iQOO 5 Pro experience: 120W charging, can we solve our charging anxiety?

Get up in the morning with 24% of the remaining battery power on the phone. Connect the charger, wash and change clothes, and then unplug it from the charging port before going out.

In less than 7 minutes before and after, the iQOO 5 Pro mobile phone in my hand has been charged to 76%, relying on its 120W ultra-fast flash charging technology.

▲ 120W ultra-fast flash charging is the biggest selling point of iQOO 5 Pro

Although the power has not reached 100%, for most people, this is enough to cope with the entertainment of commuting time, plus the continuous use of half-day work.

Even if you are going out for a whole day, 80% of the battery level is used to chat on WeChat, listen to a song, use vibrato, or even come to eat chicken for a few games, it is not a problem to stay home at night.

But if there is no fast charging of 100W and the phone is out of power, the above scenario may become another situation: you go out with a more power bank; or make a cup of tea, smoke a cigarette, and constantly light up the screen. See how much the power figures have climbed.

Many people just because they don’t want this scene to happen, they habitually connect the charging cable to their mobile phones every night before going to bed, so that they can get a full battery in the next morning.

New technology is to change habits.

Where does battery life anxiety come from?

The phone is out of power and upset, why does my phone always run out of power at critical times? Electricity anxiety appears at this time.

But are we really anxious just because there is no electricity?

I want to talk about an example related to “endurance anxiety”: the “range anxiety” of electric vehicles.

I was always curious before, why the battery life of electric vehicles is so powerful now, it’s easy to reach 500-600 kilometers, but when the car owner mentions running long distances, he still has to plan the route in advance to see if there are charging piles nearby?

After I asked, I found out that what electric car owners really worry about is not “how far can I drive when there is electricity”, but “how much time will I spend looking for electric poles and how much time will it take to go after electricity is gone.” “Charging” this matter.

Can gasoline cars? Add gas, it takes a few minutes; gas stations are everywhere; no matter what, take out a barrel of gas in the trunk and leave. Not only the replenishment efficiency far exceeds that of electric vehicles, but there are also many options for replenishment methods.

You see, petrol car owners rarely feel anxious.

The “life anxiety” of mobile phone products is actually very similar to that of electric vehicles. Many people think that solving battery life is the key to eliminating anxiety, and the development of fast charging is the idea of ​​avoiding the important and saving the country.

But how good is the battery life of the mobile phone so that you will not be anxious?

I assumed a situation, that is, you can go from morning to night, from waking up, until you lie down before going to bed at night, without touching the charging device, then in your subconscious, there will be no “mobile phone is going to run out.” I’m going to accompany my mobile phone to charge again.” I feel anxious.

The mobile phone is charged late at night, you are asleep in bed, everyone does not affect each other, this is the best result.

But this also has to be supported by a mobile phone with a good enough battery life. A mobile phone that can be used not only in moderate but also in heavy use, can achieve “only one day to sleep at night”.

To be honest, judging from the mobile phones we have contacted, I am confident that I only charge once a day, really not much.

At least this year, this batch of Android flagship phones with 5G, high screen refresh and Snapdragon 865 chip, even if the battery uses 4000+ mAh, it is difficult to avoid the situation of two or even three charging a day .

Of course, some low-end mobile phones with weaker performance and 5 to 6 thousand mAh batteries can theoretically go out with 100% power, which is very stable for a day.

But sometimes, in order to leave some margin, we believe that more than 50% of the battery can last until we go home at night, and we still choose to use it carefully.

Since charging is unavoidable anyway, why can’t we, like gasoline cars, use replenishment methods and efficiency to reduce anxiety?

In fact, we all have the means. The best examples are power banks and charging cables that can be carried with you.

And the improvement of efficiency depends on the landing of 100W fast charging.

When the charging time is fragmented, charging is no longer a burden

Mobile phones cannot avoid charging, but no one wants to be “kidnapped by charging tools.”

The reason I use the word “kidnapping” is because the mobile phone indirectly restricts the user’s actions when charging. Many times, you have to spend the 1-2 hours of charging time with you, but whether it is dragging Power bank, or pulling the charging cable, they will not be an elegant and comfortable process.

The ultra-high-speed fast charge is actually speeding up the loosening, and returning the phone and the user to freedom as soon as possible.

On the other hand, the user’s request for the “remaining power of the mobile phone” is also random.

In many cases, when we charge our mobile phones, we don’t require fullness, but just let the power of the mobile phone go from the “anxiety line” of about 10-20% to the “qualified line” of more than 50%, or the “qualified line” of about 80%-90%. The level of “comfort line” is at ease.

This is also the most effective part of ultra-high-speed fast charging, which is to improve the efficiency in the “random charging” scenario, and charge the mobile phone with more power in a shorter time.

When the charging time gets shorter and shorter, from the previous 1 hour, to half an hour, and then to 5-10 minutes, it is no different from the “fragmentation time”.

At this time, the matter of charging will become “insensitive”, and the anxiety will naturally disappear.

What is “fragmented time”? Based on the 50W and 65W fast charging mobile phones I have experienced before, it takes about 20-30 minutes to charge half of the battery. From the perspective of the time, this time is not slow.

But the current 120W, time-consuming can be further shortened. Now I can quickly return the 4000 mAh battery of the iQOO 5 Pro from the 10-20% “anxiety line” to the “comfort line” level in just 5-10 minutes, which is about 80 to 90% of the remaining Power.

As I said at the beginning, this is just a round of washing and changing clothes after getting up in the morning.

▲ The peak charging power of iQOO 5 Pro can reach more than 100W, but it will start to fluctuate after a few minutes. It takes about 17 minutes to charge from 0 to 100%

When we perceive the efficiency of 100W fast charging, many things will change along with it.

For example, when you are at home or at work, you no longer need to use your mobile phone carefully; and before going to bed, you no longer need to habitually connect a charging cable to your mobile phone.

Because you are already convinced that even if the battery of the mobile phone is used up, you can still resurrect the mobile phone with full blood in a very short time of 5-10 minutes. This is like refueling a gasoline car. When the replenishment rate becomes efficient enough , Our battery anxiety is alleviated.

Although fast charging is good, what about compatibility

Regarding the versatility of ultra-high-speed fast charging, some users think it is not as good as they thought.

One of the common views is that 120W fast charging is indeed fast, but it also needs to be equipped with a dedicated charging head and charging cable to enjoy it. But we can’t take it with us when we go out, right?

▲ The 120W charging head for iQOO 5 Pro is not small

Another problem is the placement of charging tools. For example, I use the 120W charger and cable for iQOO 5 Pro at home, so I can’t enjoy the high-speed charging experience when I go to work.

This is actually a situation encountered by many fast charging mobile phones. Limited by charging tools, our fast charging scenes can often only be fixed in one scene (at home or at the company), but the scene of a dead phone is unexpected (business trips, midway through appointments, and unpredictable). Excessive power consumption).

As long as fast charging still has compatibility requirements for charging equipment, it is impossible for users to enjoy the most efficient and high-speed charging process every time they charge.

So fast charging, no matter how fast, is still limited.

▲ When each company promotes ultra-high-speed fast charging, they are also indirectly promoting their own charging heads and wires, which is also an additional expense for users

There is no good solution to this problem. The most practical one is to buy the corresponding brand of fast-charging mobile power, charging head and charging cable, or rely on existing third-party charging tools to implement public agreements such as PD/QC. Compensation with lower power.

Take iQOO 5 Pro as an example. Although the vivo mall has not yet provided a separate 120W charging kit, this machine is still compatible with the previous vivo’s 33W, 44W and 55W fast charging protocols, so there are many options for related charging heads and cables. .

In terms of public agreement, this time iQOO 5 Pro also supports 18W PD fast charging, which is definitely not as fast as 120W. However, if you already have a ready-made PD charging kit or power bank at home, it will still be more “Be better.

Here, by the way, let’s talk about the 120W charger that comes with iQOO 5 Pro.

In addition to providing 100W fast charging for its own machines, it is also compatible with the PD fast charging protocol up to 65W, which means that this charging head can also efficiently charge Switch, MacBook and other devices.

▲ Use the 120W charging head of iQOO 5 Pro to charge the 16-inch MacBook Pro with a power up to 60W

I tried to use it to charge the 16-inch MacBook Pro, which can reach a power level of 60W. As long as you don’t dislike its single-port design and large size, you can only rely on this set of tools when you travel on business in the future to solve the demand for charging multiple devices.

One hundred watt fast charge, save anxiety

iQOO 5 Pro is not only a fast charging mobile phone, it also has some other details worth mentioning.

The one we got started with is the legendary version of the collaboration between iQOO and BMW M Motorsport. It draws racing elements on the back cover, adds red, black, and blue track design, and uses plain leather material for higher recognition and color matching. Also very eye-catching.

Configuration part, 120Hz Samsung AMOLED curved screen, Snapdragon 865 chip, X axis linear motor, front dual speakers, and 50 million main camera + 13 million pixel wide angle + 8 million pixel periscope three-camera combination, basically reached Up to the level of mainstream Android flagship phones this year.

But these configurations are all too common. In contrast, the 120W fast charge has brought me a more obvious improvement, and it can alleviate the anxiety of battery life and change the charging habits.

As before, the 90/120Hz high refresh rate screen improves the visual fluency of mobile phones.

▲ After the popularization of ultra-high-speed fast charging, the charging time for users will be greatly shortened

At present, Xiaomi and iQOO have released mass-produced mobile phones with 100W fast charging, and Qualcomm has also launched the new 100W fast charging standard QC5. We expect that this technology will soon become the standard of major Android flagship phones , Let the mobile phone charging time be calculated in hours from the past to minutes.

Perhaps soon, the slogan after charging for 5 minutes is no longer a time consuming call and game time. If you can get a nearly full-charged mobile phone in 5 minutes, who would refuse such a qualitative improvement What?

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