iQOO Pad2 Pro: Unparalleled peak performance, able to handle more than one aspect with ease

Who is saying that the performance of Android tablets is enough? But the new members of the iQOO e-sports team have never compromised on this.

Our idea of ​​a tablet computer is always a piece of magical "big glass".

It is somewhere between a mobile phone and a computer. It first inherits the touch screen and application ecology from the mobile phone, and then brings the interactive logic and efficient large screen from the computer.

  • I just want to express my creativity on the tablet, create exquisite pictures or videos, absorb a huge amount of knowledge, and collide with colleagues for inspiration in online meetings…
  • I also thought about using it to shuttle through the "Canyon of Kings", travel to "Tevat Continent", parachute to "Island P City", and win beautiful victories one after another…

Obviously, one side will only be boring, but many sides will be interesting.

What we long for is never a boring single aspect, but that every aspect of Pad can be outstanding at every moment.

Ever since, in order to achieve perfection in all aspects, iQOO Pad2 Pro has once again refreshed our imagination of the performance of Android tablets.

There is no doubt that the prerequisite for winning in e-sports is excellent core performance. In order to pursue top performance, iQOO Pad2 Pro directly uses the same Dimensity 9300+ chip as the flagship phone.

Not only is it MediaTek’s most powerful SoC at the moment, but the iQOO Pad2 Pro is also loaded with a deeply customized version jointly developed based on the blue crystal chip technology stack.

Next, let us take a look at the two opposite sides of iQOO Pad2 Pro with very different personalities.

Super-sensing eSports: iQOO eSports member, never compromise on performance

In order to achieve a more immersive leading e-sports experience, iQOO Pad2 Pro is equipped with Dimensity 9300+ flagship chip.

Azurite × Dimensity 9300+

  • 4 super cores + 4 large cores
  • Immortalis-G720 GPU
  • Seventh generation AI processor APU 790

Together with UFS4.0 and LPDDR5X, it forms a new full-blooded performance iron triangle, bringing stronger performance, lower power consumption, and smoother experience.

In the running score test, iQOO Pad2 Pro achieved a single-core score of 2232 and a multi-core score of 7358 on GeekBench6; the average frame rate of the 3D Mark Solar Bay GPU light tracing test also reached 30.34fps.

Moreover, iQOO Pad2 Pro is equipped with the second-generation ray tracing "Star Speed ​​Engine". Based on hardware-accelerated ray tracing technology, iQOO Pad2 Pro achieves PC-level real-time ray tracing in "Dark Zone Breakout". In terms of game special effects such as shadows, reflections, and ambient light occlusion, more realistic and clearer image quality effects are achieved, bringing a more immersive e-sports experience. (*After turning on light tracing, the frame rate will be set to 60fps by default)

The "three-dimensional heat dissipation structure" of iQOO Pad2 Pro adds large-area heat-dissipating graphite sheets to both the screen and the rear shell, and then adds a "red copper cooling matrix" to the core motherboard layer in the middle.

iQOO places high thermal conductivity copper blocks around the SoC heat source to quickly conduct core heat to the large-area graphite sheets at the upper and lower ends, thereby increasing heat exchange efficiency. Compared with the previous generation iQOO Pad, the heat dissipation efficiency is increased by 30%.

It can be said that iQOO Pad2 Pro has been able to handle mainstream e-sports games with ease.

Whether it is running scores or actual game testing, iQOO Pad2 Pro has shown top performance, which has once again confirmed the saying "it depends on the blue factory for calibration".

With its outstanding peak performance, if you want to present immersive video game images, a super-sensing e-sports giant screen is naturally indispensable.

It can be seen that the screen has become the most important window for human-computer interaction, and the quality of the screen fundamentally determines the basic experience of the tablet computer.

Therefore, iQOO Pad2 Pro is equipped with a 13-inch "super-sensing display" with a resolution of up to 3.1K and a refresh rate of 144Hz.

The refresh rate of this screen is as high as 144Hz, which can perfectly run the ultra-high frame rate mode of mainstream e-sports games, and the control can also keep up with the rapid changes of smooth visual effects, making it easy to "play wherever you point".

In terms of color accuracy, this "super-sensing display" supports P3 movie-level wide color gamut, and the 10-bit color depth allows for smooth transition of screen colors, thus presenting a giant-screen visual experience.

In addition to supporting HDR10 adaptive playback, iQOO Pad2 Pro also has built-in SDR 2 HDR function – which can improve the common SDR videos on the Internet to a playback effect close to HDR10, making the picture clearer between light and dark, and also enhancing the visual perception. The transparency becomes more vivid and natural.

The large 11500mAh battery is the basis for the long-lasting battery life of iQOO Pad2 Pro. With the joint optimization of Azurite × Dimensity, the energy consumption can be greatly reduced, and even the power preservation strategy of "no power loss when not in use" can be achieved.

Overall, thanks to its flagship performance that is on par with flagship phones, iQOO Pad2 Pro stands out among a number of Android tablet models and is worthy of the title of "King of E-Sports."

Smart office: OriginOS 4 tablet customization system, tablets are no longer “large mobile phones”

For a long time, hardware cost and software ecology have been like two shackles that have restricted the development of Android tablets. As a result, for a long time, Android tablets have no large-screen adapted software available, and there is no better hardware to maintain smooth interaction. sex.

Fortunately, as time goes by, these two shackles will finally be released.

The "OriginOS 4 tablet customization system" equipped on iQOO Pad2 Pro is a system developed for large-screen Pads, and is fully adapted to the large-screen interface. This makes an e-sports tablet with excellent performance also naturally possess a side of intelligence and efficiency.

▲ Adobe Lightingroom tablet version

The interaction method that is more in line with the super-sensing giant screen gives iQOO Pad2 Pro a smoother, smoother and more comfortable operating experience.

Of course, if it doesn't have AI capabilities, it would be embarrassing to admit that this is a new device released in 2024.

Therefore, the iQOO Pad2 Pro with outstanding performance is also equipped with the "Blue Heart Large Model" – a self-developed universal large model matrix launched by vivo.

▲ Little V with a blue heart: You can get it by sliding sideways, and you can tell everything you know; it can be used for Wen Shengwen, Wen Sheng Tu, and Tu Sheng Tu.

▲ AI note creation: AI writer in Atomic Notes – AI text creation, polishing, and continuation

▲ Atomic Note AI Graffiti: scribble casually and turn your words into pictures – creativity turns into creation in seconds, a good helper for picture and text account/strategy

After using iQOO Pad2 Pro equipped with vivo's self-developed AI large model, as long as you have artistic ideas or written expressions, the smart little blue heart V can help you realize your creation.

Cross-screen office work is also a specialty of iQOO Pad2 Pro.

Not only does it support remote control of Windows computers, but it also supports remote control of Mac computers. You can remotely control the computer to complete document editing, application interaction and other operations.

Even if the computer is not carried with you, the iQOO Pad2 Pro at hand can turn into a mobile PC in seconds.

From this perspective, iQOO Pad2 Pro is even more advanced than the just-released iPad Pro in using macOS.

With its powerful performance and software tuning, iQOO Pad2 Pro is ready to adapt to a variety of productivity workflows.

If I had to sum up its performance in one sentence, then I think it would be: "quiet as a virgin, active as a rabbit."

In its thin and elegant appearance, iQOO Pad2 Pro presents a giant glass screen full of magic, and it contains powerful and unparalleled core performance inside.

Whether it is high-intensity e-sports games, efficient multi-window collaborative working, or the need for large-scale AI models of end-cloud collaboration, iQOO Pad2 can meet all aspects.

It's really up to you as to which workflow you want to place it in.

Because it is always on standby and has been prepared for a long time. What about you?

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