iOS 18 may become the largest software update in Apple’s history/12306 new measures to deal with malicious ticket grabbing/OpenAI co-founder said AGI will surpass human capabilities


 12306 New strategies to deal with malicious ticket grabbing software

 iOS 18 may usher in the most significant update

 New iPads and MacBooks to be released at the end of March

❌ Musk will set up a content review center for the X platform

 Canon's new photolithography machine will be shipped as soon as this year

 CATL and Didi establish battery swapping joint venture

 Google Bard reaches second place in LLM rankings

 OpenAI co-founder: AGI will surpass human capabilities

 Microsoft Xbox App will add touch controls

 New Volkswagen Golf R unveiled

 ‍ Mencius’ big model opens up public services

 Prada releases latest Re-Nylon series

☕ Auntie’s first independent coffee shop opens in Shanghai

 "Yakuza 8" Steam's peak number of users exceeds 40,000

 Apple's Year of the Dragon short film "Little Garlic" premieres

 "Zone of Interest" releases Chinese subtitle trailer

 "Rage Fighting Monkey" released trailer


12306 New strategies to deal with malicious ticket grabbing software

Railway 12306 officials said that since the railway Spring Festival travel ticket sales started on January 12, a total of 230 million train tickets had been sold as of January 26, including 91.828 million Spring Festival travel tickets, an increase of 131% over the same period last year.

Officials will also target "tricks" such as purchasing tickets through third-party platforms and various "acceleration packages" to grab tickets. Railway 12306 has carried out system resource reinforcements, network bandwidth expansion and upgrades in advance, strengthened daily inspections and security monitoring, and accurately intercepted malicious The "ticket grabbing" software can effectively handle the extremely large number of visits in a single day, up to 62.92 billion times, ensuring the safe and stable operation of the ticketing system.

At the same time, in order to cope with the Spring Festival ticket sales peak and improve the passenger ticket purchasing experience, Railway 12306 has taken a series of effective measures and launched new functions such as pre-filling of ticket purchase requirements, start-of-sale time reminders, and special reservation and ticket purchase areas for students and migrant workers, and optimized and upgraded The standby ticket purchase function has been added, the scope of ticket changes has been expanded, and the fare discounts for trains in non-critical periods and directions have been increased.

iOS 18 may usher in the most significant update

Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman revealed that Apple is planning a major upgrade for iOS 18, which is expected to become the "most significant" software update in the history of the iPhone.

Currently, there are two main known iOS 18 update details:

  1. RCS messaging support: This feature will bring higher-resolution pictures and videos to iPhone, voice messages, typing prompts, read receipts, and Wi-Fi messaging between iPhone and Android devices. RCS will extend these features to green bubble conversations in the Messages app, bridging the messaging experience gap between iOS and Android.

  1. AI Siri: Gurman expects iOS 18 to use generative AI technology to improve the capabilities of Siri and Messages apps in question-answering and auto-completion of sentences. According to previous reports from The Information, Apple plans to integrate large-scale language models into Siri to allow users to automatically perform complex tasks. This feature will be more deeply integrated with shortcut applications. The AI ​​feature is expected to appear in an iPhone software update released in 2024, likely with iOS 18.

big company

New iPads and MacBooks to be released at the end of March

Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman revealed in the latest issue of Power On that the new iPad Pro and M3 MacBook Air have begun production and are expected to be officially released at the end of March this year.

Gurman predicts that Apple will release a number of new products in March, including:

  1. Redesigned iPad Pro (OLED display);
  2. The configuration of the upgraded iPad Air will be increased, and a 12.9-inch large-size model will be added;
  3. The new MacBook Air is equipped with an M3 processor and is available in 13-inch and 15-inch sizes.

Last year, Apple did not iteratively upgrade the iPad product line, but this year it will conduct a comprehensive update of the series.

Musk will set up a content review center for the X platform

Joe Benarroch, head of business operations for Musk’s social media platform

The center will focus on cracking down on child abuse-related content on the platform and enforcing the platform’s hate speech restrictions, a goal that X may complete by the end of this year.


X said the new office will also assist the company in combating other types of harmful content.

Canon's new photolithography machine will be shipped as soon as this year

According to the British Financial Times, Canon executive Takeshi Hiroaki, who is responsible for overseeing the development of new lithography machines, said in a recent interview that the Canon lithography equipment FPA-1200NZ2C using nanoimprint technology will be officially launched for sale this year or next year.

Mitarai Fujio said that this new lithography equipment will provide new technical solutions for small semiconductor manufacturers to produce advanced chips.

This technology is called nanoimprint lithography (NIL). A mask with a semiconductor circuit pattern is imprinted on the wafer. After one imprint, a complex 2D or 3D circuit pattern can be formed. In theory, it only requires Continuously improving mask technology can even produce 2nm-level chips.

In addition, Mitarai Fujio also revealed that the price of NIL products is "one digit less" than ASML's EUV lithography machine. This shows that the new lithography equipment developed by Canon is more competitive in price.

CATL and Didi establish battery swapping joint venture

Recently, CATL and Didi announced the formal establishment of a battery swapping joint venture in Ningde City, Fujian Province.

According to Ningde Times, the battery swapping joint venture will rely on the technical advantages and operational capabilities of both parties to combine and provide efficient battery swapping services for many new energy vehicles from the online ride-hailing scene. In addition to establishing a battery exchange joint venture, CATL has also formed a strategic cooperation intention with Xiaoju Energy, a subsidiary of Didi, to promote cooperation in a wider range of new energy fields such as integrated storage and charging.

In January last year, CATL released the battery swap brand EVOGO and a combined battery swap solution based on the vehicle-battery separation mode. The capacity of a single battery swapping block is 26.5kWh and the cruising range is about 200 kilometers. Users can select one or more blocks at will to match different mileage needs.

Up to now, Ningde Times’ battery replacement service has been launched in cities such as Xiamen, Quanzhou, Hefei, Guiyang, and Fuzhou.

Google Bard reaches second place in LLM rankings

Google Bard countered GPT4 in Imsys' LLMs qualifying competition and ranked second, with performance close to OpenAI's latest model GPT4 Turbo.

Previously, Google chief scientist Jeff Dean revealed in advance Google's latest version of the model – Gemini Pro-scale. The model has significantly improved its performance compared to its debut in March last year, and it also has more capabilities.

According to internal Google emails exposed by foreign media some time ago, Bard Advanced equipped with Gemini Ultra is now fully open to Google employees for trial use, and the launch of Google's most powerful model is just around the corner.

 OpenAI co-founder: AGI will surpass human capabilities

Recently, Karpathy, co-founder of OpenAI and former Tesla AI director, published an article titled "Studying Autonomous Driving as a Case Study of AGI." He used autonomous driving to comprehensively explain the development of AGI (General Artificial Intelligence). process.

Karpathy believes that AGI is "an autonomous system that exceeds human capabilities in most economically valuable tasks." It is a fully autonomous system, meaning it operates on its own with little or no human supervision. Second, it operates autonomously on most economically valuable work. A system that has both of these properties is called AGI.

In the article, Karpathy feels that the development of AGI is more like the development of autonomous driving technology, which will rapidly advance and change the automation technology of society. However, the development speed of AGI will be limited by resources, information, materials, energy and supervision.

Currently, the original link to the blog has been deleted.

New product

Microsoft Xbox App will add touch controls

Microsoft is adding touch operation functions to its apps on iOS and Android systems.

It is understood that this function has now entered the testing stage, and players will soon be able to use virtual buttons on their mobile phones and tablets to remotely control the console, without having to rely on physical controllers.

Currently, Microsoft has added exclusive touch button layouts to hundreds of Xbox games and has received good feedback.

New Volkswagen Golf R unveiled

The official image of the new Volkswagen Golf R camouflage paint was recently released. This version is packaged in blue. The R series is a high-performance version of the golf car series, and it is also the top version.

The performance gap between the new Golf R and the facelifted Golf GTI is getting smaller and smaller. The car's power has increased by 20 horsepower to 261 horsepower, while the power of the current Golf R is 315 horsepower.

In addition, Volkswagen Golf has also launched a GTE plug-in hybrid high-performance version and a diesel version. The new 2024 Golf was also released a few days ago.

Reinhold Ivenz, head of Volkswagen's R department, said that the new Golf R will be officially unveiled this summer, but the specific time has not yet been announced.

Mencius’ big model opens up public services

Recently, Lanzhou Technology’s Mencius GPT large model has officially passed the Generative Artificial Intelligence Registration Office of the Cyberspace Administration of China and is now officially open to the public.

Four large model products will be launched during this opening to the outside world, namely:

Mencius Large Model – Lightweight

Mencius’ Big Model – Standard

Mencius’ Big Model – Finance

Mencius’ Big Model – Programming

The new AI document question and answer function can help users easily read various documents and obtain the required information efficiently through conversations with AI assistants. The AI ​​document question and answer function is suitable for a variety of scenarios, such as answering questions about rules and regulations, interpreting papers, analyzing market reports, and interpreting policies.

new consumption

Prada releases latest Re-Nylon series

Prada's Re-Nylon series was officially launched in 2019. The ECONYL® regenerated nylon yarn is made by collecting marine waste, fishing nets, landfill waste and textiles from around the world, and can be recycled infinitely. It will not affect the quality of materials.

In the latest 2024 Prada Re-Nylon series advertising plan, Emma Watson and Benedict Cumberbatch were specially invited to perform a variety of classic nylon items, and showcased Prada's long-term cooperation with ocean conservation and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

Auntie’s first independent coffee shop opens in Shanghai

Recently, some consumers posted on social media that Shanghai Auntie's first independent coffee shop, "Shanghai Cafe Oriental Latte", has opened in Helen Center, Shanghai Financial Street.

The store has a guest area that provides coffee drinks and baked snacks. There is a new graphic logo on the wall that has never appeared before. It is in the shape of a hand-brewed coffee filter cup placed on a hand-brewed pot, and is marked "more suitable for Chinese tastes" slogan.

The price positioning of "Shanghai Cafe Oriental Latte" is obviously a higher level than that of Shanghai Auntie. About 70% of the drinks in Shanghai Auntie are priced at 15 yuan and below, while the drinks in this store are priced above 18 yuan. Accounting for more than 50%.

The product pricing of the coffee sub-brand previously launched by Chabaidao was also significantly higher than that of Chabaidao.

"Yakuza 8" Steam peak number of players exceeded 42,000

"Yakuza 8: Endless Fortune", which was officially released on January 26, not only received praise from the media within two days of its launch, but its popularity also reached a new high.

According to Steamdb data, the highest number of simultaneous online users of "Yakuza 8" reached 42,906, once again breaking the highest record for this series of games.

Thanks to the comprehensive evolution compared to "Yakuza 7" in all aspects, and the large volume, compact and interesting plot, and a certain depth of combat, the game's praise rate on Steam has also increased, from 88% when it was first launched. increased to 91%.

Apple's Year of the Dragon short film "Little Garlic" premieres

Apple officially released its annual Spring Festival short film "Little Garlic" last night.

This short film stars the well-known actor Fan Wei. Mark Webb, the director of "The Amazing Spider-Man", serves as the director and screenwriter. The screenwriter of the movie "The Long Season" also participated in the script creation. The film tells the fantasy story of a little girl who has the power to transform into a child at will.

Since 2018, Apple has released a New Year short film shot with iPhone on the eve of the Spring Festival. The Year of the Dragon's "Little Garlic" was shot entirely with iPhone 15 Pro Max.

So far this year, Apple has launched a total of 7 New Year short films, namely:

2018 "Three Minutes" – Peter Chan

2019 "A Bucket" – Jia Zhangke

The Daughter 2020 – Theodore Melfi

2021 "A Nian" – Wang Ziyi

2022 "Comeback" – Zhang Meng

2023 "Crossing Five Passes" – Pengfei

2024 "Little Garlic" – Marc Webb

"Zone of Interest" releases Chinese subtitle trailer

"Zone of Interest" directed by Jonathan Glazer and starring Sandra Wheeler and Christian Fullidoyle has released a Chinese subtitle trailer and a Hong Kong translation of "Privilege Paradise", which is scheduled to be released on February 22.

The film won the Jury Prize at the Cannes Film Festival and was nominated for the Oscars for Best Picture, Director, and International Film.

The film tells the story of Auschwitz concentration camp commander Rudolf Hoss and his wife Hedwig, as they built a dream life for their family in a house and garden next to the concentration camp.

"Rage Fighting Monkey" released trailer

The R-rated action thriller "Monkeys" has released a trailer and will be released in North America on April 5, 2024. The film is directed by Dev Patel and also stars Sharlto Copley and Sobhita Dhuripala.

The story tells the story of a male protagonist who grew up in a slum, and now wears a gorilla mask to make ends meet in an underground fight club. He eventually embarks on a road of revenge. He will fight against the corrupt leaders who killed his mother and systematically oppressed the poor and weak. duel.

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