iPhone by subscription? Apple evaluates the rental of the devices

And if we could subscribe to smartphones as we do with services? With Apple, the idea could become reality: the company would be thinking of providing the iPhones by subscription . Bloomberg reporters reported the news first; the source would be a person very close to Apple who had already anticipated several news in the past.

Not only digital subscription services, therefore, but also the devices themselves: if you don't want to pay more than 1000 euros for a smartphone and change it every year, Apple leasing is for you.

Apple thinks of subscription iPhones

A monthly subscription that allows you to have the latest iPhone model up to the next : isn't that a brilliant idea? Apple's latest addition could be a monthly subscription to own the latest iPhone model without having to buy it. Kind of like subscribing to Apple Music or iCloud, but getting a hardware device in return.

iphone apple subscription

According to sources not disclosed, but apparently very close to the company, Apple is planning to make a monthly subscription available for those who do not want to buy the iPhone . This is not a payment in installments, but a real smartphone rental that is renewed every month. The cost, therefore, will not be that of the iPhone divided for 12 months, but will have its own tariff (which will in any case depend on the price of the chosen smartphone).

If Apple decides to follow this path, its turnover could undergo a major surge. Already yesterday, after the news became public, the company's shares were up 2.3%. In fact , a subscription is much more convenient and less demanding than a classic purchase, and above all less expensive . This is valid, of course, if you consider quite short periods of time: for those who just want to try the latest iPhone model, or those who always want to have the latest model, the subscription would be the best solution.

How does the subscription work?

At the moment there are no official confirmations or details on the prices and operation of the subscriptions. According to the source, Apple could announce the rental plan for the end of the year or at the latest in early 2023 . The company is still evaluating the effectiveness of this service, and it is not certain that it decides to pursue this path.

Apple could also consider renting not only the iPhone, but also other hardware devices such as iPad, Macbook, Apple Watch or even accessories. The introduction of a subscription would broaden the company's catchment area and increase the chances of retaining new customers . The cost of the subscription may vary depending on the model and possibly the type of subscription chosen: it would not be strange, in fact, to include a "premium" plan distinct from the basic one.

iphone apple subscription

Another point concerns any damage caused to the device: Will Apple offer insurance on the smartphone or will it be included in the subscription? What will happen without insurance coverage? Will the user have to pay the full cost of the device or just the repair?

Apple, in addition to the economic advantage, is evaluating several variables to understand if the service could be successful. The company has neither confirmed nor denied the rumors, and it's still too early to predict its decision. Follow us to not miss any updates on the news!

In Arizona, driver's license and ID card on the Apple Wallet

Apple never stops: the company's latest announcement concerns the possibility of inserting a driving license and identity card in the Wallet to always have them with you in digital format. From a few days in Arizona you will be able to leave your paper documents at home: just transfer them to the Wallet to never lose them.

In the coming days, other American states will follow Arizona's example and integrate the Wallet for identity documents. These include Colorado, Hawaii, Mississippi, Ohio, and Puerto Rico. Residents of these states and iPhone owners will be able to keep their most important documents on their smartphone.

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