iPhone 12 purchase guide: 30-second labeling “second selection” mini, 12, Pro and Max

Affected by the epidemic, this year’s new generation of iPhone only met with us about a month later. The “four kings” -mini, 12, Pro and Pro Max appeared together , which is unprecedented for Apple’s conference.

The four new iPhones are the same or similar in some hardware and functions, but they are also very different in many dimensions. I believe many friends who “hold money and wait and see” hesitate.

Every year in the new product launch season, the ordering time is a few minutes slow, which may lead to a few weeks longer to receive the goods. In order to help you quickly decide which iPhone to buy, we have made this iPhone 12 purchase guide overnight. Hope to help you Choose the iPhone 12 that suits you .

30 second review of Apple conference

I believe everyone can see the biggest change in the iPhone 12 series at a glance, and that is the design. The four models have adopted a right-angle design language similar to the iPhone 4, with the arcs and curves replaced by tougher elements, which is quite a tribute to the Jobs era.

Similarities and Differences of the “Four Kings”

Apple released a total of four iPhone 12s, namely iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

▲ From left to right: iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini

First, let’s take a look at their main common points:

  • Both support 5G, and both have 4G and 5G intelligent dispatching and power saving functions
  • The screens are all XDR Display, the maximum HDR brightness of the screen is 1200 nits
  • All use super-ceramic panels, and the drop resistance is increased by 4 times
  • Have reduced the border width
  • All equipped with 5nm A14 bionic chip
  • Can shoot Dolby Vision HDR video
  • All support smart HDR 3, Deep Fusion and night scene mode
  • Ultra-wide-angle cameras support night scene mode
  • Have reached the IP68 waterproof standard
  • All support China Beidou
  • Both support 20w wired fast charge and 15w wireless fast charge
  • Compatible with MagSafe magnetic accessories and wireless chargers
  • Headphones and charging head are no longer included

It is worth noting that currently there are two frequency bands, Sub-6 and mmWave, for 5G in the world. Now the 5G built in mainland China is Sub-6, and the four iPhone 12 models only support Sub-6 for the time being, not mmWave. Wave (possibly achieved through software limitations).

Therefore, the use of handheld iPhone 12 in mainland China has no effect . Even in other countries or regions, you can use 5G Sub-6. Whether the mainland version of iPhone 12 can use 5G millimeter waves in other countries or regions, you can follow us Follow-up related articles.

Let’s look at their main differences:

▲ The red part is the place that needs special attention

▲ Special reminder, iPhone 12 mini is a single card phone

What is a more scientific purchase logic?

We have designed two “purchase pyramids” to help everyone straighten out the decision-making logic.

The first is demand-driven, starting from the practicality of decision-making.

Clarify your needs → choose an iPhone model that can meet your needs → confirm that the price of the model can be afforded → choose the right color → buy

The second type is aesthetic-driven, which starts from the appearance of decision-making.

Choose the color you like → confirm that the price of the model can be borne → clarify your needs → choose an iPhone model that can meet your needs → buy

Of course, the above are just two roughly distinguishing methods. It still depends on the actual situation of each person. You can choose according to your needs.

Label purchase method, 30 seconds to determine which one to buy

▲ The above four mobile phones are all iPhone 12 Pro series

We have labeled the four iPhone 12s with some labels and marked their most obvious features. You can follow your own decision-making process, select the corresponding keywords, combine them, and choose the right iPhone 12.

In the figure below, red labels represent unique product features, and blue labels represent more important and scarce product features .

Suppose I am a demand-driven user. My needs are large-screen audio and video effects, the longest battery life, and five times zoom . Obviously only iPhone 12 Pro Max can meet my needs. Combined with the decision logic, I am willing to spend about 9000 yuan to solve my needs, the price has passed, and I can place an order if I like or can accept the last four colors.

If I am an aesthetic-driven user, I like the new light green model this year, and I want to use a mobile phone with a screen of 6 inches or more, and I think 64G is enough. The keyword choices are colorful, 6.1 inches, and 64G . It is obviously the iPhone 12 that meets my aesthetics and meets the price and demand.

▲ Due to the reduction in the width of the frame, the 6.7-inch iPhone 12 Pro Max is only bigger than the 6.5-inch iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Of course, many people will say “I want it all.” Then we recommend listing all the selected tags to see which model has the highest overlap with the selected tag.

With the pyramid picture and label table, do you feel that the decision-making process is easier?

Which channels can be ordered?

As in previous years, all four iPhone 12s can be pre-ordered or booked on Apple’s official website, offline Apple Store, Apple authorized stores, and third-party online shopping platforms.

▲ The third-party online shopping platform only counts information from official channels. It should be noted that all online shop merchants provide services in the reservation entrance of Pinduoduo iPhone 12

If it is offline, we recommend that you buy it through Apple’s official offline Apple Store. It is best to call and ask if it is in stock before buying. If it is online, we recommend that you buy it through Apple’s official website. The stocking quantity and delivery efficiency are relatively more secure.

In addition, the iPhone 12 in different countries and regions has certain price advantages. For example, the Hong Kong version of the iPhone 12 Pro 128GB is priced at 8,499 Hong Kong dollars, which is equivalent to about 7,400 yuan, which is equivalent to a 89% discount. In view of the current epidemic situation, it is recommended Consider carefully .

Looking at Apple’s strategy change from iPhone 12

From “a mobile phone hits the world” to now “the four kings appearing together” reflects the adjustment of Apple’s product strategy.

From the perspective of the price range, the iPhone is covered in a price range from 3299 (SE) – 11,899 (12 Pro Max) at one time , covering the purchase budget of many users.

From the perspective of iPhone 12 models, there are iPhone 12 mini that can be easily held with one hand, iPhone 12 that takes into account screen size and cost-effectiveness, and the flagship entry-level iPhone 12 Pro for Pro users. IPhone 12 Pro Max created by the ultimate user.

In line with the previous generation of iPhones holding the lower price range, the iPhone can be said to have officially completed the strategic layout of the “fruit machine sea” in this generation, which means that other mobile phone manufacturers will face greater competitive pressure , coupled with the frequency of user replacement It is getting lower and lower, and the ecological dependence of users on a single system is difficult to be changed. It can be predicted that competition in the mobile phone market will become more intense in the future.

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