iPhone 12, 12 Pro first evaluation: 5G is faster and the signal is much better!

This iPhone 12/12 Pro evaluation is a video content, welcome everyone to watch it at station B. The following is a transcript of the video with some adjustments.

iPhone 4, a mobile phone released 10 years ago, has become the perfect Apple mobile phone in the hearts of many people with its unique structural design.

Ten years later, the iPhone 12 was released, and it was a rebirth of the iPhone 4.

It’s just that, under the new craftsmanship and technology, the iPhone 12 has returned to our eyes with a more modern attitude.

Today’s video, let’s talk about the latest Apple iPhone 12 and 12 Pro.

Without the charging head and earphones, the packaging box has become smaller

It’s still a right-angled frame, flat glass, and still solid packaging, uh, a different box.

I didn’t care much about the iPhone box before, but the iPhone 12 box is hard to ignore.

After eliminating the charging head and wired earphones, the packaging box of the iPhone 12 is half thinner than the previous generation. If Apple could only carry 5,000 iPhones in a truck, now, a truck can transport about 10,000 mobile phones.

With the drop in transportation costs and the increase in logistics efficiency, I can only say that Cook is truly a genius businessman.

It stands to reason that the cost has dropped, and it should be reflected in the product pricing. However, this year only the Pro series of the iPhone 12 achieved “no increase in volume”, but the standard version of the 12 has a price increase of 800 yuan.

what is the reason? We still have to start with the iPhone 12 itself.

The revival of the right-angle frame

When I started using the machine, my first feeling was familiarity and a little strangeness.

The reason why the iPhone 12 is familiar is not entirely because of the iPhone 4. After all, the design of this right-angle frame is more reminiscent of iPhone 5.

The difference is that the bezel edge of the iPhone 12 does not have the round chamfered edge, so it will no longer be in the same hand as it was in the past.

But the sense of strangeness is also brought about by this border. Looking back at the iPhones of the past four or five years, each product has a rounded side curve to outline its structure and shape to fit our palms.

With the iPhone 12, your fingers can no longer feel the curvature, not only the frame is flat, but even the glass on the surface of the screen has changed from the original 2.5D glass to a pure flat design.

Is this a good thing? I can’t tell you, it’s like the person you meet every day, suddenly changed their appearance, then the first instinct, it must be a little unaccustomed.

The feel of the iPhone 12 is similar, and it will take some time to accept it. But I am very happy that the iPhone 12 is thin enough and can stand up again, which has brought a lot of help to our shooting.

After talking about 12, let’s take a look at 12 Pro. Hey, isn’t this the same mobile phone? If I don’t look over it, I can’t even see the difference. Because of this, this year’s iPhone 12 and 12 Pro mobile phone cases are completely universal.

According to the CAD data map officially provided by Apple, we have compiled the frame data of these generations of iPhone. Not only do iPhone 12 and 12 Pro have the same screen size, they are the same in terms of bezel width and thickness.

There is also this “super-ceramic panel” on the screen, which claims to quadruple the drop resistance of the iPhone 12. I don’t know if it’s really resistant to falls, but after these few days of evaluation, we can see a slight scratch on the iPhone 12 screen. It seems that the filming business can still continue. of.

There are several other color schemes for iPhone 12 and 12 Pro. In addition to the new blue, the green of 12 is no longer the Tiffany blue of 11, the white version also has some golden highlights, and the frame of the 12 Pro gold version will be brighter than the other three colors.

In the face of these similarities, it makes people wonder why the iPhone 12 Pro is Pro, especially when we take out the iPhone 11 again and compare it with the 12, we will sigh from the heart that this year’s iPhone 12 is Really worth it.

But the 12 Pro still retains some uniqueness. The bright frame made of stainless steel and the frosted glass that is not easy to stick to fingerprints are the parts that highlight the texture, but only after you get started, can you realize the difference.

Yes, iPhone 12 Pro will indeed be heavier than 12.

In addition, the two screens are also slightly different. The maximum brightness of the iPhone 12 Pro is slightly higher than that of the iPhone 12, but this advantage can only be reflected under strong outdoor light.

5G is fast and the signal is much better

After talking about the appearance, let’s talk about the 5G that everyone has been waiting for a long time.

As soon as I got the phone, I was looking forward to it and inserted the 5G card into the iPhone. When I saw the 5G icon pop up in the signal bar, I couldn’t help but sigh that the iPhone was finally over.

For the 5G network, Apple provides three options for the iPhone 12, namely “Enable 5G”, “Auto 5G”, and “4G”.

The system defaults to the automatic 5G mode, which is the “smart data mode” mentioned at the press conference at that time. When you do not need to use 5G speed, such as background updates, iPhone 12 will automatically switch to 4G network to save power. In scenes that require speed, such as playing games and caching movies, 5G will be used first.

To test the network stability of the iPhone 12 this year, we used an iPhone 11 Pro Max with a Unicom 4G card; an iPhone 12 Pro with a Unicom 4G card; and an iPhone 12 with a Unicom 5G card.

In doing so, the main reason is to clarify three questions:

1. Compared with the previous generation models, is the networking efficiency of iPhone 12 improved?
2. What can 5G bring to iPhone 12?
3. If I only have a 4G card and haven’t activated a 5G package, will there be any changes when using iPhone 12?

We recruited areas with poor signals in Guangzhou on Weibo, and finally locked the Tianhe CBD area with Sports West as the center. The test points involved 5 scenes including outdoor, indoor, underground floor, elevator and underground garage. Nearly 30 sets of comparative data were collected on the subway platform and in the carriage.

As far as the results are concerned, iPhone 12 is dominant. When everyone uses a 4G network, the download rate per second of iPhone 12 can be as fast as 1-2 MB.

But this gap is not obvious in actual use, not to mention that in some scenes, there will be iPhone 11 Pro Max overtaking.

The bigger difference is brought about by 5G. As long as the 5G signal can be found in the test scene, the iPhone 12 can be 6-7 times faster than the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

This improvement brought by the 5G network also applies to users who have not subscribed to a 5G package.

We have a Unicom 4G card without 5G on hand. After it is inserted into the iPhone 12, the 5G logo is also displayed on the signal bar. The speed will be faster than that of a 4G card inserted into a 4G mobile phone.

During the test, we also encountered such a situation: the 4G signal bar of the iPhone 11 Pro Max is full, but there is no network speed, and the same is true for the iPhone 12 Pro.

Only the iPhone 12 has maintained its 5G speed. And the SIM card inserted in it is exactly the 5G card with 5G package.

In the function part, iPhone 12 also has an “independent 5G” option. This switch is turned off by default, because it involves the coverage of the local “independent networking”.

If your city or region is still in the stage of mixing non-independent networking and independent networking, then we do not recommend turning on this function.

Can’t dual card dual standby use 5G? fake

Yesterday there was a rumor on the Internet that the iPhone 12 could not use the 5G network in the case of dual card dual standby.

This is undoubtedly a rumor, but the best way to dispel rumors is to rely on testing to answer.

We will insert a Unicom 5G card and a Telecom 5G card into the iPhone 12 at the same time. The test process will not be discussed, here is the conclusion:

1. iPhone 12 supports the use of 5G network in dual card mode.

In the settings page, you can use Unicom 5G for Internet access and Telecom for calls; you can also switch to Telecom 5G for Internet access, and Unicom for calls. The process is very simple. There will be no situations where 5G cannot be used under dual cards.

2. iPhone 12 supports 5G dual card dual standby, but does not support dual card dual standby dual communication.

From the test situation, when the Unicom 5G in the iPhone 12 is set as the network card and the Telecom 5G is set as the calling card: the Unicom card is connected to the phone, and the Unicom 5G will be reduced to 4G, and the telecom card cannot access incoming calls at this time; When the telecom card accesses an incoming call, the 5G of the Unicom card will also be reduced to 4G.

3. When two 5G cards are inserted in the iPhone 12, the “Independent 5G” switch cannot be enabled.

That is to say, in the dual-SIM state, iPhone 12 can only use 5G in non-independent networking mode, but according to the news we have received, Apple will add the dual-SIM independent 5G function in subsequent software updates.

In conclusion, the network is related to the lowest level experience of smartphones, and the support of 5G allows us to get rid of the signal anxiety of the iPhone for three years.

No matter how much you like the design of the iPhone 12 and how entangled its price, I believe that these will fade over time, and 5G-should determine whether you upgrade the ultimate motivation for iPhone 12.

A14 chip, still top performance

iPhone 12 is equipped with 4GB of storage, which is the same as last year’s iPhone 11, but iPhone 12 Pro’s storage has jumped to 6GB.

The level of storage is mainly related to the multitasking experience of the iPhone.

We tried to take the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro, turn on 16 pps that take up more memory, and then perform multi-task switching operations. This test should be said to be quite extreme.

You can see that when we switched back to WeChat, the iPhone 12 encountered an overload situation, and the familiar WeChat small earth interface appeared again, but on the iPhone 12 Pro, you can directly enter the WeChat chat interface.

In terms of performance, the two iPhones are basically the same.

The A14 bionic chip is used in all iPhone 12 series this year. According to the test data of GeekBench 5, compared with the A13 of the iPhone 11 Pro Max, the A14 has a 20% increase in single-core CPU and a 15% increase in the multi-core part.

For the graphics processor, we use the 3D Mark benchmark software “3DMark Wild Life”, and then output the frame rate graph. The frame rate performance of the iPhone 12 will also be more stable than that of the iPhone 11.

Of course, good performance can’t just serve for running. Our original plan was to use the game “Yuan Shen” with better picture quality to further examine the performance potential of iPhone 12.

But what we did not expect is that these two iPhone 12s are pre-installed with the latest iOS 14.1 system, and this firmware was not officially released during our review. This leads to a connection error when iPhone 12 is connected to the macOS system, and the test data cannot be captured by the software.

Regrettably, yes, but using iPhone 12 to play “Original God”, the smoothness under extremely high quality will indeed be improved compared to iPhone 11.

More specific data may only be completed in November, in the iPhone 12 mini and 12 Pro Max evaluation.

Image capability is the biggest gap between 12 and 12 Pro

Another difference between iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro is reflected in the configuration of the lens module. The former is still a dual-camera combination of ultra-wide-angle + wide-angle, and the latter is a triple-camera combination of ultra-wide-angle + wide-angle + telephoto, as well as the blessing of lidar.

It is still 1200W pixels, but the night mode supports all cameras, including the front camera, and the smart HDR is upgraded to the third generation.

Last year, the iPhone 11 series added an ultra-wide-angle camera for the first time, but to be honest, this camera is of average quality and does not support night scene mode.

In the comparison of ultra-wide-angle proofs, it can be seen that the edges of iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro Max have dispersion, while the edge quality of iPhone 12 and 12 Pro is better. At night, the ultra-wide angle that supports night mode can be said to be crushed.

The aperture of the wide-angle camera has been increased from f/1.8 to f/1.6, and the large aperture theoretically can bring better dark light performance. However, in our test, the iPhone 12 did not make much difference with the iPhone 11. In addition, we found that the color temperature of iPhone 12 is warmer and yellowish, while iPhone 11 is colder and bluer.

The telephoto lens is exclusive to the iPhone 12 Pro. It is still 52mm. It can provide twice the optical zoom of the main camera. Judging from the two sets of samples of the day and night samples, the resolution of the iPhone 12 Pro has not opened the gap.

Compared with this group of portrait mode proofs, iPhone 12 and 12 Pro deal with the details of hair slightly better.

In fact, it’s not just portraits. I know that many people regard “portrait mode” as “cup mode”. Before using portrait mode to shoot coffee or milk tea, the edge of the cup mouth is likely to blend with the air.

And this year iPhone 12 and iPhone Pro have learned to recognize glass.

We chose the second group of portrait modes in a dark environment. The iPhone 12 Pro not only has better noise control, but also the color reproduction is closer to the real environment.

In the third group of portraits, we chose a darker environment, how dark is it? The young lady next to her took out her iPhone Xs, the viewfinder was pitch black, she glanced at my phone and then left angrily.

In this case, among the four mobile phones, only the iPhone 12 Pro can call the portrait mode, and the picture quality can also be said to be crushed, with higher brightness, less noise, and more obvious blur, but there are also some excessive sharpness. The problem of chemistry.

The realization of night portrait mode is mainly thanks to Lidar. This module used for AR scenes on iPad Pro has now become a weapon for iPhone 12 Pro to take pictures, greatly improving the low-light focusing ability of iPhone 12 Pro.

How did this happen?

The night vision function of the surveillance camera helped us record the amazing scene before pressing the shutter. The dense spots on the face are the infrared laser beam projected by the iPhone 12 Pro LiDAR.

Infrared can see through objects in the dark, measure the absolute depth by touching the object and then reflecting the time it takes to measure its absolute depth, so as to understand the relationship between the objects and realize the separation of the background and the subject.

In terms of selfies, the iPhone 12 still maintains the original features. This time, the original depth-sensing camera on the front supports the night scene mode, which improves the resolution of selfies.

It is also worth mentioning that the smoothness of the zoom switching of the three cameras this year has been improved, and the sense of picture dislocation between 0.9 to 1x, 1.9x and 2x is even lower.

Many friends are concerned about the ghosting problem of night shooting lights, we also tested it, and there is no improvement.

To sum up, the iPhone 12 series camera is still stable. This year’s improvement is mainly focused on the performance of ultra-wide-angle and low-light environments. Especially the use of lidar has greatly improved the phone’s usual shortcomings-the low-light focusing performance, which is impressive. profound.

From here, we can also see that Apple’s strategy in the imaging field is very different. It did not choose high pixels and long zoom like many Android manufacturers to break through the upper limit of mobile phone imaging, but improved the shortcomings of mobile phone imaging. high.

What can 10-bit Dolby Vision video shooting bring?

After taking pictures, let’s take a look at the video link. iPhone 12 supports time-lapse photography in night mode and improved anti-shake, but our actual measurement is not very different. In fact, the iPhone’s anti-shake performance is already quite good, and there is no problem with daily handheld shooting vlog.

What excites me most is that the iPhone 12 supports 10-bit Dolby Vision video shooting. The only difference is that the iPhone 12 Pro supports 4K 60 frames of Dolby Vision, while the iPhone 12 only supports 30 frames.

Compared with the production process of the long chain in the film and television industry, the biggest advantage of the entire iPhone 12 series is that it can directly shoot, decode and play, and even edit Dolby Vision HDR videos in the built-in photo album app. In addition, the built-in screen peak brightness is very high. High, you don’t need a monitor like a camera to monitor.

In fact, during the shooting process, we obviously felt that the highlight area in the viewfinder of the iPhone 12 was abnormally bright.

Nevertheless, due to the current domestic broadcast platform does not support, we have no way to visually show what is special about Dolby Vision. The picture you see is still SDR (standard dynamic range) video, which is like you can’t play in black and white. I see the original color picture on the TV.

MagSafe magnetic charger is easy to use, but the protective sleeve is still difficult to wear

Another new feature of iPhone 12 is MagSafe magnetic wireless charging.

Just hit it off. Just like the slogan on Apple’s official website, this magnetic charger can significantly improve the iPhone 12 wireless charging index.

You don’t need to align the position yourself, just put the iPhone 12 close to the charger, and it will automatically “stick” up and enjoy the MagSafe wireless charging up to 15W. When it is full, it is easy to take it off with one hand.

This charger with a large palm can also be used as an ordinary Qi wireless charging pad. So if you switch to other iPhones that support wireless charging, even Android, you can also rely on it to charge, but the charging rate is slower.

As for the two protective cases, they are MagSafe accessories with a built-in magnetic ring and magnetometer. Because only in this way, the iPhone 12 with a protective case will not affect the adsorption performance of the MagSafe charger.

What surprised me is that the magnetic attraction of this protective sleeve is really a bit small. I thought that with the help of MagSafe magnetic suction, it would be a little easier to remove and install the protective case for the iPhone 12, but as a result, I still had to work harder to put the phone in.

The only difference is that the moment you put on the case, an animation flashes on the iPhone 12 screen. Can you see it? The color of this animation actually matches the color of the phone case.

Battery life, little change

Battery life is also a point that many friends care about. According to Apple’s official data, the battery life of iPhone 12 and 12 Pro is basically the same as that of the previous generation iPhone 11.

We took the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and the previous generation iPhone 11 and launched a three-hour battery life test. In order to control the variables, all three mobile phones turned on the airplane mode, connected to the same Wi-Fi, and limited the screen brightness to 80% and the loudspeaker volume to 50%.

Judging from the results, the battery life performance of several mobile phones is indeed very close. Especially for iPhone 12 and 12 Pro, the remaining power difference of each link is only about 2%-3%.

But if you compare the iPhone 12 with the iPhone 11, after three hours, the remaining power of the two phones also has a 5% difference, which is not that big, but this little battery can also let you watch 30 minutes of video.

Overall, the iPhone 12 is undoubtedly the best battery life among the three phones, followed by the iPhone 12 Pro. As long as you are not dissatisfied with the battery life of last year’s iPhone 11, then this year, two models of 12 will also make you comfortable to use. As for the impact of 5G on battery life, longer testing is needed.

How long does it take to charge with 20W without the standard charger?

This year’s iPhone 12 series all support 20W fast charging, but the charger is not included.

For testing, we prepared an official charger priced at 149 yuan, and also purchased a recently very hot Anker Nano 20W fast charge charger, after the discount, only 69 yuan.

We tested the charging speed of iPhone 12. In the same 30 minutes, Apple’s official 20W charger charged the iPhone 12 from 10% to 66%, and the Anker Nano charged from 10% to 67%. It took about 85 minutes to fully charge.

Therefore, if you are not an originalist, you can consider cheap third-party chargers on the market. In theory, as long as you support 20W PD fast charging, you can achieve the same experience.

Of course, returning to the charging head itself, we chose Anker to test. Firstly, it happens to be 20W fast charging, which is the same as Apple’s official power. Compared with the original 5W charging speed, it is 3 times faster. Secondly, it is compact and portable, which is larger than the Apple 20W charger. It’s 50% smaller, and it’s even the same as Apple’s traditional five good luck.

In addition, Anker uses Apple’s original chips from the same factory, and some products are sold in the Apple Store, and safety can be guaranteed.

On the whole, with the same speed and safety of charging, Anker’s volume and price are only half of the official 20W, which is a good choice.

iPhone 12, the generation that has changed the most since iPhone X

Having talked here, the content of this video is basically the same. It is worth buying iPhone 12, I believe you who see here should know how much it is.

For me, iPhone 12 should be the most obvious generation that has changed since iPhone X; coupled with the relationship of 5G, it is also the generation that is most worth considering for all users who are still using 4G iPhone.

But why must I choose the iPhone? Many friends told me that there are many Androids that support 5G, and the mobile phones of domestic manufacturers are getting better and better. There is no need to just stare at Apple to choose mobile phones.

But after so many years, the status of the iPhone in my heart has never been shaken. If nothing happens, the iPhone 12 will also become my first 5G mobile phone that I will use.

Because I know that I choose iPhone not to show off anything, just because it brings peace of mind instead of trouble.

Only under this goal can Apple be able to cut the complex and simplify, maintain its own technical context, control the appropriate product iteration rhythm, and realize a device that can serve the user experience from design to chips, to sensors and software. .

This also makes us look forward to the performance of the iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max next month.

Not to be eye-catching, but to add a little bit of fancy; not to show off skills, but to be tedious.

Pragmatism is still the biggest reason we recognize the iPhone and love Apple.

See you next month.

Love Faner, make the future within reach.

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