iQOO Neo 5 experience: what does the dual-chip blessing bring?

A little more expensive than expected, but also much better than expected.

In my original expectation, iQOO Neo 5 will be a purely cost-effective model, just to satisfy the love of playing games, but the budget can not afford the flagship, does not care about the appearance, feel and weight, and uses the rear camera as a QR code scanner Crowd. But when the real machine is in hand, I admit that I am biased.

Although the invitation letter for the iQOO Neo 5 conference used two fierce gorillas, using "dual apes" to imply "dual cores" (this creative plan may be a blue person with no distinction between front and back nasal sounds), but in fact, it My first impression was not the fierceness of the iQOO series, but the delicateness, a transformation from Shuofeng Swordsman to Qinglian Swordsman.

Its bigger change comes from the inner core. The Slogan of "powerful dual-core, born to win" obviously means that this product has a greater bright spot in the gaming experience, and the reason for the enhanced experience is the dual-chip design.

This first chip, the Snapdragon 870, is very popular in the current mobile phone market, with good performance and power consumption. It is a common chip in mid-to-high-end products, and the second one is related to iQOO’s own exploration. Yes, it adds an independent display chip to the phone.

In the PC market, the concept of independent display has been around for a long time, and high-end gaming laptops must have a high-end discrete graphics card. So, what is the use of adding an independent display chip to a mobile phone?

Independent display chip, make the best use of high refresh rate screen

This year can be described as the year of popularization of high refresh rate screens. High refresh rate screens of 90Hz and 120Hz are not uncommon on mid-to-high-end products. It also promotes the development of high refresh rate content ecology. Gaming is one of the key points.

But things always come first. At present, there are not many games that support high refresh rate in the entire game market. This is also the reason why some users think that high refresh rate screens are not very cost-effective. It consumes a lot of battery capacity and actually improves the user experience. There are not many scenes.

And iQOO Neo 5 tries to solve this problem with an independent display chip. In my actual experience, I found that this mobile phone provides a MEMC (Motion Compensation) function, which was commonly used in TV products before. It is generated by calculating and inserting the content. The way of transition frame, increase the frame rate to achieve a smoother purpose.

The principle of the game frame insertion function on iQOO Neo 5 is similar to this. It supports two frame insertion frame rates of 90 and 120 frames. Currently, it has supported "Peace Elite", "Original God", "Breakdown 3", and "Perfect". 9 games such as "World", many of them do not natively support 90Hz, 120Hz frame rate play.

Since it is running in frame insertion, in order to test the actual performance, I chose the FPS shooting game "Peace Elite", which has a greater impact on the game experience, with Neo 5, a 2400 × 1080 resolution, 120Hz high refresh rate screen. The actual experience really surprised me.

The difference visible to the naked eye, especially when swiping quickly, can clearly feel the improvement of fluency. To give a more direct example, smoother sliding allows me to better observe the surrounding environment and find enemies hidden behind grass or rocks. Early detection of the enemy's influence on the outcome in a shooting game is decisive.

Here I also recorded a comparative video, which is the comparison of the surrounding environment when the game is not opened for frame insertion and when the game is running at 120Hz.

"Peace Elite" insert frame 120Hz running comparison native

Of course, for high frame rate games, you have to get used to it for a while. After all, the speed of sliding browsing environment will be different after the frame rate increases. If you are not used to the high frame rate Neo 5, this independent display chip is also equipped with image quality. Enhanced functions can enhance the display of details.

Judging from the actual game environment, the enemies in the distance of "Peace Elite" are often displayed on the screen relatively small, and more details are also conducive to early detection of the enemy.

As for the impact of high refresh rate on battery life, iQOO officially announced that it has formulated a targeted plan. For the actual effect, I chose the power-hungry "Yuan Shen" for testing. The original high quality picture quality and the game's frame insertion 120 Hz Running for 1 hour consumes 22% of power. According to the 4400 mAh battery of iQOO Neo 5, it is a moderate result.

In addition to the qualified battery life , Neo 5 supports 66W wired fast charging. I usually choose to charge it for a few minutes from time to time. During the experience, there is no particularly obvious battery life anxiety.

For heavy gamers like me, the high frame rate experience brought by the game frame insertion is very useful. When playing "Peace Elite", the 120 Hz frame insertion operation is basically turned on. With an independent display chip, iQOO Neo 5 can not Restricted by game manufacturers, get a better gaming experience.

In addition, in order to match the gaming experience, iQOO has also released a number of cost-effective accessories, such as cooling back clips, gamepads, and wireless headsets with delays as low as 80ms. The blessing of these peripherals will make iQOO Neo 5. The gaming experience goes one step further.

Beyond the game, the compatibility of Neo 5

The gaming experience of iQOO Neo 5 does have a sense of "good quality and low price" , after all, its positioning is not a high-end flagship. But after returning to daily life, there is another kind of comfortable feel, which can be called an "economically applicable" mobile phone .

Let me talk about the situation of multiple software running. In most cases, running a single application will not be too lagging in most of the development of today’s Android phones. What makes people helpless is switching between applications. I have encountered watching videos before. Switch back to the social software to reply to a message, switch back to the video software to restart, and you have to search again.

The hand iQOO Neo 5 I got this time is equipped with 12GB of running memory. There is basically no restarting due to insufficient memory in daily use, and I rarely clean up the running memory. What's interesting is that iQOO officially announced that Neo 5 uses memory fusion technology, which uses part of the mobile phone storage as running memory. The 12GB running memory version can be equivalent to 15GB running memory.

This interested me after the limit of its capacity, at the same time open the software in many fields of electricity providers, social media, video, games, etc., while turning it met a software reset phenomenon when 21 software, or a Quite a good result, there are not many moments when so many softwares are opened at the same time in daily use.

Previous research data from QuestMobile shows that the average daily number of apps used by domestic users exceeds 9.5, and the large memory of iQOO Neo 5 is enough to meet the needs of heavy mobile players.

As mentioned above, the battery life performance of the game, but in daily use, it still needs to be combined with real life scenes. When connected to WiFi, 60 brightness, and 20 volume, I watched 1080P video for one hour and swiped Weibo for half an hour. , NetEase Cloud Music for half an hour, and 120Hz frame inserted for an hour of playing "The Original God", after 3 hours of testing, the remaining battery is 65%.

Although the battery life is not top-notch, the next day is more than adequate for moderate to heavy use, and the charging speed is very fast. For example, I forgot to charge the phone last night, and only when I got up in the morning found that the phone had turned off automatically, but it was approaching work time.

If you don’t want to be late, you can only speed up the wash. Put the phone aside and charge it. After 10 minutes of brushing and washing your face, the phone has been charged nearly 40%. The 66W fast charge is still very effective. It takes 33 minutes to charge from 0 to 100%. , Which is close to the official data.

In addition, the 66W fast-charge charger is originally provided in the iQOO Neo 5 box. You don’t need to know the fast-charge protocol and find the corresponding fast-charge charger. Overall, it’s a lot more convenient, especially when mobile phone manufacturers go to the charger. Under the turmoil.

In terms of mobile phone design, what we got this time is cloud blue color, in addition to night shadow black, pixel orange three colors.

The pixel orange version may be the color scheme closest to the iQOO brand temperament, whether it is craftsmanship, color or large pixel logo, it is very young.

The overall design of the mobile phone is rounded, and the back cover adopts the popular AG frosted glass process, which will show the effect of light and shadow circulation as the brightness of the light source changes. At the same time, this process is also conducive to reducing fingerprint contamination.

Although the official gave a clear water shell, the weight and thickness of 196g and 8.43mm of iQOO Neo 5 are actually just suitable for "streaking" use. Especially when the summer is about to enter the south, holding both hands on the sticky silicone shell is completely different from holding on the refreshing AG glass.

After all, when playing games, hands are really easy to sweat.

As a mid-range mobile phone, iQOO Neo 5 unsurprisingly adopts a rear-mounted AI three-camera design, each with a 48-megapixel main camera. The main camera’s CMOS is IMX598, which is the same model as the vivo X50 Pro, with optical image stabilization. , 13 million pixel ultra-wide-angle camera and 2 million pixel black and white camera.

Ultra wide angle

Main photo

2X telephoto, cropped by the main camera

Automatic night scene

Wide-angle macro

On the whole, this IMX598 main camera performs well with OIS, with accurate colors, high filming rate, and moderate night scenes. The ultra-wide-angle color will be warmer than the main camera, but it performs well at the macro end. In addition, the air condition in Guangzhou is not so good recently, and the line of sight is not clear enough, so the proofs may not look sharp enough.

On balance, iQOO's path of exploration

From the perspective of the entire mobile phone market, iQOO Neo 5 is a very competitive model in the 2,000 yuan price range .

This competitiveness is manifested in some details, such as dual speakers that support Hi-Res, large heat sinks, 66W fast charging and linear motors. These are places that are easy to be cut off by cost-effective models, and users are not able to. The first place you noticed.

At the same time, iQOO has made new explorations in gaming experience. The addition of new display chips breaks through the limitations of game manufacturers and brings a higher frame rate and smoother operating experience.

When the high refresh rate content ecology is not yet complete, we are the first to give a new solution, and let the 120Hz high refresh rate screen of Neo 5 make the best use of it.

At the same time, the family design from vivo also differentiates it from the straightforward and straightforward character of the iQOO Neo series in the past, achieving a new balance between a delicate and refreshing appearance and a strong inside.

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