iPhone 15 renderings exposed, the digital series iPhone is finally on the island?

Apple's latest flagship smartphone, the iPhone 15, is expected to be released this fall. At the same time, various rumors and leaks about the iPhone 15 have sparked extensive discussions, the most notable of which is the change in the appearance of the iPhone 15.

▲ The body design of the iPhone 15 will be more rounded. Picture from: 9To5Mac

According to the latest CAD renderings exposed by 9To5Mac, the iPhone 15 has a more rounded body than the iPhone 14 series, and the screen will also become larger, reaching 6.2 inches.

This means a larger viewing experience and a wider display area than previous iPhone models, but it also means that it will be more difficult to control with one hand.

Another notable change is that the iPhone 15 will ditch the bangs and use the Smart Island instead.

This new display feature introduced from the iPhone 14 Pro will be popularized to all iPhone series, and it also means that the top bangs design that has continued since the iPhone X will be completely replaced by the Smart Island.

▲ Left: iPhone 15 Pro Right: iPhone 15 Picture from: 9To5Mac

In addition, the rendering of the iPhone 15 also shows that it will for the first time adopt the USB-C interface that has been configured for a long time in the iPad and Mac series.

Compared with the Lightning connector, the USB-C connector is more versatile and flexible, and can be compatible with many different brands of devices.

If this interface is adopted, it is most likely to comply with the new regulations on the unified charging interface specification proposed by Europe.

▲ Left: iPhone 15 Pro Right: iPhone 15 Picture from: 9To5Mac

In terms of imaging, the digital series iPhone still only has two cameras, and the third camera and LiDAR sensor are still exclusive to the Pro series iPhone.

▲ Left: iPhone 15 Right: iPhone 15 Pro Picture from: 9To5Mac

In general, the current significant changes in the appearance of the iPhone 15 lie in the sleek design of the body, the size of the screen, the charging interface, and the decentralization of the Smart Island function.

These changes may not change the core characteristics of the iPhone, but they can still provide users with a better experience and higher performance.

Additionally, we can expect to see more changes and innovations in future iPhone releases, considering that Apple has always been committed to constant innovation and advancement.

Human message:

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Since ChatGPT's knowledge base is only updated until September 2021, which is when the iPhone 13 is released, I don't have much confidence in what it can produce for the iPhone 15's cosmetic changes.
But after entering the analysis article of 9To5Mac, it can intelligently extract the specific differences of screen size, camera, and smart island (it calls it "dynamic island"), and build the writing ideas of the entire article. After being modified and polished by humans, it is enough to be written.
This made me think: ChatGPT, which is not yet connected to the Internet, can already write an article like this. If it is written by the Internet version of Bing, what humans need to do may only be copy + paste.

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