iQOO Z3 Picture Rewards: “Card Position Experts” below the price of two thousand

In less than a month, iQOO released two new models one after another, which made people a little overwhelmed. iQOO Neo 5 and iQOO Z3 both play the "cost-effective" card, with certain characteristics, and are the two product lines of the iQOO brand that focus on sales.

▲ The newly released iQOO Z3.

When we experienced iQOO 7 , we once said that it is a "triple-double" master, and its existence is to command the entire team's offensive, to conquer the city. And iQOO's Z series is more like a card position expert, escorting the entire team, assisting the scorer to attack, and assisting the rebounding king to close the board. For a well-established team, a card position expert is indispensable.

▲ iQOO Z1x and iQOO Z1.

Last year, the iQOO Z series launched two new machines, the Z1 and Z1x. The price of about two thousand is also equipped with a 120Hz high refresh rate screen (Z1 supports up to 144Hz), and supports new features such as 5G, which not only enriches the iQOO product line, but also It has become a new force in the market for thousands of yuan 5G mobile phones.

One year later, iQOO Z3 came out, which not only inherited the Z series, but also had some breakthroughs in it.

In terms of product configuration and specifications, iQOO Z3 is actually more like a follow-up version of Z1x. It is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 768G processor, which is an upgraded version of the Z1x Snapdragon 765G. It also has an eight-core three-plex architecture. At the same time, the flash memory has also been upgraded to UFS 2.2, which makes the memory read and write faster.

Compared with the Snapdragon 765G, 768G is mainly an increase in the frequency of the large core and the middle core. Among them, the A76 large core has been upgraded to 2.8GHz, and the A76 middle core has also come to 2.4GHz, which is the same as the 765G large core. The GPU is also Adreno 620, but there will be a 15% improvement in performance, which is probably overclocking.

Judging from the running scores alone, the single-core performance can almost touch the "butt" of the Snapdragon 865, but it is not so eye-catching in terms of multi-core performance, which is slightly weaker than the Snapdragon 855. In actual performance, the full-on image quality of the original god, iQOO Z3 has about 40 frames in the city, and it will increase to about 55 frames in the wild. The ultimate quality of the peace elite, the performance is stable at 60 frames.

Whether it is running scores or games, the five-fold liquid-cooled cooling system iQOO Z3 does not produce much heat. After 25 minutes, the original queen has a little warm feeling.

Except for Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G, the screen of iQOO Z3 still has a refresh rate of 120Hz. But it is equipped with a water drop LCD material screen with a resolution of 2408×1080. Due to the standard RGB arrangement, it is better than OLED screens at the same price in terms of detail. This screen also supports DCI-P3 wide color gamut and HDR 10, and the overall performance is not bad.

With a high-brush straight screen, LCD material, and water drop shape, iQOO Z3 appears in the new wave of 2021 with such a configuration, which can almost be regarded as a "clear stream."

The front water drop is equipped with a Samsung 16-megapixel front camera, and the earpiece and some sensors are placed on the top border.

▲ The side power button integrates the fingerprint unlocking function.

It is also equipped with an LCD screen. The iQOO Z3 uses the usual side fingerprints of the Z series, but in terms of design, the two-in-one power button and volume button are similar in style, and are no longer different for the purpose of distinguishing functions. The form, oneness is stronger.

The overall frame style of iQOO Z3 is similar to that of Z1x. The frame still has a raised ridge, which weakens the influence of the thickness of the whole machine. Even if the thickness of the body reaches 8.5mm, the feedback on the hand feels different. Not obvious, even a little thin. At the same time, the weight of 185.5g also adds some points to the hand feel.

The camera combination on the back is still an AI three-shot, from top to bottom are Samsung’s 64-megapixel main camera, OV’s 8-megapixel ultra-wide-angle, and a 2-megapixel macro lens. The specific model of the 64-megapixel main camera is GW3, which is the main camera of many new machines recently, and the imaging quality can reach the mainstream level.

The back cover of the iQOO Z3 has a bright gradient color, using silver ion plating process, but it is not glass, the whole is lighter. Glossy surfaces do look very eye-catching, but there are also the troubles of contaminating fingerprints. Indoors, the back cover of this (silver-black) iQOO Z3 in your hand will appear dark purple, while under strong light it will be a relatively low-key silver-black.

In addition, iQOO Z3 officially also has a "Nebula" color scheme to choose from. The overall red and blue contrast design is more personalized.

The outer packaging of iQOO Z3 is still a family-style black and yellow color scheme. The black special-shaped box and the yellow inner lining will leave a deep impression on people. Such a packaging is also a unique feature of the brand.

The accessories included with iQOO Z3 are relatively basic, including paper documents such as the phone body (with the film attached), clear water case, charger, data cable, and manual.

iQOO Z3 is equipped with a 55W flash charge, which can be charged to 70% in 30 minutes. It takes about 52 minutes to charge 4400mAh. This can be said to be a major upgrade from the previous 33W. And 55W of charging power, even if it is placed in the flagship machine, it also ranks in the name.

In general, iQOO Z3 has the best Qualcomm 7 series processor, a 120Hz LCD direct screen, and 55W high-power fast charging. These bright configurations, coupled with the 64-megapixel main camera, five-fold liquid cooling, and OriginOS, etc., the final price is controlled below 2,000 yuan, which can almost meet the purchase demand of a large part of this part of the consumer group. The charging has also reached the level of some flagships.

iQOO Z3 6GB+128GB 1699 yuan;

iQOO Z3 8GB+128GB 1799 yuan;

iQOO Z3 8GB+256GB 1999 yuan.

After the release of iQOO Z3, the new year's iQOO product lineup is complete. The three mobile phones from thousand yuan entry to high-end flagship are aimed at different consumer groups. The iQOO Z3, which is positioned at a market of about 1,000 yuan, has obvious advantages, focusing on performance, high screen refresh and charging power, and these are also the easiest advantages to improve the daily use experience, and thus promote the need for replacement.

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