iRobot’s new sweeping robot experience: when 3,999 yuan, it also has 10,000 yuan flagship technology

Humans’ pursuit of laziness has no end, unless that thing is more expensive.

For example, the price of sweeping robots ranges from 1,000 yuan to more than 10,000 yuan. People who buy cheap ones are always worried that they will not clean it as well as cleaning them by themselves. If they buy expensive ones, they worry that they are not worth the price.

Manufacturers naturally understand this reason. The previous flagship product price of iRobot, the originator of the sweeping robot, has ranged from 5,000 to 10,000. Recently, it has also decided to launch a new 3,999 yuan sweeping robot-Roomba i3+/i4+.

It is worth mentioning that iRobot's flagship machine technology, such as dual-effect combination rubber brush, automatic dust collection system, etc., has also been transferred to this new product.

We also experienced Roomba i4+ to see how this product actually works.

"In this cloth box"

The first time I opened it and saw it, it appeared in my mind:

But it just looks like cloth, it is actually a panel that imitates the knitted texture. The overall look of the sweeping robot is simple and low-key black, because the circle of "knitting", compared to other sweeping robots with a strong metallic appearance, it looks a little softer and more home-like.

In addition, this material is not easy to stain fingerprints and dust, but the knitted appearance makes me suspect that my cat will sneak up to catch it after I go out.

The panel of the sweeping robot is also relatively simple. There are three control buttons in the center: a clean button, a recharge button, and a key cleaning button. On the cleaning button, a wake-up breathing light design is also added.

When it is cleaning, the breathing light will be on, and it will go out when it stops working. The red and white halo represents different states of charging, red means low battery, white flashing means charging, white constant light means full, blue halo means the robot is cleaning dirt The severe area or is looking for a charging place, so people can quickly know what state it is in.

In addition to the main body of the Roomba i4+ sweeping robot, the items in the box include the Clean Base automatic dust collection charging stand, 1 replacement filter, 1 dust bag, as well as the charging cable and manual, which are simple and clear.

After I equipped the sweeping robot and the automatic dust collection charging stand, I started to connect to the mobile phone app to start.

When Roomba i4+ is activated, it first starts to follow the "bow" font, identifying the ground in the room and cleaning it at the same time. Thanks to its multiple sensors, Roomba i4+ walks according to its own rules and walks quickly when it encounters a table. The chair didn't stumble.

However, unlike the Imprint smart planning technology of Roomba i7+ and Roomba s9+, the planned navigation it uses cannot specify room and area cleaning, but instead generates a map after the room is fully cleaned.

After cleaning up, you can see that the cat hair floating on the ground quickly disappeared.

The pet celebrity breathed a sigh of relief

Keeping pets is one of the reasons why many people buy robot cleaners.

Those cat and dog hairs that drift away with the wind and overflow in no wind are even more ferocious in the pet's shed season. The broom cannot be swept clean, and the picking is endless. Only the slow and low-key posture of the sweeping robot can subdue these rebellious fine hairs.

However, many sweeping robots also face a problem, that is, cat hair and hair are easily tangled together, and it is not necessarily easier when the sweeping robot is disassembled to clean these hairs.

iRobot has also focused on this pain point. Their dual-effect combo brushes can solve this headache-so that all kinds of hairs are no longer entangled. Because of the two combined rubber brushes, one is responsible for peeling off the dirt, and the other can sweep the dirt in the opposite direction. In addition, this rubber tread rubber is also more suitable for floors, tiles, carpets and other different materials.

In addition to the double-effect combination brush, Roomba i4+ also continues the previous "27-degree angle sweeping and rotating side brush" and the upgraded "10 times the majestic suction" function. The combination of them is iRobot's classic triple cleaning system.

During the sweeping process, you can clearly see the white brush on the side of the Roomba i4+ rotating on the side, reaching out where the robot can't reach, and sweeping to the more detailed corners, such as the side of the sofa, the side of the table and chairs, etc.

This sweeping robot is also good at surmounting obstacles, and the blanket can be easily slid up. This time the fuselage also added a "self-feedback sensor" to prevent it from being jammed by the front sofa, bed and other furniture.

However, when I passed the span of about 8 cm between my living room and the balcony, I thought it could not go on, but it tentatively pushed the wheel forward a few times, and even slipped down, but the result of "testing on the edge of danger" Obviously not optimistic-it will be difficult to get up if it goes down…

When the Roomba i4+ continues to clean, its "10 times the majestic suction power", although it is invisible to the naked eye, the garbage on the ground can be quickly sucked away without any lag.

Lightweight such as cat hair:

Larger ones such as confetti:

And the litter dragged by the cat from the toilet to the living room:

For the "key pollution area", it is equipped with a unique dirt detection technology, which can automatically detect, and then swipe the focus back and forth.

However, because the drive motor makes the robot more flexible and has greater suction power, it will also be accompanied by a lot of noise, so it is recommended not to use it during breaks.

However, when the robot swept for about 20 minutes and returned to the charging station to automatically clean up the dust, I rushed over and squatted to observe. The dust collection sound suddenly rang like a whirlwind—the cat next to him ran up under the sofa with its back hair. I was caught off guard and was frightened. For a moment, I thought I was next to a motorcycle that had just stepped on the accelerator.

So when it is cleaning up the dust, don't get too close, or set it to automatically clean when you are away from home, the impact will not be big.

After all, this automatic dust collection function can still save people a lot of effort.

Pour less rubbish and free your hands more

The Clean Base automatic dust collection and charging stand is iRobot's first technology. It is already available on Roomba i7+ and Roomba s9+. In recent years, other sweeping robot brands have begun to follow up.

As the name suggests, it does not require you to manually clean up the dust. If the robot is half full of dust, it will return to the charging stand to clean it, and then return to the place where it stopped before to continue sweeping the floor.

iRobot claims that the dust bag in the automatic dust collection charging stand can lock dust and dirt for up to 60 days. Of course, this also depends on the amount of trash in your house every day, but compared to throwing out the trash after each cleaning, it is indeed much easier to clean up every few months.

In addition, the dust bag inside is reported to use 4 layers of allergen barrier materials, which can lock 99% of pollen, mold and dust mites, and these pollutants will no longer enter the air to cause secondary pollution.

From robot cleaning to the end, as well as the garbage collection situation, you can use the iRobot HOME app on your mobile phone to control synchronously.

Open the app, the interface is simple, and some functions are available, such as starting the robot, comprehensive and quick cleaning, viewing the cleaning record, etc.

But its special place is that it can learn user cleaning habits and habits through AI technology, and then give suggestions in the app.

For example, during the pet shed season, suggestions to increase the frequency of cleaning are put forward. When the user is away from home, he can also set his own instructions to make it clean at a specified time without having to do it in the future.

However, because I haven't used it for a long time, I haven't changed the garbage bag yet, so I haven't been able to let it know enough about my habits and hobbies for the time being. It remains to be observed in the follow-up.

In addition, the App can also be linked with third-party IoT platforms such as Tmall Genius in the "Smart Home" section, and cooperate with more devices, and the ecology will be more open. Subsequent robots can also be upgraded through the update of the iRobot Genius home intelligence platform. .

Colin Angle , CEO and founder of iRobot, said that in the future, iRobot will cooperate with other smart home platforms to make robots more "smart".

iRobot, a company originally founded by a group of robotics experts, has made great achievements especially in intelligent technology. Their investment in technology research and development also accounts for a large proportion. Last year, they accounted for 11% of the total revenue of 1.4 billion US dollars. It will continue to deepen in the smart home market.

In terms of specific prices, Roomba i4+ sweeping robot and Clean Base automatic dust collection system start at 3,999 yuan, Roomba i3/i4 sweeping robots start at 2,499 yuan, and Clean Base automatic dust collection and charging stand alone is 1999 yuan.

Although 3000+ yuan is not low, it is still in the high-end market of sweeping robots, but compared to iRobot's other flagship models i7+ and s9+, this is already a down-to-earth and cost-effective attempt.

In general, what impressed me the most about this sweeping robot is probably not the appearance or the experience, but the cleaning ability and intelligent technology it brings at this price-it is practical and also allows People have expectations for its future.

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