iQOO 8 Pro experience: like Thor’s Hammer, giving you a “extremely versatile” blow

"Prepare for a whack from Thor's hammer."

▲ BMW M550i 2021. Picture from: Sunday Times Driving

This is the evaluation of the BMW M550i by the famous British car critic Jeremy Clarkson (Jeremy Clarkson).

Although the BMW M550i has the aura of the "M" series, its appearance is not much different from the ordinary four-door 5 series, and it is low-key and quiet.

▲ BMW M550i 2021. Picture from: Sunday Times Driving

It is also a glance at the appearance, which is often overlooked by its 4.4L turbocharged V8 engine. When you step on the floor oil inadvertently, the once quiet and steady M550i can burst out of 523 horsepower, just like a rabbit.

Such a contrast is like being severely hammered on the back by Thor's Hammer, exciting and pleasantly surprised.

And Clarkson even broke the "M5 is the M550i's version without comfort and with a little noise."

Just like the stunning BMW M550i, the iQOO 8 Pro with an "M" attached to the body also has the characteristics of "quiet like a virgin, like a rabbit in motion".

During the few days of experiencing iQOO 8 Pro, I also had the "Thor's Hammer" as Clarkson described the M550i.

Touch the ceiling screen

At this node, there are two choices for the screens of flagship mobile phones. One is a comprehensive form, which abandons the quality, and the other is high quality, which abandons the radical form.

▲ iQOO 8 Pro with a center-mounted perforated screen.

Both have pros and cons, and it is impossible to tell which one is better or worse, but from an experience point of view, I still prefer high-quality displays. A comprehensive form may need to wait.

For mobile phones, the importance of the screen is self-evident. It is responsible for display and interaction. The hours of use per day is almost equivalent to how long the screen is used. Although not very rigorous, it is enough to show the importance of the screen.

Therefore, the display quality should be ranked first in the demand for the screen, and the screen on the iQOO 8 Pro puts a lot of effort into quality.

In summary, E5 material, 2K resolution, 120Hz high brush, LTPO technology, curved screen, these items are almost the ceiling equipment of the current 2021 flagship machine.

To put it simply, E5 material can make the screen brighter, higher contrast and lower power consumption, 2K resolution brings a more delicate picture, 120Hz high brush brings a silky enough experience, LTPO technology will dynamically adjust according to the use scene, In order to achieve the purpose of saving power, the micro-curved surface is improved in form.

▲ Looking closer, the cat's hair is completely visible.

In terms of theoretical data, relative to the E4 material, the highest brightness of iQOO 8 Pro reaches 500nit (the local peak reaches 1500nit), the contrast is increased to 8000000:1, and the power consumption is reduced by 25%.

Returning to the experience, the biggest feeling of the iQOO 8 Pro screen is "transparency." The increase in resolution and contrast has a good look and feel, no matter if it is for the information streaming app or the video category.

Let's talk about a theoretical value. The 6.78-inch screen (3200*1440) of iQOO 8 Pro is about 517PPI, and if the resolution drops to 1080P, the PPI can still reach 388, which is more than 300PPI, which is not easy for the human eye to detect. .

▲Left: 1080P, right: iQOO 8 Pro 2K resolution comparison (due to the compression rate problem, the actual gap is more obvious than in the picture).

However, the premise of this "imperceptible" is that there is no comparison and degraded use. When upgrading from 1080P to 2K, the sensory experience brought about by the resolution jump is easily overlooked. Conversely, if you move from extravagance to frugality, there will be a gap, and at the same time the "transparent" feeling of the screen will be weakened.

The first fingerprint of the area under the ultrasonic screen

In addition to the leap in screen quality hardware, iQOO 8 Pro is also equipped with ultrasonic fingerprint recognition. Compared with traditional photoelectric fingerprints, it has three advantages: security, recognition speed, and recognition area.

▲Entry once, no need to repeat.

In the past, it was often necessary to press multiple times when entering a photoelectric fingerprint. The purpose was to allow the camera under the screen to record the fingerprint as much as possible. When it comes to ultrasound, the recording can be completed by pressing the finger once. Scanning the left and right thumb and index finger, the recording of these four fingers, only takes less than a minute.

▲ It can be seen from the input and unlock screen that the recognition area is much larger.

In addition, the recognition area on the iQOO 8 Pro screen is also larger (11.1 times that of iQOO 7), and due to the characteristics of ultrasound, it also supports wet hand detection. In other words, the unlocking and entry of iQOO 8 Pro does not require special gestures, and it only needs to be "once".

▲ The recognition area is large, no need to focus on the center, it can be recognized by pressing the edge.

If it is said that the traditional photoelectric fingerprint needs to be unlocked by the face in the past, the ultrasonic fingerprint on the iQOO 8 Pro is basically "a trick to eat all over the world." Ultrasonic fingerprints are larger, faster, and more secure, and may be the mainstream choice for flagship phones next.

With the upgrading of the screen quality, iQOO 8 Pro also uses a curved screen form (in fact, a slightly curved screen, not a waterfall screen), which improves the touch, but there is no edge accidental touch. OriginOS has made a very good system. Level "blocking".

▲ This time the iQOO 8 Pro package comes with a protective case with good texture and workmanship.

In this way, in addition to the improved look and feel, the micro-curved screen of the iQOO 8 Pro is actually not much different from the straight screen in use.

If the screen of the previous iQOO product is not a strong point, then the screen configuration of the iQOO 8 Pro is enough to reverse this view, and it can even be said to have reached the "ceiling" level in one fell swoop.

Flagship movie with dual main camera + micro-panel

In the past, iQOO's products were mostly built around "performance", and screen images were not a strong point. As for the iQOO 8 Pro, adhering to the concept of creating "omnipotent", the screen uses the "ceiling" level, and the image function is the same.

iQOO 8 Pro did not use some fresh and jerky concepts in the image, but took the pragmatic style of dual main cameras and micro-head.

Just as the design of the camera module is exactly the same, there are not so many high-profile vocabulary to describe, more simple line outline and decoration.

The main camera is a 50-megapixel IMX766V sensor jointly developed with Sony, which supports four-in-one, and the single pixel size reaches 2μm after synthesis. At the same time, the main camera is also equipped with a "micro pan-tilt", which has a larger compensation range than the traditional OIS, so it is more stable.

The outsole plus the two hardware of the micro-pan platform give iQOO 8 Pro a better low-light capture ability. With the "night scene" mode of the camera app, it is not so easy to blur the film even if it is handheld for 5s.

In low-light environments, the shutter duration of 4s-5s can present a much brighter picture than the naked eye. However, in the few days I have used iQOO 8 Pro, I rarely trigger such a long shutter time. I think it is more like preparing for low-light scenes such as "starry sky".

▲ The gleaming sky in the middle of the night.

▲ Signs that are imperceptible to the naked eye under dim light.

For daily night shots, there are usually some artificial light sources, and the contrast between strong light and low light will be stronger. To obtain good-looking photos, software synthesis algorithms are as important as hardware.

▲ The artificial light source scene, the text in the highlight of the light box is clearly visible.

▲ Artificial light source scene (2.5x telephoto shooting).

▲ Around 20 o'clock, there is a weak fill light on the side, and only the outline of the plants can be seen with the naked eye.

The photos obtained by iQOO 8 Pro can better control the intensity of highlights, and can restore appropriate dark details. When shooting, the shutter time lag is not obvious, which means that if you want to take a very "dynamic" photo, you don't need to deliberately prepare too much "advance".

The iQOO 8 Pro ultra-wide-angle lens is actually IMX598. Although it is not as good as IMX766V, it is also a master-level sensor with mature adjustments.

▲ Main photo

▲ Ultra wide angle.

In daylight, the imaging adjustment styles of the two are very similar, and the resolution is not much different. But at night, the gap between the ultra-wide angle and the main camera is mainly due to the quality of the center. IMX766V has a natural advantage. Fortunately, the two algorithms are similar in bright and dark, and the final style is almost the same.

In addition to wide-angle and ultra-wide-angle, iQOO 8 Pro also has a 16-megapixel 2.5x telephoto and supports OIS anti-shake. The official definition is a "portrait lens", but it is actually close to 50mm (57.5mm in fact), which makes it easier to complete a simple composition.

▲ All shots with 2.5x telephoto.

When I look back at the photos taken in the past few days, this 2.5x telephoto lens can get close to 50% of the photos. One is that the focal length of 50mm is more suitable for subtraction, and the other is that the OIS equipped with anti-shake increases the cost. The film rate, the third is the stable color rendering, consistent with the main camera and ultra-wide angle.

The three lenses of iQOO 8 Pro are basically a steady and pragmatic, and each lens has its place.

In addition to static photos, the addition of the micro-head structure makes iQOO 8 Pro more playable in dynamic videos.

The most obvious is the hardware-level anti-shake of the video, coupled with the synergy of electronic anti-shake, so that iQOO has "VIS five-axis video anti-shake", which can shoot as smooth video as possible while walking and running, which is conducive to vlog Video style.

▲ Video material obtained by iQOO 8 Pro under vigorous shaking.

It is worth noting that the micro-panel and the algorithm, iQOO 8 Pro has added a "constant horizon" function, which uses a gravity sensor to determine the horizon, and then cooperates with an ultra-wide viewing angle and high pixels to capture more images, and finally through the algorithm Ensure the absolute level of the picture.

▲ After turning on the "Constant Horizon" function, the iQOO 8 Pro will still get a horizontal picture when turning iQOO 8 Pro horizontally.

If the high-quality screen of iQOO 8 Pro makes you unable to put down your phone, then the imaging system of iQOO 8 Pro will let you record anytime, anywhere, and use it to restore what you see.

How to train your dragon under the floor oil

Performance, relative to the screen and video, this seems to be the home of iQOO.

There is no doubt that iQOO 8 Pro is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 888+ processor, and the "golden" combination of Samsung LPDDR5 storage and Samsung UFS3.1 flash memory.

Compared with Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 in the first half of the year, the biggest upgrade of Snapdragon 888+ is the increase in the main frequency of the super core, and the increase in AI computing power. From this point of view, Snapdragon 888+ is still not a "fuel-efficient" core, and manufacturers still need to make individual optimizations for their products.

While optimizing the internal stacking, iQOO 8 Pro also customized a set of "VC power pump liquid cooling heat dissipation" for Snapdragon 888+. To put it simply, the VC soaking plate adds a set of liquid cooling. The purpose is to allow the Snapdragon 888+ to have a continuous output under high load, and will not reduce the frequency due to heat accumulation, which will affect the final performance.

Directly served the hard dish. After 30 minutes of playing "Yuan Shen", the whole body of iQOO 8 Pro was slightly hot. The heat source was mainly concentrated on the upper thumb, and the back was near the camera. The body temperature reached 38°C and it was not hot.

The special effects are all on, iQOO turns on the Monster mode, and there is basically no fluctuation in monster sweeping outside Mond City, but there will still be fluctuations when entering Mond City. After all, there are too many textures to load in the city, which requires high equipment. After stabilization, the inside and outside of the city tend to be stable.

▲ When a large number of textures in the new scenes of "Original God" need to be read and loaded, even Snapdragon 888+ can't stand it.

In "Peace Elite", "King of Glory", and "Ace Warrior", the iQOO 8 Pro equipped with Snapdragon 888+ is more comfortable. No matter it is with many people and few people, textures, shadows, the frame rate is basically the highest, and it is very stable. .

▲After the frame is inserted in "Peace Elite", the data is 60fps, and the look and feel is directly full at 120fps.

In addition to a more stable performance, iQOO 8 Pro is also equipped with VRS variable resolution technology launched in cooperation with Qualcomm. In theory, VRS can intelligently concentrate GPU resources on the active area of ​​the screen, so as to reduce GPU load, reduce power consumption, and increase the stability of the frame rate.

However, currently only three RPG games are supported: "Relics of the God of War", "End of the World Moon Knife" and "Tian Yu", the official said that the follow-up will continue to expand to more games.

At the same time, iQOO 8 Pro is also equipped with an "independent display chip". In reality, there are two different modes: "enhance frame rate" and "optimize power consumption".

The simple understanding of "enhancing frame rate" is to insert frames through calculations, so as to complete the game's frame rate increase from 90Hz to 120Hz, thereby enhancing the experience. "Optimizing power consumption" means sharing the rendering pressure of the GPU through independent display chips, thereby reducing power consumption.

In fact, the frame insertion and optimization of the independent display are mainly concentrated in the game, and it is a game on the official game store. I, the international server of "Yuan Shen" players who want to experience these two functions, have to switch back to the national server. .

In "Peace Elite", the official does not enable the 90fps high frame rate for iQOO 8 Pro, and only supports "limit" 60fps. After "increase the frame rate", it can come to 120fps. Only from the actual perception and experience of the naked eye, there is indeed a visible improvement, but because the algorithm is difficult to express with data.

From iQOO 5 Neo to the current iQOO 8 Pro, the independent display chip has become a technical business card for iQOO products. It has effectively improved the experience of the game, and it has become a function that I will definitely turn on when I relax and play mobile games, so that I won’t let my phone back up because I can’t "beat" people.

"Triathlon" charging

Before encountering 120W charging, I think that the power of about 66W is sufficient for the experience. When it is necessary to temporarily recharge the battery, plan the charging for half an hour in advance. At the same time, the charging head of about 66W is also a relatively compromise solution, which is small in size and convenient to carry.

After encountering 120W fast charging, it completely subverted my understanding of fast charging and changed the charging habits. There is almost no need for extra time to recharge the battery every day.

Last night, I deliberately used the phone to only 10%, rested on the screen. After getting up, there is 8% left, plug in the charger before washing. A round of washing and brewing coffee, about 25 minutes, iQOO 8 Pro is almost full.

And iQOO 8 Pro finally joined the 50W wireless flash charging, which is regarded as vivo's private protocol and requires a separate wireless charging kit.

In this way, I don't have to carry the 120W charger to commute back and forth every day, just put it on the wireless charging pad in the office, which is more convenient to use.

iQOO 8 Pro also supports 10W reverse charging, which can provide emergency power to TWS headsets, smart watches, etc., which is a small benefit of supporting wireless charging.

Wireless charging can be said to be the first equipment of iQOO products, but it is a big step improvement for the charging experience and expands to more scenarios.

In addition to the improvement of the charging method, the battery capacity of the iQOO 8 Pro has also been increased to 4500mAh (dual cell, 2*2250mAh). Even if the screen is upgraded to 2K, but with the support of LTPO, E5 material and large battery, iQOO 8 Pro has better battery life than iQOO 7.

I went out 100%, with 2K resolution, 30 minutes of navigation, followed by high-intensity shooting, Weibo, video, and WeChat chat for a total of 4 hours. In the end, I had nearly 40% battery power when I returned home. Until the next morning, iQOO 8 Pro finally reached the 10% red line, which took nearly 18 hours.

The larger battery has better battery life, more diversified charging methods, with the scene of recharging the battery at any time, and the high-speed flash charging of 120W, so that iQOO 8 Pro has no electricity "anxiety". Of course, if It would be "icing on the cake" to support the higher power PPS protocol.

IQOO continues to grow and mature

When it comes to sports cars, the first thing that emerges in many people's minds may be super sports cars in the traditional sense like Lamborghini and Bugatti.

▲ BMW M550i 2021. Picture from: Sunday Times Driving

But the fans of BMW's M series are no less than those of super sports cars. The M series has extraordinary sports characteristics, specialization and superb craftsmanship, and is also a symbol of excellent driving skills and personal style.

The same is true for iQOO, which initially debuted as a sub-brand of vivo to make up for the gap in the online market. With unique product strength and precise positioning, it has grown into a market similar to the BMW M series.

iQOO's product line is also gradually expanding, covering markets at various price points. Its flagship digital series has gradually evolved from the "e-sports" performance positioning, and gradually began to grow into "all-round", iQOO 8 Pro is such an "all-round" product.

It has inherited the design of "speed aesthetics", and inherited the performance for e-sports. At the same time, it has also "grew", reaching the ceiling of the screen, the charging experience of "triathlon", and the continued enhancement of the image. .

With the blessings of various technologies, iQOO 8 Pro may not have the "edges" of its predecessors. It is as quiet and stable as the 2021 BMW M550i, but when you need "performance", it can still give you "Thor one strike".

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