IQiyi Qiyu 2S VR all-in-one experience: This may be the cheapest 200-inch “Giant Screen Cinema”

Speaking of movie theaters, everyone will have some not so fond memories: noisy bear kids, the annoying popcorn sound of the audience next to them, kicking the back seat of your stool, kids who are scared to cry by sticking their faces.

There are many reasons to go to the theater to watch a movie, but sometimes one reason for not going to the theater is enough-you can't buy a ticket.

▲ IMAX Hall. Picture from: Tribe

Since I don’t have the habit of buying tickets in advance, every time I think of going to a movie, I open the ticket purchase software and see that the locations of nearby theaters are almost fully booked. Ever since I sat in the first row to watch IMAX Guardians of the Galaxy 2 After the "unforgettable" experience, my enthusiasm for the cinema was greatly reduced.

Since going out to watch movies is a lot of trouble, it's better to watch online blockbuster movies at home. If the screens of mobile phones and computers are too small and the cost of building a home theater is too high, it is better to try a VR all-in-one.

Use VR to watch movies, as for?

In recent years, VR experience halls have blossomed everywhere, and consumers are no longer unfamiliar with VR. However, most of the VR technologies that everyone is exposed to are applied to games, and not many are combined with movies.

The experience that VR gives people is a 360-degree surround viewable 3D digital world, while movies are traditional 2D flat screens. Is it comfortable to watch 2D content with 3D technology? As for? These are the two questions I had before experiencing the iQiyi Qiyu 2S VR all-in-one machine (hereinafter referred to as Qiyu 2S).

Since flat-screen movies can be watched on computers and mobile phones, why bother to watch them with VR devices? With a skeptical attitude, I put on Qiyu 2S, clicked on a movie, and watched it for nearly 2 hours.

The complete physical and mental immersion is the deepest impression that Qiyu 2S has left me. This immersion is different from the sense of presence brought by clearer and smoother display technologies such as 8K and 120Hz. The immersion created by Qiyu 2S is the immersion of the atmosphere of enjoying the movie with the lights off in the cinema.

If watching movies on mobile phones, computers and other devices is called on-demand, then it should be called screening when used on Qiyu 2S-it will simulate a movie theater to play movies.

Wearing VR glasses is like sitting on a theater stool. There are theater stools on the front, back, left and right. In front of you is a large theater screen close to 200 inches.

▲ In the actual experience, the example of the human face on the screen is closer, which is equivalent to the "golden" viewing position of the theater

The display of Qiyu 2S is a 4K LCD screen with a PPI of 818. The high-definition screen can reduce the dizziness caused by VR viewing.

This screen is normally locked in front of the face, and it can also be unlocked to allow the screen to move with the movement of the eyes. However, the dizziness will be significantly enhanced (I almost dizzy all night). It is recommended to keep the original setting.

I ordered "1917" to watch it. It feels that there is not much difference between a movie and my experience of watching a movie in a movie theater. It's just that there will be some blurring in some scenes with large movements, which will basically not affect the movie watching. .

Qiyu 2S supports SD card external storage and playback of videos. There are no special requirements for the format of the videos to be played. After copying directly into it, you can watch it on the big screen in the VR "cinema".

However, it is recommended that the resolution of the copied video should reach 4K or higher. Common 1080P movies will be stretched on this "big screen", and the low resolution is also more prone to dizziness.

Since you are watching a movie in a theater, the "sound" is also very important. The Qiyu 2S has no speakers. You can connect the headphones through the 3.5 mm headphone jack and Bluetooth.

The headset included with Qiyu 2S has 3 sound units, two moving coil units and one moving iron unit. Compared with ordinary moving coil headphones, there is one more high-pitched moving iron unit. The sense of presence brought by the experience is still good.

So let's go back to the beginning of the question, as for watching movies in VR?

When watching a movie at home, we often stop watching the movie because of a WeChat interruption. When we watch it next time, we have almost forgotten the previous plot.

Qiyu 2S can create a movie-watching space close to the cinema’s personal exclusive. The immersive cinema atmosphere allows people to eliminate the interference of external information such as mobile phones, and at the same time enjoy the shocking sense of the screen brought by the "big screen". This is great for movies. This is very rare for enthusiasts.

As convenient as on-demand on a mobile phone

Different from the exaggerated shape of some VR glasses, the exterior design of Qiyu 2S is a simple style. The shell of the fuselage is made of frosted plastic, which makes it feel skin-friendly.

The size of the glasses of Qiyu 2S is about the width of a palm, and physical buttons such as the on-off key, volume key, and return key are placed on the top of the fuselage. It is just right to hold the glasses by hand.

However, if you want to perform detailed operations such as entering the WiFi password, it is better to use it with a remote control.

There are few buttons on the remote control. The round button on the top supports two interactions: click and touch, and there is a trigger button similar to a handle at the bottom, except for the return, home page and menu buttons.

For a multi-dimensional environment like VR, operations should be as streamlined as possible. The addition of the remote control makes the operation more flexible. Pressing the trigger button is equivalent to touching and clicking on the screen, and the operation logic is similar to that of mobile phones and other devices.

The Qiyu 2S head beam and the inside of the glasses are filled with sponges, leaving a certain depth of space inside the glasses, and the VR all-in-one can be smoothly worn with myopia glasses.

After booting, Qiyu 2S will adjust the clear picture according to the pupil distance and focal length of the eyes. The whole process is very smooth. Basically, the adjustment can be completed after a few seconds.

The weight of the Qiyu 2S adopts a 50:50 weight distribution ratio between the body and the headband. In actual experience, the glasses will not have obvious pressure on the face, and the neck is not fatigued after wearing for a long time. On the whole, the Qiyu 2S is worn. The comfort is still satisfactory.

It is worth mentioning that there is an upturned rotating structure on the head beam of Qiyu 2S. When wearing it, you need to take off the glasses for a short time to reply to messages or talk to people. You don’t need to take off the glasses as a whole, just simply put on the body. Turn it over.

There are openings for heat dissipation on the top and bottom of the fuselage, and the sound of the fan can be detected during the heat dissipation process. The sound level is similar to the noise of a notebook fan at low speed. Wearing headphones can completely isolate the heat dissipation wind noise.

Watching movies in VR is not as complicated as you might think. In fact, watching a movie in Qiyu 2S is as easy as on-demand on a mobile phone or TV. Wearing VR glasses and headphones, and then using the remote control to select the movie you want to watch in the menu, you can sit on the sofa and enjoy the blockbuster quietly. This is easier than buying a ticket to a movie theater.

Battery life is a shortcoming of Qiyu 2S. When it is fully charged, Qiyu 2S can provide about 100 minutes of battery life. At present, most movies are about 120 minutes long, which is really a bit embarrassing.

However, Qiyu 2S supports watching while charging, and the charging efficiency is relatively high. It can be fully charged in about 40 minutes when it is turned off, which can basically meet the needs of watching movies.

In the past, when we experienced VR equipment, the lack of VR resources has always been a problem that we repeatedly criticized. So what about the performance of Qiyu 2S backed by iQiyi resources?

IQiyi has customized an iQUT standard for Qiyu 2S's VR theater. The video resolutions marked with the iQUT standard can reach the 4K standard, and support high bit rate, high frame rate, compatible with Dolby Atmos and DTS X sound effects.

The movie library of Qiyu 2S is synchronized with that of iQiyi, and most of the popular movies are adapted to the iQUT standard, basically saying goodbye to the embarrassing scene of no movies to watch and no movies to watch.

In addition to watching movies, Qiyu 2S supports HTC's Viveport VR ecosystem, but after experience, the VR resources inside are still at the level of using VR 360 degree rotation to watch dancing 2 years ago, and the games in the store are relatively rudimentary and basically belong to the game. A pity type of tasteless discard.

In general, Qiyu 2S is an excellent "private theater", but because it only has 3DOF (3 degrees of freedom), compared with the main game VR device, it has less recognition of front and rear dimensions. If you want to be here Experience the virtual entertainment life like "Top Player" above, Qiyu 2S is not appropriate.

Will the calming down VR market usher in a warming up in 2021?

Industry analysis agency Counterpoint’s "XR Equipment Research Report 2020" pointed out that in 2020, mid-range VR equipment accounted for more than 90% of XR equipment shipments, and there has been a substantial increase compared to the previous cycle.

VR equipment is currently undergoing a slow ramp-up period. With the maturity of hardware equipment and the decline in cost, a VR equipment that can bring a qualified experience has been tested to an acceptable price point for consumers, which is also the current growth of VR equipment The main driving force.

Take Qiyu 2S as an example, its price is 2499 yuan, and an additional year of Qiyu membership will be given away. This is similar to the price of a 4K monitor. For consumers who are willing to try new things, VR viewing equipment is no longer like the past. That's unattainable.

As online viewing becomes more and more popular, the window period of theaters is getting shorter and shorter. It is no longer necessary to watch movies like "Wonder Woman 1984" and "Send You A Little Red Flower" online. It used to wait two or three months, basically one month after the release, you can watch it on video platforms such as iQiyi.

Our movie-watching habits are changing. Cinemas are no longer the only window to watch new movies. The analog immersion that VR equipment can bring us to find a reason to replace movie theaters. If the theater window disappears, it will be like VR watching movies. Equipment is likely to usher in a substantial increase.

In the past, we predicted that the advent of the 5G era will bring opportunities to the VR market. The large bandwidth of 5G can free VR devices from the shackles of cables and play various cutting-edge VR games in the cloud.

However, 5G data rates cannot be reduced for a long time, and the development of cloud games is in the ascendant. VR cloud games have become an intangible "big pie".

The killer VR game "Half-Life: Alex" released by Valve in 2020 refreshed people's impression of VR games. V Agency proved that the VR world can bring a virtual experience unmatched by traditional game equipment.

However, due to its high experience threshold, it is not only necessary to purchase a VR device, but also needs to be used with a high-performance PC for streaming. The high threshold makes it difficult to stimulate consumers' desire to purchase. I want to use such a device It is obviously too early for super-3A games to promote the popularization of VR devices.

In contrast, VR viewing is perhaps one of the most mature VR applications at present. With the support of film and television platforms such as iQiyi, VR content resources are no longer the rope that restricts the popularization of VR devices, and are mutually promoted by software and hardware. Under the effect, this year we are likely to see a renewed VR market.

Higher and higher

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