Is it really that difficult to buy a reliable laptop?

People who often deal with various electronic products will inevitably be regarded as free "gold shopping guides" by the seven aunts and eight aunts, classmates and friends. Whenever they want to buy computers and mobile phones, they always hope from you. Get a clear answer.

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Mobile phones are okay. Many people basically have 1-2 relatively recognized brands. After clarifying the budget, there are not many products that can be bought at the same price level. Basically, they can get a good answer.

But if you switch to a recommended computer, you have to consider more factors just for the product itself.

What kind of computer is a good computer?

Buying a computer is more likely to fall into a "difficult choice disorder", which is mainly determined by the characteristics of the computer itself.

After all, whether it is a desktop computer or a notebook computer, they are composed of multiple components such as CPU, GPU, memory, hard disk, etc. Each module also has more detailed characteristic parameters, which derive different combinations of computer products.

In this case, the evaluation criteria of a "good computer" have become very broad.

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For example, the configuration of the very hot game notebooks has come up, but they also put forward higher requirements for heat dissipation. It is difficult for them to balance the size and weight, so most of the game notebooks you see on the market are also "Bricks" form.

And hardware enthusiasts are also willing to compromise on product size and battery life in order to play games.

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But let’s take another look at light and thin laptops and those two-in-one business laptops. They will prioritize size, weight, and battery life. After all, office workers and white-collar workers will pay more attention to battery life and portability. Sex.

From these two subdivisions, you will see that the standard of a "good computer" actually varies from person to person. Many people take it for granted that parameters such as CPU, GPU, and memory must be "selected with larger numbers," but they are completely ignorant of weight and battery life.

Such "partial students" may be very popular in certain fields, but they are also destined to be difficult to gain popularity among the mainstream people in the market.

So, what does a good computer look like for users who want to be thin and portable, but also pursue a certain gaming and entertainment experience?

High standards, high quality

The term "good computer" is general, but the various components of the computer, as well as parameters such as performance, heat generation, and battery life, can be quantified by data and become the basis for people to evaluate good or bad.

Theoretically, as long as manufacturers have sufficient market research data and wide enough coverage, they can indeed find a configuration combination of "both fish and bear's paw", which serves as a standard as a reference for product development.

Let’s take a look at how Intel, the chip maker, does it.

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In September of this year, Intel announced the new "Intel® Evo ™ "The platform hopes to promote manufacturers to design more high-quality laptop products through standardized design.

This can be called a "high standard line" for the notebook market.

Unlike our common running scores, Intel emphasizes "real scenes", that is, to design evaluation dimensions around people's daily life experience. For example, web browsing, office, games, and audio-visual entertainment, etc., do not simply use configuration and parameters to determine whether a product is qualified.

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The user experience is very grounded, but it is also a concept that is difficult to quantify. Taking office software as an example, we will test the response time of the software and the speed of processing data, but the tasks performed by each person are different, which is difficult to quantify like running scores.

In view of this, Intel can only build more user models, test multiple projects, and cover all aspects as much as possible to verify the product.

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If we want to make a simple summary, we can look at the three aspects of "fast", "long" and "dazzling" based on Intel® Evo ™ Features of laptops with strict platform certification.

The first is "fast". All through Intel® Evo ™ Certified laptops will be 2.7 times faster than similar products in content creation. At the same time, the office efficiency on Office 365 will also increase by 20%, relying on Intel's latest 11th generation Core processor.

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But this "fast" is not only about processing performance, but also related to data transmission and system wake-up efficiency.

One is Thunderbolt ™ 4 ports, it can not only provide up to 40Gb/s transfer rate, which is 4 times that of the previous USB 3.1 Gen 2, but also can drive two 4K or one 8K resolution screen to run.

The other is Intel® Wi-Fi 6 network technology, which is 3 times faster, which means that users can watch 4K/8K streaming media and other content more smoothly, and in a multi-device networking environment, a Wi-Fi 6 The device can also get rid of network congestion and obtain a more stable connection.

At the same time, with the assistance of fingerprint and facial recognition technology, Intel also hopes that the laptop will wake up from sleep in just one second, so that users can use the computer as efficiently as unlocking a mobile phone.

In short, as long as it passes Intel® Evo ™ Certified laptops mean that they have reached the current best specifications in terms of data transmission and networking performance.

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The next thing to talk about is "long", which represents the endurance of the product. Supported by the more advanced SuperFin transistor technology of the 11th generation Core, based on Intel® Evo ™ Platform notebooks can achieve a better balance between performance and power consumption.

Specifically, in the case of multitasking, they will have a minimum of 9 hours of battery life, and only need half an hour of charging to get 4 hours of working time, which is equivalent to giving the notebook a fast charging feature. .

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The last "dazzle" refers to vision and appearance. Under the low-power design of the 11th generation Core Duo, equipped with Intel® Evo ™ The laptop can choose a thinner and more beautiful design, which is convenient for users to carry, but it does not mean that they have no chance with the game.

The 11th generation Core also integrates the latest Iris Xe core display, which makes Intel® Evo ™ The graphics performance of platform-certified notebooks is comparable to that of some stand-alone notebooks. Ordinary online games need not go into details, even 3A games like "Gears of War: Tactical Squad" and "Borders 3" can run smoothly in mainstream graphics.

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From the above points, it is not difficult to find that based on Intel® Evo ™ The platform's laptops are actually designed to meet "all-round demand."

On the one hand, it can not only provide efficient and smooth daily office capabilities and Internet surfing experience, on the other hand, it can also be competent for a certain degree of game operation or content creation.

Under such high standards without compromise, whether it is a student party who loves to play games or white-collar office workers who often go out, they can find products that suit them and embrace the experience of "good computers".

Activate the future PC market with standardization

"Standards" are not static. According to Intel, Intel® Evo ™ The platform will also make its own adjustments based on the latest market needs.

For example, in last year’s 1.0 version of the specification, Intel only required products on the platform to be equipped with Thunderbolt. ™ 3 ports, but this year Thunderbolt ™ 4 After the listing, the new interface standard took its place.

This often change often new ways, but also indirectly let Intel ® Evo ™ It has become the "vane" of the notebook computer industry every year. As users, we will continue to usher in notebook computer products that are both practical and individual.

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Just this year, more than 20 laptops are expected to pass Intel® Evo ™ Platform certification is going to the market, including a number of new products from major manufacturers such as Dell, HP, Lenovo, Acer, and Asus.

With such a set of strict specifications, these have passed the certification and are labeled with Intel® Evo ™ The laptop with the logo can not only represent the benchmark of the market, but also equate with the synonymous with high quality and excellent performance.

At this time, it is much easier for users to buy a computer. Since there is no need to worry about the configuration and performance, the rest is nothing more than choosing the one that fits your eyes according to the appearance and design of the product.

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This is actually the meaning of Intel's high standards. At its core, it still hopes to use the voice of chip manufacturers to reduce the time cost of public users to buy laptops.

It also draws a "baseline" for Windows laptops—even ordinary users who don’t know anything about configuration and parameters, now they only need to see Intel® Evo at a glance. ™ Logo, you know that it has fast response, reliable performance, long battery life, thin and light appearance .

In a sense, this is like the "well-known trademarks" that we often heard in TV commercials when we were children. With strict standard endorsements, people no longer have the doubt about buying.

Then, the next time someone asks you "Which laptop is better", you can justify a standard.

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