iOS15 and iPadOS available: news, compatible devices and first bugs

Finally iOS15 and the new iPadOS are available on all compatible devices: many new features were already presented in the June software event but, as in all updates, there are some bugs.

iOS15: the main news

iOS15 pushes a lot on customizing the user experience. In particular on a revolutionized management of notifications and apps. For this reason the Focus mode has been enhanced. Various do not disturb profiles have therefore been implemented for different types of activities from personal work to rest, or fitness, driving, reading etc …

New in iOS15: the new focus mode

All options are customizable by choosing which apps are allowed to send notifications or which screens to show. It is also possible to choose from which contacts to receive notifications based on the selected Focus mode . The modes are manually selectable but you can set routines based on the time, location and apps used.

Also with a view to allowing more effective management of the time spent on the phone, the possibility of selecting some apps has been developed whose notifications can only be viewed at certain times through a summary.

New maps are also available from this update. The most important novelty is in the 3D visualization of the cities as well as in the possibility of displaying traffic lights, pedestrian crossings and other indications directly on the map. This feature is already available also in some Italian cities.

The new 3D maps available on iOS15

With iOS15 the interface of Safari also changes. The address bar has been moved to the bottom and the management of the cards has been improved with the possibility of managing them simultaneously.

SharePlay arrives with the possibility of watching movies and TV series on Aplle Tv and Disney + together with friends and relatives while staying connected on FaceTime.

Speaking of Facetime, as already announced in June, it will also be possible for android users to participate in the calls through a link that allows you to connect from a browser.

Among the innovations that are arousing greater enthusiasm in users, however, there is the active text function . Through the camera it is possible to scan a text and copy it or even translate it in real time . The function also applies to photos already in the gallery. You can also scan a phone number or an e-mail address and directly activate a call or start writing an e-mail.

Some ways to use Live Text on iOS15

The update to iOS15 is available on all devices from the iPhone 6S and on the first and second generation Iphone SE. Apple therefore continues to guarantee updates on devices released many years ago (iPhone 6s was presented in 2015), allowing users to use their device for longer.

iPadOS15: few news for the new tablet operating system

iPadOS15 does not feature major updates compared to the previous version. Apple's already good tablet operating system has received most of the new features found on iOS15. It also received minor software improvements in multitasking management. Furthermore, it is now possible to insert widgets on the home screen, as was possible on the iPhone since iOS14

iOS15: the system has some small bugs

Apple's new smartphone operating system, like its predecessors, is not free from bugs. Despite more than three months of Beta Testing, some minor problems have escaped Apple's developers.

One of the most reported concerns the memory of the device. Due to a bug in the new operating system, users are reported to have a problem related to memory management : although this is still largely available, some users are warned that their device's memory is full and are advised to empty it. At the moment the problem is not solved nor can it be bypassed.

Another bug was discovered and reported on Youtube by the user videosdebarraquito . In a video, it shows how by taking advantage of Siri's features it is possible to bypass the pin and access the notes app directly from the lock screen. This bug can make the sensitive data of many users vulnerable, especially those who save their passwords and their pins in notes (a behavior however not recommended by various security experts).

As usual in the next releases, Apple will fix all the bugs that may arise, allowing its users to enjoy the best of the iPadOS and iOS15 news.

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