Is the blue of iPhone 12 really that ugly?

Unexpectedly, the topic that caused the most controversy after the release of iPhone 12 was neither 5G nor signal, but the blue color of iPhone 12.

Some netizens exposed the real picture of the blue iPhone 12 on the Internet, and the color difference between the official website and the official website was serious. Some people found a group of blue items of the same model as the iPhone. They instantly exploded on the Internet, and the topic quickly came to light. #1 in the hot search list.

Apple, which has always been a high-end image, can put the blue of cheap daily necessities such as trash cans, toilet brushes, and underwear on the iPhone? Can’t happily anymore Pretend Send a circle of friends.

It just so happens that we also got the blue iPhone 12 ahead of time, from my actual perception. The color difference between the blue of the iPhone 12 and the official website is not as serious as stated on the Internet, but the look and feel of the appearance will indeed be different in different light and angles.

The blue iPhone 12, which is ridiculed by netizens, actually has a lot of background. It has a name that is full of words-“Klein Blue”, which is called the purest blue in the world. It is still in the fashion industry. The art world has been popular for more than half a century.

What is the blue of iPhone 12?

In the summer of 1947, a 19-year-old boy named Yves Klein and a few friends lay on the beach in Nice, France. I don’t know who made a seemingly boring suggestion: Let’s claim the world. Component part.

Klein gestured his name towards the sky and said, this blue sky is my first work of art.

The world is so marvelous. This teenager made a gesture at hand, and made a mobile phone released more than 70 years later a hot topic on the Internet.

As you may have guessed, the “Klein Blue” of iPhone 12 was created by Yves Klein and named after Klein.

▲ Yves Klein.

In fact, “Klein Blue” is not the work of Klein alone, but it was created with a friend from a paint supplier in Paris. They mixed ultramarine pigment with a transparent resin material to maximize retention The intensity of the ultramarine color is enhanced, while a deep luster is revealed.

The RGB ratio of standard Klein blue is 0:47:147. The high saturation also gives this blue a strong visual impact .

In 1957, Klein in Milan, Italy held a theme of “blue period” of the exhibition, for the first time exhibited 11 paintings blue monochrome canvas, and soon sought after by the art world, this Blue also began to have a handed down name “International Klein blue” (IKB) .

How can it become a work of art if it is not just a blue canvas?

In addition to the technical content of the synthetic pigment mentioned above, Klein hopes to use this pure blue to symbolize the sky and the sea without boundaries. In his mind, the blue is like this:

Blue is the sky, water, air, depth and infinity, freedom and life. Blue is the most essential color of the universe.

Among the works created by Klein using “Klein Blue” as the material, the most famous and controversial one is a work called “Anthropométrie” in 1960.

Klein filled several nude female models with “Klein Blue” paint. Accompanied by the performance of the symphony, he directed the female models to roll around on a large white canvas, using their bodies as brushes to paint on the canvas.

Although I don’t understand what this operation is, the artist’s mind is always different from ordinary people. Who can tell exactly what art is? If there is, it may be “unintelligible.”

Although Yves Klein died young at the age of 34, but with the “Klein Blue”, he became a figure in the art world, with Andy Warhol, Duchamp and Joseph Boy Together, they are called the four artists who contributed the most to world art in the second half of the 20th century .

▲ Last year, the Shanghai Museum of Contemporary Art held an exhibition of Yves Klein.

Seeing this, you may still be unable to understand the so-called artistry of “Klein Blue”, and you are also very unfamiliar with the above mentioned artists.

It doesn’t matter, you just need to know that the blue color of the iPhone 12 comes from a great artist. If you round it up, the iPhone 12 is considered a work of art. If you think about it, is it true for those who bought the blue iPhone 12? More balanced?

cheap? Klein Blue has long conquered the fashion circle

Of course, you may still not be able to accept the blue color of the iPhone 12, so don’t worry about it.

Is “Klein Blue” as “cheap” as many people say? In the fashion industry you may get a completely opposite answer.

Although it is often difficult for us to understand the so-called artworks, in fact they often affect us subtly. In the movie “The Queen Wearing Prada“, the editor-in-chief of fashion magazine Miranda tells how those avant-garde fashions have spread to everyone.

You picked that blue striped sweater. You thought you chose this dress according to your wishes. But you don’t understand that the dress is neither blue nor turquoise or glaze. In fact, it is sky blue, and you never figured out this fact.

In fact, you don’t know. The sky blue dress appeared for the first time since the Oscar de la Rent conference in 2002, and Yves Saint-Lonlot also showed the sky blue military uniform series. Soon, sky blue. The color appeared in the press conferences of the following 8 designers, and then it became popular in major high-end stores around the world, and finally became popular on the streets in large areas, and then you saw you bought it in cheap stores.

▲ i Picture from: “The Queen Wearing Prada”

The popular path of “Klein Blue” from the art circle to the fashion world to mass consumer goods is roughly the same.

When “Klein Blue” became famous in the art circle, the fashion industry also regarded it as a gem. In 2007, the 50th anniversary of the birth of “Klein Blue”, this color almost contracted the stage of major fashion weeks.

▲ Givenchy (Givenchy) 2007 spring and summer release show. :

In the fashion shows of fashion brands such as Dior, Givenchy and Bruno Pieters, the major models wore “Klein Blue” clothing on the catwalk. BMW also launched the Klein Mini Cooper due to blue color.

In addition, the British royal family and aristocrats also love this gorgeous blue. From Queen Elizabeth to Prince William and Princess Kate, they often wear “Klein Blue” in public appearances.

“Klein Blue” is still not outdated in the fashion circle. Kanye West, known as the “Father of Yeezy”, also adopted a similar blue on the cover of his new album and his peripheral clothing released last year.

Coincidentally, this dazzling blue also appeared on Supreme, Off-White, and Cav Empt tide brands.

▲ Supreme x Nike Air Max 95.

In home design, “Klein Blue” is also often used. For example, a community space in Spain, second home , uses Klein Blue and yellow to make the whole space brighter and more lively (this color scheme reminds me of IKEA) .

If the “same blue” that appeared on the Internet together with the iPhone 12 were replaced with the above fashion items, I wonder if everyone’s evaluation will be different?

However, it is not unreasonable that so many people dislike “Klein Blue”, because this blue is too eye-catching and not easy to match with other colors. It is not easy to control, so many products do not use standard RGB ratios. “Klein Blue”.

In addition, many technology companies also like to use blue as their logo, and blue is even more known as the “technology color.” One view is that this is because the cool blue has a calm and rational image, which is more in line with the feeling of technology.

Of course, the blue used by many technology companies is not “Klein Blue”, which tends to be less saturated. It is worth noting that technology companies such as Alipay and Facebook have adjusted the blue of the logo to a brighter blue in the past two years.

No matter how people complain about it, time has proved that “Klein Blue” is indeed an enduring color. Not only is it not out of date, it has a trend of becoming more and more popular .

But it must be admitted that the same color used in different products and combinations may have very different effects, just like a piece of clothing worn on different people.

How color affects our consumption decisions

It is not accidental that the color matching of a mobile phone can trigger such a heated discussion. It is scientifically based, because the color of a product has a significant impact on consumers’ purchasing decisions. Almost everyone is “color control”.

Regardless of the product, the first sight is often the color, and the color is the first interaction between us and the product .

A 2015 research report by Color Marketing Group pointed out that 85% of consumers make purchase decisions based on the color of the product, and 90% of impulsive consumption is caused by the color of the product.

A survey conducted by the Secretariat of the Seoul International Color Expo also showed that up to 92% of the respondents said that they value visual factors when purchasing products, of which color is the most influential visual element.

The driving effect of color on consumption has also given rise to color marketing, which is why the annual fashion color released by the color company Pantone has received widespread attention every year.

According to Quartzy , a few months before the announcement of the annual fashion color, Pantone will start to discuss cooperation with major brands and launch a series of products with the theme of the annual fashion color to capture the market, making this color truly “popular” color”.

It is worth mentioning that Pantone’s annual fashion color of 2020 is also blue, but it is Classic Blue. Leatrice Eisenman, Pantone’s color director, described classic blue like this:

Classic blue expresses a kind of perseverance and confidence, a solid and reliable blue that we can always rely on.

The same is true in the mobile phone industry. They all say that “technology is based on changing the shell.” This is not just a joke.

The iPhone’s “tyrant gold” and “rose gold” have both significantly drove product sales. After the release of the red iPhone in the first two years, discussions on social media were as hot as the blue iPhone 12 today.

As Ai Faner said in the article ” Mobile Color Wars “:

New color schemes often become eye-catching tools, attracting public attention, and contributing to sales. Manufacturers naturally understand the doorway. In the middle and late stages of the product cycle, launching new color schemes for products that have been on the market for a period of time can bring new impetus to their slightly strong sales trend.

When you finish reading this article, you might as well take another look at the blue iPhone 12. Does it seem to be less ugly?

The title picture comes from: The Verge

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