iQOO 9 Pro experience: the flagship king of everything

I loved this car very much.

This car is the Lamborghini Huracán STO described by the famous British car critic Jeremy Clarkson.

Not just professional car critics such as Clarkson, the former professional driver Chris Harris also has a heartfelt love for Rambo, the "screaming beast".

As for ordinary people? As long as you see the classic "bull bull" style, the unique decals extending from the front to the rear, and the exaggerated all-carbon rear wing, even if you don’t sit behind the steering wheel or feel its roar in person, you will Will like it as much as Clarkson and Harris, even if your wallet does not allow it.

In order to achieve such an achievement, the large displacement 5.2L self-priming V10 engine provides 640 horsepower, cancels the front drive shaft, replaces with carbon fiber, magnesium alloy, etc. to optimize the 20 kg, almost everything is used.

▲ iQOO 8 Pro.

Three months ago, I described iQOO 8 Pro as BMW’s M550i. It has a low-key appearance but outstanding performance, as if Thor’s Hammer gave you a violent blow to the back.

The newly started iQOO 9 Pro has completed a change of identity, from the original e-sports flagship to the Lamborghini Huracán STO for professional users, professional players and the general public.

Similarly, in order to achieve iQOO 9 Pro's "all-round", iQOO "does everything."

Ice dragon or fire dragon?

The first batch of Qualcomm's new generation of Snapdragon 8 mobile platforms finally debut. From the previous engineering machine running scores, it can be seen that its improvement is more in the GPU graphics processor part, while the CPU improvement rate is slightly inferior.

The Snapdragon 8 instruction set is replaced with ARMv9, using a new 4nm process, and continuing the 1+3+4 CPU triple-cluster design. However, the super-large, large, and small cores are all upgraded, and the theoretical energy efficiency ratio has improved. GPU is upgraded to a new generation of Adreno, clocked at 818MHz. In addition, AI performance and connectivity have also been improved to varying degrees.

Coming to the iQOO 9 Pro, in addition to the Snapdragon 8, it also upgraded the 6400Mbps LPDDR5 memory, and the overclocked version of UFS 3.1 storage. In short, it is the application's internal call, and the data flow speed is faster, and the hardware configuration is pulled. Full.

In the running software, iQOO 9 Pro AnTuTu V9.2 directly exceeded 1.01 million, while Geekbench 5 CPU part single-core 1207, multi-core 3350, GFXBench Mid-Manhattan 3.0 1080P off-screen data rushed to 260fps. In the first batch of Snapdragon 8 models released, iQOO ranks in the front row.

▲ This is the result of iQOO 9 Pro's power consumption performance measurement several times during running time sharing.

In terms of power consumption performance, iQOO 9 Pro also has a different orientation from its opponents. In GFXBench's off-screen Manhattan and Aztec Ruins tests, it can be seen from the Perfdog test that the peak power consumption is only 7.5W, and the average power consumption does not exceed 6W after multiple rounds of testing.

In the game experience, the difficult "Original God" has also become stable and controllable. Although the frame rate of iQOO 9 Pro will reach 40fps when it enters the city for the first time or requires a large amount of texture preloading, it will soon be pulled back. 50fps, and in the case of 30 minutes of high-frequency clearing of wild and strange scenes and frequent trips in and out of the city, the average frame rate is maintained at around 56fps.

The peak power of iQOO 9 Pro is only 5.8W (average 4W), which is much better than Snapdragon 888, which is often 8~9W. The data comes from Perfdog.

▲ The performance of iQOO 9 Pro CPU core frequency under high load "Yuan Shen".

The reason is that iQOO 9 Pro's limitation of super-large cores, more use of small and medium cores to counter and balance high computing needs, and the changes brought about by the substantial increase in the performance of the new Adreno GPU. The original X2 super-large core with a main frequency of 3.0GHz almost ran below 2.8GHz in the whole process, and quickly dropped to 0.8GHz when there was no need to load the texture and the load did not change much.

The GPU utilization rate of Snapdragon 8 remained at 70%, and remained quite active until the end. And the SoC core temperature did not exceed 55°C. After the iQOO 9 Pro's large VC soaking plate and other heat dissipation equipment, I did not feel the warmth in Guangzhou, which is more than ten degrees Celsius. After 30 minutes of "Original God", the body of iQOO 9 Pro is warm, and there is no obvious heat rise when it is not hot.

When it comes to national-level mobile games such as "Glory of the King" and "Peace Elite", the performance of iQOO 9 Pro can be said to be calm and calm. Whether it is opening a group in Canyon 5v5 or 1v5, the frame rate remains at 120fps. , But as for the ending of the group, it still depends on the operation, iQOO 9 Pro is also helpless.

As for games that cannot support 120fps, the independent display chip Pro built in iQOO 9 Pro can increase the low frame rate to 120fps by calculating and then "interpolating frames". This is also the regular configuration of iQOO models since iQOO 5 Neo. Currently, 9 games are supported, almost covering the current popular mobile games.

In the game frame insertion option, there is also a "high frame low power consumption" mode. While increasing the game to 90fps, it will also achieve a lower power consumption than the native frame rate, supporting a total of 15 games.

However, the game bonus brought by the independent display chip Pro is more on the experience side. Regarding the experience of inserting frames, Ai Faner also has related popular science articles before. The conclusion is that the frame rate is actually increased. It is recommended to often open.

Ice dragon or fire dragon? For the new generation of Snapdragon 8 this debate may always exist. In the case of iQOO 9 Pro, it is difficult to say whether it hides the fire dragon or the ice dragon, but it is certainly under global scheduling and power consumption control. While exerting the theoretical strength of the Snapdragon 8, it also carries enough iQOO. Game features experience.

Products equipped with Snapdragon 8 may appear together, but at the same time, there is only the iQOO 9 Pro built-in independent display chip optimized for e-sports mobile games.

In the screen configuration, or the ceiling

The importance of the screen is self-evident for today's smart phones.

The specifications of the iQOO 9 Pro screen are not much different from that of the iQOO 8 Pro, the same 6.78 inches, E5 material OLED flexible screen, 3200×1440 resolution, support P3 wide color gamut and 10bit color depth.

After three months, the display effect of iQOO 9 Pro can still be called the ceiling level of the flagship, with relatively mature adjustments, the display is transparent and delicate. Especially when it comes to high-definition pictures and 4K videos, there is a gap compared to the 1080p resolution.

▲ Pay attention to the texture of Lord Fett's helmet and clothes, I believe you can tell who is 2K at a glance

In addition, perhaps due to the power consumption control of the E5 material, the screen of the iQOO 9 Pro is often brighter. With the new Origin Ocean, the entire set of card-style UI is quite eye-catching and unique.

And with LTPO, the whole system can control the refresh rate of the screen according to the scene. Relatively speaking, the LTPO algorithm of iQOO is relatively comprehensive. Except for games, videos, and cameras with special frame rate scenarios, the refresh rate of global App touch is 120Hz, and there is almost no sense of frame rate changes during daily use.

The screen form of iQOO 9 Pro still uses micro-curved surfaces, taking into account the visual impact and practicality, and will not affect the display of the edge of the App. At the same time, there is also optimization of the false touch algorithm in the system, whether it is a game or a full-screen video. Will have the experience of not losing the direct screen.

But in some games that require multi-finger control, such as "Peace Elite", the curved surface will also make the shooting operation smoother. If you want to control the edge accurately, there are corresponding setting options in the system to customize.

Entering 2022, among the new batch of flagships, only iQOO 9 Pro is still equipped with an ultrasonic 3D wide-area fingerprint. Fast recognition speed, large recognition area, high security, and no fear of stains are the unique advantages of ultrasound.

I remember that when using iQOO 9 Pro to record fingerprints, the colleague next to me asked "This is over?" This kind of surprise was actually buried from iQOO 8 Pro. Ultrasonic fingerprints can be entered in a single press, no need to be the same as photoelectric fingerprints. Constantly adjust the angle and enter the edge.

This time, the ultrasonic fingerprint recognition area of ​​iQOO 9 Pro has reached 578mm², which can support up to two-finger unlocking (when paying), and the cracking rate has also been reduced to one in 2.5 billion.

The feature of ultrasonic fingerprint is actually similar to high screen refresh and high-power fast charging. It is an experience that you can’t go back after using it, and it is necessary to popularize it.

Compared with iQOO 8 Pro, the screen of iQOO 9 Pro does not seem to improve much, but for products with the same positioning, it is still regarded as a top-level configuration of the "ceiling" level, not to mention the unique equipment such as ultrasonic fingerprints. Up.

Card, card or Origin Ocean of card

After Origin Ocean was released, my circle of friends was screened by a lot of "good reviews", and a friend even issued the statement "This is the most interesting customized system in recent years."

The new Origin did not continue the version number of 2.0, but attached the suffix of Ocean, which means a "new trend" in it. Origin Ocean reorganized the main screen, notifications, folders and notification system of OriginOS 1.0, and integrated the concept of "atom" into the system.

iQOO 9 Pro comes pre-installed with Origin Ocean. For me, the biggest feeling is that "cardization" fills the entire system. Notifications, plug-ins, folders, and built-in applications remain unified, appearing in the form of colorful cards.

This also means that you can customize these "cards" and make a set of Origin Ocean that belongs to you. This also coincides with the Material You system that Google launched last year. This original system is also known as recent years. "The peak value of beauty."

Specifically, Origin Ocean integrates the previous main screen and also brings a new atomic card and folder system into Huarong Grid. In the past, I prefer to put small plug-ins on the negative screen. Plug-ins without adjustments can easily occupy too much screen space. Origin Ocean adjusted the corresponding plan to maintain a proper sense of distance from the icons. Icons and plug-ins of different sizes are very orderly.

Atomic components have also been extended to many third-party apps in more diverse forms. In daily life, I am resident in Alipay's atomic component of the market trend. Whether it is red or green, it will always make you smile.

In addition, the Origin Ocean folder can be zoomed like a component. When it becomes larger, the App inside the folder will become clearer. In the past, folders were basically the tombs of apps, and almost never opened folders to find apps. After the folder became larger, it seemed to change a brighter window for the apps, and also had the urge to click and interact.

▲ Rich and changeable atomic notifications.

Including atomic notifications, some system-level pop-up windows use card-style floating window prompts, which are more deeply integrated with the system. At the same time, the vision of the card has also been upgraded. Different card colors will represent different states.

In addition to reorganizing and optimizing the atomic system, Origin Ocean also brought two "quantum kits". Simply put, they are two Origin Ocean-style apps, namely "Atomic Reading" and "Atomic Notes".

Atomic reading is actually more like an RSS reader with a lower threshold, but the content of the message source is no longer a simple listing, but a card reading effect has been added. It has now almost replaced my commonly used Inoreader and has become a new knowledge acquisition every day. The main app.

On the other hand, atomic notes are complementary to atomic reading, one is acquisition and the other is creation. It also introduces the stylization of Origin Ocean, re-typesetting and combing the content, and adapting the related "gestures" in operation to complete the typesetting and editing of the text more quickly.

Although Origin Ocean has just been launched, its overall stability is almost similar to a mature system that iterates several major versions, with very few bugs and crashes. And just before the launch of iQOO 9 Pro, the first public beta versions were also pushed one after another. New features, new designs and new machines are undoubtedly, and there is no special threshold for the upgrade experience of the public beta, which is almost the same as the official version.

Such a brand-new Origin Ocean, coupled with the hardware specifications of iQOO 9 Pro, complement each other.

How can the 120W flash charge be upgraded?

When I was using iQOO 8 Pro, there was no battery life anxiety at all. The 50W wireless flash charging and the 120W wired fast charging greatly shortened the recharge time, and it is still at the forefront of the industry.

When it comes to iQOO 9 Pro, the flash charging kit has also been quietly upgraded.

On the mobile phone side, iQOO 9 Pro is equipped with a dual-cell lithium battery with a capacity of 4700mAh, and the weight of the whole machine is controlled to 203g. From 1% to 100%. Under 120W power, it takes only 20 minutes for the phone to be fully charged, and from 20% to 100% is nothing more than ten minutes. It is enough to make up for a short time before going out.

In terms of battery life, under moderate use of iQOO 9 Pro, the screen on time can be maintained for more than five hours, and in the silent state of the screen, iQOO 9 Pro has great experience in controlling the background power consumption, which is about one night. Around 3%.

On the charger, iQOO 9 Pro comes standard with a brand new 120W GaN charger, which is 26% smaller and weighs 135g, which is similar to some 65W charging heads.

The most important thing is that the new 120W charging head uses a USB-C interface and is compatible with other 6A cables. It is not limited to the original and supports PPS and PD fast charging protocols, up to 65W.

After seeing this new 120W charging head, my colleague joked that "this can be regarded as the best innovation of the year." Previously, iQOO’s 120W charging head also has good support for PPS and PD. It is not a problem to go all over the world, but the size and cable do need to be considered.

The new 120W GaN charging head almost perfectly solves the two problems of size and generality. The most popular charging head of the year is also well-deserved.

It’s time to get to know iQOO again

The performance of the Lamborghini Huracán STO on the Silverstone circuit made professional driver Chris Harris admire him.

It is no longer a "barbarian" on the track, but a serious and precise machine.

In the past two years of iQOO, strictly speaking, starting from the iQOO 7 generation, iQOO's flagship products have been gradually layered, and then evolved towards everything.

In the iQOO 9 Pro generation, it can still be the "e-sports flagship", a powerful tool for players to score; it can also be the image flagship, the first larger Samsung GN5 sensor, bringing a new micro-panel fusion Anti-shake, better dark light capture ability and focus tracking ability; it can also be an audio-visual flagship, or even a charging flagship if you want.

At the brand level, iQOO may not be as long and far-reaching as Lamborghini, but at the product level, Huracán STO has many similarities with iQOO 9 Pro.

It has a smart enough design, a sufficiently comprehensive configuration, a unique deployment, and more importantly, it has completed the transformation of the product. Huracán STO has become a rigorous and practical machine, while iQOO 9 Pro has completely transformed into a product with comprehensive strength.

Huracán STO has made many people know Lamborghini again, and iQOO 9 Pro is also enough to let you know about iQOO gradually and comprehensively.

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