iQOO 7 first experience: the game master who won the “triple double”

In basketball games, we often see some stars scored "triple doubles" beautiful results: points, rebounds, assists, steals, blocks, three technical statistics reach double digits. It is not an easy task to get a "triple double", which is also the best proof of a star showing his super strength.

On the newly released iQOO 7, we can see the "three pairs" belonging to the mobile phone circle: dual pressure sensitive screens, dual linear motors, and dual speakers. Does the superimposed hardware configuration of iQOO 7 mean that it also has the power to cut the "triple double"? May wish to find the answer together with the following.

The "sense of speed" in your hand

At a time when the ID design on the front of the mobile phone is becoming more and more similar, the reversed back of the mobile phone has become the main focus of the design of major manufacturers.

The legendary design of the collaboration between iQOO 5 Pro and BMW M Motosport has also been extended to iQOO 7. The matte white back panel with red, black and blue stripes has both inheritance and new ingenuity.

The back cover is made of the currently popular AG glass, and the surface is frosted, which not only has a matte effect visually, but also provides better friction when held in the hand, so you will not always worry about accidentally hand sliders. The machine fell.

The three-color stripe has been redesigned on iQOO 7. The position has been changed from the left side through the camera to the right side of the fuselage, which is "separated" from the new camera module. The stripes are also more slender than the previous generation. When the phone is gently tilted, the texture will change its gloss as the light shines, and the overall look is more refined and harmonious.

Clean and neat is the most intuitive impression given to me by the iQOO 7 Legend Edition. Except for the back cover, this neat design language is also reflected in every part of the phone.

The middle frame is made of silver aluminum alloy, and it feels very solid to hold. There are only volume keys and on-off keys on the side, and there is a texture to enhance friction on the keys. If you look closely at the screen, you will find that the screen is slightly floating on the frame, which can provide better protection for the screen when it falls, but you can feel a little bit awkward when returning from the edge.

In order to avoid blocking the signal with the palm of the hand held horizontally during the game, an antenna is hidden between the volume key and the switch key to ensure the stability of the network. These details that are usually difficult to detect can sometimes have a significant impact on the actual experience. iQOO can become a dedicated KPL game machine for 3 consecutive years, and it is naturally inseparable from the insight into these subtle needs.

The front screen of the iQOO 7 still adopts the design of the face-to-face screen like the iQOO 5. Fans who complained that the face-to-face screens of flagship phones have been "bent" can finally exhale. Without the smooth transition of the curved screen, there will be no problems with false touch and discoloration. This is the current best-performing face-screen mobile phone.

iQOO 7 uses a 6.62-inch AMOLED screen with a resolution of 1080P and a maximum brightness of 800 nit, which has passed the HDR 10+ certification standard. In terms of refresh rate, it supports 120 Hz high refresh and can automatically adapt to 90 Hz screen content.

From the look and feel, this screen is quite good. For the first time, hardware dimming with 2048 gears and software dimming with 4096 gears are used for the first time, so that it can be used in indoor dark light or outdoor strong light environment. Cope with ease. The smooth sliding experience that can be brought about by swiping Weibo and WeChat with high refresh screen is the only regret that there is no more delicate 2K resolution screen.

The front camera is changed from a hole on the left side of the screen to a center hole that is consistent with the X60 series. The centered front camera design is more comfortable from the perspective of look and feel and selfie.

The weight of the fuselage will be a short board of iQOO 7. After adding the "large volume tube full" heat plate, dual pressure sensitive components, dual linear motors and other components, the net weight of iQOO 7 is 209.5g, and the solid feel is obvious. It is incompatible with the current wave of thin and light design. Compared with the thin and light brother X60, which has no linear motor, there are different choices for "grip feel" and "vibration feel".

The invisible game "Handle"

The return of pressure-sensitive screens will be a highlight of iQOO 7. Do you remember how long you have not seen pressure-sensitive technology appear on flagship phones?

The reason why pressure-sensing technology is forgotten by people is a very important reason. People do not have a strong perception of the new interaction mode of pressing. Many people don’t know that pressing the screen will produce new interactions when they are used. Elimination seems to be a natural thing.

iQOO 7 has found an excellent application scenario for pressure sensitive screens-games. Nothing on a mobile phone requires more operation than a game. The addition of a new dimension of pressing to a mobile game based on taps undoubtedly adds more possibilities to competition.

The biggest advantage of the dual pressure-sensitive screen is that it allows both the left and right fingers to play a role. For example, in FPS games, the left-hand finger can be set to open the mirror and the right-hand finger can be set to shoot. The operation during the game can be more comfortable: When it comes to the sudden enemy, no longer hurriedly aiming and then looking for the gun button to shoot, you can complete the killing action by raising your hand.

There are many other operations that can be achieved by dual pressure sensitivity. After entering the game, enter the game space toolbar and you can freely set the pressure sensitive screen mapping buttons. It is like having two more buttons on the finger that can be triggered at any time. "Two keys", such as pressing the screen in Glory of Kings to flash, quickly purchase equipment, press to use props and drift while flying.

For the pressure sensitive screen, in addition to the pressing operation input, the operation feedback given to the operator is also very important. The addition of dual linear motors on the iQOO 7 can cooperate with the dual pressure sensitive screen to bring timely and clear operation feedback.

Two linear motors are distributed on the upper and lower ends of the phone. When the left or right hand presses the pressure sensitive screen, you can feel the screen vibrate slightly, and the vibration of the two fingers are independent of each other, and the crisp vibration feel makes people feel It's like pressing the joystick button of the handle. "Invisible handle" is the most appropriate description for this pair.

The fly in the ointment is that, perhaps for battery life considerations, the shock power of the two motors is not strong enough for players with heavy tastes like me, and it is difficult to find the feedback intensity setting in the settings. If the shock intensity setting can be opened later, I believe It will be more refreshing to play.

The dual speakers equipped with iQOO 7 use an asymmetric design. The upper end uses the earpiece for sound, and the lower end uses the speaker for sound. To my surprise, despite the asymmetric structure, the volume of the earpiece was not discounted too much. After tuning, the sound source can be centered in the middle of the screen, which is still very important for the listening positioning during the game.

As the time of listening to songs has become fragmented, mobile phones have gradually become my first choice for listening to songs. This time iQOO 7 is equipped with a CS43131 independent Hi-Fi chip, which has passed the small gold certification of Hi-Res, which makes me very Curious about its musical performance. To turn on the Hi-Fi function, a 3.5 mm to Type-C adapter cable or Type-C connector headset is essential.

After connecting the headset, the status bar will show that the Hi-Fi function has been automatically enabled. After comparing and playing Stefanie Sun’s "When the Winter Night Gets Warm", you will find that the human voice will be more forward after the Hi-Fi function is enabled, the dynamics of the sound will become higher, and the details of the instrumental music will be richer and the sound field will also Will be more open.

However, this does not mean that there is no need to work hard on headphones. The addition of Hi-Fi chips is more like icing on the cake for good headphones. If you want to hope that it can turn corruption into magic, you don't need to.

Is Snapdragon 888 stable?

Open the configuration table of iQOO 7, you can see the prefix of "enhanced version" everywhere, which means that everything becomes faster on iQOO 7: the enhanced version of LDDR5 with a 16.3% increase in read rate, and the enhanced version of UFS with upgraded defragmentation 3.1. Enhanced Wi-Fi 6 with a bandwidth of 160M. But the most concerned is this currently hot Snapdragon 888 SoC.

I chose two games, "Peace Elite" and "Original God" to test its performance. First of all, I made a conclusion: Snapdragon 888 played well after heat dissipation and stacking.

In the test of "Peace Elite", I tested HDR high-definition picture quality, extreme frame rate (60 FPS), ultra-high-definition picture quality, and ultra-high frame rate (40 FPS). The results can be maintained. Stable full frame rate output, CPU load is only 24.8% and 17.7% respectively, iQOO 7 is only slightly hot after some games.

If eating chicken is a piece of cake, then it is a bit difficult to adjust the picture quality to the highest and the frame rate to 60 for the complete "Protocol" Xiaolong 888. I conducted two sets of tests. One set was hanging out in the forest. The frame rate was basically stable at 55-60 FPS. Sometimes there would be slight freezes when turning the angle of view. The overall experience was still very smooth. At this time, the average CPU load was 38.4%.

The second set of tests followed the mission guidelines to fight and inserted CG animations. The average frame rate was 52.5 FPS. From the detailed data sheet, it can be seen that there was a period where the frame rate dropped to about 30 FPS and then recovered to an average of 60 frames. line. At this time, it should be the optimization of CG animation that caused the frame rate to be unstable. In general, it is still not a problem to play "Yuan Shen" with iQOO 7 cool.

From the test results, the performance of this Snapdragon 888 on iQOO 7 is still very stable. The large-area heat spreader on the back may be the hero behind the scenes. It is difficult to detect the CPU drop under the pressure of the 4096 square millimeter heat sink. The phenomenon of frequent frame drop.

More friendly 120W fast charge

If these second-level speed increases cannot bring you more sensory stimulation, then the 120W super fast charge can definitely refresh your understanding of "fast". Previously, 120W super charging has been applied to iQOO 5 Pro and other models, and now you can experience this kind of extreme pleasure in the more friendly digital flagship series.

▲ The battery level rises visibly

Before the test, I used up the battery to automatically shut down. It can be charged to 50% in 6 minutes and 99% in 15 minutes. It took 15 minutes and 39 seconds to fully charge, which is almost the same as the official 15-minute fast charge.

Just say that the digital perception is not strong. After bringing in my real use situation, I should be able to better appreciate the changes it brings to my life:

After the company finished the performance test of the mobile phone, the battery level was still 13%. At this time, I connected the charging cable and opened the Meituan to select the place of dinner while clearing the table. After 6 minutes, the mobile phone was charged to 62% and recovered. Above the safety line, you can safely navigate to the restaurant with your mobile phone with your backpack.

When the power gap between 30% and 90% is converted into 10 minutes of charging time, the behavior of charging will become insensitive. I no longer stare at the power icon, always worrying about being caught by the charging cable.

The only question to worry about may be whether to install this huge 120W charging head in the office or at home, or to bring it to work together?

As for the performance of the battery life of this 4000 mAh battery, I have been connected to Wi-Fi and 60 brightness conditions after 1 hour of Yuanshen, half an hour of NetEase Cloud Music listening to songs, half an hour of Weibo, and 1 hour of playback With 1080P streaming video, after a total of 3 hours of high-intensity fishing test, 71% of the battery is left; 8% of the power is lost in the 8-hour standby test.

The battery life performance is relatively average. It seems that only a few minutes of blood recovery from time to time is the correct way to open iQOO 7.

Optical image stabilization makes the night scene more beautiful

The three cameras of iQOO 7 adopt a "product"-shaped arrangement. They are a 48-megapixel main camera with an IMX598 sensor customized jointly with Sony, a 13-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens, and a 1300 with a focal length equivalent to 50mm. Megapixel portrait camera.

The main camera supports OIS optical image stabilization, which means that there will be more stable performance when shooting night scenes or videos, and this is true after testing.

▲ Super-sensitive main camera has good light

▲ Super-sensitive main camera has good light

▲ Super-sensitive main camera 2X digital zoom

In a well-lit environment, the imaged color and white balance restoration are satisfactory, and the 2X telephoto mode of the digital zoom can also retain sufficient details.

▲ The super-sensitive lens does not turn on the night scene mode

▲ Super-sensitive lens turns on night scene mode

After the addition of optical image stabilization, the filming speed and filming rate of the night scene mode have been improved. After the night scene mode is turned on, the amount of light is significantly increased, and the tolerance is higher. The imaging speed depends on the ambient light conditions. Basically, the shooting can be completed in 1 second, basically not affected by jitter, and the filming rate is satisfactory. Therefore, it is recommended to keep the night scene mode for taking pictures at night.

▲ The super-sensitive main camera does not turn on the night scene mode

▲ The super-sensitive main camera turns on the night scene mode and holds a 5-second long exposure

In extreme environments, it is very necessary to turn on the night scene mode. In the room where you can't see your fingers, the subject can hardly be photographed in the normal shooting mode. After the night scene mode is turned on, hold it steady for about 5 seconds before you can use it. The weak light captures the subject hidden in the dark, and the slight jitter when holding it will not affect the clarity of the film.

▲ The night scene mode is not turned on with the ultra-wide-angle lens. The trunk and floor tiles have a strong smearing sense

▲ Super wide-angle lens night scene mode with more detailed trunk and floor tiles

The ultra-wide-angle lens also supports the opening of the night scene mode, but it is more to bring about the improvement of purity and picture detail. In the extreme environment, the ultra-wide-angle that should not be photographed is still not photographed.

▲ Portrait lens

▲ Portrait lens

This equivalent 50mm portrait lens is also very playable. Although it is called a portrait lens, it can get a beautiful blur effect when shooting other objects. After the film is formed, the focus and focal length can be reselected to control the background blur degree.

Judging from the hardware specifications of iQOO 7, it is not difficult to see that this time the focus is still on mobile games. If games are aside, is iQOO 7 still a qualified flagship?

In my opinion, it is still worth it. Dual vibration motors can bring comfortable vibration feedback in daily typing. The super-sensitive lens with optical image stabilization can almost abandon the stable gimbal when shooting Vlogs. The Origin OS for iQOO system UI has been upgraded with a new design language. The important thing is that the addition of 120W super fast charge allows me to get rid of battery life anxiety to a large extent.

At the press conference tonight, the price of iQOO 7 was also officially announced:

  • 8GB + 128GB priced at 3798 yuan
  • 12GB + 256GB priced at 4198 yuan​

Compared with professional gaming phones, iQOO 7 lacks teeth and claws. It can accompany you in and out of every meeting, record every unforgettable moment, and it can give you a more extreme gaming experience in your free time. iQOO 7 was not born for games, but it is more complete with games.

Higher and higher

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