iPhone without SIM? It could come next year

ESIMs are the future of telephony and Apple doesn't want to waste time: next year's iPhone will abandon the physical SIM altogether. This is what emerged from the latest rumors about the Cupertino company's projects, reported by MacRumors . A few months after the release of the iPhone 13, we are already thinking about the next Apple project, which could open the doors to smartphones without SIM.

iPhone 15: will it be without SIM?

Apple is preparing to launch a SIM-free iPhone : they are only rumors for now, but they are very likely to come true. Already last February one of Apple's "historical" leakers had anticipated the issue , and after the latest rumors he agreed with the timing of removing the compartment for the physical SIM.

According to the informant, the change should take place in September 2022 and would involve the iPhone 15 Pro model . However, the timing suggests that some models of the iPhone 14 may already be kicking off the removal of the physical SIM, thus anticipating what is reported by the rumors. There are no details on this yet; in any case, the next seems to be the turning point, regardless of the smartphone model involved in the change.

The next iPhones could be produced without a SIM box.
The next iPhones could be produced without a SIM box.

ESIMs are already in use in some smartphone models, including the iPhone 13 and 13 Pro, which support up to two virtual SIMs. The real revolution lies in producing a device without the possibility of using a physical card , effectively starting a new technological transition.

At the moment eSIMs are not available all over the world, but only in some countries, including Italy. This could lead to limiting the sale of new smartphones only in countries that support the virtual SIM, effectively excluding some parts of the world. Although there is still a year before the alleged change, the transition to digital SIMs will not be as immediate for everyone and could slip in many countries.

Why use an eSIM?

The functionality of a SIM without physical support: this is what an eSIM is. The virtual card is actually incorporated in the form of a chip in the devices, but eliminates the need for a special box to house it, taking away space for other components. The virtual SIM would solve both space problems and the risk of damaging it when changing phones; moreover we will no longer be limited by the number of slots in the device , thus being able to configure even more than two cards on the same phone.

The solution is very convenient for those who need to have more numbers for personal or business matters. You can also change operator without having to replace the card , eliminating the waiting times for receiving a new SIM and greatly streamlining the process. A virtual card also means allowing smaller devices to have an associated phone number: this is the case, for example, of smartwatches, which could become real "wrist phones", without the support of smartphones.

A virtual SIM would eliminate the problem of space occupied by the physical slot.
A virtual SIM would eliminate the problem of space occupied by the physical slot.

The use of virtual SIMs would also solve the problem of disposing of physical ones . Even if the "consumption" has decreased, the problem of their recycling is still present. SIM cards, like SD and micro SD cards, are considered " waste of electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) ", therefore they cannot be disposed of in the unsorted bin, but taken to specialized ecological centers. The cards contain toxic components for the environment that make them non-biodegradable.

In recent years, greener solutions have been used, such as TIM's Green SIMs, in which raw materials come from recycled materials, reducing CO2 emissions during production. Although it is an improvement over the old cards, the solution does not solve the problem of disposal and does not eliminate pollution.

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