping is a way for Internet employees to get a salary increase

Wen Jun, PR Manager:

What attracts me is, as I said before, the blood is young, the pace is fast, and I learn a lot of new things. I like the process of learning new things very much.

I think the reason I persuade me to leave is that 996 competes with internal positions. Of course, this is also an unavoidable thing for Internet companies.

HR who worked for one year:

The high salary is indeed very attractive, and the young and flat management will reduce the generation gap, and the work will be more enjoyable. Then I think that Internet companies will have relatively fewer workplace struggles, which is suitable for young people who don't like to be around.

I am currently working as HR, and I feel that the experience of a large factory is still very valuable, and I also tend to be inclined in this aspect when recruiting.

Persuasion is still a matter of life balance. It's hard to have both ends, and it's still uncomfortable to work too much overtime.

Yellow Diamond in the first year of study:

It just feels that big factories are renewing very quickly and can get in touch with the most cutting-edge things, but it also means a cruel elimination system, which not only attracts me, but also persuades me in some ways.

The other half of my second tutor used to be a senior executive of a game company. Now that he came back to the university as a professor, he didn't like it. It was meaningless.

I have been looking for a job for a long time after graduation:

Attraction is popularity! Persuasion is if the treatment is not good or the work makes the body overworked (hhh for overtime or something).

Zixia, a former worker at the Universe Factory:

The Internet job I like is to work with a group of co-production partners, to get together and brainstorm ideas for a creative idea, to choose a topic, and to make trouble at work. I don't like a depressing working environment, and the salary is 8K or more.

I used to work as an advertising optimizer at Dachang. Even when I went home at night, I had to open the back-end account and keep staring at it. Usually when I go back from get off work, I have a meal and a bath, and I have to start working again. The school recruits low wages, but I heard that the old employees are not low. I just joined the big factory and talked about 10K, which is very good compared to other jobs in non-first-tier cities, but the salary is 1+1 by default. It mainly depends on the performance. Get it…

It’s just that the salary I think is low is really lower than my current workload. I don’t have a salary of 13 and I can’t understand it.

Working in Dachang means that there is only work and no life. Like a colleague from a large factory who went to team building, after drifting, he had to take out his computer and take a look. Really, there is no life.

▲ An employee of a large factory said that there are still people in the group at 11 p.m. in his department, and there will be no guilt

Do everything in the big factory, the active-duty hitman:

The first thing that attracts me is of course the background. At work, for my future development, as long as I have worked in a big factory, I will add color to my resume later. Secondly, it may be a relatively complete work content/system and benefits. After all, Dachang has a relatively mature management system since the year when it was rolling. Finally, there is the reputation and background advantages of some big factories. Everyone may have a little more sense of identity when you hear that you work at a big factory!

The persuasion may be that the department where you are currently working is relatively complicated. In addition, the work content of the department is relatively simple and boring, and the promotion speed is not fast. It may be relatively slow for future development.

Big factories will also be divided into positions. Different product lines have different wages. In fact, the basic salary is not high. It is similar to the market. Internet companies are good. Benefits and work are just a little more flexible and free. Other individuals don't feel much at present.

Wen Jun, PR Manager:

Ideally, one is to have more business contacts and to learn more, and the other is to have a moderate pace, not too tight or too lax. For newcomers in the workplace, the first five years have been a good opportunity to learn from major Internet companies. You can get in touch with various basic jobs and lay the foundation for future promotion. There are not many opportunities for promotion of Internet companies, so time precipitation and skill precipitation are very important.

Of course, the interpersonal relationship in the workplace is also very helpful to your career. If you have a good grasp of self-regulation, skills, and interpersonal relationships, I believe you can still have your own life in the Internet giants.

▲ 996 needs to match high salaries, which is what most people think

HR who worked for one year:

Through my own efforts, I can become a capitalist kind of job. Hahaha, I feel that with the strength of the Internet, the monthly salary may be about 3.5W.

Generally speaking, programmers are still high-paying industries. A few days ago, I recruited an international student for development, operation and maintenance, who worked in English and graduated in 21 years with a monthly salary of 18K. So I think it is a good way to enter a large factory (high-intensity) for gilding for three years, and then go out to a foreign-funded financial enterprise to provide for the elderly-without overtime, the salary can be 3-5W.

The technology of the Internet industry is changing rapidly, and all aspects will be relatively new, so it will still attract more capable people.

Do everything in the big factory, the active-duty hitman:

The most ideal is that there is more teamwork, and then the internal atmosphere is better, and the overall may be younger. Everyone has a goal and wants to complete it together, and after completion, you or your team members will have a more sense of accomplishment. But this is actually more difficult.

Not too interesting, not too optimistic.

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